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  • Last Updated: 2021-02-16
  • New version: 1.32.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Slots DoubleDown Fort Knox


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Slots DoubleDown Fort Knox is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Double Down Interactive LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Double Down Interactive LLC, with the latest current version being 1.32.5 which was officially released on 2021-02-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 120553 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Slots DoubleDown Fort Knox App

How does it Work?

Win HUGE JACKPOTS in real Vegas slot machines with Fort Knox Slots! Spin exciting casino slots, bank epic wins, and collect scratch tickets for instant rewards. Win massive bonuses of free credits every day with the Daily Wheel spin, and play for thrilling rewards with ALL-NEW Bingo Challenges! NEW slot machine games added regularly, including Vegas favorites like Wheel of Fortune® Double Diamond, Cleopatra, & more. Spin 777 casino slot games you know & love from DoubleDown Classic Slots. Free slot machines, Big Wins, and amazing jackpots are waiting!

Download now to get a 200,000 credit new player bonus.

• Play for the famous Fort Knox Jackpot, just like at the casino!

• Play top Vegas casino hits such as Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 3, Cleopatra, Wheel of Fortune® slots, and more!

• Instant free credits on download

• Daily Bingo Challenges provide fun new ways to WIN every day

• Boosts enhance your game by more than doubling bonus rounds, awarding extra Mystery Multipliers, and more!

• Scratch tickets for instant bonus rewards

• Frequent bonuses to keep the action hot!

• Now includes your favorite 3- and 5-reel Vegas slot machine games from DoubleDown Classic Slots!

DoubleDown Fort Knox has the hottest slot machines, the biggest winning features, and the authentic Las Vegas experience like you’ve never seen it before in any mobile casino games app! You’ll hit epic wins with King Reels, Nudging Wilds, Free Games, and more!

And don’t forget about the JACKPOT! From the iconic Vegas Fort Knox feature to progressive jackpots, you’ll have your pick of glittering wins.

Sign up for our Lucky Cat subscription program to unlock the Kitty Bank feature:

► The Kitty Bank steadily fills up with free credits, even when you’re away from the game

► It fills up even faster while you’re spinning

► Break the Kitty Bank every 6 hours to collect your saved-up credits!

Lucky Cat subscribers have Early Access to new slots!

Subscriptions will automatically renew monthly unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.

For more information, see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Need more info? Check our FAQ at

Start playing for jackpots now with 200,000 credits, and collect frequent bonuses as you play online casino slots free in the hottest mobile slot app!

DoubleDown Fort Knox is the latest Vegas 777 slot machine game from DoubleDown Interactive, makers of Ellen's Road to Riches Slots, DoubleDown Classic Slots, and DoubleDown Casino. For more slot machine games as well as Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette, play DoubleDown Casino!

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Need help?

DoubleDown Fort Knox is intended for players 21 yrs+ and does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of play. Playing DoubleDown Fort Knox does not imply future success at “real money gambling.”

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Top Reviews

  • By Chlorinequeen82

    Visually beautiful but bonuses are impossible.

    This game is beautiful but this app gets pretty boring unless you play Golden Egypt. That seems to be the only game where bonuses hit and the wild options actually give you a chance to go up in your chip count. This is the only game that has actually entertained me and seems to play fairly. Siberian Storm’s animation is way too long/slow and the “Slam button” option on anything almost guarantees no return on your bet- it’s incredibly boring between the slow speed, lack of hits, and drought in bonuses. You can literally play games for over an hour with no bonuses triggered in Fort Knox. I bet I’ve put in 6 cumulative hours of play into King of Macedonia and triggered the bonus a grand total... of once. The progressives are a joke, no matter what you do, you’ll only hit the bronze and OCCASIONALLY the silver. That being said, the Lucky Cat bonus and multiplier bonus chips at varying levels is a welcome feature. Fort Knox has a lot of potential but the games play WAY too tight for something that doesn’t involve actual money. All of the King Reels games are beautiful to look at but horrible (Turquoise Princess, Dark and Stormy, and Farmers Daughter) and not even worth playing between low return, even on regular spins.

  • By weekndr1422

    Looks to have a lot of potential!

    Though there are currently only 8 games to play so far, with two more that are “coming soon”, a couple of them are well-known games around the casinos. The app functions very well, is aesthetically very appealing with excellent graphics, AND...the best part, if you run out of coins you can delete the app and re-download it to receive 100,000 free coins without losing your current progress! I think once this app gets a larger variety of games added in the coming updates that it could end up as the most popular slots/casino app in iTunes, we will just have to see...

  • By mwgrav

    Almost scam like!!!!!

    They take your money faster than a real slot machine. $260 bucks and maybe. I say it again, Maybe play a hour. Just Don’t forget. It’s just for fun. I never bet over 4m. Which is in the middle. And got 2/3 bonus. Just took and took. You can win when you bet really small. Which’s mean really small payouts. Just keep it in your mind when you buy any coins. When the country is broke and sitting at the house. They have it program like that.

  • By theonlyrealJEN

    Freeze up in jackpot bonus

    Love the ap. Only problem is I worked my way up to 44 million credits so I could go high bets in golden goddess spent 20 m to get the jackpot free spins and it froze solid I shut it down and got a bonus recovery but it froze too and I guess you only get one recovery? Now I hit it again at 11 m and same thing. I’m on an iPhone have no problems with any other ap but now I’m down 30 million credits and no jackpot bonus. Not happy. Thanks

  • By Rhodesisland

    Best slot game app out there!

    I’ve tried several slots apps trying to find one that allows for casual fun but that rewards continued play without wiping you out too fast. Double Down Fort Knox is a winner! I’ve play consistently for three days and haven’t bottomed out yet. Better yet the rewards, free spins and mini games on Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania come frequently and make the game fun to play! Not going to delete this app, it’s a keeper!

  • By WarpSpd2u

    BE AWARE-not all games will be available until you earn them

    So I got a pop up on my screen regarding lucky cat subscribers. I was quite confused but the developers actually took time and emailed me and explained how it worked. I appreciated that a lot! I am New to this game and so far I am really enjoying it. We shall see what happens after my 3 days of having all the slots available and finding out what games will actually be opened for my small bet amounts. Lol. The graphics are amazing!! And Customer service is a well deserved 5 stars. So just sit back, relax and bet the minimum after all its a free casino!! I will probably be stuck on only a few games for awhile but like I said, I am a newbie😊 and hope that every now and then they will open all the games for special occasions.

  • By Jakkooo

    Great game but frequent problem

    The game as a whole is great. It keeps me entertained and wanting to play continuously. The only problem I have is that there seems to be some type of bug where I cannot play because of, what I assume to be, an ad that does not pop up fully. I can not X it out because it is not there. I cannot play slots, add coins, or anything for that matter. Sometimes this happens, sometimes not. I wish this would not be a problem whatsoever so that my gameplay is not interrupted.

  • By dlp7652

    Game daily bonus

    If we go into the game every day, to collect the daily bonus, why, after the 5th day, do we have to start over with day 1? Why don’t you change it to 5+ days and give us the 5th day bonus each day. If we happen to miss a day, sure you can knock us back to day 1, but let us stay at day 5 until we do miss a day. I would also like to say the bonuses in the casino games are rare to win, very difficult to get. Over all, I do like the games, but would like to see more bonus wins!

  • By Luckyme333

    Borderline criminal?

    You know, it’s not like if you, on rare winning occasions, can decide to stop and take your winnings with you. It’s not real cash. It’s nothing. I guess it’s the so call “joy of playing”. Is it fair? Is the winning completely random? I’ve been playing slot machines for decades now so I know how these things go. This site is nice with respect to the array of games (I especially like “Stinkin’ Rich”), and the graphics are very good as well. However, you just can’t keep your winnings, when you’re lucky to win a substantial hit, for very long. If you do win a substantial jackpot, you’ll almost immediately experience what seems like an endless number of CONSECUTIVE NON-WINNING spins. Over and over. I’ve counted more than 20 on occasion! Before you know it, all your winnings are gone and it’s time to repurchase credits. Payback percentage much too low. Sometimes I feel if somehow I could open the machine and spin the wheels myself, I still couldn’t win. Same for all these slot websites. Borderline illegal.

  • By Oregonian53

    Game suddenly crash and close on big wind

    When I go back in nothing prompts me (as in other casino games I’ve played) to open game and give me the spins or big win that was racking up. The graphics are great, fun games but this issue has repeatedly occurred over several days on several different devices. I finally reached out to them and was told they couldn’t help me. Must have been because my devices were in need of charging (not true). Shame on me for buying some coins several times in spite of this. Too bad as this is could be an easy fix for them. So beware that this can happen repeatedly as others have mentioned.

  • By Rima Radwan

    Stole my coin winnings

    I was playing yesterday and won like literally a gazillion coins (I have proof screens shots) 1,818,736,188,213,473. today and went in to play some more and after a few mins of spinning at their max which is 300,000,000 my coins disappeared!! Now it is showing that I have only 67,000,000 coins. Due to just basic math that would be impossible for me to loose these legitimately!! They stole my winnings and I want them back. I have proof and screen shots and am going to report them to Apple for fraudulent activities. I already wrote them via email and have yet to receive a response. My email has submitted photo proof that they cannot dispute.. Response!!! They wrote back and said sorry we made a technical error so we took all your coins and now refuse to respond to me!! That’s bs, I won those coins fair and square and your errors R not my loss. You need to make a good faith error to replace something in the billions at least!!

  • By xXJessieLynnXx

    App to play if you like losing

    I’ve never played a casino app before where I lost so fast, you can play through a million easy. It doesn’t matter what your betting just lose, lose, lose and lose again. Rarely get bonuses and when you do it does not pay out, it’s laughable and makes you feel like your at a real casino. Their intention is obvious to get you to buy their overpriced coin packages, which is pretty much useless cause you won’t win anything anyway. It’s not like when you buy the coins your going to be able to play the game for very long, it’s a waste of time and money all around. This is suppose to be fun, a way for people who like to gamble to play slot machines without losing all their money. This is just a sad and pathetic excuse for a casino app, people don’t waste your time find another casino app to play. Unless like I said you like to just lose over and over again.

  • By jinmilofOC

    Games look fun, shame I can’t play them.

    I get that the point of some of these apps is to make extra money, but the pissant amount of points given daily by this app is ridiculous and no fun. I would have to go back just to collect points for a month to get enough points to even see if I enjoy the app. Loosen up DD! 2 stars for the good selection of games originally, now 1 for the thinly veiled condescension in your response. Oh and thank you so much for your developer response today for my June 2019 review (it is 2/1/20) which told me that this game is like the “real” slots where you win and lose. sign up for more minuscule amounts of points so you can send incessant emails and notifications about them to me. Blah blah blah. All I see is complaints about this app and the same fake consideration of others issues in their reviews. Ok fine. There are plenty of other apps out there.

  • By Daniel5949

    They get salty if you win too much

    I hit a jackpot in one of their games and was super stoked. Finally, I won one I thought. Then the next day I log in to play and all of my coins are gone! I contacted customer support and they told me that the game “malfunctioned” and that it voided all of my winnings. Like you are joking right? They are virtual coins that mean nothing. I’m done with this game and to try and win another jackpot for it to “malfunction.” You can’t even buy anything with these coins, they don’t want you to win so you can keep buying from them. I even asked they guy if it did “malfunction” what he was gunna do to compensate for the “error,” he said “nothing, sorry.” In the real world of a business messed up they make it right with the customer for their error, but this app is bad business, beware.

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