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CarX Rally


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CarX Rally is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by CarX Technologies. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CarX Technologies, with the latest current version being 15022 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1490 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the CarX Rally App

How does it Work?

Download CarX Rally for free to take a chance to become a legend of rally racing. Take your favorite car anywhere you want and enjoy going off-road.

What to expect? Go from point A to point B but don’t miss any check points on the way. You’ve got to be brave enough to get to the end of the race.

Comes with this game:

- True-to-life physics of a rally racing car. Choose whether you’d like to drift or get a full grip

- Championships. 35 tournaments for regular or muscle cars

- A wide variety of cars to pick from which caters to every driver’s taste

- Tune your vehicle as you wish

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Top Reviews

  • By tunerman23

    Great game but Xbox controller support I think would help.

    I downloaded this game recently to continue support for the car x team. Overall it feels very similar to their drift games’ however the only thing that I have to complain about is the lack of Xbox controller support I know that car X2 has it and it greatly benefits the amount of control that I am able to have embraces the same could be said for this rally game if the support was thei. overall I give the game 4 stars because it is very intuitive and a unique experience it doesn’t feel pressured like most rally games I’ve played in the past

  • By Live To Race2000

    Great start!

    I’ve been loving this game so far! It’s by far the best rally game I’ve seen on mobile the physics are great and the tracks are varied! If my input means anything here some things I’d personally love to see in the future is a snow rally and a first person camera option. But above all I would love to have co driver call outs however as an app I totally understand the struggle of implementing something like this so if you’re reading this don’t let that dissuade you from downloading it is a fantastic game for the rally fan on the go.

  • By traim433

    Pace notes

    It’s a overall good game the only thing I notice is the pace notes on the top. The numbers should be switched. Because you have a tight turn labeled as a 7 when it should be a 1. The tighter the turn the less value of the number and a almost straight turn should be a 6 or 7 not a 1. You can also think about it like the gear you need for the corner 6 being full throttle and 1 being first gear slow corner.

  • By Justinflesch

    Best rally game on the app store

    I already knew that car car x makes some great games like car car x drift. But this game , there is nothing like it. The physics alone are phenomenal . The graphics are outstanding. And the gameplay overall is unmatched , if you look at this game and think "eh" , then you are totally missing out on the best rally game on the app store BY FAR .keep it up developers you are doing an amazing job at creating racing games🥳🥳.

  • By I swear im nor a bot:3

    Great Potential!

    I am exited to see how this game will turn out in the future. The only thing I can suggest is making the drifting more grippy. When you drift around a sharp turn you just fly out the side and it makes you reset. The track and weather generator is really cool. I am not sure if if you plan to do this but adding a co-driver that reads pacenotes would be nice. It'll take awile but would emerce you into the game better.

  • By AbletonStudio

    It is so good!!!! Seriously, the physics are spot on.

    Ok I’m addicted. I love how there are seemingly infinite amount of courses to run. The driving is spot on and very fun. I will catch myself running the same course trying to get my very best time for hours. Please add more content such as Canyon or snow terrain. Also the Sunset setting is awesome looking and maybe the other weather settings could use some tweaking.

  • By anti fortnite minecraft lover

    Devs Plz read

    First off, this game is epic I can’t wait till it gets new features, what would be cool is a livery editor, and a car customizer, I want more tuning options, also adding visual customization would be cool, and a first person cam, I can definitely see this getting added in the future, and maybe driver customization, keep up the good work!

  • By Landonlaxgoal

    Update steering got updated

    I love everything about the game except for steering I’m tryna turn right but I turn left since it’s turn device left to turn right right to turn left please invert it back and I will give 5 stars just steering is bad update steering got updated! Game is much better now

  • By anonymusslyfrusturated

    Great Game... two flaws

    I love this game. By far one of the best rally games out on the App Store. I have a few problems with it though... first of all I often find myself flying through the air after hitting a bush at 50 mph or hitting a rock after coming to a stop. Sometimes it happens simply by sliding into the side of the road. Second off, the blackout range when you get off track needs to be extended. Far to many times have I lost first place due to getting blacked out. I could easily pull back from sliding off the road but instead I get reset at a checkpoint 50 meters back. It’s fairly annoying, but if you can look past these nuisances it really is a good game. I just hope that one day these issues are addressed. Great game 4 star rating!

  • By Uberlart99

    Bug report and first impressions.

    The game so far is fun with good physics and similar gameplay loop in terms of how long it takes to upgrade to the other carx games. It gives you exactly what it says it gives you which I admire. This can be a major grind but so are the other carx games if you don’t want to support the developers. Very fun simple rally game that feels like real racing 3 sometimes. Big report I can’t file a big report in the game. It crashes every time I’ve tried. It’ll let me write maybe a sentence before it crashes. This shouldn’t happen on a top tier device. I also get frame drops. This is only isolated to the ultra settings after a reset where I have a hard crash Last report, the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen doesn’t fit the game controls. The arrow at the top left can’t be accessed sometimes. It seems to be unoptimized to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the bright side, the errors shown are only technical errors and can be fixed.

  • By dsad tbh bbj

    Has Potential

    CarX games are fun. The drift 2 game is awesome. The drift physics from that game should be used for this one. Starting and keeping a drift going in this game is too difficult. Come on, it’s a rally style game where drifting is required so make drifting smoother. Also the automatic car reset is very annoying. Would prefer to reset the car on demand. While this game has its moments, still needs some massive improvements all around. Also the prices to upgrade the cars is way too expensive compared to the payouts given for winning races.

  • By KoalaBreeze05

    To early?

    Of course you’re always gonna have those kids who pour their heart out for a game when it just comes out and a week later they’ll be doing it with some other devs game. This is a 100% honest reviews. Though CarX does make some wonderful products this one feels as if it was released to early, and like such will get a review of its current state and not what I hope to see in the future. Like CarX Drift Racing 2 this is another game that feels very un-needed (if you wanted to say). Everything in this game just seems out of standard with what CarX usually produces which isn’t a good thing. It’s like the urge to want something more but this is the product you’re forced to work with. Not saying it’s a bad game, saying it’s too early of a release. Top review kids wouldn’t understand

  • By Little clamp 805

    Not what I expected...

    When I was scrolling through the App Store I saw this game thinking it was gonna be fun but when I downloaded it I had a complete change of heart, the graphics sucked, the Controls were wonky (even though I changed them multiple times), the campaign was “ok”, the free play was boring, whenever I would go off track it would just send me right back where I was, the game is small, and the cars are dull. I’ve played all the CarX games and CarX drift racing 2 is by far the best one in my opinion, same for the first one. Sorry for hating on this game but it needs a lot of work. I know it just came out but y’all should of waited longer and worked on it more before releasing it.

  • By dnr069

    WAS FANTASTIC!! Now, not so much :(

    Been playing for a few months and just loved it! Action and speed (and forgiveness for ‘loose’ driving). Working my way to having the first two cars fully upgraded and ready to buy the next car. Then, the update. The two cars I have handle differently now - WAY harder to control, even with all the upgrades (tires/brakes/engine/transmission/etc) I can’t get the Colt 1600 to stop fish-tailing. The courses I tried after the update are more narrow and all the stuff on the sides of the road mean you can longer get back on the road after having strayed a little. You switched the placement of the Restart and Finish so I ‘finish’ a stage when I really wanted to restart to better my position! The ‘reset’ (or “put my car back the course”) button moved. The sound is all messed up (iPhone 11). The ONLY good thing is the pedals are a little bigger. Maybe if I hadn’t gotten so used to the game prior to the update this would be great, but I’m looking for another game to play now. Put it back!!

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