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Fruit Ninja 2


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Fruit Ninja 2 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Halfbrick Studios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Halfbrick Studios, with the latest current version being 2.7.2 which was officially released on 2021-06-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 40352 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Collect and upgrade blades and powerups in action-packed fun!

Ready your blade, ninja. Everyone's favourite fruit slicing action adventure is back with an exciting, real-time competitive edge!

Challenge other ninjas from around the world as you work your way up the ranks to become the Fruit Ninja champion. Whether your reflexes are sharp, wisdom is deep, or you just really hate organic food, Fruit Ninja 2 promises to give you deep, engaging matches in bite-sized slices of time. So what are you waiting for? Draw your blade and prepare to fight!


- Most addictive player-versus-player gameplay on mobile

- Turn the tide of battle when you unleash an all new variety of powerups

- Collect and hone powerful and legendary blades to get the edge over your opponents

- Beautiful arenas set the stage for ultimate showdowns

- Become a champion by slicing your way up through the leagues

- Master combos, criticals, and blitzing to find your winning strategy

- Invite others using the VS Friend mode to find out who the greatest ninja is among your friends and family

- Show off your inner ninja as you unlock avatars and taunt packs

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Top Reviews

  • By J4mes759

    Great game with horrible bugs.

    I was a massive fan of the first game and grew up with it and I was stoked to see a sequel. The gameplay and multiplayer of the game works really well and I enjoy the different modes. My biggest gripe is the amount of bugs in the game. In multiplayer, I’ve been seconds away from victory only for the game to glitch out and boot me to the main menu. A particularly buggy section of the game is the minigame shuffle; you have to pay in-game tickets to participate which is fine (they’re relatively easy to come by). The problem is when I’m in the third stage of minigames, I finish up the last one and nothing happens and the event doesn’t end. I close the game to see if that would help and all progress is lost and I just wasted a ticket. On one occasion, I tapped to start the minigame shuffle and nothing happened, yet a ticket was taken off anyways. There are a few other minor glitches in the game too. Although these bugs are frustrating, I do understand the game just recently came out and I trust the developers to work on these glitches. It’s still a great game to kill time and play in short bursts every now and then!

  • By katykinzzz

    Overall a great game but has some flaws.

    First a foremost, this game is absolutely worth the download. The different game modes are fun and bring a refreshing change of pace to the game. However, it would be nice if Classic or Arcade mode was always available. Occasionally you’ll be stuck for a couple days with nothing to play but online multiplayer. I have nothing against the online multiplayer but I will say that if you get the right power ups it gets too easy and it takes some of the fun out of it. I’ve also noticed that multiplayer is where I experience the most crashes. Second, the level cap is far too easy to reach. In no time at all I had reached 100. Third, and my number one complaint is that I really wish there was some sort of margin at the top. Just about every game I play ends up getting paused because I either get a notification that covers the entire top of the screen or I accidentally swipe close to the top of my screen and it activates the drop down menu.

  • By Chaoagami

    Definitely a step up from the “premium” Fruit Ninja 1.5, but still is lacking

    The gameplay and core mechanics are just as good as I remembered them to be way back when. The battle pass and IAPs are just how mobile games are gonna be nowadays, so there’s no fighting that aspect. However, I feel like coins are a little too hard to come by, especially with how plentiful shards are. I watched an ad from a shard fruit in the garden and got 100 shards of whichever blade I had, and that’s enough for 4-5 upgrades from the base. Compare that to how many coins you get per day, and you can only upgrade your blade a couple times, if even once. Especially taking into the fact that one of the daily quests is to upgrade a blade x amount of times to get XP. On another note, Classic mode feels like there are so many more bombs than there were before because I remember getting 1k points easily, but with how many bombs pop up now, it’s almost in half.

  • By x-modded

    Really fun and addicting as the last game but...

    The first game of the Fruit Ninja series was really amazing and was something else for the early 2010s. But with Fruit Ninja 2 it took all the mechanics from the old game and made it 10 times better. There is one slight problem with it though which is SPENDING 20 DOLLARS FOR AN IN GAME BLADE. This makes me furious to see that people who spend money will always win. Any blade should not cost 20 dollars due to the fact that they are somewhat already rare in crates. I did not forget to mention the fact that most people on the event leaderboards are bots (i am 100% sure of it) because i came back 5 minutes later to an event when i was in 4th place (the top score was a little over 1000) and then the top scores where over 3000. The game does not want you to win. They want you to lose. Please fix that issue with the game as well.

  • By GreatGamez!

    Good but can be better

    The gameplay, events and multiplayer are generally fine. Of course all of these can use some polishing however, my biggest issue and probably the biggest setback about this game is about how unbelievably buggy it is. I’d be playing multiplayer, bug out the game after I won and not get credit for it. It’s frustrating and this has happened on multiple occasions. I could play this game for about an hour and find at least 2 bugs in the game. Which is absolutely absurd. I won’t beat up on ‘em too badly cause I do understand that this is a relatively newer game. But Halfbrick should definitely be focusing on fixing these frustrating bugs.

  • By awmanimameme

    Great game, unsportsmanlike community

    I want to start this review by commending the team who took such an iconic game and turned it into so much more. The multiplayer mode is such a creative translation of the original game—true to the original but with extra flare. The sad thing, however, is that some of the power-ups in Multiplayer breed very unsportsmanlike behavior. Twice in a row now I’ve been matched with players whose only strategy is to constantly spam the Blue Fruit and Flip Colors power-ups, which, for those of you who don’t play, basically prevents me from being able to play the game at all, and forces me to watch as my opponent basically steals all of my turns to play from me, ensuring their victory. These power-ups are an essential part of the game, but they are far too easily abused, and without equally strong power-ups, the game becomes miserable to play. Because the behavior of other players cannot be changed, there NEEDS TO BE SOME KIND OF OPTION TO BLOCK PLAYERS YOU DON’T WANT TO MATCH UP WITH AGAIN. I am completely uninterested in this kind of unsportsmanlike gameplay and should have the right to not be matched up with players who I already know prevent meaningful play of game for me. I don’t think these power-ups should be limited or taken away, so this is the only fair solution I can think of.

  • By speedy otter43

    Great game, but needs work

    This is a great game, but the developers need to get rid of the glitches. But even with the glitches it is a great game, but they are worth fixing. Once I was playing the mayhem event and there were thirty minutes left, and I was in 2nd place, so I kept playing until I had enough cups to finish first, but the game glitched and said that it couldn’t load my points to the leaderboard and I finished second when I should have finished first. And recently I was playing the zen mode and was going to set a new record with the extra ten seconds for an ad, but the ad wouldn’t load and the screen went blank, so I had do exit the game. But I understand that it is hard to fix the glitches so all I ask is to put some thought into it. The game is already great, but fixing the glitches would make it better.

  • By rane42

    The grind

    Fruit ninja 2 is like one of those arcades where you spend dollars to buy tokens, spend the tokens to play games, win points in the games, then after hours of hard work at the games trade the points for a prize that’s barely worth anything. You incrementally improve your character very, very slowly by upgrading blades and power ups, but normal gameplay doesn’t get you the things you need to upgrade. Normal gameplay gets you plants, very occasional prizes, and a place on a leaderboard for an event. Plants mature after several hours into rewards. Leaderboards give you rewards after an event ends, anywhere from a week to a month after it starts. As a result, you don’t feel much of a sense of progress. At the higher levels, you’ll play for a week to buy one tiny upgrade that you’ll barely notice.

  • By YotedDodo56

    Game is great but...

    When I was saving everything that gave sword shards to a player chosen sword for upgrading it, I went and blew 12 dollars on Gems for a this “Super Amazing” Cosmic berry. And as common knowledge would go, the most expensive would yield the best rewards. NOPE. Not only was I wrong, but, I also was scammed in a more malicious way than normal. You see, when you go onto like a robux generator for roblox, it’s an expected scam ( everyone knows that ). But when you advertise through your gameplay reward, the cosmic berry box is the top of the reward tower things and season pass, so you would think that it would always yield amazing rewards. I bet you all want to know what I got right? 200 coins, two times was snow blade shards and I don’t use that, and lava blade shards, I also don’t use that sword. Pretty sad I know.

  • By hibbymchibberson

    Multiplayer is faked with bots

    Really well executed game basses off of the original, and I commend you for that, but the multiplayer, like most other mobile games, is faked with bots. You can test this yourself by matching with someone and then turning your WiFi off on your phone (the game even freezes for you while you go to your settings). The game still runs perfectly fine and the opponent still slices his fruit, despite you having no internet. I understand that this removes the need to wait for super long queue times and when the game eventually becomes obsolete and doesn't have enough players you can still play the multiplayer mode, but if you're concerned of that being an issue just don't include ranked mode in the first place. Keep it to friends and keep it honest.

  • By Tanley445

    Glitches a lot

    This game frequently loses connection to the servers and kicks me out the game. It happens most often on ticketed events which is super annoying because one I was about to kill my arcade score by several hundred points and the game kicked me out, two it still takes your tickets, I’ve lost at least 10 this way and it really takes away from the game. I like the new modes but I’m not exactly sure how scoring works on multiplayer, sometimes it seems to make sense and sometimes the other person destroys me with no demonstration of better skill compared to me but whatever. Anyway if the bugs were fixed this game would be better. Wait also it should not cost $6 to fully expand your garden, that’s such a rip off

  • By Wsian_Aarrior

    Could be better

    I downloaded the game about 4 days ago and really enjoyed playing it. Just like in the old days when the first Fruit Ninja game was out. However, things went downhill from there really quick. The game’s bugs have suddenly started attacking me, causing crashes and random distorted sounds. Do know that I have a fairly new phone running the latest OS, and I keep all of my apps updated. The game also has very limited game mods. Why, I don’t know. It takes common sense to know not to remove game modes. So far there is no classic, no zen, and no arcade. Only two leaderboard events where you play against other players and a league game mode. In summary, very limited options. The game also doesn’t give you a lot of coins after every game you complete, meaning you have to grind for at least an hour or two to get enough coins to upgrade...I don’t know, a blade? So, in conclusion....don’t download this game. Progression is very slow and the amount of game modes in this game is ridiculous. I have uninstalled 🗿

  • By Blurv

    Game was fun till the bugs and the bots ruin it.

    Game allows you to play battles with power ups/leveling up your sword. I played the side/mini games because that’s what I thought was the most fun but now whenever I play any battle matches the bots are nearly unbeatable. No matter which power up combo I use the bots will have access to higher level power ups allowing them to use power ups more often and last longer. I can’t win more than once every fourth game. About one of every four games I start I literally can’t cut a single fruit because the game doesn’t recognize the swipes as blade cutting so ya get 0 points. Even if you’re winning a match many times the game can glitch and will continue while the counter is at 0, and I’ve lost a few matches that way. Upgrading your blade is useless because to computer will just match you with a bot of the same blade caliber. The mini games have been getting more and more glitchy as well. The “mini-game shuffle” will not save your progress so you can’t win any prizes, even if you manage to beat all 12 mini games. The Mayhem game, as mentioned before, will frequently not recognize your sword so you can’t score a single point.

  • By stevenmcbeaven

    Terrible Update

    Whatever was changed in the last update has left me with little desire to play any longer. The RNG for zen mode is terrible every single game now, I almost always only grow shards now in the garden, and mystery powerups is not even slightly fun. It's not really fun when every game you play is against a bot with the same level sword and the best powerups at the max level. What's the point of upgrading my blade if i'm always going to play against a bot with the same power level or greater. At least make the level of their power ups match what the player has instead of it just being the max level. I tend to end up with useless powerups while the bot has all of the color changing powerups with 0 time limit restrictions on how often they can use them. I bought the season pass for season 2 but i've list interest in playing anymore. RNG doesnt feel random at all.

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