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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-09
  • New version: 1.92
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad


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Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by TREASTONE LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - TREASTONE LTD, with the latest current version being 1.92 which was officially released on 2021-06-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 141820 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad App

How does it Work?

Discover! Create! Survive!

Your home is an endless ocean. Your neighbors – ruthless sharks, sea creatures and relentless nature. The only refuge is a raft. Improve it, craft everything you need to escape from the ocean trap, survive by all means!

Our survival on the raft advantages:

Real-life survival simulator

Check your health, thirst and hunger indicators, struggle shark’s attacks. Overcome the challenges and try to survive. It’s all up to you!

Resource hunting

Use a hook to catch necessary drifting resources: wreckage, barrels and chests. They will help you to survive!

Build and upgrade your raft

Expand, develop and protect your raft. If you need more place, build a first floor!

Lot’s of crafting recipes

Fish, cook and collect drinking water. Craft building materials, clothes, weapons, chests and other necessary things to survive!

Solve the puzzle of endless ocean

What happened in this apocalyptic world? Why are people destined to live in the ocean. Training and a quest system help you to find answers and escape.

Great plans

We’ll add dynamic Day-Night Cycle and weather condition, exciting plot, underwater world and other interesting events!

Find out more:


Each of survival adventure games has its own world with unique difficulties and challenges. Our survivor simulator generates unlimited numbers of worlds. Explore Pacific islands, reefs, and bottomless ocean trenches in raft games free!

No two worlds are alike: you can generate completely new and randomized world at any time in the survival free.


Raft survival free is a 3D game designed to give survival games free lovers the closest to real life gameplay. That’s why Day-Night Cycle was added. Survivor app has treacherous weather conditions that allow to enjoy sunny days and beware of stormy ones. If you’d like to get new skills in survive games, try raft games!


Raft building games offer the chance to craft new weapons and equipments. Search for shipwreck parts and improve your raft in survival escape. Craft a spear and protect yourself from murderous sharks that follow you everywhere.

RAFT: Original Survival Game features:

• 3D interface of raft free

• Realistic experience of survival base building games

• Complex and amazing challenges of survivor games free

Let your brain work at high speed and do everything within your power to win in one of the survival apps! If you want to go on raft craft survival games and turn it into an adventure of a lifetime, then play RAFT: Original Survival Game.

Join our social networking site and take part in expecting updates discussions and offer your ideas to improve the game!

Make screenshots, record videos, share your achievements with other players!


Enjoy the game and get bonuses:

1. 6 simultaneous production processes

2. Food and water consumption reduced by 30%

3. No ads (only bonuses for the video)

4. 20 coins every day

5. Sandbox mode available at once

Make your life easier with premium access:

- Check it's advantages, by getting a free three-day trial. After 3 days, the trial will automatically turn to the week paid subscription.

- The paid subscription is divided into the 3 types: weekly, monthly and year.

- A week paid subscription costs $7.99. Month - $19.99. Year - $99.99.

- Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

- You can cancel the subscription or a free trial at any time, but at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. OTHERWISE, it will be automatically renewed.

- The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

- You can manage the subscription and turn off the auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase.

- Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when you purchase the subscription.

- Read our privacy policy http://treastone.com/privacy.html

And EULA http://treastone.com/eula.html

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  • On Aug 04}

    Help me

    One thing I don't like is for some reason when I go into sandbox mode I only have 4 crafts in each section decor,production,raft upgrades so could anyone help me I been looking all over the web and nothing to help me fix it.

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    Top Reviews

    • By It is horse

      Sssoooo mmmmMuch ffffuuuunnnnn

      I love this gameI like how there is sandbox mode where you can build your dream home but there’s one problem I’m trying to move my fishnet and my water into my house that I made but it won’t let me move a piece of the raft where I want it to go can you fix that please then I’ll play it much much much more oh so I have a suggestion for another game raft just called raft like the title is really raft but it’s not the same story you get shipped wrecked not airplane wrecked and you find a raft and you find a different kind of game and the board is different the health and the food is different the heart is different and yourGoingCross the ocean kind of fastBut you use a hook to fishery sources and you can build stuff to and your inventory is different I have a little bar across the down of your screen that’s all the information I know for now by And into raft ocean nominated please let the character sleep during the night thank you ps In the game do you think would make a good game you’re free to add other suggestions

    • By milk--milk

      Good Game, needs some work

      This game is really fun! It’s a good choice who likes mobile more than pc and doesn’t want to go through the work of downloading it on pc. However some parts of this game are just really annoying. For example, copper plates and plywood have the same texture, so when I tried to craft shells I had the wrong resources. And the notifications are horrible! If your resource trap is full, the notification is “Traps for resourcesTraps for resources is filled!!! Hurry to collect before the looters has come” I just think they need to double check things when they add them to the game. I also don’t get how to use the “Shelter”. I’m not able to go inside it or anything. Overall, pretty fun game! The second thing I need to talk about is the Sabdbox mode. It’s literally the survival mode! Everything you do beside building affects the survival mode. When you press Sandbox Mode, you spawn on a new raft with everything you had in your inventory when you were playing survival. Like, I spawned in for the first time, and I had all my stuff, including my bow and like 10 arrows. When I shot 2, I only had 8 back in survival. Also, you don’t have unlimited resources you still have to craft. Also, they say you don’t have hunger or thirst, but the notifications still show up that say you do. The sandbox mode definitely needs some fixing up.

    • By JustEnderSlayin

      This game was very fun until...

      They had to update it. New look to the water and new features are not what I dislike. What I dislike is that this ever since the update has been glitchy and now since everything is different in the production category now I don’t know where everything is. Now this game is very frustrating to play and annoying to play. I would also like if there were more stuff you could build for the raft. But before this update it was very fun and entertaining. Please take into consideration my review. Part: 2 After awhile of playing with this new update many more good things, and a few bad things. I’ll start with the good things, how much water that’s in bottles have increased, you can now build weapons and armor instantly, also the shark not attacking the raft is kinda nice because before I would have to rush back and forth. Now the bad things, this game basically just drops you off tells you a few things then your on your own it would be nice if there was a longer tutorial or several small tutorials throughout the game, also there is bug to where it won’t let me go to any island there is so I’m basically stuck on my raft unable to see the new animals or anything. But besides all that it’s been pretty well 😄

    • By HateJakeAndLoganTheAnimals

      Awesome but...

      So overall the game AWESOME but it isn’t that well made if you guys could make a tutorial/guide thing because at the start they give u tasks and help u in creating things but then that’s gone then u have to do all things by yourself and everything is way too confusing. And you can’t move items once u have placed them which another problem. Next thing is we don’t understand the map at first I thought we could sail to the island but then it shows that u have to pay coins and then a timer starts after its finished you the receive some type reward which isn’t a good thing to be honest. Also when the task thingy finished I saw you could craft a rudder and a boat and sail and other stuff I created them but I couldn’t seem to do anything with them then I did a bit of research and find a site where people were asking what they should do or how should they place the boat and the sail and stuff (the boat I am mentioning is a small boat not the default one that you are spawned with) then someone answered you should use a chemical table when I went to craft it it showed I need a make a thing which looked like a clay bowl with a spoon inside it I open the bonfire the furnace, crafting table etc I didn’t find the clay bowl thingy anywhere how do I make it now? Please there are so many confusing things in this game fix them or give us a full guide please and thank you

    • By Fluff_Nuff

      It’s okay. Could be better (READ BEFORE BUYING)

      I bought this while looking for the original game “Raft” and thought it was okay but didn’t share the same charm. It had a bit of a storyline which is not necessarily bad but I didn’t enjoy it and I wanted to change my character’s gender to female but could not. I find that slightly sexist that it would have a male person survive the crash and be all “heroic” but maybe that wasn’t the intention. I also thought that there was too many in app purchases and it didn’t seem nearly as good as the original and it is really a rip off. I also didn’t get passed the task of getting wood because no matter how much I got nothing happened and I found it boring after a bit of playtime. This was a bit long so overall I would say it was decent but not very fun. edit: the developer responded saying that these were completely different games and that is fair enough but I do think even if it wasn’t the intent that it still seemed like a rip-off and from the other responses they seem to agree but I am at least glad the dev actually acknowledged me because most devs wouldn’t have. I think that some people would have loved this game but it just wasn’t my type of game. I also realize that any of the events that have a name like skeksekse with a good and very short rating and has no dev response is most likely a bot.

    • By Alex.Black

      Game Glitched and Wouldn’t Allow Me to Proceed Further

      I have a couple major issues with the game. It is pretty fun other than that. I wish I could just pay a one time fee and then earn gold other than watching commercials. The game tells you once you make a purchase you will no longer have adds. That is if you don’t have to start over. I was pretty far in the game, but it wouldn’t recommend one of my achievements for an item I already built and so it wouldn’t give me any more achievements. I finished building everything that was available, and still had the achievement that I couldn’t get. I tried rebuilding another of the component but it would tell me it was already build. The game stopped advancing, so I eventually restarted and lost everything I had. All the slots I paid to open up, and the adds started up at random times like checking the setting, now I get an add even though it says any purchase stops adds. It doesn’t say any purchase stops adds only on this round. If you start over too bad. Now if I got to the end and there was no further to go and it wasn’t because of the achievement then this game has a long way to go. I am disappointed with the constant adds or constant money you have to fork out just to play. I again would rather pay a fee to unlock everything and then earn money based on merit.

    • By Panda8apickle

      In it for the LONG haul

      This game is pretty fun but it does not move quickly. In the beginning of the game you tend to keep moving but play it daily and you quickly reach a SLOW point in the game. I also feel there are frustrating parts to the design of this game. For example, there are 3 islands you can see but cannot go to. I added the motor and got more islands but when I added the radio outlet and jamming device which is supposed to get you more islands - nothing changed. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what but when you open queue production boxes within a production table when it goes to the second or third boxes it takes longer to make. I thought it was the production bonus % (which in my opinion is dumb when you payed to open the boxes) but it happens on ones with 0% bonus. There are also a few resources which are VERY limited but used frequently towards the end of the game when you are trying to get all the parts for the airplane. The sandbox mode isn’t even worth using because it’s just walls and boards unless you spend your valuable doubloons which isn’t worth it. I really loved this game at the beginning but it’s getting so slow and frustrating I am starting to get bored of it.

    • By I_luv_apmau

      Lots of things need to be fixed

      I genuinely enjoy the game but there was a lot of things that need to be improved, for one the graphics aren’t very good and there are constant glitches with the raft and stuff floating underneath it. I believe pillars and ladders should be able to be placed anywhere. Also, we should be able to choose our character and design what they look like, and be able to sign in so if we delete the game or leave and come back we still have our progress. The islands also aren’t very well made. On the map they look completely different when you go to them and are very small. Also it tells me that there will be people or animals there and they usually aren’t. Another thing is that the resources don’t usually respawn and the respawn takes way too long. I think we should also be able to see other fish in the water and be able to jump, climb, etc. there should also be a better clear storyline and be able to interact with other people (NPC or IRL) and there should be an option to have pets and etc. we should also instead of having the big torch things for light, have smaller ones able to be placed on the wall, and etc. and a better distinction between day and night (like stars and clouds) as well as a better distinction between running and walking, because they are nearly the same. But other than better graphics and things like that it’s a pretty fun game and I enjoyed it, but could use a lot of work.

    • By Vicioushawk

      Disappointment (Devs please read)

      I downloaded this because I had tons of fun playing the beta years ago on pc. The sandbox was great as well as the normal survival. Only difference you’ve made is that the resource catching net randomly picks things up rather than catching debris in the water which was great. Overall the game feels the same except for the fact that it has to be the most expensive and ad aggressive mobile game I’ve ever seen. I open the game and there are 4 ads for “deals” that show up which are overpriced and don’t get you anywhere in the game whatsoever. The premise of the game is the same but this and my next point make it feel is so far away from the beta in a bad way it’s insane. Next point, the fact that you add ridiculous wait times rather than actually keeping someone engaged makes this game not likely to last in someone’s game repertoire. Raft beta kept you engaged and constantly building and improving. This makes you wait 10 minutes for a resource where you need 3 or 4 of to make a tool (plus other things that take the same time) not mentioning that you can only have 3 or 4 actions at a time. See where this is going wrong? I’m giving you 2 stars only because I loved the old game so much but it feels like you butchered it. Please fix it I want to see this succeed so bad because I know how well it would do if it didn’t model itself off of clash of clans. :)

    • By Xiuye


      I got this game a while back while it was still in development and didn’t really even have islands you could go explore. Back then the game was amazing and simple, they didn’t bombard you with ads and IAP’s all the time and progress could be made easily without trouble. I recently decided to give this game another try to see what’s new and I am very disappointed. To begin, the game wouldn’t even load the first few time and i had to keep exiting out before i could play. Then it immediately gave me the option to get a subscription for a whopping $8 A WEEK. Although they do have a free trial, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE SANE will be paying $8 a week because they like the game and want to support the developers, netflix is cheaper than that! What will end up happening is they forget to cancel the subscription and the devs make $8 but multiple that by say 1,000 people. The next problem i had is that when i was starting out, the game kept pestering me with loot boxes i could purchase if i didn’t have enough materials for a tool or station. I understand that they can be a very helpful option but it’s really annoying to have them pop up everytime i try to craft an item without enough materials. Everything in this app seems to be guarded by a paywall but i’m not willing to play further because of the tacky methods the devs used to get me to pay for things.

    • By Babyfacekillah135

      Could have been an easy 4 star game !

      So I started playing yesterday it was slow and boring at first , but once I got higher in levels it became more exciting. Not a big fan of all the ads during game play but saves time watching them instead of waiting full time to swim to islands. You guys lost 1 star due to the hacks, 1 that is if you kill a zombie on your raft you can continue to hit zombie which gives you xp and you can level up faster I know it will take some patients of beat a zombie over and over but it’s a hack that needs fixed. Another thing is you should be able to pick and choose your resources on the island instead of picking up items you don’t need. It’s annoying you have to go back though inventory and drop items you don’t want. This game lost 2 stars because after all the work I did all my inventory was lost because I was in a middle of an ad during swimming and some how I was killed by a zombie while I was “SWIMMING TO AN ISLAND” i died and lost all my stuff because of an ad that I couldn’t exit out of . Maybe you should develope a cancel ad button for the ads . And a retrieve button for your little boat to go back to your raft so I don’t have to sit 30-1min to the island and another 30 seconds back to the raft while zombies and a shark is taking out half my raft.

    • By tyewyler

      Incomplete game

      How is it you’re going to sell subscriptions to your game and additional items, resources, and gold but have an incomplete game where the quests just stop and the additional islands can’t be opened and simply say “available soon”. Waste of time and a waste of my 25$ trying to get ahead in the game. I will be deleting this game and canceling my subscription if there is not going to be any future updates that are in some kind of relative time frame. This is clearly some kind of beta testing but trying to charge people when you’re game is clearly not complete and has no supporting levels, maps or islands is ridiculous!! You’re just playing a game and collecting resources to hit a dead end. After you build everything you can’t do anything in the game anymore but the same mundane tasks of raiding and collecting useless resources because you can’t go anywhere else. Well that’s my two cents thought this was going to be a cool survival game played it for like 2 weeks spent my money and completely dissatisfied. The game advertises that you will be able to fight pirates, sea monsters , survive treacherous storms, explore islands, and collect resources but I’ve yet to see anything this game claims. Don’t waste your time unless there is some kind of update that expands the map for more gameplay because truthfully spending hours just collecting resources to build a giant raft is so boring!

    • By Red1295

      This game just ripped me off and they never respond to you

      I enjoyed this game so far I decided to make a purchase and support the game when I did I didn’t get what a payed for it than tried to contact them and it looks like you have to use Facebook or instagram I don’t have accounts so being able to contact them is not likely this is a pay to play but even that doesn’t work stay a way from this game Update they don’t respond to you I really enjoyed playing this game even though I did contact the makers about not receiving what I purchased and their service was horrible they are slow to respond and never offered to get me what I purchased but I still liked to play the game I just wouldn’t buy anything the game had challenges to do you just had to grid a lot more to do them after hours and hours of grinding away I finely thought I finished one of the challenges but instead a message pops up that I have to click ok to make it go away so I can do something only to find out that once I clicked ok I lost all the things I made to open the door and the door is still locked so I contact the makers again this time after weeks of waiting for a response nothing I tried one last time and waited another week still no response this is the worst Game company ever don’t send any money with them if I could give negative stars I would

    • By MMAHolt

      Fun time waster

      At the start this is a very fun game but as you near the end of the game you will discover there are many unchecked glitches that unfortunately result in a lot of time wasted. Biggest problem with this game is there is no support to contact to get things fixed, I strongly urge everyone playing this game not to make purchases as something may go wrong and there will be no way to get what u paid for. When I reached end game I had various bugs that wouldn’t go away, 1 where just about every resource turned into a chest and when I pulled it in it disappeared. The worst and most frustrating part of the game for me as I enjoy base design.....was getting end game to realize many of the building functions were broken as well, walls not being able to fit beside doors, not being able to build in certain areas when u should be able too, windows not going next to walls.....oh boy I spent weeks on this game collecting resources only to discover I couldn’t use them properly. Terrible waste of time and effort, terrible glitches, game progress is not restorable even though there is an option, and there is no support system linked to the game to help players with individual problems.......I’ll save you the trouble and headaches.....just don’t waste your time on this game and definitely don’t spend any money!

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