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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-18
  • New version: 6.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later



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Clawee is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Gigantic LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Gigantic LTD, with the latest current version being 6.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 261939 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Start playing Clawee today - 100% REAL claw machines, 100% REAL prizes and 100% REAL home delivery!

YES, the same crane machines we love to play at the arcade - with a dash of extra PAZAZ, controlled from your phone!

Join over 2,000,000 players to get clawing and winning real prizes on the 21st century crane game!

- New Prizes EVERY DAY

- Free shipping for VIP members

- Daily bonus for some free and effortless fun

- Top quality live video streaming

- Tons of prizes to choose from

- Kick back and relax and progress with Clawee Saga mode!

- Collect tickets and earn FREEBIES!

- ENDLESS offers, coupons, events and challenges

- Won a prize you don’t want? Exchange it for MORE coins

- Want even more coins? Play the coins machine!

- Try the Magnet machine, The Scale machine and MANY other one-of-a-kind machines!

- Play online, feel at the carnival!

# High quality internet connectivity is required for the live game-play.

# Clawee offers games on real mechanical machines, which may malfunction occasionally. If you have encountered a malfunction, please email and the issue will be resolved.

# Clawee delivers real prizes, which carry a real cost. Therefore, payment is required to receive the goods.

Install and Play Clawee NOW!

Top Reviews

  • By midnightsnitch

    Best Claw Game Around!

    After seeing an Instagram post about a virtual claw game, I was intrigued and wanted to try some out. I always loved playing claw games at restaurants/stores when I was younger. After downloading and trying about 5 different games, Clawee became my favorite! You can make purchases to get coins for playing, but you can also get rewarded coins for logging in every day. The prizes are awesome! Including plushies, jewelry, accessories, home decor, gadgets, and more! There are tons of prizes for people of all ages to enjoy. Shipping does take a while, but it’s worth it when it was something you were able to win. I have had some issues with machines malfunctioning, but customer serves is great! You just email explaining what happened and can link the video of your game to get a resolution. It’s super fun to be able to play claw games, but do it remotely so I don’t have to go out to one of those restaurants or stores. You know that it’s real because while watching claws, you can see the actual human employees replenishing machines. You also don’t have to go in to a machine blind. You can watch as other people play, learning from their mistakes or figuring out how to copy their moves to get your own win. If you follow Clawee on Facebook too then you can see updates on discount codes and share your wins and prizes with others! Join me in this app addiction :)

  • By mrs. leave and say

    The best game ever

    Hello this game is really fun because it has all kind of games like toys I meant it has monkey toys doggy toys big toys unicorn toys and plushy‘s baby Yoda socks I will eat a bowl of those and I just love your games I hope I can get more stuff from you guys because it is really fun to play this game because I will need to put just like it I love it and it’s the best game ever maybe and I have a lot of games maybe like this and it’s like a unicorn game in this I have like slime games and make up games and dress up games and this game is the best out of all of them because the princess game isn’t fun the make up game is it fun the unicorn game is it fun the make up and stuff like that isn’t fun I do not like that but I love your game it’s really fun so I hope you make more games like this please can you answer me but so this game is just the best I’m just saying it because it is the best it has all kind of toy plushy‘s and I love the baby Yoda socks my brother loves them till he plays on my tablet every day to just play this game and I hope you have a great day he actually loves baby Yoda to say hope you add moist up of baby Yoda I love baby Yoda also my brother and we love unicorns they’re really fun and I spent lots of time writing this I took two days riding this it’s really fun the game is really fun too it’s just doggy plushy‘s I really do love it I hope you add more baby Yoda stuff.

  • By Cj_superstar

    Tips & tricks

    It seemed a bit sketchy at first but after a couple of try’s I won a small panda but in order to ship it you needed 700 coins. I had 30 after trying to win the panda and so I bought the VIP pass. You get free shipping on all the items that you win an extra bonuses. When you get VIP your are able toUnlock more prizes and get more things. I recommend getting it it’s only four dollars. Although you start off with some prizes you need to unlock the others in order to be able to play the game. You need to level up and get more wins. What do you level up to level two you can play more games and win more prizes. I suggest that before you play a game do you study how others play it,It’s ability. Some machines maybe more weak then others. You can also earn more coins which gives you more chances to play in order to play for more coins do you need to get to level two on the VIP. Do this by winning games. You don’t get a lot of coins when you start off and when you get your bonus so I suggest if you can play for more coins. I like the game but you need a lot of patience and time in order to win things and if you intend on not spending any money it’s gonna take even longer to cover the shipping cost although it does use in game currency to ship. But other than that it’s a pretty cool game.

  • By Actualcat

    Are you any good at claw machines? THEN GET THE APP

    I’m going to give a comprehensive review here because this is the first game app I’ve ever encountered in which you control a real machine from the comfort and safety of your phone. I’ve won three stuffed animals so far. If you want free shipping and access to the ‘VIP’ machines you have to pay 4 bucks but I shelled it out simply because this app is SUPER FUN! The machines aren’t rigged like so many actual machines I’ve encountered in ‘real life.’ I’ve played claws my whole life since I used to watch my grandfather wipe them out and give the toys to the local Shriner donation house when I was young. Now, since the pandemic started I have been super reluctant to go to the arcades and haven’t been able to scratch the itch, per se. If ever there was a reason to give an app a few bucks to play a game, it’s this one, and even if you don’t or can’t, they give out free coins every day so essentially you can play for free; it just takes about a week for a free go at a claw. They keep the games well stocked, not much funny business about stuffing them in either. They even show a playback of the last win, so you can see how other people have won the prize and give you a good idea of how to win yourself. Love it, keep it up you guys, I’m very happy.

  • By ArcaneDame

    So far so good

    I spent way too much time and money on toreba (the Japanese crane game) where every prize is rigged against you so you need to know all the tricks to making it work and it’s never a “first try win” sort of game, you have to meticulously edge the item towards winning it, each try only moves it a millimeter at best. In comparison- this app is just like the crane games I’ve played in the US- the claw actually grabs items and you have a chance of winning on the first go. The VIP is fairly priced and I think it’s worth it. I see lots of reviews talking about playing for free but that’s really not fair to the app producers. If they aren’t getting paid then they can’t maintain the game and I respect that. Even so, this one is the least expensive from my experience. And the price I feel is fair. Besides, no crane game in person is ever going to give you free coins, so to get them is just a little bonus. On my first try I won a snorlax plush keychain and my second win it took me 3 tries to get a large mewtwo plush. If you like crane games and you feel like you’re lucky/skilled with them, give it a go. I think the only downside is how long shipping will take. 7 weeks is almost two months, it will be spring by the time I get my prizes 😅

  • By Sam samboy

    Not bad at all

    I have played the game a lot ever since I got it it’s not a bad app but there are some complications that could get fixed but for some reason it just isn’t happening but it’s fine. There is only one main problem that I’ve been focusing on is something with the employees they keep going on the screen when a player is playing a round. Otherwise, I find the app really fun to play and for my very first 2 games I won both times! The game knows how to keep you interested. But there is also something wrong with the difficulty of some of the games here was some game I forgot which but I think it’s a magnetic type of game and those are extremely difficult I would really like it if you changed the difficulty just a tad bit. Also there are a couple of games that you could get extra coins so if you want more coins just play that game. I really can’t lie but this game really is an amazing game and I have had such a fun time playing Clawee none of the problems have happened to me and I’m great full for that but I still don’t want hat to happen anyway good luck clawee on this game I expect the best from you guys this has been an amazing time playing the game. Thank You!

  • By Savannah Goad

    Awesome game!

    It’s an awesome game, the most accurate of all the real live claw machines as with prizes- a lot of the other games list awesome prizes, you click on it, and it shows a completely different prize- this one is ACTUALLY accurate prize wise though. And also when playing, the claw isn’t delayed according to your moves as it is in other games. In other games, you click a direction, and it takes a good 5 seconds to register your move and complete it- this game is AWESOME though, and is perfect in timing with your moves. You don’t have to pay to ship the wins to your house either, unlike other games that make you pay to ship. I’m comparing this app to other games because it is SO much better than them. The only problem I have is with the daily reward- I’m not sure I quite understand how it works. Today I came to get it, realized I still had some time before I could collect it, so I waited for another hour until I could collect it. When I came back to collect it then, it said my “daily bonus had expired”. Is there a certain limit of time it can not be collected? I am still unsure on this point, but if this continues to not be a working feature, it will be frustrating when I have to buy coins every time I want to try and win something. Developers, please make this clear, or fix it if it’s a messed up feature. Thank you! ☺️

  • By hello it is meh

    Good but....

    This app is very good and I love it but it gets very annoying having to buy more coins I wish there was an easier way to get coins without buying them like if you could watch an ad and get some coins also if the bonus was better because I looked and it said that i could not collect it yet but later I looked and it had expired and I already bought the vip pass so I could play and I also sent the link to two of my friends and one of them downloaded the game but I did not get the coins that the game said I would I love this game and downloaded it because I love claw machines but I just want an easier way to get coins because at this point I could probably go and play a real claw machine and it would cost less because I have no way of getting coins without buying them which I think is dumb because I feel like when I bought the vip that it did not change the game much because I did not get any other way of getting coins. Like I said I love this game but i just need another way to get coins. It is just dumb that I have no other way to get coins besides buying them I get that you have to make profit with the game but maybe you could get a spinster and use The adds to get money and also make the people who play the machines mire happy because I just can’t get anymore coins.

  • By Holden H

    Awesome game and support team

    Won 2 prizes for FREE and ended up getting VIP for the $2.. I’ll admit some prizes are definitely harder to win than others but for the money I’ve spent and if you use their PROMO codes you can actually get some decent deals on coins. Only ONE time did I have the glitch lag out and I lost my coins ... I could of contacted support but I didn’t. Anyway I bought $5 worth of coins last night and won 2 prizes and I let my girlfriend try the game but she didn’t know how to play and ended up wasting 160 of my coins ... I contacted support explaining the situation and they gave me a credit to my account for 160 coins which I used myself and won yet a 3rd price in ONE night! I’ve received a total of 3 prizes so far. And 3 more are on the way... I definitely think it’s cool and the daily bonuses and other bonuses like play 20 games get 100 coins, connect facebook account, refer friends ... you have PLENTY of opportunities to earn free coins. I would have left 4 stars but because of the acceptional customer support I am doing 5. Only thing that could be fixed is very slow shipping time, otherwise it’s great!!!! Can’t wait to upload pictures on Facebook of my prizes to earn additional coins. One feature you should add is watch videos, surveys, or download apps to earn coins! COOL GAME OTHERWISE!

  • By TheSauce05

    One of the best claw games

    *EDIT* I’ve removed a star from my original review because of some of the things I’ve seen them do lately. Firstly, they made the game with some of the most desirable prizes nearly impossible to win without spending WAY too much money. This would be the egg bucket game. They had a golden egg that would give you an instant win, and now they’ve taken it out, but the machine still advertises the egg as an instant win. Plus, I watched a player fill the bucket almost all the way, so the next player would have been able to win, but a worker came by before anyone else could play the machine and reset the bucket. Kind of shady, IMO. The workers will step in front of the cameras while a game is going on, which isn’t right. Haven’t had it happen to me, but I’ve seen it happen while others are playing. So far, this has been the best of these type games I’ve tried. I won a prize on my very first game. And I never win anything on these! So far I’ve won 2 prizes in about a week worth of playing and I’ve only spent $0.99 just to get the VIP status. You get free coins each day which you can use to play the games and win. The lag isn’t nearly as bad as other games like this, but it’s still there. It’s worth a shot and definitely worth the $0.99 VIP cost.

  • By Pimi M

    WARNING & Experience Review

    WARNING: If you go into your profile on the game there is a circle you have to check off that requests that they don’t sell your information. It is not automatically checked off when you get the app or sign in with any account and you would have to find it and make sure it is checked on your own. I found this very discomforting and it had me signing out and deleting the app immediately. my experience: At first I was unsure how to feel about this game. In real life you do usually end up spending more money than you intend to on claw machines. At least it brought that realistic feel for me. I had tried to save up enough coins just from getting the bonus each day to get one prize and it would take forever. Not only do you have to get the coins to get the prize but also a lot more just to have a shipped to you. You would indefinitely have to pay but as far as I can tell you could always get more coins from the claw machines once you do and would be set. When I did play it, it wasn’t impossible to get prizes like real life claw machines and I was able to on my first try. I had only gotten one prize and was trying to save enough coins over time to get it delivered to see how good of quality it was before I spent money on anything. Before I ever got enough to get it delivered was when I saw what was included in my warning above and I deleted the app before I ever got my prize. So, I unfortunately can’t speak on the quality of the products.

  • By Lilymonster11


    Overall, the game itself is okay. Not only do you only get 400 coins, which isn’t a lot considering you have to BUY more coin and each game or item you want to get is 200 coins. Think if it as an actual claw machine. Hard to operate, and is most likely a scam considering the claw itself never works. When you go to check out the thing you got, which you will get at least one because the first one you get is a tutorial, you have to pay with coins that you don’t have or get VIP which bother methods cost money! If you’re going to do this at least consider the fact the game is for 4 years old and older. What 4 year old is going to have money! What if they press a button and use their parents money because they don’t know the ways of the internet. Yes, maybe the parent should look at the games their toddler is downloading, but you also have to realize that in the game itself says “4+” which is directed for people that are 4 and up. Take into consideration reader, that you aren’t getting a good ratio from real money ($) to the in game currency. $10 is about 1,500 coins. That’s a complete rip off. I have seen so pretty bad games like this out there, but this has to be by far one of the worst. The concept is extremely cool, but I don’t like the idea of having to put my address into an app that you most likely will use once and that saves my data even after I delete it. I would just be careful if you’re planing to buy this game and not spend money

  • By brittany l j

    Getting a refund is futile

    started playing this at the end of last year and loved it at first, until I bought extra coins and realized my card was charged 5 times instead of just once for the coins- contacted their support team immediately and they kept having different service people send me emails, then asked for a picture of my bank statement showing the charges. I sent a picture of it in November and by January I had heard nothing, so I reached out again and they claimed they never received the picture. I sent it again and they said they needed a screenshot of the actual bank statement, so I had to dig that up and then they said “all of your charges went through :)” which was confusing, until I realized they were basically telling me that because the sales went through, I couldn’t get a refund. The smiley face was strange and unnecessary for the context. I then responded and explained that yes, they went through, and that’s the problem. She then told me that she couldn’t refund me because “some of the coins had already been spent” and that instead she could just give me more coins to play Clawee with. I said that I just wanted a refund and I’d been trying to reach them for months, so I said I’d just call my card company about it. That’s when finally they emailed me and said “we have refunded you and banned you from Clawee.” I was not planning on returning to this app, and the unnecessary rudeness was unwarranted. Good riddance

  • By Emoji girl 13🤓😎💩

    Terrible customer service and stolen coins

    I payed for coins and vip in this app not to long ago. I loved on one day and they were gone. Emailed customer service, they not only said that I need to read the terms of service stating that anyone in there company can use these coins (I checked, this is not an actual rule) then emailed another women who informed my that my issue was some error but could not give me it back as I had already emailed another employee who had become upset. Told them both that I could not continue this and asked to speak to a supervisor to which I was told that they were customer service managers. I am normally not this frustrated and ask to speak to a superviser but I spent over $12 on this game. Will not refund me as they have threatened to shut down my account and say because I do not know my method of payment they will report me to there boss. When I told them I would love to speak to that boss they lost their minds and told me never to email again and took all remaining coins out of my account (the ones I payed for) please have any developers reach out regarding this issue but until then be warned. This game is total fraud. UPDATE: Clawed is still super bad. Emailed them again with proof and they lost there minds. Blocked me and now they send spam mail to my house and email. They should be shut down by Apple. Such a scam. If you want your information sold to everyone, this is the place.

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