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Prison Games - Escape Rooms


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Prison Games - Escape Rooms is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by NAKAYUBI CORPORATION. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - NAKAYUBI CORPORATION, with the latest current version being 13.4 which was officially released on 2021-08-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1172 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Prison Games - Escape Rooms App

How does it Work?

□■Our escape games exceeded 12 million downloads!■□

It is an application of escape game "update type". New escape game will be added from time to time!


Escape from Halloween

Escape from Temple

Escape from Child Room

Escape Game - Tokyo

Escape from Guest House

Escape Game - Onsen

Escape Game - Cat Cafe

Escape Game - Baby Room

Escape Game - Cherry Blossoms

[Remake]Escape Game - Club Pig

Escape Game - Candy Shop

[Remake]Escape Game - Ninja Room

[Remake]Escape Game - Publicbath

Escape Game - Laboratory

[Remake]Escape Game - CandyHouse

Escape Game - Ghost House

[Remake]Escape Game - Wedding

Escape Game - Cabaret

[Remake]Escape Game - Theater

Escape Game - Sports Gym

Escape Game - Autumn

[Function Introduction]

· Push notification function

By turning on push notifications, you can get update information on new escape games!

· Cache automatic deletion function

Unnecessary image data is deleted after playing. (The image data to be deleted is re-downloadable, it will be downloaded automatically at replay time.)

If you have a wifi, we recommend turning it "ON".

If you do not have a wifi and you have enough free space for storage we recommend turning it "OFF".

· Pre play function

By watching movies, you can play new escape games before release!

· Review function

A review is attached to each game.

If you do not mind, please rate the game you have played.

We will reflect it in the future work!

*If you uninstall this app, you will lose coins you have. Please be careful.

[Escape game-Method of operation]

- There is an auto-save feature.

· Let's examine the place to be wondered on the screen by tap.

· You can magnify items by double tapping items.

· You may be able to use other items for enlarged items.

You can move around by clicking the arrow below or a specific location at the bottom of the screen.

And acquisition item can be selected in the tap.

Items in the selected state, can be used by tapping a particular location.

·When solving packed mystery, you can get a hint by watching the video ad.

· There is an extra mini game after clearing the each stage.

● Recommended for this person

Recommended for those who like cute characters, those who like escape games.

Since there is a hint function, it is recommended for beginners as well.







Music is VFR

“Sound effects obtained from”

twitter : @HarukiRyohei


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Top Reviews

  • By akkwkdnbahha

    Look forward to Nakayubi game releases like it's a new episode of Game of Thrones

    Love these! They're entertaining enough to keep you interested whilst also being straightforward enough to make you frustrated (like some utterly illogical escape games can be only to force you to watch 2 minute ads for clues 😹). The graphics are nice and clean. Most of all, I appreciate how much care and attention the dev puts into creating these. He's one of the rare ones who create so that the public can enjoy them. Those are the kind of people I want to support, so I happily pay in-app for games created ethically as an expression of my gratitude for all their hard work and pure hearts. Good people FTW! ✌️

  • By bo bally

    My favorite!

    I LOVE the escape games from Nakayubi and it's really nice to have them all in one place. The storylines are cute and the graphics are awesome! Puzzles are challenging but not impossible. The amusement park level is my favorite because there is so much to explore. I love the coin system because you can earn coins and use them for things like hints and I'm a big fan of the mini games too! The only complaint I have is that they retire older levels and it takes 100 coins to unlock then, which is a lot of coins! Other than that, I look forward to playing more levels!! Keep up the great work!! 🎉🎉

  • By Addkdjddnx

    Sky land

    Currently playing sky land and I love that it says it’s hard because I enjoy the difficulty. But this is IMPORTANT! Devs please pay attention to the symbols in yellow where the pig is under. Specifically the one all the way to the left. Do you see what I see? I am sure others have spotted this. Please be aware of this and change it. Thanks! In other words please change what looks like a Nazi symbol... As a designer myself, I’m not really sure how this went unnoticed. The letters should go inward and would serve the same purpose. I will edit this review once the change has been made.

  • By eilonwya10

    Best escape library

    My favorite of the escape game libraries because this one is intensely cute, has logical puzzles that rarely require pen and paper to solve, packs a lot of puzzle into each game, and updates at least monthly. Most items in the environment are related to the game, which I find more satisfying. Start watching the videos for coins as soon as you get hooked, and always play the mini-game at the end. You don’t positively need coins except to unlock the handful of locked games and to play new levels early, but those are both good things to do.

  • By Chai Keena

    Great games that test your brain!

    These are great escape room games that provide a good mental challenge. There is a mixed difficulty level. On some of the harder levels I’ve had to ask for hints. You can either spend money to buy coins or earn free coins by watching short 15-30 second adds. I really appreciate having that option. I usually choose to watch the ads, but sometimes I buy coins just to support the developer. This is a game that is worth paying for.

  • By Rabby02

    Inappropriate ads

    My family LOVES playing escape rooms. My 6 and 7 year old can solve most of the puzzles by themselves, but need a grown up for a handful, or maybe a hint. I gave 2 stars because I’m very disappointed that an ad has been running recently featuring a couple in bed and a girl asking why the other was f@$&ing her boyfriend. I was also disappointed that one of the games had curse words included as a part of the story. If this game is 4+ I think the ads and content should be acceptable. Thank you.

  • By TucsonJudy

    Just what I need

    The wonderfully fun graphics and the solutions (some easy, some hard; everything is solvable) keep me engaged and thinking…and my teenager loves that we can tag team cooperatively instead of being vicious with one another. I have only one complaint, and it’s a very selfish one: I want more levels to be released faster! But considering the price is free, I really cannot complain. Between this and Exits, I get new puzzles almost every month. I love these games!

  • By aaaannngell

    Love this too much

    This game is so adorable! Even if the puzzles get me confused at times, I appreciate the cuteness and creativity of the scenarios. I look forward to more of these! Two things I’d like to say though, Some puzzles are still confusing to me even with the explanation given, I’d like a visual explanation included in the commentary. The other thing is that some of the puzzles are low quality in visuals (as in it’s really grainy) which isn’t the best, I hope that can be fixed! Love ya Nakayubi Corp!

  • By StarsWarsGirlJediFan0023

    Play this game!

    This game is literally fun and unlike all the other escape rooms you do not even have to pay for it! I love it and definitely recommend it. I like never write a review so this is saying something. They come out with more and more rooms. It awesome. I just wish the animation was a little bit better, like the stop motion stuff is good but the picture quality is OK. I know they can do better but definitely play this. CAUSE THIS IS AWESOME!!!

  • By Kmoc1972

    I look forward to every new game

    Love these games. So excited each time a new one comes out. I have all the apps. They are never too hard or too easy. Sometimes I have to walk away and come back and then I can advance. Thanks so much developers. The fact that these games continue to be free is amazing. So unselfish of you. Thank you again. Love your games ❤️

  • By TerraKy

    Awesome Escape games...

    I totally enjoy your escape games they keep me thinking logically and sometimes “outside the box”. I like that you are constantly adding more to the portal. There are very uniquely cultural themes and games in the app portal. I really like the idea of the timer for timing yourself, cause I like to go back and play the games over and over again to improve my time (and brain reaction time). I have had only one game in the app that doesn’t want to work. The “Castle” tag game crashes every time I try to play it. Can you fix? (That is the only reason why I have not given 5 stars.) So far all the other “tag” games have worked without a problem. Doing an excellent job, keep the “escape games” coming.

  • By Icloned

    Last update broke an amazing app

    The most recent update (approximately 2/22) made it so that this outstanding app no longer opens on my phone. It gets slightly beyond the title and quits. I’m crushed. It’s been a wonderful diversion and brought me so many hours of entertainment that I can’t give it less than 4 stars, even if I can’t access it at the moment. Nakayubi Corp. makes some of the best escape games, both as their collections and some incredibly good individual ones, and I’m sincerely hoping they fix what broke this one. I have an iPhone X running iOS 11.4, and the app says that it should be compatible. Has been until this last update, anyhow. Please fix it.

  • By Pandvas

    Great App!

    I found this app while searching for escape games. This app has barely any in app purchases, and everything is free! There are more games you can play than buy, and games are certain levels. The levels aren’t too easy, but not to hard. And, barely any ads! This is a game I would suggest. But, I gave this a four, because the game sometimes shuts down for no reason. I would be doing a part of the level and it just shuts down on me and restarts the level. Please try to fix this. Thank you!

  • By eihpets

    Fun and challenging but ads crash a lot

    My daughter and I have been playing Nakayubi escape games a lot lately and I love how many stages are in this one! The puzzles are just enough the same to get the hang of pretty quickly but not so much that it’s boring. My issue is the ads crash the game maybe a quarter of the time. I have to use coins when it gets too much. My solve times get long when I keep having to start up again. Otherwise we love Nakayubi games!

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