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Offroad Outlaws


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Offroad Outlaws is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Autonoma. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Autonoma, with the latest current version being 5.0.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 45417 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Offroad Outlaws App

How does it Work?

Mud. Dirt. Rocks. Multiplayer. Trucks. Customizations. Diesel swaps. Quads. Crawlers. SxS. Free. It goes on and on. Stop reading, just download now!

Offroad Outlaws gives you what you want in an off-road game: Complete control over how you build, setup, and drive your rig, tons of challenges to complete, and multiplayer so you can explore the open-world trails with your friends.


You build your rig the way you want it. You have total control over chassis setup - stiffness, damping, travel, etc... and can even swap to a different type of suspension if you want (want a modern truck with an I-Beam setup in front, and a solid axle in back? No problem.) For vehicle control you're given Tilt, Arrow, or on-screen Steering wheel controls. You choose!


With several maps to choose from you can drive your rig slow across challenging rock routes, or fast over the flat sands of the desert. Want to take a break from the trails? Go play in the stunt park where you can use the ramps to "test" your rig's durability.


Explore the trails with your friends or other players, or battle it out in the capture-the-flag mode! Race up mountains, rock trails, or through rivers with friends!


Want to create your own map? Offroad Outlaws comes with a built in MAP EDITOR. No other mobile game can even come close to this. Build your OWN MAP and share it with the community, and also enjoy the never-ending possibilities of playing on other player's maps.

Note: By joining as an Offroad Outlaws Member, you are agreeing to an auto-renewing monthly subscription plan (unless auto-renew is turned off) that will automatically be charged every month through your iTunes account for $4.99 within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You will be charged $4.99 for the first month immediately after your purchase is confirmed. To manage this subscription, or turn auto-renewal off, go to Account Settings after purchase.

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5 Contributions

  • On Jun 12}

    Updates Posible

    Hello, it would be nice if u guys could update it so there was pvp. That way we could fight or be friendly but u would always be capable of fighting. Also, the cars sound strange sometimes. It would be dope if u could haul two of ur own cars on a trailer. The best part would be pvp. Also, I wish nonmembers could buy cars but that’s not important. Thanks!

  • On Feb 04}

    What is the cod

    What is the pin to the game

  • On Jan 15}

    offroad outlaws new update

    please make more trucks and four wheeler and please make it where you can buy cars and more boats and please tell me when is the new update thank you

  • On Dec 24}


    Hello guys.. recently payed an paying monthly for the game. Would love for the map building side to be made a little easier.. getting into an angle that allows good placement of obstacles is sometimes difficult… also, maybe the game having some realism with damages to rigs… I understand its a phone based game.. but its the best out here an would love to see it grow and grow. Thanks guys, amazing

  • On Nov 26}


    Who ever is making the next update please put a kodiac a semi truck different car sounds and trailors where u can haul more than 1 car and trackor pulls and tractor pulling sleds and let me know when the update is coming out please

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    Top Reviews

    • By kobe mcclendon

      An active players opinion(UP TO DATE)

      I Absolutely love this game, for a mobile game this game broke my perception of how good a mobile game can truly be made. And obviously they have made a great game. I am a month member and have loved watching this game grow, the membership is definitely worth it and you guys Do a great job with all the little details. The game is amazing to play even with my friends, but in online I would love a chat box of some sore please it would help make more friends and I believe ultimately bring people together more and keep the game alive. so please if you could add some type lobby chat it would be great for people and friends playing together. Also I would love for you guys to add like a lot more vehicles like I probably play this game 3 to 4 hours everyday and I love building new rides but I just want some more customization options. I own almost every vehicle in the game and it takes forever to get money but it makes it feel like you really worked for it. But please definitely add more customization options such as more tire types more decals with the ability to make badges, more rims, maybe an option to change grilles. More vehicles please More that my biggest want, but overall this game is great I definitely recommend it for everyone to try I have gotten many of my friends to play this game with me and it’s amazing. I will continue to stick around and support the game and cannot wait to see what you do next!!

    • By aa_cone_life

      Possible suggestions on improving/thoughts

      Downloaded this game almost as soon as it became available graphics and maps are realistic very great quality I really like that you can buy more than 1 of each car unlike gigabit . Can’t wait until more styles of the square body are available along with more jeeps and bouncers . Only improvements I see that need to be made in the game is the winching for one is not as good as gigabit needs to be like theres if not possibly a bit better because when I’m actually in a tough spot there is never a winch point available or it won’t actually pull me . Possibly an extra button could be added so that you can use throttle in the winching mode and help the winch also the you can winch anywhere feature of gigabit or similar maybe like a p.t.o on a tow truck would make that better another thing is the mud in the game doesn’t cover the whole vehicle windows inside bed top on trucks tires aren’t realistic what so ever also damage isn’t visible at all not many trees in the wooded areas as there could be and the wheel spin needs fixed it’s like trucks stall on hills need an e brake also to keep from roll back on hills .. my opinion other than those small things it’s 5 stare rated from me . I can’t wait to see the graphics improve as the game comes along and see new boards created etc

    • By mikeccsb5.9

      Great game!

      Absolutely great game. They make it so that you can be a member and get great rewards and allow you to be able to build money faster. If you decide being a member isn’t your thing money is still easy to farm via finding crates in the desert or woodlands and doing trails. So it’s Awesome either way. I just know that when I became a member it made things so much sweeter. Absolutely great game if you have some time and want to tune up some rigs and off-road or rock bounce. I love that they give you so many diffrent options to build your vehicles and tune them to exactly how you want them to perform. Maybe some things that I think would be cool in the future would be the option for a HUD for when your driving around to help navigate off to the side possibly. And one thing that I think people may possible like is the ability to set marker on the map. Like when you bring a trailer with you on a trip and decide to unhook it or switch vehicle you can set a marker where that vehicle is and then later come back to that spot without hunting around. Typically I’m pretty good at remembering but theirs been a couple of instances where I’ve got carried away in the desert for awhile and couldn’t remember where my trailer and rig were. But anyway great game guys you are Awsome and great game!!


      Best off-road game ever

      I had to give this game a solid 5 stars it is the coolest off-road game I play it all of the time I love how much that this game has improved over time and I am sure it will keep improving. I appreciate all the updates trust me I know that it is not easy to do that sort of thing, but I am was trying to think of suggestions for the game but it was hard because of how good it is. But here are some. I know many other people have requested this as well it would be that truck damage actually shows I know that would be hard but it would be awesome. Maybe even some nitros, The 2020 super duty non Dually, some drag racing slicks (improved tires), be able to change subframe colors, ability to unload vehicles from inside enclosed trailer, and maybe even a 1950 Ford truck as a barn find that would be cool and if you you could add my favorite truck a 2020 Ford raptor. Listen I understand it is not easy to make games but I was just giving some suggestions that I think would take this game to the next level and make it even cooler. Edit: I also recommend the game to anyone who likes cars and trucks. And customizable bead lock rings. Maybe even semi trucks Thank you for making this game and reading this review.

    • By kkibss

      Keep the updates coming

      NEEDS BETTER IPHONE X COMPATIBILITY THOUGH the slider bars have me constantly swiping out of the app and I can’t get to the settings part and such. Otherwise a Great game rather realistic amazing availability for changes and tuning to the vehicles I’d love to see more vehicles in the dealership. This app has a lot to offer and hopefully they’ll keep updating it to make it better. Still needs some smoothing out with sticky whiskey throttling that mostly happens to me when you have all your diff locks engaged. The trophy truck rear-end on the 75k rock crawler causes massive glitching though and just randomly glitches the truck in the air as if it hit something but it’s on flat ground it especially happens in the desert. Maybe make more add one to the vehicles and add more to the game instead of just running the trials new levels and competitions and such would keep me interested to help get more money and more vehicles. I’ve also adjusted my suspension a lot and when I fully upgrade my suspensions it cause massive steering and leaning issues at speed I’m not sure if that’s how it’s intended but it seems a bit drastic that the rock crawler just spins out constantly under throttle and steering.

    • By speedyturtle07

      Best off road game I’ve ever played

      I love this game and it has a lot of cool features I’ve played I think for 2 maybe 3 don’t no years long and it keeps getting better and better tho I would like to see a few features that I think would be cool like when you have a truck or car there should be more exhausts to choose from like maybe instead of two stalks you can have one or maybe be able to move the one back trunk stack around and maybe by default there should be regular visible exhaust under the car cause I like seeing the smoke come out and I really want to see some dune buggy’s maybe some sand rails or something like that and I think before you buy it in the dealership it should say the stats like the horsepower and weight and duriblity and the thing that I have hated sense the start is washing the vehicle that I just got in the mud like seriously why do I have to pay 500 to wash a car dude I can go to get it washed for a little dollar just why? Any chance you can get to do these things it would be cool additions ooo maybe you can add a campaign! That would be cool don’t no if you would want to but it would be cool.

    • By ethan zerfoss

      New things

      Hey i really like this game but there are some things that need to change. First off i would like if you put some new bumpers in for the trucks. When you guys made the woodlands with snow i really liked that so if you could like make a new one with both woodlands combined that would be really cool. I know you guys just came out with the stickers but if you could add more. I think you guys should come out with some new four-wheelers, dirt bikes and crawlers. So i have played this game for over a year now and i would like for you to come out with some trucks. Now these are just some ideas like maybe a Chevy Colorado or a chevy blazer or a ford F150 you know just some more smaller trucks. Now I'm not a member and i would like to buy some of the things the members can because i cant afford to pay the little bit for a membership. Oh and one other thing if you guys could either upgrade the maps or make more maps that would be great. Im not trashing the game just coming out with suggestions to make the game better for the ones who play already and for the ones who don't just yet. Thank you for listening to my big rant type thing. Ethan Zerfoss

    • By south raised

      Great game but I got some ideas if you want to listen to them

      Great game I think that on single player y’all should have a actual drag strip were we can practice. I also think you should have actual drag car like dragsters and pro mods. And when you go to multiplayer I think there should be where there is a light and everything so you can race people online. I also think you should put where there is like a tractor pull multiplayer thing and I think you should add tractors for pulling. Another thing is I think you should put different exhaust where you can make different exhaust sounds and I think you should put in a custom tunable exhaust. I also think you should put where there is a thing where you could build you own custom engines where you can make unlimited power if you built it however. I think you should also make a engine dyno, and you should make it where you could put carb and efi. You should also put where you can have nitrous, and pro charger. Another thing is I thing you should put where there is mud racing on mutiplayer. You should also put where you do like a exo car which is pretty much a car chassis without a body and I think you should make them were you could have them lowered or lifted high but there are normally like a low race car. I also think you should put a semi or many more than one that you can do anything to and you can also can get a trailer so you can pull your cars.

    • By gfdgdtgff

      Amazing game

      This game is awesome and I love playing it, in my opinion the only things it needs are more japanese and European trucks and some more engine swaps however recently there has been a BIG problem with the game. Whenever I try to go to any of the maps I’ll load in and the ten seconds after I load in I’ll get pulled out of whatever server or lobby I’m it back to the garage where a crappy ad will play. Devs, could you please fix this? I’m fine with ads after a cut in the screen but random ads that interrupt gameplay? Now that’s not ok. One other thing is could we have sport suspension? I know it’s an off road game but there are a bunch of muscle cars in it and custom made racing maps. It would be cool to actually have a car with nice ride hight without the stiffness being at the bottom. Also a tiny glitch with the Toyota truck is that you can see through the engine bay straight through the ground like nothing is there through the vents on the hood. Nothing big though, just a little annoying. Anything else about the game is perfect though, I really love the suspension physics in this game and I think they can even rival snowrunner which is amazing, although there are some trucks I wish were in the game the current truck lost and barn finds are awesome and fit the game perfectly. I just wish there were more imports. I can’t waits to see what becomes of this game as it keeps getting updates and keep up the great work devs :)

    • By benjaminlb7

      Things that need to come!!

      Yes could y’all do a feature where you can turn the fuel up like on a truck in real life where if you want it to smoke and fog the street that would be nice and way better graphics and maybe some Cummins Duramax’s and Powerstrokes heck if you can do a feature where you can have a goose neck trailer where you can drive the trucks and atvs on and off maybe even tractors and disk and gators and some Polaris hell everything you can possibly think of that’s as close as you can to get it to the most realistic real world game maybe throw some cars in with it heck i don’t know all I know is I play this game freakin every day I’ve probably spent like 100 bucks on gold and I love it I’d just love some realistic graphics like better mud when you drive into it it slings on the truck, trailer and the toy on the trailer if y’all can make it where you can drive to states where the terrain gets different and there are houses and maybe even traffic idk I’m probably thinking to much but I really like this game I just want something thats only just a dream but I know everybody is wanting some better graphics and some better parts like injectors bigger turbos and real world tires and we want every style truck that came out including Dullys thanks for your time and can’t wait if y’all will do this to the game!!!

    • By khaarlis

      More updates

      Although I love this game I have the membership and play it in my spared time I just wish they’d add a few things like make a night mode to where the lights you buy are actually useful also if they add so more vehicles like a Toyota’s Tacoma and some cars like the big and stuff that would be awsome and also make more rims and other accessories for the vehicles because it gets to a point where every thing looks the same I’ve noticed from doing the car show ratings a lot of the vehicles look alike after a while I feel like yeah maybe not for the people who get it free but for us avid players who have the membership we deserve those features be cause that makes it more worth while also there should be a way to add friends to the game it would make the games grow a lot faster if you can add people you meet on multiplayer of friends from Facebook or snaps and such so when you hope on it’s not so hard to include other people in finding cool new maps players make or go trail ridding or drag racing lastly there should be more maps with snow you can buy snow tires and snow style dirt bikes but I see no snow maps and I’ve played this game since the beginning and I’ve bought the membership Ps also add stickers now and days every truck owner has stickers on there truck but you can’t do it on here or like offset tires are a huge thing now

    • By Developer needs to fix this

      Could be better

      Ok, Off-road Outlaws is a great game with many things to do and somewhat ok physics. The only reason I’m giving it two stars is because of the repair mechanic. Tap something, and you have to repair it. You spend so much money in repairs you sometimes don’t even want to go off-road especially for players who haven’t put money in the game because the cash is hard to get. Also, I don’t like that the developers removed the map option in single player because it was useful and helped me in many ways. Also the physics. The physics aren’t the best. First off you don’t have instant traction when you accelerate on first or sand. And the hills you can climb are stupid unrealistic when your truck is outfitted. This is why I stick to gigabyte because you don’t spend money left and right. Other than that, it has ok graphics ( I’ve seen better graphics on a mobile game ) and the concept is good. Especially with the update where you can buy a trailer and have two trucks with you except the trailer is overpriced. If you were to spend money for currency in this game, wouldn’t recommend it because there are better options out there. (Gigabyte off-road etc.) Otherwise it’s a good game. Also, why would it cost $300 to wash your car when instead I can go to a random body of water and wash it there? It should be $10 in-game currency at the most.

    • By offroader5513


      First off, I don’t ever write reviews, but I felt obligated to write this one. I have played this game for more than 2 year and I am also a membership member. I used to love this game when it had no issues but now everything is going wrong. It is crashing 24/7, you can’t level up and only 2 maps actually work. Every time you try to get in a map it kicks you out of the game. It also does this if you try to exert a map. I pay the $4.99 a month so that I can keep playing an awesome game but I do t even see a point in playing it now that all it does is crash. You get maybe 10 minutes of playing out of it then it crashes. Making you log all the way back in, which already takes long enough. Whenever you get past all of those problems the. This game is a pretty good game with many different options of vehicles to drive and you can customize everything from suspension to the tires, but I would really like it if you would please add more real cars and trucks that people actually drive. It would be awesome if y’all added more side by sides and more trucks. Could y’all please add something like the Jeep gladiator, a ram power house (4 door), a Toyota Tacoma, a can am x3 side by side and a second and a first generation dodge. Before you add any of the new stuff we would like you to FIX THIS GAME TO ITS ORIGINAL STATE.

    • By Ysenias20

      Great game but Keep taking vehicles

      My son and I love this game. We purchased the blue ford truck for $1.99 and my son modified it with new paint and all these cool bars and bumpers and hitch and all. He loved it because it was unique. Well today, he was going to play the game and out of nowhere his awesome truck is gone!! He only has the trailer now!!! Where did the truck go? Is this some evil scheme to get us to pay more money or to force us to become members or something because that is not fair. I will not be putting more money into this game if the things we purchase one day can be suddenly gone another day. It is not worth it. Such a disappointment. This is the second time. A while back the same thing happened with another truck so my son stopped playing this game for awhile. Please FIX THIS ISSUE! Again, it is a good game but it is so weong to delete our purchases after all the work we have put into it. And it was going crazy the other day when we purchased the blue ford truck. Other purchases kept popping up on the screen the higher valued ones and it would not stop glitching. Like yall will do anything to get more money. We had to shut off phone and restart game but it would still keep doing that. When it finally calmed down i was able to purchase the truck i wanted. If i hadnt paid attention to the prices at the bottom i would have accidentally purchased a TON of gold which was not my intention. Very evil actually of this game to glitch that way.

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