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  • Last Updated: 2021-05-24
  • New version: 2.8.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Bingo Party - Slots Bingo Game


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Bingo Party - Slots Bingo Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers -, with the latest current version being 2.8.2 which was officially released on 2021-05-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 144539 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Bingo Party is the Classic & Special Bingo Game with 8 CARD VERSION! Wanna get more bingos? Wanna be more fun? Just play Bingo Party!

Game Features:

# Realtime multiplayer! Play with more than 10,000 players at a time!

# Join elite to play up to 8 cards!

# Over 30 bingo rooms! We will be rolling out more rooms!

# 500 Tickets & 30 powerups to start off. Each day you have another 150+ tickets to continue the bingo trip. Don't miss it!

# Your daily bonus will increase by your level up!

# Complete kinds of puzzles to get BIG BONUS!

# 7 types of power-ups - Help you get more bingos!

# Daily Tournament - Complete other players to win big!

# Achievement - Over 200 achievements to challenge. Complete to win!

If you love bingo and want to try a new one, Bingo Party is a good choice. Just have a rest out from other bingo games, we will not let you down!

If you love bingo and want to try a new one, Bingo Party is the good choice. Come experience the fantastic NEW BINGO game, we will not let you down!

Don't Wait and download now, a new Bingo Party is waiting for you!

Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

• The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

•The games are intended for an adult audience.


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Top Reviews

  • By Taylor Foxman

    Very fun

    Very fun, the best bingo game I've played. It constantly updated Fantastic events for us to enjoy. I enjoy the game so much it’s the best honestly. It Moves along at a good pace. I like the speed and it rates you on how quick you can daub and that is like a challenge for me. The faster, the more rewards I can get. I am trying to challenge myself to get more scores and better ratings. There are so many rooms in different themes for us to choose and experience. Also it keeps updating lots of new fantastic challenges. The scenes are cool. It brings me a great bingo tour. it’s very exciting and addictive. It keeps you coming back many times per day. There is so much fun in it. the graphics are exquisite. There are puzzles to complete, which is my favorite. There are weekly events, tournaments, and daily missions. I can earn a lot of tickets from these events. Bingo Party is always coming out with something new & exciting. Now there's even Bingo Party Groups to be in & share our progress while making new friends along the way so we can help each other daily in reaching our goals on Bingo Party! Love it!

  • By jessicatongtong

    Best bingo game!!

    It's a fun bingo I enjoy. My favorite super game. It makes you want to play. I have played a lot of bingo games but Bingo Party is the BEST one. I actually have deleted all my other ones. I love all the different places very detailed. I also love all the special games we get to play. The daily missions are really cool. I can earn Tickets from it. I can also collect a lot of tickets and power ups from my friends. This game is updated frequently. So many funny events for us to play. When I get up in the morning Bingo Party is the first game I go to so I can send my gifts and try to do my daily challenge. I also like puzzles in this game. When I finish a fantastic puzzle with my hard work, I will have a sense of accomplishment. I just joined a group and I love it I actually have friends now that I can play with and help them out with tickets and power ups and they do the same for me. I have only been playing for maybe 2 months and up to level 131 I’m very addicted. Keep up the great job.

  • By 0302Bella

    So much fun!

    I stay up way too late playing Bingo Party. It’s always fun, and has enough variety to keep me playing! Once I figured out the tournament games, I was hooked-I love their quick pace. Also love the different stages like PAC-MAN, Crazy Drops, Vampire, Gladiator, and more. They keep the journey interesting. The only problem I have had has been in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes I get disconnected from the internet, and in the past I would get a refund when I was able to get back on. But recently, I haven’t been getting refunds when this happens, which is costing me a lot of tickets, power-ups, and then money. I live in a city which doesn’t always have the best coverage, so I get disconnected somewhat regularly. How can I get my refunds when that happens?

  • By fedguhjn

    Ads for Tickets

    I will give credit where credit is due and say that this is by far my favorite bingo and overall game app that I have encountered. It is the first gaming system that I have spent my own money on as it is quite addictive. However, with this being said, the amount that I get every day is about enough to play one to two rounds of 4 cards, if I’m lucky. Before, we had an opportunity to watch videos for tickets, which didn’t feel like enough then but at least it gave us more to work with. Now I feel even more limited and almost forced to continue to spend my own money to be able to enjoy the game fully. I cannot continue to afford this expense, regardless of how much enjoyment I receive from this game, and may even stop playing entirely so I am not tempted every time I lose tickets so quickly. That would be such a bummer since I truly enjoy this bingo version a lot! At the very least please allow us the option to watch ads for tickets, it would be a big help. Keep up the great job making this game as dynamic and entertaining as possible!

  • By Stray-Singer

    Fun game, but...

    Tech support is nonresponsive and told me when I pointed out that in one particular BINGO game, when the game itself hit one of the specials (2x XP, 2x Payout, chest, etc.) that it did not count?! This is the only BINGO game I have so far encountered where the game can't also trigger a special. For example, when I activate a 2-daub powerup, and one lands on a 2x XP, I get the 2x XP as if I'd daubed it myself. In the Odyssey, if, for example, a sunflower activates a special, I get the special as if I'd daubed it myself. I pointed this out (admittedly a little rudely) and for three days now, crickets. The developer's social media platforms listed on their website do not exist. Most of the people listed in LinkedIn have private profiles and can't be contacted. I reckon I lost out on at least one chest, possibly multiple 2x specials and tokens for whatever side game was active *per card set* of this particular BINGO game that I played over a week long period, because I have been trying to complete the Odyssey a second time for another wildcard as I am four cards short on the card collection game of 60,000 tickets... I want those tickets, dammit, and if the game had behaved as expected, I might be in a better position to get them.

  • By Folds my good cards only!!!

    It’s ok if you spend money

    It’s the funnest bingo I’ve played, until I run out of tickets. It’s difficult to rebuild if you don’t “win”. So you are stuck waiting a day (sometimes two) until you can play “a few more games”. UNLESS you spend money. I don’t like spending money on games unless they are good deals. These aren’t. You lose so quickly it isn’t worth the money. I wish there were easier ways to “win tickets” to play. As spending a crap ton of money for a bingo game isn’t in the cards for me as I have a family to support. Don’t get me wrong, It’s fun to play, like I said the funnest bingo I’ve played! Just wish the Money and losing tickets so quickly wasn’t such a huge problem. I’d play more and probably spend some money if it was easier to hold onto, or had better deals that weren’t wasted. To each their own. I wait till I get a few more tickets and play for about 5 min then wait a few more days. May delete the game cause of this, but it WAS fun while it lasted.

  • By Thenewno3

    Good game but recent updates are bad

    I like this game a lot and have been playing it for quite a long time. However, I don’t like some of the recent updates, especially around the 3 daily tasks. I hate that they now unlock subsequently, meaning you first have to complete task #1 before the next one is revealed and so on. If task #1 is, say, to use 20 power ups, and task #2 is to use 4x the double payout (which is a rare item), then chances are high that you’ve already blown all your double payouts in the previous round to complete the 20 power ups task. And that means, if you are really wanting to complete all 3 daily tasks, you have to shell out real money (and quite a lot) to buy enough of those double payout power ups. And if you get to task #3 and that is to DAUB the double XP powerup 5 times, we’ll then good luck, you’re probably having to buy a LOT of tickets to do that. I get that they want to make money, and lots of it and while I have already spent way more real money on this game than I care to admit, this is where I stop. There are other bingo games out there where I can have fun completing 3 tasks without having to unlock subsequently and spend a ton of cash. Sorry to say but this will be the end for me unless they change (which I suppose won’t happen).

  • By Done playing!

    Really loved this game at first...

    I was so frustrated with a similar Bingo game and then found this one, right away I loved it...ya sucked me in. But like many many other game apps out there, it soon comes to an end and unless you make purchases, well you just can’t continue to enjoy playing. I, for one, will not invest money that I barely have into a game! I know there is thousands of people that will and in fact do daily and because of that you developers forget about those that can’t. I can earn enough tickets to play about 30 minutes a day at most! The other huge issue is...there is just too much going on at once, ie; tasks, challenges, events...what have you. There is absolutely no way to participate in all these at one time with minimal payouts and tickets to play! It truly is overwhelming but also disheartening that you have made me to feel like what’s the point in starting it when I know I can’t finish it in time. I would love to give you a higher the first week of playing I would have, but this is why I’m not quick to rate apps. Prove to me that you’re worth a 5 star...I’ll bet my last dollar that you can’t!

  • By hollysanita

    Too much for my blood

    I love this game. But ticket prices are too high. I don’t even have a Facebook to like the page to receive free tickets from you. If I play a tournament my daily bonus I receive will be spent instantly on 4 cards which is one game. It’s no fun playing 1 or 2 cards. The lower costing rooms don’t even give you a chance to bingo before the game is over. And I’ve bought tickets and power ups. Again $4.99 for 500 tickets isn’t a deal and definitely isn’t enough. And that tony guy has never sent a gift. Ever. I started playing in October and nearly completed most of my puzzles before you all introduced the new puzzles thus expiring my hard work. And those are tickets I’ll never have. I hate the new wheel thing. 10 stars is the minimum to spend the wheel. And stars are nearly impossible to get now. Duplicate cards? Honestly I can go weeks without spinning. I’m cashing out on this game when I can go to a real bingo hall and play more then what you charge me for a pack of tickets. Awesome game but these changes aren’t beneficial to your players

  • By choklate thai

    Fun game, poor rewards

    I actually enjoy playing this game however the rewards you win are not worth the amount of tickets you play. The daily bonus that you can get every 24 hours isn’t sufficient enough to play 4 cards at double the price ( you want to double you card price so you have a higher chance of winning) i literally go into the game every day just to collect tickets for almost a week at a time just so i can play a few games at a time. They do offer tickets for purchase but even those are not enough to satisfy your play time unless you are forking out loads of money. I am definitely NOT paying for anything in the game i would rather uninstall it than to pay for tickets that will get me 1 round before i have to buy again. My suggestion: increase pay outs and daily bonus as far as tickets go to make playing and winning bingo worth it! My daily bonus is less than the cost of 4 cards... not sure how you expect me to play multiple rounds with my rewards never reaching the costs of the cards smh

  • By Jjbyke82

    No improvement

    I went to this page to check out other reviews to see if other people had the same feelings I did. First off I love this game, but I’ve seen that many people are not happy with things that I feel the same about. Not enough profit with bingos, not enough bingos, and the insane money you have to spend for little playing time. I have read reviews from OVER A YEAR AGO with the same complaints and you guys say you “seriously consider the feedback” but honestly you must not at all. I downloaded this game less than a month ago and I am already fed up with some of the issues that make me not want to play. I’m not someone who can waste money on tickets everyday. I have seen you say invite friends but Facebook won’t let you do that anymore. I’m just disappointed because you guys take no feedback. You honestly only care about the money aspect. Very unrealistic and it’s very disappointing you guys create such a fun game but it has so many downsides. I hope to see change in the near future.

  • By cam-a-rino

    You people are so sad

    It’s sad because it’s such a fun game at first. Get to level 40 and they cheat you out of your tickets. I used to buy 2 cards at a time when I was level 10 and win a lot but as I got up I would buy 4 cards and win once every 2 games if I was lucky. I am sad to say I probably will not be playing this game again because of the fact that whenever you seem to run out of tickets it advertises a sale to spend money. I am disappointed that a fun game turned into a rip off. Also I think that this game developer will recommend things on Facebook. I think that you are forgetting that there are little kids here that can’t have Facebook or people, like me, who try to stay away from social drama. I am frustrated beyond belief and you need to be able to earn more tickets without money, 5 videos a day that give you barely anything, and Facebook!!!!! Until people come to their senses I do not recommend this game!!!

  • By WJaMhIll

    Not For The Casual Player

    The game looked like a simple way to wipe the cares from one’s mind, but it appears I have but two options: (1) Sign up with facebook to enable saved-game status, or (2) play as a guest, repeating entry-level games for eternity. Now, there MAY be other options I’ve not seen, but those two are the only options on the entry screen (there isn’t even a “contact the programmer” or a how-to on the entry screen). And when I played one game as a guest, I couldn’t see where else to save “my” game-status. Frankly, I’d give the game zero stars if I could for the inane assumption that everyone who plays on a personal device wants to connect digitally with friends (which I would rather do in person...over movies, meals, & margaritas; conversations, cruises, & cards; laser-tag, laughter, & linguine; tacos, tennis, theater and the hallowed beauty of mere time). When I play a game, it’s to fill in a few moments when the mind needs to rest in relative blankness. Obviously, this game isn’t for players like me, but I assume it will fill a spot for those who haven’t yet “completed” a circle of very close friends with whom one wants to (and can) connect in the real world...

  • By Paperski


    Played for first time and of course didn't have the cash to win the daily tournaments and all the other bs your are subjected to all at once by trying to win this and that etc. That was ok I was willing to know I was not going to place but I had fun....HOWEVER this morning when I went to play I was greeted with really crappy messages saying COME ON! You placed at the bottom 7% and then said something else negative about not winning or completing a puzzle etc! Talk about bullying me into feeling bad. I don't need petty Bingo to make me feel bad. This world is hard enough then to get grinded on by a stupid game. Also might be nice if the challenges didn’t always start with BUY BUY BUY-basically if you don’t purchase anything you wont win anything so don’t bother. You have RUINED BINGO FOR SO MANY PEOPLE. GREED = PATHETIC- SOME COOL DEVELOPERS WILL EVENTUALLY FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE A GAME JUST ABOUT FUN AND TRUE LUCK VS GREEDY ALGORITHMS! If you think its going to get me to buy more WRONG! I am uninstalling after this review. Get your GREEDY ACT TOGETHER! Try being positive to those of us who can’t afford to dump our money into online Bingo where you don't win anything REAL anyway. SHAME ON YOU!

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