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Real Money Word Search Skillz


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Real Money Word Search Skillz is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by ePlay Studios LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - ePlay Studios LTD, with the latest current version being 6.1 which was officially released on 2021-05-03. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9613 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Real Money Word Search Skillz App

How does it Work?

The only multiplayer word search game where you can win real money and prizes

-Compete head to head against players from around the world.

-Race against the clock.

-Play for fun or play for real cash (where available)

-Choose different tournaments

Challenge people around the world with SKILLZ™, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, cash or virtual currency prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you just for playing! SKILLZ™: eSports for Everyone.

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Top Reviews

  • By Foxer19


    I enjoy this game cuz it’s like one of the most popular, but at the same time kinda boring, time-passing hobby now gets ur blood pumping with there being stakes at play. Whether ur risking the bare minimum or all in, this game still gets ur full attention, and for good reason. U can’t be wasting any time, any distractions and ur for sure out! Even that one second u let pass by, ur opponent has gained. I like the challenge...can ur fingers keep up with ur eyes?? Ur mind?? This is mind/sight/react coordination game....u might be like me and have been going thru life thinking your quicker than the average person, to then get a whole new outlook on urself. Or u might be the champ??? Wont know til u try.......

  • By Tyearbo

    Tournaments please!!!

    Absolutely love this game! I have had a few “issues”..... but customer service quickly responded and resolved within an hour. Couldn’t be happier with their communication and accessibility. I just wish they would have tournaments like other Skillz games.... I would definitely be willing to spend more money one this game if that was an option:)

  • By +nightraven+

    So much fun!!!

    Really gets your heart racing trying to find the words as fast as you can before your opponent can so you can get the 1 ticket before they do. I just wish it was easier to get more then 1 ticket at a time. I do love playing this game though. I enjoy a good word search game and this one will keep me playing for quite a long while. Thanks devs for a fun game.

  • By Dwakula25


    DO NOT PLAY for MONEY!!!! Skillz claims to refund your money when they catch cheaters. NOT TRUE. Reported a blatant cheater 4 days ago (you can watch the replay) sent several emails asking for my money. NO REPLY!! I’m so angry. Loved this game until I started playing for money. I wonder how much money Skillz has gained from not refunding? I’ve seen a few more negative reviews about the same problem. IM SO DISAPPOINTED

  • By Ivanna Kelley


    I like this game because I love word search puzzles! I’m constantly looking for new word search apps on my phone & when o came across this one, I thought it would be a scam. But I put $10 on the account anyways.. within not even 30 minutes of okaying against other users, I made $20! Since then, I don’t go a single day without playing atleast a few games every day

  • By j.kellett

    I’m extremely mad

    I like the game but I don’t like is how my first word search match against someone the very first word was “ARRAY” I found it crossed it but it won’t leave it crossed out it’s basically saying it’s not a word. Every other word worked as it should but the one word didn’t go. This is kinda like getting cheated out of a win. In the amount of time I spent trying to get it to cross out I prob would’ve prob been on word 3 or 4 in round 2. Please fix this make sure the words will be crossed out. All of them this is a word search which means all words need to be real and can be crossed out. It’s like whoever made this app forgot to make words “crossoutable”

  • By AngelmarvelM

    Very slow

    This is my first time using this app. I’ll start what I like about the app. First off, it’s really fun, and challenging! I love crossword puzzles! So I thought I would give this a shot. However, it’s kinda buggy and slow. When it loads it takes forever, especially when I finish a match. Also, when I finish the crossword match before the other player, it would say that “I lost” and “they won”. How is it that I lost when I was the one to finish first? Doesn’t make sense. That’s the reason I rate this game 3 stars.

  • By KB829

    Pros and cons

    I love doing word searches so it’s great to be able to earn money for it. The latest update seems to have cut out the cheating issue, which is great. My biggest complaint is that it can be difficult to get matches. I don’t even have a chance at winning the league because I have so many pending matches that I can’t get an opponent. I understand that Skillz wants to match fairly, but it seems unfair that not all players have the same chance to win the league play.

  • By Jtbsf

    Horrible oversight on cheaters

    Skillz (who is the parent company for this game) apparently does not care in the least when notified of blatant cheating from a certain player, and therefore every game you play leaves you vulnerable to being matched against an opponent that you will never win against, unless you also want to cheat, which I do not. There have been multiple cheaters who continue to play and despite being notified by myself and other players continuously, they refuse to take any action. This Support and Fraud team has also not refunded any bets that I placed after this user was reported, with obvious cheating in the replays, to what amounts to over $200 that is essentially stolen from me by this game and their current customer and fairness support system. I would play this game with caution, as your money will likely be taken be a cheating player and will never, ever be refunded, although it should be according to their own terms and conditions.

  • By Hmr:):)

    Good at first...

    At first, I fell in LOVE with this game, it was a great way to use my skills and make money! I quickly told my friends and family about it and they made accounts. I made $44 and withdrew (still waiting for that check. My sister made $27 and withdrew, still waiting. And my best friend made $100!! Not a day or two after she made $100, I got an email that said I had multiple accounts???!? They closed my sisters account and my best friends account almost as soon as she had gotten that $100. It’s rigged and unfair. We all loved and adored this game but now we’re furious. To be clear, we all have SEPERATE accounts with our SEPERATE info, and they still claim I own them all, so they closed both of theirs and left mine open. All of us combined have put so much money and HOURS and hours of time into it. This is absolutely infuriating and if I could sue them for fraud, I 100% would. Scammers. I will never play another Skillz game again. Thanks for nothing.

  • By angks21

    It’s ok. UPDATE...SCAM!! do not download!

    I just downloaded this game and it’s’s fun and you don’t necessarily have to play for cash. They definitely don’t have enough players though, I’m constantly playing the same people. I’m also confused by the time the game says I completed a round. On the smaller games, playing for $1, I timed myself and it takes me maybe 10-15 seconds to find the few words listed, but when I’m done the game says I took about double the amount of time. I’ve looked through the game info and rules and can’t really find anything that explains how the game calculates your time. Update: This game is 100% a scam!!! DO NOT deposit any money to play! DO NOT even download! I just finished a game...solving it in less than 10 seconds, yet it told me I finished in 17 seconds and lost to the other player (that wasn’t actually selected for the round until after I had finished playing).

  • By Syd325109

    Glitch in System

    Today I played two tiebreakers against two different opponents, and when the game began I noticed a significant decrease in the number of words that is normally asked of to find. I completed the match early because the game told me I got a perfect score (5/5) then when the results appeared I came in second place. My opponent found more words than me. I’m not sure how this is possible when the system ended my game early for finding every word that was asked of me. I believe this is a bug in the system, but nevertheless I lost $1.20. I started another $1 tournament match to see if the problem would happen again - it did, so that was another sixty cents lost. I will no longer continue to play the game until my $1.80 is reimbursed and this bug is fixed.

  • By GG123456789

    Update ruined the game

    Real Money Word Search was my favorite game until the last update completely changed the game. It’s horrible now. Before, you would have a set time to find the words. If you and your opponent both found all of the words you would play tie-breakers until one player found more words than the other. The competition was fun, fair, and the rules made sense. Now, you have to find some secret word that’s not on the list before you find the words on the list. Otherwise you won’t get the point multiplier and you won’t win. They also got rid of the bigger boards that had 20+ words to find. Not it’s a race to find the secret word and then a list of maybe 5 words. It’s not fun to play anymore. They ruined the app.

  • By corbin74

    Too much cheating

    This is a great game, except for the fact that there are a ton of cheaters who ePlay and Skillz do not seem to punish. I have lost very much money against these cheaters and have not been offered compensation nor have the players been banned. Neither company seems to care or are just oblivious to how the cheating is done. The cheaters take advantage of the ability to pause the game and find words while the game is paused in the app switcher. This should not be allowed, and I know it can be fixed. For this reason I can only give this game one star as it is the cause of a lot of my money being stolen. If this is fixed, my review would be five stars, but this is inexcusable.

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