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Carrom King


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Carrom King is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Gametion. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Gametion, with the latest current version being 2.9 which was officially released on 2021-06-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 158 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Carrom King App

How does it Work?

Carrom King™ is from the creators of Ludo King™ -- India’s No. 1 Game --

Enrich your Childhood memories with realistic 3D graphics, user friendly controls and great physics.

Carrom King™ is one of the --Top5 online board games in India.

Carrom King™ is a digital version of the original carrom board game played by all ages. It has the originality of the traditional Carrom with the gameplay enhanced with digital features.

Carrom Board Game or Karrom is an Indian version of pool or billiards.

Play a multiplayer board game with simple gameplay of pocketing your own pucks/coins before your opponent to win! Challenge worldwide players through online mode and become a carrom champion.

Introducing -- 2 vs 2 -- Team up mode with Friends & Online Players!

- Team up with Friends or a random player online & defeat the opponent team.

- Live Chat with Friends and Online Players!

- Switch your Teams in Play with Friends Mode

- New Fun Emojis to spice up your game.


Online Multiplayer Mode

- Take an online challenge and compete with expert players in Online Freestyle & Black & White game type.

- Join millions of players worldwide.

- Interact with online players with Live Chat

- Spice up your game with Emojis & Custom messages.

- Challenge the opponent for Rematch

- Game resume functionality

- Progress through multiple lobbies and win big!

- Watch your opponent statistics

Play with Friends

- Take a Carrom game challenge online with your squad in 2vs2 Team up mode

- Challenge your friend for an exciting 1vs1 Carrom match

- Connect with your Facebook Friends and challenge them online

- Invite your friends by sharing room code to play an interesting Carrom King Game.

Play with Computer (Offline Mode)

- Play Vs Computer and challenge the AI.

- Improve your skills with computer difficulty levels

Pass & Play Mode (Offline Mode)

- Play with your family and friends in pass and play mode

- Feel the nostalgia of your childhood carrom board game

Trick Shots (Offline Mode)

- Master your carrom skills with challenging Trick Shots.

- Play Trick Shots in a time bound amazing mode.

- Trick shots help you to perfect your carrom moves with some really tricky levels..

Equipments And Rewards

- Make your Carrom Board experience interesting with exclusive Pucks & Frames.

- Cover Queen to unlock the brand new chest and win exciting rewards.

Let’s Play Now!

Time to hit the table! Download the latest version now to experience the new features!

PLEASE NOTE! Carrom King™ is free to download and play on devices with in-app purchases.

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Top Reviews

  • By NN_62

    Great game

    I like this game very much. One reviewer claims the computer is a cheat. But I did not see any evidence. It is all about how the board gets set up. A few times I have been able to clean out the board too!

  • By Jaber Ghanim

    Good game but there’s issue!

    Hi team, Kindly we need to add one more option in setting to control the chat messages turn on or turn off. Thanks.

  • By gsk_213

    Became slow

    After the update app is not good. It’s slow

  • By pawankunarp


    Thanks to Developers for responding to my query and providing updates. Also, in iPhone I should be able to change my FB profile picture.

  • By kashyapforever

    4 players

    Can you introduce,4 players ? also rupees and paise mode.

  • By Jlash62

    Luv it

    I really like this game. I'd love to be able to challenge a real person and not just the computer. I would also like the option to remove the ads. Please work on those and next time will be 5 stars.

  • By zoravarsingh

    Latest update - not good

    The game was updated recently and it has spoiled the game more. New glitches have started to occur like game is not able to detect correct token. Overall the update has worsen the game.

  • By tanbir_aulakh

    Nice game but too many ads that don’t close.

    It is a very nice fun game, but the game has too many ads that we can’t even close. The only way to continue playing is to quit the app altogether and then restart it again.

  • By Harnaniji

    Computer is a cheat

    When you play the game they give you an option if you want to play against the computer or something else I forgot. Whenever I play against the computer there turn will come and boom got 1 and another and another and another. Sometimes even getting 6 in a row. Also another problem is that when I played one game the computer got dew which is putting the stricker in the pocket. It did not count it. I really want a response. Please fix it.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😓😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • By suthargj

    Don’t play this game

    When first I play this game I got level 23 player and I lose and I thought this is Just once when I play 2 more game and I got level 11 player and 15 level player and I lose again and I don’t know how to Play this game and I thought there gonna be some noobs in starting but I was wrong I hate this game i played because this game is made by same company of Ludo king I thought this gonna be good but this game is so bad

  • By ராஜேஷ்

    Not logic

    Whenever I play freestyle most of the time opponent gets to start. There are times when I play again with same opponent they get to start again. I played with same opponent 4 times and they have started the game 3 times out of 4 on multiple occasions. Starting the game in freestyle gives you significant advantage and being not able to start alternative leaves you disappointed.

  • By Atif siddiqui

    Worst programmed

    I played for almost 10 games and the worst part is the opponent always start the game and usually ends the game without getting a chance to play a single shot. What a donkey this programmer is that he has not maintained any sequence. After 10 or 15 games you get a chance to play one game and that’s it. Then again u need to sit and watch other start the game and ends and so ooooon.

  • By Sof@2014

    New features not working. No pucks & frames are displayed in the play

    I have spend all my coins to get new puck and frame, but it’s not working. I have purchased them equip them by selecting. Tried to restart the game too, but the feature not working. Developers need to check in. Hope I can play with my purchased puck and frame soon.

  • By SCL Game

    Terrible new graphics!!!

    New graphics are terrible!!!! New board design is terrible—makes it hard to see and play, and no option to select the board design. One more reason not to play this game, unless you bring the old design back.

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