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Arcaea is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by lowiro. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - lowiro, with the latest current version being 3.7.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 10422 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Arcaea App

How does it Work?

A harmony of Light awaits you in a lost world of musical Conflict. New Dimension Rhythm Game

Touch, hold and slide through a challenging, unforgettable arcade-style experience featuring artists from Japan and across the Entire World.

Lose yourself in songs of Light and Conflict within a forgotten world


Two young girls wander in a broken world filled with remnants of its former self: Arcaea.

Arcaea are melodical shards of the past that call out to the girls, but each chooses to be experienced only by one or the other. Over time, the girls begin to notice inconsistencies in the Arcaea that choose them and develop conflicting views about the world as it once was.


Play anywhere and anytime with no limitations. Internet connection not required


- A high difficulty ceiling - experience personal growth as you develop skills in arcade-style progression

- Over 160 songs from more than 100 artists famous across other games

- An expanding music library through content updates

- Full song jacket illustrations

- Online friends and scoreboards

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Top Reviews

  • By in to the unknown love

    This is just what I want

    I love this game so much!!! I want to master this game, so I am playing in Past, Present and Future. I know it’s hard for starters, but after I played this for literally 24 hours, I managed to master the Past and the Present. But if you want the truth.... I freaking hate Dandelion 😡😂 I played it so many times, but always end up with 1 or 2 far. 😂 I guess it’s because I played too much Present and became used to very fast and many notes. The art is also very beautiful. But what I hate the most is that the other Music Maps are not free and you have to pay the real money 💵 But I’m not going to underrate this game because of this, because there still are many other music to play. I personally think that you should make the ‘memories’ obtainable too. Like you can get them through the World Map, or by watching videos, or something like that. You know what?..... when I grow up a little, I’m gonna work in your studio and help you to invent many interesting games. 😂 Believe me I will be a big help. I know 5 languages, know how to draw beautifully and have many ideas for games that’s gonna help you. 😂 I’m serious 🤨🧐👍 By the way, keep up the good work.

  • By MmXtu--

    Please add this

    Honestly one of the greatest rhythm games I've ever played, the paywall could be outlandish but its far from unreasonable. If your new and you don't pike the paywall, putting only 5$ into the game and buying a pack that has a diff 11, could literally keep you occupied for months until you get a pm full score on it. If you spend money on a rhythm game to play the chart once, and just ignore it for the rest of the time, your loosing months of enjoyment. And if you really sink enough gameplay in, it wouldn't even matter what device you play on (I use a iPhone7 thumb play) I couldn't find complaints if i tried, except for the world lvl 18-30 grind. Again since I use a smaller device, when I unlock and use a partner, you pretty much only see the face. Like the new CHUNITHM partners from a while back, you cant even see awakened Isabelles gun, or seeles sword. All around I doubt you'll see and add this, but it would be cool if there was an art scale factor. Smaller devices can make art more visible on the stage clear section, and larger devices like ipads, could use it if they wanted to zoom in and have less detail etc.

  • By .eight

    Honestly one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played

    I downloaded this game because I was looking for a decent rhythm game... and I was pleasantly surprised at the execution of this game. For one, I was expecting to have paid some money to get access to the majority of the content, since this is a free game after all. However, there is so much accessible to you for free that in my first 3 weeks of consistently playing this game I have had barely encountered any pay walls. There aren’t even any ads within the game itself. I really admire the developers’ approach to monetization and I will probably be buying some song packs in the near future just to support this awesome game. Next, the actual gameplay feels so smooth and the menus and loading screens are polished to an elegant, easy to use app. Finally, the music selection, though not varied in genre, perfectly matches with the overall aesthetic of the game itself and really contributes to the experience that is Arcaea. I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for an excellent mobile rhythm game.

  • By BriVollux

    Bemani Expert opinion

    Let me preface this review by saying that I am easily more well versed in rhythm games than any other person here. I have achieved chuuden on IIDX, played DDR,s hardest challenge songs, and am able to pick up easy crap like SDVX and Jubeat VERY easily, playing 20’s on SDVX within a month, 10’s on Jubeat on first day. Now that we have established I’m better than anyone here let’s get to the review The game is a SDVX / kshoot clone but it does it better than both those games. The game actually has timing windows unlike SDVX where there is only critical, miss or near. This game actually tells you if you are late or slow, and the controls are way more suited towards this type of interface. If you are familiar with IIDX terminology, I’m able to TAKA S this game very easily with my experience, thumbs easily cover all 4 bottom keys even on hard stuff, saving indexes for the your other notes. Great game especially if you blow a fat load and only play osu! Or something sad like that, give it a try it’s better than most trash nowadays.

  • By Not Error 404

    Great Story and Gameplay

    The story is great! I mean it like omgg it’s beautiful, if you don’t like the main story there’s plenty of side stories, I like lethe’s story. The great gameplay is just the cherry on top, This game is amazing and is f2p friendly, with 50+ free songs with game progression, but I’m a p2w person and have only unlocked like 2 of the free songs while buying all the paid packs, I’m a loser And if you’re not looking to spend too much, theyre songs that cost only $1 ($1 = 1 song), since most packs come with 5 or more songs in $5, you can buy a singular song in memory archive, I really like libertas About the gameplay, it’s pretty friendly on both finger and thumb play, on both tablet and phone you need to utilise 2 fingers and even 4 fingers for the harder songs! But it’s still tricky even with 2 fingers. Shoutout to all the thumb players The game also has a friend system and levelling system, if you do good on a song or better than you did before, your potential raises, the maximum is 12ptt, I am currently a 10ptt player, you can check your friends ptt on your friends list as well as the recent song they did The game also has limited time events, which I barely can do cause I am very lazy, I wanted to play that one free world mode song and I said that 2 years ago, I barely made progress!

  • By uhlillie

    Fun, Challenging, and Addicting

    I seriously love this game. The charts are challenging and fun. I don't consider myself good at these types of games but throughout the few months I've been playing this game, I have seen much improvement in myself from not being able to even touch a Present 8 to being able to clear some of the mid or easier Future 9s. There are several songs that are free from the get go, which means that you don't have to spend money to play songs but some of the most fun and challenging songs come at a price, literally. As for iPad or iPhone preference, I think that iPad use is recommended. I am a thumb player though and it is definitely playable with just your phone but with harder, more complex songs you might face a bit more of a challenge. :)

  • By Arkamaty

    Definitely for the hardcore audience

    This game is brutal. If you’re a seasoned rhythm gamer, get less used to that invincible feeling, because this game will make you fail. A lot. In my opinion, though, that’s a great thing. I haven’t been challenged this much by a rhythm game in a very long time, and the the difficulty isn’t just difficulty for the sake of difficulty. The charts are well-designed and fun to play, and I don’t think any other rhythm game has had me purchasing premium songs as quickly as this one (which are often even harder). If you aren’t hardcore, there are still easier charts, but this game’s real experience lies on the highest difficulty - the other difficulties should be seen as more of an extended tutorial. Amazing game overall, keep it up!

  • By _Astarte_

    Pretty good

    There are quite a few songs that can be unlocked for free. My only complaint is that because I’m a beginner, it can be very hard. I just learned the basics and entered into a song that pretty much made me have to tap every 0.3 seconds. The spacing could use some work. Other than that I’m really enjoying the game. It is a very good time killer. On the other hand, my reaction time did improve a lot so well, I’m looking forward to future updates. Hell, maybe if the game is good enough, I’ll consider buying songs now and then. iPad use not recommended, IPads are too large, meaning the time of reaction is slowed immensely due to the distance it takes to travel from one part of the screen to the next.

  • By Emilio C. Ramos


    I don’t see a reason not to show the number of how many people played a song; I don’t have a sense of how well I ranked on the leaderboard. Also I don’t understand why you would go through such lengths to chart ignotus afterburn just so it could never be played again. Which brings me to my next suggestion, it wouldn’t hurt to use those same effects in future song releases, or at least anomaly songs. It’s wasted potential in a more in-depth experience in my opinion. Also, I play this on iPad Pro and i don’t know if this is a bug that can be fixed but whenever I pause the game and change the brightness and then resume, the game skips a large amount of the song.

  • By S4mmyS4mS4m

    Great time

    I’ve been playing this game for a while, I was moving at about the time the game came out and got it a few months after. It’s really good! People complain about the pricing, but it’s only about 99 cents a song which really isn’t that bad, considering that you aren’t only paying for the song, but also the level design and other things. And you’re not obligated to buy the expansions, they just enrich and expand on the experience. To me, it’s a special treat when a new song is added or another pack and I can save up enough money from chores to get an iTunes card to play. On level design, it’s definitely not for everyone and for a while I could get the sky notes to work, but if it IS your stick, and you stick with it, this game is a jewel in the very small mobile rhythm game pool and I wish there were more games like it. I wish the best for the producers and everyone involved and would like to close off with saying, if you can’t log in for world mode, make sure the game doesn’t need to be updated

  • By Nowlind

    Ipad use recommended.

    Now I would not consider myself as one of those master of Rhythm Games but I play a lot of Cytus, Deemo, and Voez (All Rayark) and I get many of Full Combos, Masters on songs, ect. But this is not a game you can get those with on a small screen. Now I have an Iphone 7+ and even that is not big enough (and no I have average sized fingers). In general I love the game. Unlike most, keeps you playing to earn songs though there are only 20 you can unlock without real money (an extra 6 if I remember with the DLC songs). However this game does have it’s issues. The ‘Advanced’ Settings has it to where you can adjust the Offset of the notes. It is determined by increments of five while in the ‘Basic’ settings the Note Speed can be adjusted to all numbers and even down to one tenth if needed. I’m trying to play this game with Air Pods but with the ‘Advanced’ setting set to where it will tell you if you’re on early or late seems to always be a bit off. I hope you can manage to adjust it to a smaller degree in the future but otherwise don’t use any sort of bluetooth headphones I suppose. tl;dr I’ll give it a flat Four Stars. A lot of Rhythm Games are easier on a bigger screen but this one can handicap you to the point where it’s unplayable if you have a small screen. And of course, it’s hard to get it right in terms of the right calibration but precision is what rhythm games are all about. Try and makes it as accurate as possible if you can.

  • By aubs267

    Love the game phenomenal m, but has a serious problem

    I think this game is amazing, it has great functions, actually good song choices, (should add yoiyoi kokon though) and even appealing storylines. Definitely one of the best rhythm games I’ve played in a while, but this game SERIOUSLY needs some kind of practice mode where you can go back and master certain parts of a song let me tell you, it is so hard to master a song when there’s split second moments you miss. and then have to listen to the whole song again to get back to that part. And sometimes you don’t even know what you did wrong which makes it even more infuriating. But overall is a good game and I hope that function is added VERY very soon.

  • By Y So Aggressive

    Love this game + A Request, IPHONE XR BUG!!!

    This game is absolutely amazing. Can’t stop playing if I had to be honest. Although you do have to pay for songs, you can unlock quite a few of them for free through the world mode. I was wondering if you guys could make a song pack that had the song 2 Min Fighters (the SDVX version) in it. When playing this game, I think of songs that would be good if they were mapped and released in the game. This song is one of them. PLS 😓 Edit - there is a bug with the IPhone XR that makes certain taps not register what so ever. You can experience this on the IPhone XR if you play a map with a holding sky note and tap note underneath the sky note, the tap note won’t register at all. I’ve tried adjusting my offset, looking at my fingers while pressing, playing with a different play style other than thumbs and the results are still the same. Sometimes you can even see that it’s not registering the press by doing the same presses when there are no notes as when you press the screen, the spot you press highlights but if it doesn’t highlight its not registering which with this certain press it doesn’t highlight. This is disappointing because the game is almost unplayable if I want to play for combo or fcs. 😓

  • By iismusiccrazy

    Massive Pay Wall

    This is one of the best rhythm games I have played on mobile. I even chose to make an account because I wanted to use more of the game’s features. However, soon after I realized I would have to pay real money in order to unlock more song packs (you are given one to start with). There is no way to earn the micro currency, memories, needed to unlock song packs in game either, so buying is truly the only option. This is very disappointing. I will be removing this game immediately from my iPad. If you’re going to make a free to play game, the micro transactions should be optional, not required to unlock more content. Let the 3% of people you target to pay large amounts of money buy those and let the rest of us enjoy the game as we want to. Don’t lock content behind a pay wall with no in game way around it.

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