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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-23
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Ludo STAR is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Gameberry Labs. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Gameberry Labs, with the latest current version being 1.23 which was officially released on 2021-07-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 22028 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Ludo STAR App

How does it Work?

Play your childhood favourite board game Ludo with various international rules. Enjoy the latest modern design.

Ludo STAR is best ludo game on IOS.


- Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you

- Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches

- Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick

- Play with your favorite rules like : Doubling of pieces, kill 1 before entering home etc.

- Play in offline mode (NEW)

- Download for Free

- Chat and send emoticons to other players while you play

- Feels like 3d ludo with 3d dice

- Add new people as Game Buddy, make more friends

Download this amazing Ludo, start rolling the dice and enjoy this fantastic online multiplayer game.

Relive your ludo days.

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    Top Reviews

    • By CurryForMVP


      Great game. I love it. Been playing Ludo since I was 4. This game is so addicting and it’s usually fast paced and fun. I love beating the so called “good players” on this app. But the double piece rule needs to go. About half my games with skilled players, I kill all their pieces and send 3 of my pieces home. Then next thing I know the other player stacks 2 pieces together not letting my piece pass for the rest of the game and then they finally kill me. So infuriating and unfair. That rule NEEDS TO GO

    • By akhadija

      Great game BUT....

      Written May 2nd, 2020 So I downloaded this game during this month of Ramadan cause I was looking for something to replace my addiction with uno. Anyways, I love the style of play and design of the app. I just have a problem with not being able to add players. I don’t use conventional social media like fb or insta. Does that mean I’m doomed to play this game amongst strangers all the time? Lol. It’s not enjoyable having to play with different people all the time. And when I meet a user I like, I can’t ever play with them again after that one game. It’s really unfortunate. I would give this app five stars if they got this minor issue fixed. And plus of uno can let you play with in-game friends then this game should too. Step up your game, ludo Star. I say that in the nicest way possible so you’ll help me lol. Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are.

    • By Rajaji321

      80-90% chances to get beaten if you play with top order players- no random dice

      Observed it multiple times that high chances whenever you play with top players you will not get good dice but on the another hand opposite player will get almost every time what is needed in critical situations.. I feel it is the way to have top players keep on playing who plays a lot giving easy chances to win against low ranking players ..which is completely against the law of this game of randomness .. game Favors when you join this game as new player too.. this is simply rubbish ..have serious questions about dice numbers and if they are really random or programmed to maintain the win loose ratio and equation between players skill level vs playing pattern etc.. like other games unfortunately this also wanted gamer to stick having such tactics.. also not sure why players can chat whatever they want as both are anonymous ..often at time people started abuse in chat and all you can do is stop chat or report back .. I don’t think open chat should be a option and in no case fb profile should be visible to anyone if they used that .. getting user permission to access profile should be respected by game developers for their privacy and by first choice only should be restricted photo and names to be used for gaming purpose before anything become a issue ..

    • By 4StarsThatHaveNoName

      It’s an Alright game

      Even though there are many replicas of Ludo, this one is so far alright. The reason why I say it’s not the best is because of how it lacks in creativity to keep the game interesting. The Ludo I play in Facebook is a great example as they provide players with certain advantages depending on the space they land on. (Bonus: They really listen to their audience when there’s something that they would want to update or add onto their game.) There are certain restrictions in the game which limit how you can play with random people. In order words, you have to use your Facebook or other media account to play. In this case, it doesn’t bother me at all. However, most players here don’t speak English and conversation can be short or quiet. Also, a majority of players tend to leave instantly (which ends up as a 1v1 instead of 4 players), hack the game, and become very uncomfortable (what I mean by “uncomfortable” is sometimes they simping, grooming or catfishing). I do wish they could do something to play with people who are from the same region as me or understand my language.

    • By lucîfer

      My try of the game

      First of all the game is fun and interesting, congratulations for making it . Secondly there are some things I’d like to point out : the stars to the next level are so high to reach and it gets annoyingly much higher and harder to keep up . And another thing - and this is important - the thing about only people who connect to Facebook can add other people which are Facebook users to, this just kills the fun, why can’t guests add other guests or why can’t other app like Instagram be used as a connection to the game ? This would make it a lot more fun and acceptable and I highly recommend that you make this happen for not so many users like to use Facebook . And there’s something about the dice, it’s like it’s not the same for both of the quarrelers hope you look into that as well . All in all I give this game a 2 star rating until the add of people and guests problem gets moderated . Thank you

    • By AjibonAkash

      Buggy dice logic or easily hacked with emulators. Frustrating.

      Buggy game algorithms. You’ll observe patterns that repeat in a game where dice should be truly random. (Example, right after you opponent gets first 6, wait a few seconds and try you will 90% change also get a six but only first sixes.) Add to that players who literally predict their moves make for frustrating game play. Mechanics and interface are fine but there’s something very off about main game component. Maybe a few players use emulators to cheat. I don’t have other explanation for repeatedly seeing dice just seemingly go their way, over and over very unnaturally. It’s a shame too since there’s a decent number of players and look and feel is also ok. Please look into your randomness logic; Otherwise useless app.

    • By Munna_Alam

      Ludo Star Fake - Takes Money

      Thought it was one of the realist game because me and my friends have been playing for so long. But I didn’t realize that it was actually one of the fakest game there is. Even in fake games if you do a in app purchase everything works fine as long as you pay. But in this game, you pay your money for gems or coins you don’t get anything at all instead they just take the money from your card. In app purchase is a common thing and it’s nice that they have that. But can’t believe that they take your money like that. I would give it a zero star but unfortunately they don’t have that option. Then another point is that, after you email them they don’t reply back at all or even if they do they keep saying you have to send them the invoice, the email receipt that was sent to my email when I purchased it from the app. When I sent it to them a million times already. Not playing this game anymore, don’t fall in their traps. Just taking people’s money. Telling all my friends not to as well. All fakers who made this game. Don’t trust it. Don’t give your information either.

    • By Hus247

      Love the game, but don’t buy coins or gems yet!

      Let me start by saying this, I love the mechanism of the game, I find it fun to play in train, airport, anywhere where you wanna pass the time, this is the game to play. I even bought a 39$ gems pack today.. just to find that my coins & the gems I bought in real money has been changing out of nowhere??? So why 1 star? Because the game’s main functionality is bugged, you play to collect as much coins as you can, but now when you win, you may lose the coins? My experience has been disrupted today by a bugg in the game I assume? I kept playing (Quick mode 10 million) and moved from 39 million to 107 million coins, I had 99,8k gems and 107million coins when I closed the game. I came back 15mins later just to find that my coins are back to 50m and gems has decreased to 99,4k out of nowhere!? I reopened the app a couple of times and saw the coins & gems changing (decreasing & increasing) everytime I restart the app, finally it stopped at 67 millions and gems were back to 99,8k. So I lost 40m coins out of nowhere, and don’t know if these gems will be there when I come back tomorrow?! I entered favebook pages & other sites just to find that this has been happening for 4 days now! Fix the bugg or at least tell us that you’re working on it? It really is frustrating to see all the coins you’ve earned is gone, and the gems you buy might be a scam?

    • By hafsaalidaar

      This game is rigged... actually

      The game is somewhat rigged. I observed that it always seems to favor one side over another and makes it difficult for people just starting the game to get better. The game itself is fun sometime but during multiple occasions with extremely unlikely possibilities my opponents would keep getting the perfect dice rolls to knock out multiple players in one turn. I'd like it more if your dice rolls were genuinely random and the game isn't fun if every roll I get is the perfect number to take someone out. The idea of Ludo and the way it works is fine, although I also don't like how you can't have nearly as much fun with the game if you don't have Facebook. It keeps nagging me to sign in with Facebook which I don't have since I'm still a kid which is really annoying and I miss out on other cool features if the game like profile pictures, gaining more gems and coins, friends, and lucky dice rolls.

    • By humzaslu


      I’ve spent quite a bit of money on this app and have been playing for a while. Today I checked the app and my account dropped from over one and half billion coins to 2.5 million coins. My gems are spent too. And when my friends see my name it appears as dredfd which is the same name as some random opponent I played. Checked the Facebook security logins to see if someone hacked my Facebook. Nothing. So only this app was hacked. Now if you’ve used your credit card info to buy stuff don’t know how safe that would be. This app isn’t secure so anyone can collect your information, rob your coins, gems, check your friend list. Who knows. I will be contacting the customer support and will ask for all the money I’ve spent on this app back. Save yourself the trouble. Will be contacting the App Store as well to get rid of this ridiculously app with such a massive security breach

    • By Carnage007

      Unfair and rigged

      I have played this game twice with High level players and both time have lost badly. Let me clarify what I mean by that. Me and my team mate had all 4 of our pieces were in benched while our opponents and their teammates had already got three of their pieces safely in their homes. I kept on rolling the dices and getting ones while my teammate occasionally got a 5 or a 6 at best. Our opponents simply got numbers like 6,6, and a 5 a lot of time. We felt that this game is unfair as it provides an unfair advantage to experienced players while amateurs like me get trashed. This game deserves no love all it does is takes your money and wastes your time. I would recommend not downloading this game. I would go as far to say everyone give this reviews based in your experiences and Boycott this horrendous and pathetic game.

    • By hrak23

      Dangerous app

      If you think the 17+ rating is a mistake, it isn’t. My family and I recently downloaded this app and have had multiple encounters with users with inappropriate usernames and saying inappropriate, predatory things (asking for age, etc) in the chat. Also, it allows users to upload their own profile images, which we’ve also found to be inappropriate. While it is a great app and a fun way to play ludo with family abroad especially in these times, we find it very dangerous to use. Our suggestions to improve the safety of this app are as follows: - Do not allow users to upload their own profile pictures. Rather, allow them to customize their avatars. - Have guidelines for their usernames and block inappropriate words. - Remove the chat entirely for public games; only allow the pre-loaded phrases and emojis. For private games, the chat is fine. At least give the option for users to disable the public chat themselves and not be able to see other users’ messages on the chat or write their own messages. We would love to be able to communicate with the developers directly on this. Until then, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP.

    • By ArvindSolanki

      If you buy anything here, you will be trapped.

      The game is designs such a way that it keeps track of every player in the database. Nature follows the law of averages, if you lose you will win as well at times and average should be maintained. Let me get back to the point, if you buy anything from this app, they keep a track of it that this guy is now habitual of playing the game. Any nunber of game you play, you wont win until you but again... you buy then you start winning for a few games then you will start getting lesser dice numbers or no killing numbers then you will use your chances and this way they will take everything back what you bought. Again you will not win until you buy again. So the simple thing is the business they do and make money from the loyal customers who actually paying to play. Nothing more or less just make as much as money from the people who are willing to give. Thats the only motive ludo star has. I would say if your money is hard urned dont waste with cheaters or frauds.. if you have alot then donating to the needies would be a better idea. Thanks, Arvind S

    • By Mariyam3

      Needs improvement

      <<<DELETED>>>To the makers of this game effing game... I wish you actually used a tiny bit more of your brain and coded it better Giving it one start because most of the logic for this game is frustrating. For example, when the game decides to give your opponent 6's throughout the game and all you get it low rolls. Also if someone is using a gem it's because they want a different number, the logic I would have thought to put is if give the user rolls 1 for example and they use gem give them a higher roll, if they roll a 6 (triple 6's for example) and use gem, give them a lower roll. Also never can I think back to playing this game in real life and the opponent getting the same roll as you do ...almost every time!

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