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Super Mario Run


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Super Mario Run is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Nintendo Co., Ltd.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nintendo Co., Ltd., with the latest current version being 3.0.22 which was officially released on 2021-03-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 53962 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

A new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand.

You control Mario by tapping as he constantly runs forward. You time your taps to pull off stylish jumps, midair spins, and wall jumps to gather coins and reach the goal!

Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after you purchase the game, you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. You can try out all four modes before purchase: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.

■World Tour

Run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches!

Travel through plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more.

Clear the 24 exciting courses to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, waiting in his castle at the end. There are many ways to enjoy the courses, such as collecting the 3 different types of colored coins or by competing for the highest score against your friends. You can try courses 1-1 to 1-4 for free.

After rescuing Princess Peach, a nine-course special world, World Star, will appear.

■Remix 10

Some of the shortest Super Mario Run courses you'll ever play!

This mode is Super Mario Run in bite-sized bursts! You'll play through 10 short courses one after the other, with the courses changing each time you play. Daisy is lost somewhere in Remix 10, so try to clear as many courses as you can to find her!

■Toad Rally

Show off Mario’s stylish moves, compete against your friends, and challenge people from all over the world.

In this challenge mode, the competition differs each time you play.

Compete against the stylish moves of other players for the highest score as you gather coins and get cheered on by a crowd of Toads. Fill the gauge with stylish moves to enter Coin Rush Mode to get more coins. If you win the rally, the cheering Toads will come live in your kingdom, and your kingdom will grow.

■Kingdom Builder

Gather coins and Toads to build your very own kingdom.

Combine different buildings and decorations to create your own unique kingdom. There are over 100 kinds of items in Kingdom Builder mode. If you get more Toads in Toad Rally, the number of buildings and decorations available will increase. With the help of the friendly Toads you can gradually build up your kingdom.

■What You Can Do After Purchasing All Worlds

・ All courses in World Tour are playable

Why not try out the bigger challenges and thrills available in all courses?

・ Easier to get Rally Tickets

It's easier to get Rally Tickets that are needed to play Remix 10 and Toad Rally. You can collect them in Kingdom Builder through Bonus Game Houses and ? Blocks, by collecting colored coins in World Tour, and more.

・ More playable characters

If you rescue Princess Peach by completing course 6-4 and build homes for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette in Kingdom Builder mode, you can get them to join your adventures as playable characters. They play differently than Mario, so why not put their special characteristics to good use in World Tour and Toad Rally?

・ More courses in Toad Rally

The types of courses available in Toad Rally will increase to seven different types of courses, expanding the fun! Along with the new additions, Purple and Yellow Toads may also come to cheer for you.

・ More buildings and decorations in Kingdom Builder

The types of buildings available will increase, so you'll be able to make your kingdom even more lively. You can also place Rainbow Bridges to expand your kingdom.

・ Play Remix 10 without having to wait

You can play Remix 10 continuously, without having to wait between each game.

*Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply. May contain advertisements.

Top Reviews

  • By MJLink10


    Guys, I’m your biggest fan! I loved every single Mario game since I was 5. Wii...AWSOME! 3DS...WOW! Wii U...NEW IS AMAZING! And for Nintendo Switch, drumroll for 10 seconds please...INSANE!!! You crushed it! No other company thought of a system that can be on handheld and TV! Unfortunately, people now a days are making rip-offs of your famous franchise! For example, Super Bino Go 2, they stole EVERYTHING from you! The goal, the enemies, the terrain, the blocks, your character, the coins, the bosses, the “save the princess” concept, EVERYTHING!!! They only got away because changed it to Bino. They copyrighted you without permission, which is illegal. Now about SMR, (Super Mario Run) love it! I only have the demo, but that’s fine, I still like Mario! No ads, ✔️ No freezing, ✔️ Graphics✔️✔️✔️! I love 1985 Super Mario! I love Super Mario 64! Super Mario Galaxy! guessed it, EVERYTHING! Please continue the series! Mr. Miyomoto! (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong) You made history! You are the industry’s #1 company! Have a nice day! Japanese みんな、私はあなたの大ファンです!5歳の時からマリオの試合を全て気に入ってたWii...アソム!3DS...ワウ!Wii U...ニース・AMAZING!そして任天堂スウィッチ、ドラムロールを10秒お願いします。INSANE!潰した!他の会社では、手作業とテレビに映るシステムを思いついてない!残念ながら、人々は今、あなたの有名なフランチャイズのぼったくりの日々だ!例えばスーパービーノ・ゴ2はお前からエヴァー宮本!(名前のスペル間違えても悪い)歴史を作ったね!あなたは業界の一社だ!よい1日を!

  • By PixelOtaku

    Of Course You Have to Pay

    I don’t understand why so many people feel that they’re entitled to a free game when it’s a solid game that you should pay for. When downloading an app it will say whether or not there are in game purchases. $10 is a reasonable price for a full fledged game that doesn’t ask for micro transactions on top of that. On top of this, so much is available to try for free to decide whether or not you’d like to purchase the game. It’s essentially a free demo. The mechanic of this game is that Mario (or whichever character you choose) is always running forward. The levels are relatively short so it’s all about being technical with your jumps to get those special coins. There’s no harm in testing the game out. You get the first 4 levels (world 1), Remix 10, and Toad Rally available to try. Purchasing the game gives you the other 20 levels (with 3 challenges each level). Highly recommend trying it. You can even play your own music in game which will make the characters wear headphones while running (which I think is a cute detail).

  • By Flyingminimuffin274

    Great game!

    This is one of my favorite games! I love the fact that you can play music while you’re playing it, and I also really like remix 10! One thing that I would add to the app is make it so that people can play offline. Sometimes when I’m on family road trips and I’m bored of playing all my other games I check to see if I can play offline, but I never can and that’s really disappointing. But other than that it’s a wonderful game. Another thing that I would change. I like that you can play as different characters in toad rally and the other levels, but not in remix 10. And I don’t like that a lot. I mean, I know that it’s sort of unfair to play as Yoshi the entire time you’re playing remix 10, but Nintendo, could you PLEASE make it so that after you rescue Daisy, you could get to like, spin a wheel that landed on either a character or a “you choose” thing so we wouldn’t have to play as Mario almost the entire time? If you can do that that would be AWESOME and I will thank you a MILLION times!!! That’s all for now! Byeeeee!

  • By Jeremy2810

    Wonderful Game!

    Super Mario Run is a truly stand out experience in mobile gaming. There aren’t any micro transactions. The purchase price gets you all the content and it’s great content! There are 24 basic levels and 9 “star” levels which are unlocked through special challenges. Each level also has challenge coins that add another layer of difficulty. Collecting all of the black (the hardest) coins takes some real skill. In addition to that there is a Toad Rally mode that lets you run against the ghosts of other players wherein you can unlock additional characters with different play styles. There is also Remix 10 which gives you 10 rapid fire courses and challenges you to collect three special coins per course. It really is a lot of content and a good challenge to complete it all. The one downside is the “always connected” requirement. It would be great if this weren’t necessary but all in all this is really well done game that is very well thought out and highly polished. I recommend it.

  • By The TAC

    Pls read Nintendo⬇️

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Nintendo, have been a fan for so long, and the Mario franchise is my all time favorite, but there is one problem with Mario Run (the reason why i only gave 4 stars). Mario Run requires internet connection, not only for Toad Ralley, but for the entire game. And some parts of the game, specifically the Mario Tour levels, it doesn’t make sense for it to require internet. We can’t connect to the internet at the school we go to, and my mom keeps taking cellular data off my phone, so that means I can’t play Mario Run that much. (Let me mention i play this game more often then any other game on this phone.) At least let players play the Mario Tour level offline. And if not, well I can’t do anything. I know you put a lot of effort and time into this game, because it is amazing, but please let us play offline on some parts of the game. I will always be a fan of Nintendo, whether I have a Nintendo Switch or not. Yours truly, TheTAC (Tyler Collins)

  • By TeamNonin

    For the love of god...

    I am going to join the chorus of being mystified that there are so many entitled people having temper tantrums about paying for games. Or the players that complain that you can play several levels, before paying for the game, and then acting petulant, as if they were tricked. The reason several levels are free, is because they are doing a favor to potential buyers, by letting you try the game out before paying. It’s not there to trick you. Almost every media company uses this tactic. It’s he same thing as getting a free trial of Netflix, before becoming a full fledged member. Its just simply moronic that people complain about it. — that being said, I enjoyed this game. In fairness, I probably have rose tinted glasses cause of nostalgia. The most disappointing thing to me, is that they never really expanded the game. Somethings seem lazy to me, like the kingdom builder, which seems to try to make up fo not having that much content. It feels tacked on, and purely cosmetic, when they could have fleshed the idea out and integrated into the game a little more. The newer star worlds also feel really lazy with their level design, and it feels more like they are procedurally generated, instead of designed. I don’t dislike the game, but it is disappointing, because it never really felt like Nintendo cared about this game.

  • By _Jazz_Handz_

    Great game, but not perfect

    I love this game so much and I don’t regret spending the $10 to unlock the full game. However, there are some things that need a lot of improvement, like remix 10. It’s my favorite aspect of the game, but the thing I can’t stand about it is that it starts the level with the camera zoomed in on mario so you can’t see what’s ahead of you. By the time is zooms out, sometimes there’s an enemy or a pit in front of you but it’s too late to jump over it because of not being able to see ahead far enough. I often end up dying before even getting a chance. I also don’t like that when Mario is hanging on a ledge, he climbs up automatically. Sometimes I catch the edge of a platform with an enemy coming towards me and Mario automatically pulls himself up into the enemy and dies. If he would just hang there and wait a second before pulling himself up, it would be so much better. This makes the game a lot more frustrating than it should be. I also think that way too many toads are required to get rainbow bridges, and when you finally do obtain one, the little chunk of land you get doesn’t have nearly enough space to house all of the decorations you get during your journey. Other than that, it’s a great game.

  • By Spiderman8199

    Lots of fun in its first iteration, new update isn't as feel-good

    I love all things MARIO, and had lots of fun with the original levels and Rally. However, there are some big issues with the Remix-10 game. First, you can't choose your character like you can in the other levels and rally. Second, you can just re-start a mini-level, if you want to re-start, you have to start back at 1, and then they are all different every time. You can't improve or overcome certain challenges this way, and it makes the game less fun and not feel good to play. Also, while you are playing, a star could unexpectedly descend on you in a bubble, and even though it can potentially cause you to miss the rainbow coins by messing up your game play, there is no way to stop the star from activating. Very frustrating when you have to bounce off of some Koopas to get the coins, but you can't because if a star you didn't want. Also, for those of us who collected a lot of coins and purchased lots of decor and buildings for our kingdom already, the prizes given for Remix-10 are underwhelming and not much of a goal.

  • By Wifi03

    A fun, solid yet blemished first attempt

    What Nintendo has been able to do with just a single tap is pretty impressive, and should be commended. The levels are fun and offer different paths that encourage replayability as well as allows for some really satisfying moves while playing. The lack of annoying microtransactions is also quite refreshing. I would rather pay upfront than parse out the actual price of the game and slow my momentum. It’s a very satisfying feeling game to play, a testament to the perfect marriage of simple but effective controls and smart level design that incorporates it. But the town segment feels incredibly tacked on and pointless, and they really need to add new levels to the “offline” segments. Offline is in quotations because you still need an internet connection to play which in my opinion ruins the point of a MOBILE game. The anti piracy excuse is flimsy at best seeing how it doesn’t actually effect those who know what they are doing. It really casts a dark cloud over an otherwise solid game. The good news is, these are not unsolvable problems, and the devs at Nintendo are pretty smart people.

  • By BurkeKyle

    Fix Toad Rally

    Mechanically this game is amazing and the single player mode is great. The problem is with the asynchronous multiplayer mode, Toad Rally. In it you are pitted against another player’s character that is controlled by AI. When you win a Toad Rally you win Toads of various colors based on what your opponent has to offer in the opponent selection screen. These toads are used to unlock items and other characters you can play as. Unfortunately, if you aren’t amazing at this game, or your phone dies, or the app crashes, or you lose your connection and can’t re-establish it in a reasonable amount of time you lose toads. This makes it near impossible to collect the high number of rarer colored toads that are required for the character unlocks. Until this is changed few people will be able to experience the full breadth of this game since all of the characters were smartly designed to control differently so some characters are better at some things than others. Nintendo, please either set it so that we no longer lose toads or reduce the number of toads required for unlocks.

  • By Marsian fano

    Cool, but not cool

    Ok, so I can’t play all levels without purchasing the game. Also the remix 10 and items in shop. Also, some people really like Luigi, so when the game gets downloaded, you should have both brothers for a free starters pack. All levels should free to play, because I am getting tired of up and over, wall kicking it underground, paratroopas in mushroom valley, and Bowser’s Castle hangout. And I am not allowed to in app purchase and even if I am allowed, still am not paying 10 stupid dollars just for that. Other than that I LOVE remix 10... minus the wait time. Could you pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee update the game with every level for free!!!!!!!! I’m really bored of the same things over and over and over! It is just sooooooooooo annoying. And, you should be able to play as who ever you play as in tour and rally. And make Luigi free! I LOVE Luigi with his high jump and he has always been my favorite character from both brothers. He is sort of better than Mario. And you should certainly have more than four available characters for people who cannot start world 2-1.

  • By PikaPrue3

    Why must everything in game have to cost real money !😡

    So I got this game years ago and I had to pay real money to go any farther so I deleted it. Then a few months ago I got the game again and it started me over which I was fine with since all I remember about the game is paying real money. I saw remix 10 went to it, it gave me 10 toad tickets, it was cool, I liked it, it was new. But once I played the levels I was stopped at level 3 and couldn’t go farther I had to pay real money again so a few days later it let me go to level 4. Then it really said I had to pay real money in order to go any farther. It also said in order to get more toad colors I need to pay real money. Which had a plan for my kingdom to get many many character houses so I can have many many runners but they require certain toads! And I also had a problem with toad tickets. Everyday I would get 1 toad ticket from that mini game shroom rarely 3. And the remix 10 takes forever to beat with 1 toad ticket a day. Remix 10 is also very long and I got stuck at the first boss battle. So I deleted the game and maybe Nintendo will make things not cost real money! 😡

  • By Sarahface81

    Paid a lot to be frustrated

    I was excited to download this game when I finally realized I could play Mario on my phone, until a couple levels in and I realized I had to fork over 10 bucks just to unlock six worlds total. SIX. Not to mention a whole boatload of my data. Oh, and then the star worlds, which don’t unlock until you complete a series of near impossible challenges. Seriously, I gave up on unlocking certain star worlds when I was about to smash my phone. The rally is maddening because this app’s ability to maintain a connection is meager at best, and if you disconnect for a second you lose your ticket and toads, thus setting you even further back. After multiple disconnects in that I finally learned to stay away from it. The remix ten is fun in theory, even though it’s really just the same six worlds shortened and recycled over and over again, but some of the levels have the bonus medals set in places where it is truly impossible to collect every single one. Or ridiculous obstacles are set up, like running straight into a turning blade because there is no way to stop yourself but no way to get the medal with just letting it hit you. If they could be slightly less stingy with the pause buttons throughout the levels and WAY less rigid in the ridiculously challenging nature of certain levels, this game might’ve earned a few more stars. For now, this data destroyer has been removed from my phone.

  • By SMB❤️🍕📖

    Great game but.....

    I gave four (I mean one) stars because you have to pay ten dollars for lots of things- all the levels (they only give you one world which is only five levels), all of the toad colors (you need toads to get more characters. They only let you get Mario and Blue Yoshi.) , and you don’t have to wait like three hours or play remix ten. This game is like one of the best games in the world when you first get it, but then it kinda gets old. If you’re like me and don’t want to pay ten dollars just for some video game, then I suggest you not get it. I’m so bored of this game now because I completed all the levels in world tour, and I got all pink, purple, and green coins on all of the levels too. So now all I have to play is remix ten and toad rally. Remix ten is fun, but once you complete it you have it wait a long time to play it again and it’s so annoying. I would play toad rally but it uses up tickets and what’s even the point of playing that just to get toads if you can’t even get more characters because the other toad colors are locked! So I go in this game, play remix ten, and then exit the app because I have to wait THREE hours to play it again and I get bored just playing the same old levels I already completed. 😱😱😢😱😢😱😠😢😠😱😢😢😔😔😔😞😒😟😕🙁😖😣☹️😫😩🥺😤😭😢😠😡🤯😳😱😨😰😥😓🤭🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥😐🙄😯😑😬😦😯😮😲😮😧🥱😴😴😪😪👎🏻👎🏻

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