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  • Last Updated: 2021-05-13
  • New version: 1.4.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Match To Win: Cash Giveaway


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Match To Win: Cash Giveaway is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Rewardify Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Rewardify Inc., with the latest current version being 1.4.2 which was officially released on 2021-05-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 140123 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Match To Win: Cash Giveaway App

How does it Work?

Play match 3 puzzle games set in a tropical Hawaiian paradise, and travel to the all NEW Paris and San Francisco destinations! Match To Win now has over 100+ new match 3 levels for you to enjoy. Matching games are free to play! Solve puzzles any time you want - you never have to spend to enjoy Match To Win and win real prizes!

Test your skills, there's lots of ways to win - absolutely FREE.. We have instant, daily and monthly giveaways, where sweepstakes winners can take home tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Like Match 3 puzzle games, bonus levels and scratchers? Match To Win has plenty! Enjoy match 3 games set in a tropical Hawaiian paradise, get free daily gifts and uncover bonus levels!

Get cash and score rewards! Earn tokens that can be redeemed for cash via PayPal!

Please note: Prizes can take 3-5 days to process. Got comments, questions or concerns? Match To Win customer support is always available at

There are more ways to win with our free $2,500 INSTANT winner scratchers and our prize wheel! Find new ways to win big every day – scratch and see what treasures are inside!

Match To Win is free to play. Anybody can win our free sweepstakes – enter for yourself and see!



Fun Match 3 Gameplay

• Match 3 games in the Hawaiian Islands!

• Travel to the all NEW Paris and San Francisco destinations – 100+ new levels!

• Fun puzzle games with beautiful vacation visuals

• Use power-ups, create combos and clear the board!


Win Big with Free Instant Win Scratchers

• Scratch your card for a free chance to win real money

• Win up to $2,500 in REAL CASH, instantly!

Tons of New Sweepstakes

• Enter sweepstakes for chances to win FREE cash

• Chances to win $1,000 Monthly and $100 Daily prizes.

• Giveaways are always changing, so check back often!

Free Rewards & Bonus Games

• Earn FREE game-play power ups daily and hourly

• Uncover bonus levels for big win chances

• Unlock daily gifts and boosts

• Complete Quests for power ups

Endless Match Game Adventures

• Explore across the Hawaiian Islands

• Visit beaches, volcanoes, and helicopter over Waimea Canyon!

• Take a virtual vacation to San Francisco or Paris

• More exciting vacation destinations to come!

Put your skills to the test where fun times and great rewards await! Download Match To Win today and match your way through a vacation paradise. Enter our real cash giveaways for your chance to win!


Privacy Policy -

Terms of Service -

Sweepstakes Rules -

Support -

Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way these contests or sweepstakes. Success within this game does not imply future success with real money gambling. This game does not offer real money gambling. This game is intended for an adult audience.

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Top Reviews

  • By KrissySue


    I downloaded this app after seeing an advertisement that you get paid to play, as soon as I started playing I immediately started making money, to clarify this isn’t life changing money but a few extra dollars a week in your pocket. I played maybe 3-4 days before I could cash out and it immediately hit my PayPal. I clicked on the piggy bank after I reached like $2 just to see how and what the requirements were. Most apps require $10 this one was $7. I cashed out close to $8 to see and it was super simple and immediate. After I cashed out I slowed down on playing bc I had completed all the levels twice but when I have a little free time, I’ll play or just login for the hourly scratcher or bonus levels. I still get 50 cents to a dollar here and there. They have an hourly scratcher along w a daily login. A scratcher for every level completed and twice a week bonus game scratcher. I think it’s a fun game and some of the levels are challenging. Levels never being identical every time it’s played is a positive. I guess the only downside is waiting for more levels to be added. It’s better than playing those games where you play and play and play to only get 5-7 cents every few days.

  • By dbase0402

    Do Read this...Update is a TRICK

    Err What happened after a few months i deleted the app on my phone? Still not back to the old way where you can accumulate coins and the can redeem for cash? This is sad actually. Hopefully they bring it back there is an app that does that but only minimal amount. The update was promising but it turns out that the scratch cards only contains minimal tickets/coins and Hearts lots of Hearts, no wonder they said "you're going to Love the new Update." it only gives you Hearts nice joke MTW haha and btw I did get cash but when you reach $5.25 thats the last of it you will get so the $7 is basically a dream. Anyways it was a fun game before but I guess its on a downward spiral. Good Luck to all those who will stay and keeps playing. :) Note: Don't get your hopes up, the high prizes is just to lure players :| only the developer are gaining tons of money thru ads etc but us NONE. Once you get to 5.25 or 5.75 tahts it the money like $1 or 50 and 25 cents will be as rare as bigfoot. You wont get any tbh so again $7 will be around a month to complete if you are lucky enough. Sad how I miss the Jet Set Go redeem at least all your hard work pays off :(

  • By Swnsn97266

    I love this game!

    I downloaded this game over 2 years ago, and have enjoyed playing it. Since my download, there have been several improvements. Including, scratch tickets where you can win actual money! This update was added several months ago. But, you can win $0.25 here, maybe $0.50, there. The money gets stored in a “Piggy Bank”. Minimum payout in $7.00, straight into your PayPal account. I reached $7.75, just from the scratch tickets, a few months ago, and I haven’t won any more from the tickets. So apparently; this is the maximum you can save in your “Piggy Bank”, until you cash out. I just cashed out my $7.75, and it was INSTANTLY transferred into my PayPal account! No need to wait to get your money! Some games requires 72+ hours before you’re payout transfer is complete. But, not this one! The game also has raffle tickets, that you can easily win, for the raffles you are automatically entered into. However; I have never won a raffle. I strongly recommend downloading this game, and giving it a try! It’s free to play, so you have nothing to lose! I have never invested a single penny into this game, and so far, I’m $7.75 ahead!

  • By NicholeDay

    Actual payout!

    I have to admit that it did take awhile to actually payout. I would get anxious getting closer to $7, and gameplay started to slow down. I scratched so many and went through various levels. I’m on level 96 and got up to $8.25. I cashed out immediately and couldn’t be happier! Even after cashing out and leaving the app and coming back some time later, collecting cash isn’t so slow. Scratched my second card and got $1 which was actually surprising to me. I would estimate around a month that I was actually able to reach the cash out requirement. To be honest I don’t mind how long it took because these types of games of matching and puzzles are my absolute favorite. It’s an added bonus to have a game I can be addicted to and get some money while I’m at it. Thank God, this app turned out to be legit. Too many apps that say they can earn you cash but it’s months before you see your next cent. Not with this app! I 100% recommend it, if you want to get some money for just playing a game. Granted it’s not a lot, but I say every dollar counts especially when saving for something. Thank you!!!

  • By rafiemila

    Cashed twice $7 in 3 years

    First time I accumulated $7 fast 3 years ago perhaps bit more, second time I got $7 today and you don’t have to wait days to get money, I received PayPal notification within a minute that I received money. I thought they only allow you cash out ONCE $7 and after that nothing so for almost 3 years so I kept game for fun only (like in a bathroom or something 😂)I didn’t receive a single penny and 2 days ago I miraculously finally reached 2nd time $7 I wrote to them multiple times why I’m not getting even a single 0.01 penny but the only response I got “some ppl accumulate faster than others” I guess I’m in a slow accumulation group that takes year to reach $7 but nevertheless I got total of $14 from this game for playing almost 4 years. This game is fun to play so I stopped believing I’ll get needed amount 2nd time and I’m nicely surprise I was wrong, but don’t hope you ll get $7 in a month lol it might take you years

  • By VirginiaMattingly30

    Payment not received

    I would really love to rate the game higher but it has some issues that need to be fixed like when you complete a lvl and it freezes on the screen , making you have to force close the app and reopen and when you do your on the next lvl but did not get the coins for the previous. Or you pass multiple lvls and do not get the coins for them at all. But the real issue to me rating it so low is due to non payment I was extremely excited to get the 475,000 coins to get the $50 PayPal and have been working towards it for months and I receive the email saying it will be there within 2 business days so that was Wednesday I still have not received anything I have also wrote to support and I am sad to say they have yet to respond to my emails. I’m hoping we can get this issue resolved. Please let me know how you can fix this issue. Would love to come back and update my review and give the app a higher star rating!

  • By JDRaines

    For Real

    I have been playing this game for over a year now since actually it only had like 96 levels when I first got turned on to it and on the last level at the time it gave me the last twenty five cents I needed to cash out at seven dollars and it immediately came up and ask for my PayPal email and it was immediately payed to it since then I have completed every level several times and can’t get over $6.55 which is a let down because I still play everyday faithfully I have 1,984 gold bars and 960,585 tokens not counting all I have used in the game because they have no other value we can buy them but not sell them also kinda a let down but I have fifty plus games downloaded and have played some as long as I have this one and this is the only one I have been payed for so in my opinion match to win or lucky match is hands down the ultimate of all games for game play with no glitches and paying out thanks to you

  • By catblack80

    My second time asking for assistance

    I have been playing this game for a few months and have never had a problem loading the game. But recently in the last week every time I try to play the it starts to load and then after it shows the map it just throws me out. This is very frustrating cause I have daily scratch off and other possibilities of winning and I am losing all my rewards that I should be able to receive since I earned them. If this is a problem with your app it should be fixed or your app should not be active if people can’t play. I have already updated the app and nothing has changed it still starts to load says communicating shows the map then throws me out. I would really appreciate if someone could assistance me on what I can do to fix this problem or if your app techs can fix this problem for me. I hope this second attempt to fix this problem is answered and fixed Thanks

  • By Shadow iPhone

    Played consistently for months...

    You dont win real cash. You only really get entries into raffles that of course you dont win. If you’re really lucky you’ll get something to help your game. Once in a blue moon you might get a few cents. You cant even think of cashing out before you reach $7.00, which i suspect few surpass that. I havent and Im at or close to level 100, plus i play the tiki guy when he shows up. i might have played 200 games or so. There are ads constantly and it wouldn’t be so bad if the app lived up to its name. i really think false advertising should be addressed in apps as its running rampant. If you forget about what drew you to download this app and rate the game itself, i really like the game. ill even try to lose in the tiki guy game so i can play another game. some of the higher up levels are nearly impossible to win and take some patience. Most nights i just want to enjoy my game time and not feel like im testing for a master’s degree. i gave it 2 stars solely on the game, not any of the claims you win real money because im proof you don’t or at the very least not enough to ever cash out.

  • By lilxlaciiii

    To many problems!

    Ok so the game was cool at first and then I get up to $6.50 and I’ve lost some games that I was in the middle of it’s always getting stuck it’s ridiculous! All this money that these so called people are winning and I can’t even get 25cents to reach my 7 dollars! Also when you go to scratch off the cards it’s a job! If there wasn’t so many problems with this game it would be more enjoyable but it’s not! It’s Frustrating and I’m done I would not recommend to anyone they would get mad at me with all the problems! Can’t reach support either Scam!!!!!! Update so I receive a message on my email from this developer and they say they are going to fix the issues on this game well nothing’s fixed still freezes up on the middle of the game and just in general still lost out on scratchers after the fact. This is no fun when it takes 30 minutes to play one level I have anxiety and it makes it worse! Keep your $6.50 I would never get it anyway as far as I can see haven’t even won another 25 cents in a few weeks but that $6.50 added up quick but I guess that’s to keep someone playing on this crappy Scam game! Deleting the game not worth it! Deleted the game I would not recommend this game to anyone the people winning probably work there. I find it funny that the people that win don’t even put a review on here

  • By squirly.nut

    Complete and total scam

    If your looking for a fun addicting puzzle game with power ups and scratchers then this is the app for you. Not a bad game, but another scam. I've been on $6.55 for a while now, needing $7 to cash out, not even 5 cent winnings coming up anymore. As of today there are no new levels, so there are no more scratch cards to even try and win anything. Don't expect to actually win any $ with this app. I contacted the developer with my concerns I will say they responded quickly apologized and provide me with a generous amount of account credits. They added that it’s a game of chance so luck has a lot to do with the outcome. I’m no stranger to games of chance and that response is a farce. Games are set up with algorithms and the fact of the matter is the game is set up to prevent payment in reading other reviews many other report the same issue. It’s a shame because it’s a fun game and the developer chooses to cheat its players and advertisers. They scoffed at my suggestion that they were deceiving the public. My response to theirs deleting the app and spending any more funds buying lives or power ups. Wise up rewardify inc your ruining your reputation and damaging your business bottom line pay out as you promise having stopped at level 154 I should have been paid the min of $7.

  • By H.W.98

    Stuck at $6.55😡

    I’ve already read a bunch of the other reviews and came to the conclusion that y’all don’t care about giving money to be able to cash out there is no way the ones that said they did that they actually did get money from this scam. I’ve been playing over a month and haven’t got a single cent for majority of the time I was playing. It only took me a week to get to where I’m at and since then nothing. And no point in the raffle unless I save up to like 1mil coins but even then I don’t think I would actually get the money Bc there’s no way I could save up to that amount with how little coins they give too. Thought if I payed 99¢ for something that I might get some cent but i wasted a dollar on a game that makes money from you from the ads. Jokes on you I disabled ur ads since y’all stopped giving me anything so ur not making money from me unless you actually own up to what the app is literally for. Just admit it this app is just a regular match three game that harasses you with ads. And do you really think someone is gonna pay $4 or so to remove ads for only a little time that should be illegal and this app should be taken down for the amount of time it’s wasted for ppl. Stop false informing ppl that they will make money with this game.

  • By anthony vanhalen


    This game is a scam like many others that say you can cash out when you reach a certain level on Paypal ! Supposedly you can cash out at 7$ and Ive been thrgh all 90 some levels twice and still at $6.75 ! Go figure. I’ve played it for 3 months and for some odd reason they just seem to never let me win that 25cents to reach 7$ to cash out! If you notice all the other reviews, this is pretty much the issue also ! The developers will address other questions about the app , but any question about the money aspect , they dance around the question like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers! Don’t waste your time people, jus another scam to make them money and waste ur time with false hopes ! I do contract work for 2 social media platforms, and will will spend time and energy in exposing these people and the developers responsible for false advertising, and game rigging ! Thank you very little ! I will give this game and developers a little more time before I uninstall the game ! Ive put a lot of time into the game , to not even be able to cash out one time , or save the money I win , and use it how I would like , is discouraging and most people wld feel the same way ! But I will play longer jus to see if anything changes up ! I at least thank you for ur time and response

  • By ken212230

    Doesnt pay out

    The game seemed great at first I was winning a lot more money than I actually though I would. It won’t let you cash out any cash until you get 7 dollars most games are 10 dollars minimum but once I got over 6.00$ it’s impossible to get even 10cents now I don’t expect to make a fortune playing this game and I understand they make money through advertising for other companies and games. You would think after so many adds that they are getting paid for I can at least earn 5 to 10 cents every so May adds but that’s not the case you win money up until you get close to cashing out then you will not win another penny game is completely rigged. Like I said I don’t expect to win big money playing a game like this but with the amount of adds I have to watch in order to play a nickel here and there seems fair but that’s not the case im at 6,75 now and have played for countless hours without winning another’s cent. I’ve completed over 40 levels watched close to 100 advertisements if not more and not even a penny. One star because zero isn’t and option you can pay many other games without so many ads for no money because you won’t get anything from this one anyway. TOTAL SCAM YOU WILL NEVER GET TO THE CASH OUT AMOUNT!!!!!

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