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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-12
  • New version: 6.2.1
  • File size: 536.80 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Wild Classic Slots Casino Game


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Wild Classic Slots Casino Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lucky Money Vegas Slot Casino Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lucky Money Vegas Slot Casino Games, with the latest current version being 6.2.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 48765 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Wild Classic Slots Casino Game App

How does it Work?

Enjoy traditional Wild Classic Slots™ experience! True 777 Casino Slots thrills are at your fingertips. Fun to play! Huge Bonus, Free Spins & Wheel of Fortune are waiting for you! 

Get your gifts, choose your favourite vegas slots and spin for your huge Jackpot and the thrill of winning on the most realistic slot machines and challenging the players from all over the world!

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From the rainbow in the sky to the oil deep underground, there are endless elements in the game. You can always choose what you like! Want to more excited experience? Check our VIP high roller machines!

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Welcome bonus, hourly free coins, daily free coins, Wheel of Fortune… More gifts are waiting for you! Grand prize for the tournament will surprise you! Will the Lucky Goddess be on your side?

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Play with millions of players from all over the world! Login Facebook to invite them to this world best online slots game and let even more fun with them! You can also make new friends while discovering hundreds of incredible slot machines.

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We value all your suggestions, you can contact us by

Email: ClassicSlots@blowfires.com

*Wild Classic Slots Casino is intended for use by an adult audience for amusement purposes only. Wild Classic Slots Casino does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By Suejaync

    Wild classic slots. A.

    The big was fun but now I am losing! That was amazing, I went from 200 and something thousand to over a million!!! When. I,m hitting, I’m happy and I keep playing. That was a great big hit again today. This is my favorite game, I especiallyneeded it today to get my mind off other thi ngs! It is a good beginning. I am beginning to like this game more every day! This has been my favorite game for quite a long time, it hits often enough to be fun! A very good start again tonight!! Great beginning, let’s keep going UP!! I really needed that last Hit! I always try to keep 1 million for my husband to play in the morning, but Like the game and when I keep playing, I lose it! That was one great hit! I just started, and I hit 3star7’s times 2. I wish I could take it to the bank! A great hit, waiting for more! 2 big hits tonight...I leave it at over 3 million!!! This is the only slot game I play. Biggest hit I have had yet! Thins is more like IT!

  • By Broken bank book

    Pretty good machines, most of the time, till disaster strikes ...

    To hold a slot players interest it is essential that one has a level of confidence in a t least a partial control of of the reels; and in his ability to build and maintain a growing win based foundation to increase his betting levels and thus his winnings. A great machine while providing confidence in the above combination, will enrich the players excitement through a balance of frequent major wins against limited periods of losses. The success of the slot machine is paramount for any casino, but must foster a growing anticipation of escalating, greater, rewards for his investment. Over the past years your bank of machines are the equal of any i have played online; and have supplied entertainment each time i return. WELL DONE!

  • By BiggDaddy777

    Great game but expensive

    In the beginning when I downloaded the game I purchased several coin packages. The problem became if you play at the rate of which they want you to, (with max bet or near it) you probably wouldn’t make it through five minutes of playtime for $20. This is a very expensive game to play, Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed playing but I would’ve liked “more value for my money.” I’ve spent a lot of money in this game, but feel I’m not getting a “full value for my money.” They need to allow you to win more of the larger jackpots to keep you motivated and playing.

  • By fojxey

    Wild classic slots

    I would have rated y’all 05 up until I started losing my points when I was supposed to level up it’s happened from 232 to 250 you guys gave me 50 million points one time in a couple of times you gave me a me I have leveled off 18 tons and that’s a lot more than 50 million points when I was getting like 40 million and better so I would appreciate it if you people gave me my coins I have lost coins before and you are just ignore me and I know that y’all can tail that I am not getting my coins if anybody else is having this issue just let me know thank you

  • By Fun gme to play

    So close but so far away!

    Good game but I do have to agree with the other reviews. I’ve been playing for a year or more off and on and this is one of the stingiest apps out there for wins yet I really enjoy the games in general I just think it is important to let the players win too and not just what they’ve bet but the big wins. I’ve spent over $500 on this app specifically and I’ve not won anything close to what I’ve spent and that’s important to keep us playing. Otherwise there are so many other games out there to choose from that have the same games but allow you to win more. For instance I have one I play all the time that I have won millions and trillions in and never spent a penny of my own money. So why should we keep playing this game?

  • By ridemybike

    quick and fun but

    I can’t rate 5 stars because, like many (but not all) other slot games there appears to be a rig, especially on the super wheel. Idk, but I’ve been playing for the past several hours and have landed on bonus nearly thirty times.. yet the most the wheel has ever landed on was 100. The majority, like ninety percent of the time it lands on 30 or 50. It is beyond annoying. I did buy coins but now maybe I regret it. Just give me an honest fair spin and don’t rig it. 8-Ball Pool does the same thing. Honestly, don’t have a wheel as a bonus. It is assumed when one gets a spin we have equal chance of landing on any of the prizes, but there is absolutely no way this slot is fair. Fwiw, I have noticed other bonus games in other slot machines also seem majorly skewed to the house, but because they are different types of bonuses you don’t feel cheated. There’s something about a big wheel with fifty (or more?) slots always landing on the four or five smallest numbers. Other than that the slots in this app are pretty good. Quick action and decent graphics. My only other complaint is most or the machines are locked until you reach various levels. This particular app has the slowest level-up. After nearly four hours I’ve only leveled up four. At this rate I’ll never get to 100 or 135, etc. .. come on guys, unlock the machines, it’s madness not having access, especially after spending real money!

  • By Km110770


    The game is great. It takes as soon as it gives but I have won multiple jackpots. The 3 stars is only because every time you update it asks our opinion about the game before we even have a chance to try. I do have an option for you to add if possible. I have shaky hands and I have accidentally hit max bet and bet 20 million when I only have 26 million. I think you should add a button asking if we are sure about max bet before you do it. You ask for purchasing when you still have tokens to play so I don’t think it would be too difficult. I purchase a lot of coins and I by no means really should but it’s my entertainment. Please try to fix this. Now I’m broke for 2 weeks 🤦‍♀️ no purchasing power in your casino but I bought more than enough you can check my profile to see. Have a great day and good luck

  • By Cmaley6

    New updates ruined this app

    I’ve been playing this app for well over a year now. I’ve managed to build up my credits to 420 billion! Ever since their last 2 updates within a month, my points have disappeared right before my eyes! I’m down over 100 billion points. The epic wins are far and few between. It wasn’t like this before. The bigger the bet, the less you hit something big. I’ve also noticed no matter what game I play, the same 2-3 people are in the top 3 winning the tournaments every single time. I’m thinking these players are connected to the developer to keep regular people from winning. I feel like I’m getting stalked on every game I play!! The first time I gave a review of this app I gave it 5 stars. But that’s not how I rate it today. I’m being generous giving it 2 stars! I wish they would put the game back the way it used to be before these recent updates!!

  • By DocPi


    The game is fun, but it has some VERY frustrating bugs that involve its inability to finish doing one thing before interrupting itself (always to the detriment of the player). (1) When a task (say “Spin 100 times”) is completed through AutoSpin, trying to collect the 10, 20, 30, or 40 points towards the weekly prizes results in seeing all the usual graphics but with no points credited. (2) I just reached out to hit the Spinner (the thing that comes up once every 4 times) and an ad popped up so I hit the ad instead (or also). The spinner appeared for a very brief moment and then the ad. When I got back to the main screen, the hour countdown had begun and I had not been credited with anything from the spin OR from the regular coin collection. It’s beyond irritating.

  • By Vivian Dello-Russo

    Theft of credits❗️

    I am so disappointed that I watched my credits disappear before my eyes! I was actually enjoying your game, playing at MaxBet (10,000,000) in the VIP room Black Diamond 5X on my IPhone .My credits were somewhere over 3,000,000,000 . I decided to switch to my IPad. Obviously my devices were linked from my Facebook account. When I opened the app on the iPad my credits were now 1,128,000..... meanwhile my iPhone still read 3,000,000,000??? As I was refreshing the iPad hoping the credit will reflect the correct amount the iPhone amount now showed the same credit totals of 1,128,000????? What the heck! This is not the only instances that have happened. I have sent your Support department 2 emails regarding erroneous Tournament rewards! On numerous occasions my play had allowed me a 1st place prize, but I was awarded 2nd or sometimes 3rd place prizes. I asked for an explanation via an email reply as well as correctly rewarding me with what I rightfully won, but have gotten NONE! The thrill is now gone. I can’t believe the credits disappeared. I’m sorry but I can no longer support or recommend this App .

  • By Valandmag

    Use freebies don’t buy coin!!!!!

    Hello, again with you guys and your best players why is it we can never seem to win consistently? Jackpots are few and far between and your don’t give away freebies unless your spend money. I am back to using your freebies again because to buy is just to costly. I bought again over the last few day thinking things might change but your reels skip and never pay the big one. I have been a player for a few years and may be hit once or for the money I. I had coin over a billion a few months back and you took it all back in less then a few days and I was only betting 200k at a clip. Mr developers don’t tell to face the challenge when you just continue to take peoples money. I swore I would never give you guys another dime and still continue to spend with nothing to show for it spent a lot of money with guys for what. The reels are rigged and the odds are not good so I have spent my last dime with you guys... no more and I advise other to do the same you guys like to take but you never give....

  • By Hoaxter23


    I purchased a coin pack of 12 million coins, so I could qualify for their match-your-biggest-win Super Bowl promotion. Then somehow while I was playing, my bet which was set at 40,000, got changed to TEN MILLION. i didn’t notice that and spun. Ten million down the drain. I emailed them several times through their support link to explain what happened, and I stopped playing so they could easily find the big spin to verify it. They never responded. So not only am I out the ten million coins, i got a tiny piddly bonus for the matching promotion. These guys don’t care about anything except taking your money. If you have a problem they won’t help, especially if your problem is an app malfunction that takes your coins. I would’ve been a good customer. I don’t mind paying for coins. But I hate scammers. When my current coins are gone, I’m deleting this app. They won’t get another dime from me!

  • By vhngfvbn

    It is a form of a scam

    I have been playing this game every night for about 2 weeks and now in order to continue to play a game I thought you didn’t have to buy anything on. So now I have to purchase coins, when I already have won about 30million, in order to continue and also it seems I have to use my Facebook login and give them access to my account in order to continue as well. When it is advertised as a free game to play why must I pay for coins I don’t need or want in order to continue to play. This seems like a scam. Get you really interested in playing the game and then when they think they have you hooked, then force you to give them money to continue. I don’t play that BS scam. Think that in this case don’t play this game unless you get really hooked and willing to give them your money to continue. Find another game.

  • By angjerjoe

    Payouts are inconsistent!!

    After playing this game for over a year I have loved it until the past month.I noticed that I wasn’t being paid out the proper amount when I made higher bets. After writing that in a review I was told to email pictures with my user ID and they would make things right. I emailed with them back-and-forth for three weeks and sent them pictures as proof. I was betting anywhere from $5- $90 million a hand and was being paid out for a much lower amount when I hit playing the higher amount. They refused to compensate me and pretty much called me a liar!! I had been playing for a long time and saved upwards of over 5 billion at one time. They own me over $4 billion that wasn’t paid out the right amount, even with the pictures I sent they called me a liar!! They’re a bunch of thieves!!

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