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Art of Conquest


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Art of Conquest is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lilith Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lilith Games, with the latest current version being 1.24.36 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3691 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Art of Conquest App

How does it Work?

• EXPLORE the fallen continent of Drake

• JOURNEY between realms for new challenges

• RAID dragon lairs to collect eggs and train your own dragon

• SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes with powerful abilities

• CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army

• CONTROL hundreds of warriors on a breathtaking field of battle

• CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels

• BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy

• DISCOVER a beautiful, hand-crafted continent

• DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards

• CONQUER the six kingdoms and become Emperor of Nore

Automatic Subscription Renewal in Art of Conquest

• Subscription content: When you purchase an in-game subscription, you will gain access to the following subscription rewards:

1. Building Queue Limit +2

2. Upgrade Queue Limit +2

3. Free Rush +10 minutes

4. Shield Time +2 hours

• Subscription period: 1 month (monthly subscription)

• Subscription price: $1.99/month

• Payment: Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

• Cancellation: To cancel a subscription, on your device please go to Settings - iTunes & App Stores - Apple ID - View Apple ID - Subscriptions and turn off automatic renewal at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.

• Renewal: Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the current period ends. Once the payment is processed, your in-game subscription will be extended for another month.

• Privacy Policy:

• Automatic Subscription Renewal service agreement:



Official Website:

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Top Reviews

  • By Dostyman

    Racism and bullying on servers

    Let me start off by saying the game itself is fun and well designed. However after playing for over a year and spending money I am tired of the Chinese players not only using racial slurs in chat for non Chinese but also bullying and basically saying their goal is to push out what they call foreigners. Lilith has not addressed the bullying or the racism. If Lilith is complicit in this type of behavior I want no part of it, I made an account for my 14 year old son to play and he played for 2 hours and came in crying. The things the Chinese said to him in chat disgusted me. I am hoping this review goes to Lilith. Since people leaving costs them money and there is a number of people starting to want a boycott of Lilith games for the hate and nastiness they allow. This game should be about kingdoms fighting each other not Chinese versus non Chinese players...

  • By DragonflyMoon

    Trouble navigating some, but GREAT GAME.

    So I had a lot of trouble at first trying to figure out how to switch realms. I even got a little snippy with the game creators towards the end in all of the frustration, but I figured out that I was misunderstanding what was meant by a notification if a realm was full. Totally user error. So far this game is fantastic. It is a bit too heavy on the pay to play aspect, which isn’t necessary. People are going to spend money on building up their characters. The money grab really isn’t necessary. Ever study how Walmart got so big going after many who spend only a dollar? You make more money keeping it low and being a hit with the masses (hint: the masses are the poor), then you do coating big bucks and only targeting the upper class. Just putting that out there. At any rate, I do love most things about the game so far. So far I really enjoy the artwork and the game play. I always appreciate an open world and the pvp is a lot of fun. There’s your four stars. After three months, I will give a better updated review and change star ratings as needed.

  • By Paul1218

    I enjoy the game but

    This game is wonderful. I met many friends on here. But after awhile using siege units to help take over other places. The shakiness in the game that happens when using siege units causes me headaches. Like you have to sit there while your screen shakes over and over. Also not to exaggerate or anything but most gates have huge health so you’ll have to attack multiple times forced to use siege units that cause the shakiness which affects me by making my eyes unable to focus and become dizzy. If you are okay with that I say go play. But if you’re like me who can’t handle then I say be careful using a lot of siege units. It will cause dizziness because it’ll shake your screen. Not vibration but to explain its like a earthquake even if your phone or iPad or etc is still. Love the game but if there’s an option to reduce that motion then I’ll play more again. For now I have to stop due to that siege units animations

  • By Devin6969

    Fun but with some issues.

    The gameplay mechanics are excellent. It keeps me active when I got time to spend. However there is a lot of present issues that leave a base taste in my mouth. The first thing is the hero’s. I understand you need to make money however making it take more than a 100 dollars to get one hero is a big problem. All hero’s should have a chance to be found in the void. Make it a random chance even if the percentile is low. It would give more things for a player to grind for. The second thing is the stronghold and city system. Having. A required power is kind of a load of garbage. If your gonna have it the numbers should be greatly reduced. Once a person reaches lvl 14 or higher you a expected to have more than half your troops be gold. Which kinda makes grinding army’s up impossible when you gold max is never that high in the first place. I’m going to 3 Star this game because I greatly want to see improvements. I will change my rating in the future if these issues get better or worse. P.S- finding English people is way to difficult. Edit- so I replayed it with a friend for a while, and the same issues are present but worse as prices seem to have been increased, Keeping American and Chinese servers desperate for example could help mitigate the problem, as they tend to be able to advance faster and cheaper.

  • By Epithalami7m

    Nice little game but has language and P2W challenges

    The design of the game is a fun mix of a mmo with strategy pvp. Also there’s a lot of daily quests and world events to keep a player engaged. There are guilds you can join to work strategies together. That said the game has 2 major flaws. The world appears to be instanced and the most recent instance my character was on was entirely Chinese based. As far as I could tell, there wasn’t a single guild I could join that was English speaking. This makes collaboration in pvp nearly impossible. Additionally the voice acting was changed to be a non-English language recently. Second, the game appears to be pay to win. By active, I mean logging in and doing quests at least twice a day for months in a row in order to improve my characters. I have also spent some money in the cash shop to improve my character. However, there are a large number of quests that are way beyond my character’s to perform even with the large amount of time and some money spent. Yet I see many other players perform them easily. It seems the only way they could have leveled their characters far enough to do the quests is to spend a huge amount of money in the cash shop.

  • By :45

    Way over priced

    While you want to make money as a game your pricing is ridiculous and over priced. Sadly you still have people willing to pay these prices and just over take them game. I’ve played on several servers and there is always a few people who kill your servers thus making others quit. Which I am sure you don’t care due to you making money but still ruin it for the rest of the people who would like to enjoy the game. You also charge a $100 bucks for 1 single digital character?? That’s insane you can play an entire game on a platform device and the whole game is 60 bucks where do you figure one of your digital characters is worth $100? This is a horrible money grab and insane. But you seem to be in it for a quick buck and move on not caring if people stay and Continue to play or not. The in game purchase prices are way to high and there should be a limit as to how much and what can be bought to make it more fair for everyone instead of like I said a handful of players paying to win and killing your domains and haveing to constantly merge or open new ones. Lower prices and make the game actually fun to play rather than waiting for ever to do things while things regenerate so you can play with out selling your house to afford this game!

  • By •unhappy joe•


    A pay too pay player this is very expensive ( I hear they have a Chinese way of buying to make it much cheaper for them 3rd party) The developers are slow too respond too VIP chat. Also they have no reason too help anyone (well maybe it is just me) , most responses are started with a, “sorry commander” I believe they show favoritism too certain players (I believe they have actually hampered my growth in the game because of my comments too them) So what’s the point of customer service portal if they never supply any customer service other then too tell you no. When you ask for pointers in certain situations, they respond with “try more and enjoy the game” They are slow too react. Merges should happen way more quickly too keep the action up. They should allow people too change realms when being bullied, or when they need/want too leave. I enjoy that it supplies me something to do. I am not a gamer this is the first game I have played and have downloaded as a pay too play type game. I wish I hadn’t from what I have learned from my experience plus other players experiences and why they have quit or have found out.

  • By NotCoolSupport

    Things that make you go hmm

    I have played this game for a little over a year. It’s a game I honestly have always enjoyed like many others. The game and its messages have been rather glitchy lately and if you genuinely are seeking help from support you should just go talk to a brick wall. My biggest complaint... the amount of injustice from support. I have read lillith’s policies. May know them like the back of my hand and was told they strictly follow those policies so that the ingame experience remains pleasant fair and positive, shame on me for believing it. Word of warning: if you are harassed or bullied by any Chinese player in the game they will simply receive a slap on the wrist a “warning.” No matter how foul the language is. Regardless of the amount of threats and racist insults they say to you. You can send as many screen shots as you want, you can report it over and over nothing will ever be done. HOWEVER if you’re a “dog foreigner” you will never receive a warning, you will simply be muted. Even for something as little as sharing world news in world chat because it’s “offensive” and violates policies. Oh! And fix the censoring! Cuss words I understand but nice and aw?!?

  • By Kevin claunch

    Played for 1 year, they ruined the game

    I enjoyed this game for about 8 months. I bought things to support the developers but every time I bought something, the price raised to buy anything else. Most of the people on the server don’t speak English and some of them have spent upwards of $4,000 on upgrades. Okay that means I won’t be a top player, meh... But about 4 - 6 months ago they merged my server with a server filled with overpowered players and the game has become essentially unplayable and a waste of time. I wish that I could get my money back, but I think that I would not invest even a second into this game if you haven’t already. It is a waste of both time and money unless you intend to pay a fortune to be competitive. This is not sour grapes, I’ve been playing for over a year and worked hard to build a strong character, but people just pay their way to much stronger builds than I can achieve by grinding. This game is not worth it anymore. Customer service doesn’t work for me either, I can’t even access it in the app. Also I don’t like that most of the new “heroes” that come out are essentially just villains.

  • By Gobbler87

    Biggest Pay 2 Win Game Ever!

    While every game has its way of making money, this game has seriously pushed the boundaries to a point where it’s not even fun or fair to play. I started back in 2017 when the game was new and the realms were full of players and the castles had 10-30 people each. However I just started again and you can see how the numbers have dramatically decreased. You would be lucky to find more than a few people to join your house that actively play. The reason for this has been stated by many people over and over through the years but the developers don’t care so they have done nothing to fix it. What’s the reason you ask? Instead of just selling their monthly subscription with minor perks or cool effects like heroes and skins for heroes, they sell over powered heroes that you have to pay $100 each for, which could change the entire outcome of the game. They also push every day new bundles to boost and speed up your growth so the only way to actually keep up with the pay to win players is to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars. Due to this the majority of their customer base have become frustrated and quit the game. let’s be honest it’s not fun when you’re stuck unable do much in the game because the moment you try the pay to win players destroy you instantly. Very disappointed to come back and see how this greedy setup has destroyed the games popularity. It’s a lot quieter now that very few people play.

  • By rohit1806

    What a rip off.

    I rarely write a review but I had to after wasting one year of my life on this game. To start with the game itself is great, has a fantastic concept and works well but that is where it ends. The servers are full of Chinese players who have ways to buy in game stuff dirt cheap while players from west like me spend almost 5 times for same stuff. Worst part is we spend money and somehow outrun them the new transfer means players who are using these illegal ways of gaining advantage are transferring and ruining the server. I have played 22 myself and all follow same story. And there have been multiple complaints by players but the developers still allow. They say that they are trying best to stop but time and again all of sudden whales pop up and ruin it all for western players. And the final nail in the coffin is the fact that there is lots of racism from Chinese players towards western players. Words like pigs, dogs and foreigners are common. On top of that if any Chinese player try to play with non Chinese; he is bullied by whales. These are some serious issues. I wish the developers could either stop illegal loading or create a few servers which are non Chinese so we can also enjoy it. Unless that happens me and my buddies have decided to love to another game. Good luck Lilith.

  • By CrusherNM138


    The developers decided to merge servers. This ended up putting several players that have either hacked the game, or spend copious amounts of money on it, in our server. There is no way to compete with them. Many of my friends no longer play because constantly getting smeared isn’t fun. They need to move all the giant players to the same server and let them have fun with each other. This used to be a great game that I would spend some money on, but I am not about to spend thousands of dollars just to be competitive. Don’t even get me started on the whole Emperor thing. What a joke. Okay, so tonight the new Emperor feature, where those who really pay a lot of money get to have fun beating up on those who don’t, says the war has started, but when you go to fight, it says that it isn’t working. If I had to guess, they got so much negative feedback from this new feature, that they put the whole thing on hold, but someone forgot to unschedule the next round. Pure genius! UPDATE - The rockets scientists behind this game have now added the spontaneous crash feature that randomly dumps you out of the game, often while in battles.

  • By popgood

    Please nerf

    Use to be fun but still pay to win and unbalanced all a person needs is Jacques with two other heroes and 4 bronze troops with 4 silver catapults and can go against a 170 full lvl 13 gold garrison and only lose 2 people in one troop been like this for a long time now you’ve had countless amount of people reporting this to you but you replied with only changing how much energy it takes to use him when people have over 1k pots so doesn’t hurt them when they earn more pots then the energy that they are losing making a game where only hero not available in chest and needs to be bought is telling us that you know he’s broken but won’t nerf him a lot cause he’s your money maker which about 75% of players pay in this game making it hard for new comers to interact in a house/farm resources it was kind of hard before merge now it’s nearly impossible to go into a city having 500 active people siting in capital cause they’re stacking lvl13 troops in there garrison only to have a lvl 50 Jacques wipe it and if you’re lich or dwarves you’re basically screwed there goes 100k mithril worth of garrison build up down the drain

  • By xbnnnnnnnnnmmmnnnn

    Great game love it But....

    This can be a fun game with many challenges but if you make the mistake of getting sucked into a merge... game over. invested money in this game a ...good amount enough that my wife wasn’t happy. Then the merge happened (I voted no for it) now I’ve lost everything revenge attacks can happen from the same people multiple times, why CANT IT BE ONE TIME?????? same person has made it so I can’t get my troops out of the hospital every day for almost three days now, stuck in the capital and have the old server group from 1241 are all quitting this game because the merge that no one wanted.. the game is now logging into all my stuff destroyed everyday.... I played this game non stop everyday for I can’t remember how long now, was always on my phone addicted to this game, couldn’t put it down now I can’t play because everyday it’s the same thing of not being able to fight players I was merged with who are such high levels you can do anything..... wish we didn’t have to merge developers, I don’t want to stop playing I WANT TO SPEND MORE MONEY HERE!!!!! just need a fighting chance first......

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