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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-12
  • New version: 1.16.28
  • File size: 197.71 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later - Fun Online Slither


This page is a stub. You can help - Fun Online Slither Wiki by Expanding it. - Fun Online Slither is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Kooapps. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Kooapps, with the latest current version being 1.16.28 which was officially released on 2021-07-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 43840 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Develop your skills, try to survive as much as you can and become the biggest worm. You start as a small worm, get bigger by eating other worms who try to do the same. You have to attack wisely but defend skillfully. How long can you survive?

Attack fast with the mass-eject booster and get in front of other worms to beat them when they hit you head on, no matter how small you are or how big they are. The best one wins. has no lag issues or performance problems caused by internet connection. Play wherever and whenever you like.

The left or right handed joystick controller and mass eject button are fine tuned for higher precision maneuvers and for more fun.

Game Features:

- Grow fast to dominate the board with smooth gameplay

- No Lag due to connectivity issues

- High precision gameplay with joystick control

- Improved cpu and battery performance for all mobile devices

- Unique online live events and real-time leaderboards

How to play:

- Cut in front of other worms quickly to make them explode when they hit you head on

- Once you get them to hit you, eat them as fast as you can to gain more mass

- Eject mass to boost your speed with one button

- Try to beat the highest score based on your length during a session

- Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, you are offline or online

Thanks to you, the original snakeio is back with new regular updates. We are a small team who are all motivated with your comments, reviews and support. As you know the game is still in development and we constantly try to make it more fun. Your reviews are important for us!

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Top Reviews

  • By galixsywolfy3657

    The person or company that made this it god!🤩🤩🤩

    I have so many apps on my iPad and honestly this is the best game. I am kind of a app critic and I judge them and this app is the bomb, the only thing I don’t like about the app is that in the skin challenges the feathered boa and frost bite kill the king/queen. Whom ever made this app is a god/goddess that came to earth and knows how to make a understandable game for kids. Other apps like, gardenscaps, township and roblox are not understandable apps because they make kids and teens frustrated, but snake .io🐍 is different. Even though in the App Store you can’t write more than 5 stars on a app I give this app a 9,000,00 star review. On the other hand slither .io the old one was meh but snake .io🐍 is BETTER!!! I’ve unlocked so many skins I love ❤️ in this app but in slither .io you can’t chose animal skins. You can only chose snake skins in different colors and designs. So now you know how much I love this app so yeah thank you whom ever made this I love you 😘 your the best who ever made snake .io🐍

  • By tigerlover4ever

    Soooo addictive

    Omg i totally recommend for people who get bored a lot and people who dont this game is a FIVE STAR there is no bugs and glitches there is ads butttt it’s not that bad guys the ads only play every other game and you can skip the ads most of the time so that’s not a big problem at alll so don’t say it’s bad because of the ads but I do have a few suggestions maybe let there be safe chat and I think you should make a icon at the top that says your direct player target and then if somebody else kills your target those people become your next target also I have been thinking if u guys could add a flamingo because I love flamingos I hate the color pink though lol but I love flamingos I just got this game and it’s sooooooooooooo addicting and fun! Totally recommend for kids 6+ ik it says 4+ but I feel like 4 year olds would be a little to young to understand how to play anyway that’s your opinion Thanks for reading!

  • By cookie anime lover 223


    This app is Even better then the accrual ads and I just love that there are a bunch of skins and so much colorful things to eat in this game and they make you pay nothing and let you play for free. Unless you are a v.i.p then you will get charged and if you remove ads as well I love this game and can’t stop playing! Overall this game is lovely 10-10 recommended for you and if there’s any bad review don’t listen to them they are trying to make the game look bad trust me this is a really good game and definitely needs 5 stars for every review omg it is a good one and I wish everyone would like this game but unfortunately that is not the case and that’s okay I ofc love this game it’s fun and it didn’t lie to me this time and I would just love if there’re no bad reviews because it breaks my heart when they lie about a good game/ app but as you know I love this game and 10-10 recommend 💕❤️💕😍🥰😚

  • By noah The smart

    This game is great but you should stop the Kino dying and giving more beads to the other person

    I like cooking a lot but I just don’t like when like someone gets in front of you you die and you give them their beef because then if you give it to someone near top place then if you have a to meet so you know because what is your first page where can I hit you know someone who die anymore you should just make the game so that like once you don’t get your beach the other person but more because if you’re honest but the person who killed the person don’t get the key no I don’t like that you know that it makes no sense for you give the beach to another person but they shouldn’t be given to that other person with other people going to eat it and you show me that like an update for ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By Foxsuu 🐶

    Best game ever

    I LOVE this game. There was an old version I used to play on my mom’s old ipad, and It was SO FUN!! So I asked her if I could get this and I love it. All the skins are so creative and the rarest skin is a wolf, my favorite animal and I’m so close to getting it!! My only concern is that you have to watch an ad to do the event, and I die RIGHT when I spawn almost every time, so it’s pretty annoying. But other than that, I LOVE this game. I have been playing this for hours. And, I play this game all the time I’m like a complete pro at it! But here is something confusing, it says this is an online game, but I feel like the other snakes are computers. They are easy to kill, and I can play this offline! (And I see the same names a lot.) But that is completely fine! I can play both offline AND online! I love this game. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.

  • By KJ.M. 007.

    Best game ever 👍👍

    This game is so fun it is challenging but fun all you have to do is try to get all the little dots and you get a longer warm the longer your warm is the more higher you go on the scoreboard and then you going to get more chances on the scoreboard the more chances you will get to be the king download this game I dare you it is so fun and awesome thank you whoever invented this game is so fun and challenging but really fun I encourage you want to download this game this is probably the best game I’ve ever downloaded in my life and I have downloaded a lot of games check this game out it’s awesome and free free free free free free free sound cool yes free is cool because you don’t have to buy it you just download it and it’s free so it is free free free free free free to you 👍👍 download this game I downloaded it and I will download it again millions of times 😄

  • By Thequimbys1982

    5 STAR ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    I give this a five star it is so fun. The funny thing that happened to me is I just started playing 10 minutes ago and when I was playing my 3rd round I played five minutes of that round and I was the longest snake! Anyway, whoever is reading this, my user name is Catgamer9 and my sisters name is Doggamer9 if you see any of these two names then that is me or my sis. Anyway it’s very fun and I already unlocked about 11 skins. I even got the unicorn! (That’s my favorite skin so far because my 3 most favorite animals are a cat and a bird and a unicorn) anyway this is a realllllllly old iPad and there are no glitches and it’s not laggy! Sooo yeah I give it a five star. I wish I could give 100 stars but, I will have to stick with five that’s the most you can do. I hope you get this special message! 😊

  • By Funny. Faces. Stickers@snappy

    Why does game is so good and why this game is so bad

    The reasons why this game is so bad is because you have to have an ad to revise and also another reason why it’s bad is because you have to watch a bunch of ads to get the longer snake in to get spayed birth and get the clever thing those are all the reasons why it’s bad in here is all the reasons why it’s good first up there’s different skins to choose from and you unlock them by playing games and also you can get new skins every day I’m not so I just really enjoy playing the game and it’s just really satisfying to come on the game and play it and it’s also nice to know that you have other people and you can also film it to you can also fill me reputation to so does all the good things about slither Io app

  • By Emmita29!

    It is so good

    It’s so good that when you be queen you could kill everybody and it’s like a dream come true and I just wanna say who invented this is amazing and I want to give this to whoever made this game and you can share your your kills that you killed be a queen to your friends and you could be an ad and I really like that when people like vote like write something please do it good because it’s amazing it’s so so so so amazing that I love it so much and I play this game every single day after school or like at seven in the morning and I really like this game so so so so so so much so please read this game five out of five and read it read it every single time and I want you to say that’s so good so so so so so so so so so so so so good so that’s why I love this game.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • By Gamesforfun12534

    Amazing or is it?

    Well the game is amazing 😻 I absolutely adore it it’s like the old version but better. I had the other one and it was ok I guess compared to this one it’s not as good the new one is creative 🎇 and festive. You get soooooo many new skins my (favorite is totally the unicorn 🦄). The game has a good amount of adds not to much and not barely any. There is no problem, the other game had not as many skins it only has color not cats and unicorns for now this is my favorite game no doubts about it. There is this one thing the box where the snakes move around in is a little bit small compared to the other game. If the creators of this game could make the space bigger I would appreciate it. But so far thanks to the creators 👌👍🤩🥳.

  • By Doodlemuffins

    Addictive, Actually Pleased with Purchase

    There have been mobile games I’ve paid for ad free before and they are still loaded with ads and timers. This game has been so respectful that not only did it remove the ads but it automatically gives you the few seconds of invincibility start and the longer work for every play through. Things that would otherwise require watching a video for each and every time, not to mention a free revive every game. Apart from it actually giving what you pay for, it has a huge collection of cosmetics that if you don’t have time to unlock you can even purchase if you want. But honestly the gameplay is so fun and addicting I doubt it’ll be long before you get the hang of this game and start unlocking lots of skins. They are also active in events! Events that you can actually play and that aren’t painful or too time-stealing to play. It’s simple, fun, aesthetically pleasing, and it’s not even that expensive. I’d recommend it. Give the game a shot. If you like it, I’d definitely recommend buying it and supporting the games developers for a job well done.

  • By magical magical mermaid


    I think this game is so so cool and I would recommend you playing it is so fun but the only thing is I wish like you could go even more faster even though you don't get the little stars in and I wish you could get more diamonds in the game and I wished you could get him more characters to unlock for worms I think they look like little worms or I don't know what else and I think you should really playlist I recommend it really my name well I'm not gonna say it MO that's what I Collett bye I really like the game by the way and you can do all hot lot things on the game it's so cool and I think I love the game that I just wanna play every time I like this game better than all the games I even have.💎

  • By Anhighas

    I really like it but..

    I really do love this version of the classic snake game. I think it.. while being awesome it could be awesomeness x infinity. A second level for example only available to players who reach a crazy length or who perform a certain amount of “targeted” kills or some other complex task. Then maybe a third level where you start evolving or obtaining one of like 100 variations of abilities then each snake that you kill you obtain their ability until you trigger God Mode....perhaps where each player has 10 abilities and they battle for a “King” title. (Larger Grid) (Beneficial Abilities) targeting robo worms? Last man standing gets his name in gold until the next person wins i don’t know but be creative! Could be awesome. Ads also are exhausting but I understand the reason for the ads but if you create an even more awesome game record it and make videos. Fun to watch especially if the snakes evolve. Specific abilities so all of them are in a way neutralizing but not overwhelming. Anyways great game!

  • By Unicorn19841966

    Love it but need a pause button

    I love this game!!!!!!! My daughter downloaded it. She found this and boy I love it.. I get as big as possible but what I do is just circle the outer rim. That way others can play in the middle I don’t go for points really. I tried the event game I don’t like getting first place the reaper comes after you but I found do the same thing go to outer rim and hit speed button he hasn’t caught me since I do that as long as others stay outta way I can beat him I love playing But when my daughter needs something I have to die to help her, could you add a pause button please??? I have been playing everyday still says I have18 days it has been over a month. I need my last snake Cottonehead'!!!!!!!! Please give me my Cottonhead snake!!!!! Thanks Thanks Deb G

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