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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


This page is a stub. You can help Wiki by Expanding it. is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lowtech Studios LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lowtech Studios LLC, with the latest current version being 1.6.7 which was officially released on 2020-10-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 160747 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the App

How does it Work?

Play against other people online! Can you become the longest slither of the day?

If your head touches another player, you will explode and die. But if other players run into YOU, then THEY will explode and you can eat their remains!

In, even if you're tiny, you have a chance to win. If you're skilled or lucky, you can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them!

Download now and start slithering!

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Top Reviews

  • By GalaxyMeifwa

    Awesome game lags sometimes thou and addictive

    It really is an awesome game but it does lag a bit but you can get through the lag without dying. I do thinks it’s a little bit weird that you eat your own kind (which is cannabinol) but I can I can get past that. I’ve made it to number 1 on the leaderboard and that just tell you how addictive it is. I also really like that you can make your own kind of snakes but I have a suggestion. I think when you make your own snake you should have the choice to change the eyes, add those shield things, and/or change the mouth otherwise it is a great game and a fun way to spend time. I also love to listen to music while playing and that’s a reason why I like that there is no music coming from the game😃.I’m probably rambling on 😅 so I’m going to stop typing but this really is a great game and I encourage anyone looking for a fun way of spending to buy this game(I don’t know if this is a game or app so ya). I’m done typing know sorry for rambling on I just like typing and writing reviews to give feedback. Sorry I am going to stop typing know.

  • By babyandmommy12

    Best game ever!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    So this is slither io I love it! I’m shore that a ton of people love it and r playing right now❤️!!!! So sense I love it I can play with this little cutie worm 🐛 or snake 🐍 whatever it is it’s soooooo cute. It’s the best game ever that’s what I would call it so it’s so cool that it has a game part that u can play while traveling or u can play at home that prefers WiFi. The one u travel is faster game play and the one that uses wifi is slower so they kinda stop u a bit so I prefer the other one so I mostly play the faster one cause it’s faster and I get really fustrated of waiting so I like that one better. But it’s still the best game ever! So can u please speed up the one that uses WiFi? I’d love that I’ll think of more things about this game and the next time I rate the game I’ll tell u how to do better or ether I’ll say more about how it’s the best most best game thru out the whole world 🌍 so it seems like ur game is really popular thru out the whole entire 🌎 world 🗺!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!!!!!! So bye for now!!!

  • By Ace5053

    Okay.....great app!!....but...

    Hello! I want to say that your app is Awesome but when I go offline too Al mode it’s so hard to deal with the fake people(like I’m not sure if they are fake but normal people on the online one actually run away from me) and you can never find ANY really big snakes without dying first, okay I do get that this might be a practice thing, but come on, it’s so easy to get big and be proud and then die, but it’s still amazing that you can know make your own skin(yes I do make my own sometimes) my skin right now is a Jelly skin the Minecraft YouTuber that I love, I also play as Slogo skin, but I find it fascinating that there are so many skins to choose from, also there are many “copies” of your game but that doesn’t bother me because I have the original one, back to the Al problem, why don’t we get to see people on the leader board bigger?(ofcourse unless they are not real witch that triggers me a lot)also there are some bugs on the online one where it lagges and makes you die easier. So if you can fix my problems and the bugs in the game I will appreciate it very much thank you bye 👋✌🏻

  • By Ialicorn89

    😜Amazing, but…😅

    This app is amazing. But the reason that I'm not rating five stars is because there is a bug in the app. Once, I was second place, and as soon as five minutes of being first, the bug kicked in. The bug is when you are in the middle of playing and,suddenly, the game will not let you control the snake and you will start going fast. Soon enough, you will either run into the barrier or crash into another snake. Also, I have a couple of suggestions. - you should be able to costomize your own snake. You should be able to choose what pattern, color, and if your snake has a decoration. - when snakes crash into the barriers, there should be food left behind for other snakes to eat as if the barrier were also a snake. - there should be levels and xp. Every level you pass, you unlock more things to costomize your snake ( this is only if you do my first reccomendation ) I hope that you will read this, fix the bug, and listen to my recommendations. Thanks!!😜

  • By Liliana fruzia

    Read before getting this game

    This is one of my favorite games but I wish there were some improvements First, I wish that you could go a little faster, in the game right now you can only go so fast but, at the beginning you can only go kind of slow, then as you get a bit bigger in the game you go a bit faster, then towards the end of that growth spurt almost, You start to slow down. Second, I wish that you could add a button to the game that makes you almost invincible, so for instants, You were trapped by an enemy you could press this button, and escape. But you could only use this button let’s say, five times. Third, I wish there was a way to change not only the worms skin color and pattern, but also the eyes and maybe add some accessories like little devil horns or an extra pair of eyes, or even a set of angel wings. Again I really really like this game but I wish there could be some improvements later on in some future updates. This got long lol.

  • By love the game11111110000

    I love the game

    I wrote this review to tell you how much I love this game the one thing I don’t like this is not to use editors and the person who owns this but the only thing I’m going to tell people is that this game can you give me a little aggravated over because people loop me and make me die and I just don’t really like it that much so yeah I’m sorry that I am this my sound a little mean but I’m just telling other people that I just think that you should probably just not loop somebody even though it might be an easier way to get them because they can make somebody really mad just left a bump in to you or something I just hate when people love you and you’re really little and because you did so good it’s just offensive to me because I just don’t like it that way but overall the game is the best I love the worms you can make them you can make them look super cool and yeah I’m just hoping everybody else can enjoy the game like I did and I would like to see less looping

  • By I love unicorns and rainbows

    Good game but not so great

    ThisGame is very very frustrating when you die and you have so many things speaking of that you can never really get so many things because like people just pop out of nowhere. I think I don’t like I don’t think it’s necessary to have a game mode where are you there has to be Wi-Fi usually people aren’t in their houses sometimes they are but a lot of families are really active and just having the need to have them have a Wi-Fi thing that’s just crazy. There are so many glitches I can’t even handle it when I’m like about to get so many things like there’s a glitch and then it makes me bump into someone and for people who are saying oh this game has no grudge is it all what are people talking about or so wrong it’s probably because the game like some more that’s what people think but of the game like in the more that’s not true it’s actually just the games fault and none of yours if you think that’s your fault don’t think it’s the game developers and the lags on it it’s none of your business for it to be going wrong. And I would really appreciate it if they would add some more colors for the snake making. And when ever you like or about to be the biggest somebody has to cut you off. And people all over the world think this is a frustrating game and I agree with them and like when ever there is some glitch it’s not your fault it’s your devices the game and the game developers don’t think it’s any of your faul.

  • By jweaver1982

    The Original

    This is hands down the original Snake iO! I absolutely love this game but it does have its problems! I hate that there is no sound at all! No music, no whimsical tune when you kill an opponent, no sound bite when you well bite anything. The only other problem I see within this game is the controls! This is my reason for only giving Snake iO 3 stars. You have 3 control schemes. Classic, Arrow, or Joystick. Classic is basically dragging your finger all over your device which in itself gets you killed because your finger ends up blocking the view of an opponent. Then you have arrow which is basically the same concept as Classic except they add an arrow on the screen to also block your view. My favorite of the three is joystick but and I MEAN BUT, the joystick is so small you end up going left when you meant to go right. Developers should definitely let the player customize their controls by letting them decide how large the thumb stick actually is. As it stands the joystick is smaller than my 9 year olds sons thumb. I for one can’t play using my pinky. I would definitely give Snake iO 5 stars if they changed that one simple configuration in the controls. Cause even without sound this is hands down the best Snake iO currently on the App Store!

  • By nerrrrrrrrrd birdddedssddedy

    Lag monster

    I think that it lags wayyyyyyyy to much. If you like games that give you a LOT of adds, this game is for you. I only have 2 adds that get on my last nerve. The play-date one, and the ones for voting. Come on this is a game for kids, they should NOT have to worry about voting until they are 18. Can you also add more cosmetics? Like panda ears, fox tail, and some cool shades? While I’m talking about cosmetics, can you make it so you can add wings and shades? It would make it more fun to show off your style. Can you also make it so that it won’t take you forever to figure out the codes? Like come on I had to look it up on Google because it was getting on my last nerve. Also add more colors to the “Make your own skin” like brown, black, gray, orange, and a peachy color. I hope you read this and respond unlike you have to any others. Oh yeah I forgot to say that THEY DON’T RESPOND!!! Hope you have fun with lag monster. Also. Do more Video adds. I feel more safer when playing this game. Also you need to update the game more. Pls read this 😀😃😄😁😁😅😂🤣☺️☺️😇🙂🙃😉😌😍😋😛😝😜🤪🤨🧐🤓😎🤩🥳😏😒😞🥺😭😱🥵🥶😳🤯😨😰😥😓🤔🤭🤫🤥😑😯😶😦😧😮😵🤤🥱😬🤐🥴🤢🤮🤧😷🤒🤕🤑🤠😸😺🙀😽😼😻😹😿😾

  • By Camilerz

    I might be picky....

    This game was really fun and addicting at first. Ads were always a problem though and yes it’s a little cheap being 3.99 to get rid of them but some people don’t have the money and some people aren’t willing to pay 3.99 just to get rid of ads. It’s not such a big problem in other games but usually (not always) there’s an ad after each time you die. Also, there’s a lot of lag sometimes. It’s not common but when there’s lag, there’s a lot of it. This is usually with a lot of games but I never like it. Other times it will just stop for a second or more when there’s a lot of lag and then it will say I died when I couldn’t even move my snake. I might be picky or I might be generous but it’s my honest opinion. Please change some of this and thank you. Edit: Ok it’s been a while since I wrote this review and nothing has changed. Another thing that has been occurring too often too is when the ads are happening, sometimes it pauses by itself and I have to deal with starting it every second which just makes the ad even longer and I get really annoyed. Please hear me out! Thank you

  • By keybounce

    Needs some polishing.

    When playing in the single player mode, there are a couple of serious limitations. Number one, you cannot pause. For a single player game this is really annoying. Another is that there is never an empty section of the board (in the real game, there will be areas with fewer snakes around), and the board map will not actually show you where there are food pellets on the ground or other big snakes. In all cases, you cannot flip the screen 180. This means that the light sensor is always in the same place-in my case, that means where my supporting hand is, so I have fingers blocking the light sensor, and the screen goes dark. The game’s detection of speed up mode is oversensitive. Not only is there a button on the screen that you can press that will activate speed up mode, but if the game thinks you have double tapped even if you have not, it will force you into speed up mode. By the time you realize that you have been placed in speed up mode by accident, and take your finger off the screen to slow down, you can easily die.

  • By Oblective

    An app in decline

    This is a game that started out as innovative, fun, and family friendly. I truly enjoyed it and had a blast playing with my kids. For whatever reason, it appears that the author/company has stopped doing anything to maintain the playability of the game. I've noticed the performance of the app steadily decline over the last two months with no communication from the company indicating they are trying to fix the problem. The "live" mode where you play against other players has now reached the point where it simply doesn't work 95% of the time. If you're lucky enough to get through a short game without the app totally crashing, you're likely frustrated by the games inability to keep up with gameplay. The screen will frequently lock for seconds at a time... and then comes back to life and shows you that you died during the freeze. I'm actually very surprised that there aren't performance requirements for games in the App Store that remove unsupported or poorly performing apps. At this point, this game is entirely unplayable, and I would recommend removing it from the store until the company steps up and fixes the performance problems. Unfortunately, this is yet another review regarding the same issues, and it appears nobody will be fixing anything in the near future. Don't download this game and support a developer that doesn't live up to their responsibilities.

  • By bmanasap

    Could use some fixes

    This game is a good Borden blaster but there are glitches that are quite annoying like somebody glitches through them cannot collect dots it causes and then I get killed it forces me out it makes it boring to play a not fun I wish you fix this because it would be better gameplay and it want to be as boring and also this only happens on mobile device it swipes to a home screen and when you go back everything is gone there’s nothing and you can’t move so if you’re a big snake and this happens I would be devastated he really frustrated me I hope you fix all these glitches i’m move this to one because there has been more glitches appearing it’s making it less fun and my sister won’t do anything with me and this is the only game that help me with the boredom that I have but now I can’t play it and I can’t find a better game so I’m writing us a one star everyone else should they should remove this from the App Store and create it better with less glitches so that they will have a clean slate where they don’t have to keep on trying and we’re trying everythingOh so I think they should have some music it gets boring and the music might help the boring Ness

  • By Brian McD287

    Glitches and suggestions! PLEASE READ

    I love the game but it freezes so much that I am forced to stop playing!! I can not stand it! I am about to delete it even though it is a really fun game! Sometimes it freezes, I shoot forward and crash into another snake. Most of the time it freezes completely when I die and I have to exit out of the game. And all the time it does not let me pick another character! I just know it is a really fun game and it should be fixed right away! I don’t like having to put up with it anymore! And a suggested is that we should be able to play with our friends, and have power ups and possibly challenges. If you realized less people play the game, it is either because it GLITCHES, or it gets boring after a while. I don’t know about you but I like games where I have challenges, and power ups! I also Love playing with my friends, and being on a team together, but I can’t because there is always multiple games going on at once and we are all put in different ones. With these upgrades I will enjoy the game a lot more and it will definitely get more people playing! PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE AND EVERYONE WILL BE PLAYING, TRUST ME!!!

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