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I Love Hue


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I Love Hue is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Zut Games Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zut Games Ltd, with the latest current version being 1.2.2 which was officially released on 2019-02-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 29737 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the I Love Hue App

How does it Work?

I Love Hue is a gentle journey into colour and perception. Arrange mosaics of coloured tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. Lovingly made for players who enjoy beautifully crafted puzzle games - or anyone who needs a few moments of visual tranquility.

* COLOUR - move each tile to its perfect place within the spectrum

* HARMONY - create order out of chromatic chaos

* PERCEPTION - learn to see the smallest difference between similar colours

* SERENITY - lose yourself in a tranquil world of colour and light


* Mesmerising colour-based gameplay - a puzzle of perception, not logic

* A minimal, modernist aesthetic - a playable work of art

* A soothing synth soundtrack

* Share your accomplishments… and moments of beauty

* Over 900 levels to solve

* Compare your performance to the world average, and unlock achievements by beating it

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Top Reviews

  • By OriginalPebguin2011

    One of my all time favorite apps.

    I’ve had this game for roughly three or four years now and decided it’s about time I left a review. I don’t know what I can say about this that hasn’t already been said but I can sure agree with all the positive reviews I’ve come across. Visuals, atmosphere, levels, ads, everything is so perfectly managed in this app. It’s all simple but truly wonderful. It’s an incredibly fun game to play but if I’m being honest I don’t usually open the game to have fun. At the end of the day this is my comfort app and it has been for a long time now. In moments where I feel incredibly stressed or anxious, both outdoors and in, opening the app and solving the stunning ombré puzzles always helps calm me down. I’m not one to stick to one gaming app for too long. I’ll usually complete it and/or get bored of it and proceed to replace it with something new. Same with apps that I download to help with anxiety or nerves. I end up switching them up because I never end up satisfied but this has certainly stayed with me for a while and it’ll definitely stay with me for a lot longer. This app just gives me a profound sense of comfort and calm while simultaneously providing an enjoyably fun time. I’m incredibly grateful for finding this and whether you want something zen or a fun game to enjoy I genuinely recommend everyone have this game downloaded.

  • By Islandberg

    A wonderful experience in color!

    I haven’t spent a dime on this game. I have read reviews where people say it costs money, yet I have accumulated enough hearts and prisms to unlock everything without the need to spend cash. I have been telling everyone about this gem! As a former art student and artist, I feel this game is really a study in color. It’s a zen-like experience that both calms and excites at the same time. I love that it doesn’t gouge my wallet and I can just sit back and enjoy the game. I absolutely love seeing how the shades of color play against each other. Once a square is placed in its proper position ones brain can immediately tell. What once looked off in shade suddenly registers in the brain and the puzzle starts to take shape. I am addicted to this game and enjoy seeing how my score ranks against other players. My best score was 77 moves over a 223 move world average. I was impressed with myself, that’s for sure! I think anyone who wishes to better understand color and how shades can interact with others should play this game. You will see how amazing it is. I am into the quests now and have gone past “explorer”, they just keep getting better. It’s calming and really aids in stress relief.

  • By Potterfan16103

    Absolutely Incredible

    I have never written an app review before, but I Love Hue deserves as much praise as it can get. This is simple yet challenging, incredibly satisfying (dare I say addicting), and visually stunning. As someone with OCD, I have found this game to be an amazing substitute for certain rituals as well as a great coping mechanism. It’s soothing and relaxing. Each stage comes with calm, zen-like messages that are just pleasant to read. I’ve played through every single level multiple times until I beat the world average in each one, partly due to perfectionism but also so I could get compliments such as “iridescent moonbeam” and “glorious butterfly.” There are no “pay to play” features, no subscriptions, and while there ARE ads, they are extremely tolerable. Ads come up very rarely, and always between levels so there’s no risk of interruption. Plus, in my experience they have always been skippable. Overall, this has been my favorite game for almost three years now and is by far the best color-sorting game I’ve come across. This morning, I downloaded I Love Hue Too and I am already hooked! Amazing and even more extensive than its predecessor. I highly recommend both of these apps.

  • By Skayell

    A Study in Color Theory?

    I was wary at first that it might be another Blendoku, my daughter ensured me that it was different. I had played Blendoku, but to me it was more aggravation than I cared for. I Love Hue is challenging, but the puzzles so beautiful, I find joy in recreating the gradients that make up the puzzles. I think this app teaches more about tints, shades, value and hue than most introductory courses you will find in a book, a beginning art class in a community college, and far more than in a workshop for beginners at your local art store. The difference between books or instruction and this app is the material is all there; there are just no descriptions that leave you wondering how you can change the hue and the amount of shading at the same time. Play this app for the fun and the beauty, but realize you are training your eyes to recognize the subtle changes in the colors. After a while you can pick up that book on color theory that was a mystery before and it just might make sense then. (I do realize the preceding was probably confusing and, possibly pointless, but pretend you understood what I was trying to communicate.)

  • By Marycobb

    It’s a really great game

    I enjoy anything with spectrums and colors in my daily life so downloading this game was a given when I saw it. I love that it’s not just simple gradients and they aren’t all the same. Game play is straightforward; just match the tiles to their proper place in the puzzle. So far, a week into playing the game, I have made it to the 3rd level of puzzles. I have received enough diamonds to be able to play several games each day before I run out. My kids enjoy it as well. They don’t get the concept yet, but the colors are pretty and the tiles are simple to move. The youngest just clicks around mixing them up more. The ads are fairly repetitive, but at least they are all kid safe so far and you just wait for them to play. I also appreciate the fact that none of the ads have the hidden “x” or have a dummy “x” in the corner that takes you to the App Store. That turns me off on a game, especially if the offending ad is for another game by the same developer. All in all, this is a lovely game and I enjoy playing it.

  • By AlyssOfSpades

    A perfect puzzle game

    I blow through games on my phone like no one's business. Usually, I'll keep one for a few days before I get bored of it. Most games on the app store follow the same game design with the same monetization strategy. Not Hue. I love hue is a beautiful game that is designed to be fun and challenging, rather than pull every dime out of your wallet. There are SO many puzzles. I was very pleased with the game when I thought it had only one page of puzzles, but it has three pages, each with several sets that contain at least ten each, usually twenty five though. All of this is free. It's amazing. There's nothing in this that pushes you to buy the in app purchases, which is a major plus for me. You use prisms to play, but you are given more than enough daily to pay a few rounds, and if you need more without wanting to pay, there's an option to watch ads for a very good amount of prisms in return. It's a refreshing change. The puzzles themselves are beautiful. I love the gradients used for them. There's no time limit to complete them, and while there is a statistic showing you how many moved it took you to complete a puzzle as compared to the world average, you can turn that off if you desire. This game really is worth your time. Honestly, if you do get it, I'd consider throwing a few dollars towards the developers (I have, and doing so also turns off ads in the game). They really worked hard on this and deserve the support.

  • By :PxD:)•,•


    I love this app. I’ve had it downloaded for less than a half hour, and I love it! I can’t get past level 10 though.. =(. I’m rarely happy and I’m always looking for something to make me happy, and this app is good, except for the fact that I’ll always stress out if I cant finish something. There is so many levels, it would take someone ages to complete this game. I don’t normally like level games, because once I complete the ten levels the game has to offer, I’m just like: Now what? But I know if I ever finish this game, (which I probably won’t), I would just replay the levels. That’s how fun it is. So download the app. It’s free. And if you don’t like it, you can just delete it. But try it. And that other review about the prisms and money, don’t worry about it, you get 60, and then 12 if you watch a video. I mean, maybe worry about it, possibly, but, for the first 10 you don’t have to. EDIT: I passed level 10. I also beat the world average on the 1st puzzle of the 2nd stage, which was 71, and I got 19. Yay!!! EDIT II: The world average doesn’t feel pressuring to me. I got one where it was 20 more than the average, and it still said wondrous. EDIT III: You can turn in-game scores off too, if you do get pressured by that kind of thing. So don’t worry. Still download it. Please? EDIT IV: I think it would be really cool if you could enable a feature that made it so the correct ones would pin themselves down or you could buy hints with prisms.

  • By dannystoll84

    Wonderful app.

    When I saw this in the App Store I couldn’t imagine how it would be either challenging or rewarding. Boy was I wrong. Right now I’m working through the third set of the second stage (“The Dream”), and they really do get tough — I can only imagine what the final stage looks like. And it is incredibly rewarding when you get something in the perfect place and know it. Normally I find it distasteful when apps offer in app purchases, as it often heads towards a “pay to win” mechanic. But this app’s scheme doesn’t bother me at all — it just limits you to 4 puzzles a day, and you can pay or watch ads to do more. Frankly, the system just keeps you from having unhealthy habits and sinking too much time into the game. Altogether an amazing game for all ages (seriously, I’m a dude in college and still find this incredibly enjoyable). Try it out, you may find it greatly exceeds your expectations.

  • By liverdinnerxj9

    Just wow

    if you have an eye for subtle differences in colors and gradation, this game is for you. OMG all i can say is WOW!!!! i am IN LOVE with this game!!!! no time limit, no move limit (that i’m aware of cause i chose the options to hide score), no competition AND all levels are unlocked without having to spend money. there are ads but maybe every two or three levels, but it’s not that bad cause on average (depending on how good you are) a level can take about 10 minutes to finish, sometimes longer on the larger scale puzzles. even getting “lives” is free (unless you want to buy extra lives but you can free ones daily) my ONLY critique/suggestion is to have an option to see the final picture because sometimes it’s a little hard to start the gradation and know what the pattern is. other than that, GREAT game!!! also highly recommend I Love Hue Too (the sequel)

  • By akemimori

    The best game i've ever downloaded

    I'm rarely satisfied with games, i usually download a few and delete them a couple months later. This game however, I don't think I'll ever delete. I've already beaten all the levels and i even went back to beat the world average on the levels i didn't the first time. This game really helped me get through stressful times and I'm so so so in love with it. To all the people who say it takes too long to get prisms, here's my suggestion: when watching TV or doing something else you don't necessarily need your phone for, watch a bunch of ads. I did this and got my prism count to around...700. Then you can basically play every puzzle there is, without having to wait around. This really is my favorite game I've ever downloaded on my phone since, although it's the same idea - make a gradient - every puzzle is a new challenge.

  • By Hugodog101

    Blew me away

    When I first tried this app on my friends phone, I was like this app is so awesome what is it called I need to get it, so I grabbed my phone out of my bag and downloaded the app. The very first time I tried it on my phone it was the very first level and I thought “this is way too easy,” but I played literally every day for 6 months and got to the very last level. It engaged me, and relaxed me, but even more than that it was very addicting. The only complaints I have are that u have to pay money to do each level which I think I’d wired bc it is such a great game, and eventually u run out of diamonds to use for each level and make people not want to play anymore bc they have to pay REAL money. The second thing is make it a little harder as it goes on. Theses r my only complaints but overall I would give it 10/5 stars!!

  • By Lindisty

    Pleasing to the eye & very relaxing

    This game is very nice. The colors are well chosen to be pleasant and blend with interesting tones. When you put the tiles into the correct slots and you can see the blending of colors and shades line up it is strangely pleasing. I find myself smiling often while playing this game. The messages between games are almost ridiculously positive: “You multicolored rainbow! You beat the world average!” And then others such as “Superb!” I suppose it’s nice that the messages are positive, but I hardly notice them. Any purchase removes the between puzzle ads, so you can remove ads for 1.99. I like this, as you can try the game free. The ads are a bit too often, and I enjoyed the game so I bought prisms to remove the ads. The game gives free prisms daily and you can watch ads to get extra. I’ve played a few ads while doing other things to stock up some prisms- it seems you can play at least five per day, possibly more. All in all, the amount of prisms per ad watched and the amount per round seem fair. (Obviously, I’d prefer no prisms, but I understand that isn’t how games often work). Overall: I recommend the game (unless you’re colorblind- sorry, Tim). I find it extremely pleasing and relaxing. Free to try and 1.99 to remove occasional ads is very reasonable. 5/5

  • By Avalovesart

    Wonderful concept

    This game has a wonderful concept and with a few tweaks could be even better. A lot of people have commented about the calming nature of the game. The intro music is the first thing I noticed which contributed to my own sense of calm within the game. However, I wish there was an option for the music to continue playing during game play. Second, I enjoy the idea of different levels and the motivating messages shown at completion of a puzzle. However, I wish there were more diversity in puzzle shapes even at the lower levels of the game. Although the higher levels are more mentally engaging, there are many times I would prefer a simple game with less challenge. That is possible at the lower levels, but the puzzles feel nearly the same given the square pieces for every single puzzle. Finally, despite my minor requests for improvements, this is a nice game with a different approach to engaging users and I enjoy playing it several times a week.


    Addictive game. Minor flaws

    Very rewarding to slowly move colors around to see a rainbow pattern emerge from a random field of jumbled color tiles. I sometimes have a problem seeing the tile under my fingers frequently on the levels with small pieces. Maybe dev could have an selected option to offset the tile to 1 inch away on iPhones with 3D Touch, and rotate 90 degrees each time you press hard. Also, I think you can’t exit a game to play another one unless you’ve completed the current one. This seems like it would be a frustrating issue at higher levels where the difference in hues are very slight. I imagine people with marginal screens would get stuck and they couldn’t change games. The main reason I’m giving it a 3 star rating is that after I paid $10 to purchase the game, I read the fine print which said that the money was for tokens to play the game, more or less. If I knew this was the deal, I would not have bought it. Very sneaky.

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