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Gladiator Heroes


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Gladiator Heroes is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Genera Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Genera Games, with the latest current version being 3.4.5 which was officially released on 2020-07-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4908 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Gladiator Heroes App

How does it Work?

Welcome to the best fighting and strategy game, where gods and heroes clash to reach glory.

Fight with valor, fight for your blood and glory in an epic fight. This is the first fighting & strategy game where you can play and fight against epic enemies. Play with warriors, fighters and gods such as Thor or Xena!

Go into the fight with a well-planned strategy! In Gladiator Heroes Clash you are the game’s protagonist. Apart from just fighting in the arena with different weapons and against a multitude of enemies, you can also buy and sell fighters and evolve them into the best fighters in the Roman Empire in this incredible fighting & strategy game.

Lead your clan to an epic fight against the empire in the best fighting and strategy game. Build your battle strategy and defeat enemies from around the world. Play the online event game mode and face limitless action. Upgrade your fighting troop with unique fighting skills and obtain all the weapons.

PLAY GLADIATOR HEROES CLASH, the best fighting and strategy game:

Epic fighting & strategy game mode where the fighting clans will fight to dominate the empire.

Organise your fight strategy choosing the best weapons to carry out your attack.

Incredible graphics that recreate challenging fighters and imposing coliseums, where you will have to fight and defeat your enemies.

Enjoy multiplayer PvP events with unstoppable action against other fighters. Fight non-stop with the best strategy and turn-based tactics video game. Face your friends, choose your best fighter and win the fight.

You can also build powerful alliances! Build the best city to supply, heal, and tend to your army of fighters.

Fights, blood, battles and strategy are mixed in this incredible fighting & strategy game that recreates the time of the great fighters of the Roman Empire such as Thor, god of war, or Xena, the warrior princess, considered by many to be the real Gods of ancient Rome.

Download & Play the best fighting & strategy game on the market and fight with gladiators, gods, heroes and legendary fighters from around the world!

DOWNLOAD it now & ENJOY the best fighting and strategy game: Gladiator Heroes Clash Game - Fighting and Strategy game!

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

VIP Player Subscription is a monthly subscription service that allows you to construct two buildings at once, and cut healing times in half. The VIP Player Subscription costs 7.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and will be charged on your iTunes Account after purchase and when the subscription renews monthly.

Subscriptions will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Please note that Gladiator Heroes is completely free to play, however you will have the option to buy some in-game items for real money. If you prefer not to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your mobile device’s settings. Although this game is compatible with iOS 8 and up, it is recommended for iOS 9

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Top Reviews

  • By Grandulater


    I have been playing this game for months now and it is by far become one of my most favorite games for all my devices Haven had issues recently and contacted the GM and every time I contacted them it took them less than 24 hours to get back to me sometimes even the same day and what I had going on they fixed it in a very timely manner and we're very polite and worked hard On getting it done quickly. not to mention it being one of my most favorite games out of thousands of games that I played it also has very good customer service so I give this game five stars and two thumbs up!!!

  • By goalie2018

    A good game... has some flaws

    Well it is a good game and I love it because I love Roman history. It is a good game, it gives you the chance to own gladiators and advance through the levels. But it does take time to heal your gladiators, which makes sense but I feel like I always have to use my gems to do stuff. I am fine with spending money on a game but not that much. So some pointers is make the game more inter active. I fell like people would like a mode were you are a gladiator I feel that I would give the game a fresh new feel. That some things that would be good. I feel like you could change how much you have to spend to upgrade your city because you have to upgrade your town hall and then that takes hours and then when it is done you don’t have enough materials to upgrade the building that you wanted to.

  • By Matrix29bear

    Mostly a slow build game.

    Graphics are nice. Characters are not customizable. No overt “Clock hostage” tactics. You fight enemies in gladiator battles which requires a tiny bit of strategy, but it has auto-battle choice during gameplay. You will run out of storage space for items pretty fast which is why the Slow-Build aspect gets annoying over time, but you can choose not to open win chests at your camp until later if you don’t have the storage space yet (which is another star added in this review for the developers). It’s pretty much rather unchanging gameplay like this from there out. As far as Slow Build games go, this one is less annoying than most. Slow-Build Game Type. But average build time is about 1 hour per upgrade (not exponential build times like most Clock Hostage games). You earn money & items in battles and slow generator camp items which give you wood, gold, stone.

  • By Cuse12orange

    Please fix!!!!!

    I have been patiently waiting over 2 months for training boosters to be fixed because I don’t have the time every day to play and keep every single Gladiator at max training. I have invested a good sum of money into this game and am getting more frustrated with each day. I’ve contacted support several, several times about this issue and they have done nothing but say “the issue will be fixed soon.” 2+ months later and nothing. I thoroughly enjoy playing this game and still enjoy continuing to play but this issue needs to be resolved ASAP! For this reason alone, I give the game 3/5. I understand the support team is in Spain and therefore operate on a different time zone and because of that, often take a while to respond but this issue has been ongoing for several months and is making the game nearly unplayable. PLEASE FIX

  • By SupaKlab

    Really fun.. for a while

    Edit: Returned to game after being gone a while, had to reset my phone. My account was gone, it started at level one. I thought I had linked my account but I guess I didn’t. Devs boosted me to level 20 and gave me everything I purchased back. It’s not a perfect compensation, but it made it fun to play again with gems. This game is a heck of a lot more fun when you have gems to get you out of those silly heal timers. Not sure the devs are still working on this game, but I would hate to see it go when there is so much potential. I absolutely do not agree with the direction that was taken a while back increasing the experience needed to level up just because you have experienced books. Do you know how rare it is to get an experience book? Even then it’s only 400 experience. Please lower the experience required to level up the way it used to be before implementing items. It’s a grind nobody wants to make. Devs believe in your game! I believe in you and this game. If you wouldn’t try to find every way to make your people wait and pay gems and I promise people will play. People just want to be able to play, not constantly wait, how would YOU want to play. Keeping people interested and having a large player base of people willing to put money into your game for a good game is a lot better than making a little money from a few players who don’t mind getting gems to get out of this madness.

  • By Huge FF fan

    Wow....or at least for a while

    Loved this game as per the post below, however, there is a major flaw. To upgrade town center to lvl 7 you need 6000 stone. To build a stone vault which allows you to accumulate the 6000stone you need to spend 2000 stone...and to build a quarry which makes stone you need to be lvl 7. In other words once you reach lvl6 you will sit there for an eternity waiting to earn enough stone from battle. Used to be a 5star rating. Now...barely a 2. Fantastic game. Almost didn’t download because of all the reviews about how it’s pay to play but it simply isn’t true. I have and never will pay anything for a mobile game and am doing great in this one. Gold is backing up on me as is wood for building and my gladiators are still rocking it in battle. No money needed for a really fun gaming experience. Only gripe is that the auto-battle algorithm takes a lot of the strategy away. If I could choose which opponent is the primary target it would be a much better but other than that bravo!

  • By Rooster2005apple

    Gold, healing and gem system needs fix badly

    Very fun game and i spent about 30 bucks on. But like other said it just becomes unplayable past h.q. lvl 8. I would spend more money overtime if they made the game more playable longer without constant pay to play. Too greedy. Problems and suggestions: 1) healing times too long 2) there should be an auto heal like in 5 hrs your gladiator will self heal 100% with no coins or gems needed 3) we need a trade system where we can trade wood, stone, iron for gold. 4) gladiators even my mythical one and ones with high power still get hurt by lower powered gladiators. And the constant need to wait and heal or pay a lot to heal is game breaking 5) we need more gold produced, given from battles or selling items. More ways to get gold. 6) we need more content up front without having to pay. 7) joining a clan is actually hard. I sent many requests and got good stats but no one accepted it. 8) every gem thing or package is so overpriced. Stop being greedy and youll make more money overtime and have more users for longer. 9) vip subscription needs more perks maybe free healing to be worth it. Right now it is worth maybe 2 bucks a month. But 7 bucks a month is insane for what you get. 10) should get vip level up points that unlock more vip permanent perks the more you spend or gems you use or buy.

  • By SuperCyberGhostUser

    Warning Review: Pay To Play, Pay More To Win...

    I’ve been playing this game for a good while and have learned this developers trick at making the user pay to enjoy the game. 1st of all they make you wait a lot. Battles result in gladiators getting hurt. Then you put them in a hospital for a long time. But here is the kicker there is a VIP mode where you can pay $6.99 for a 50% reduction in wait times. Also you can spend your hard earned cash to buy Red Gems (in game currency) and apply that towards healing your gladiators quickly so you can actually play the game. Also building structures is very time consuming but again VIP mode allows you to build two structures at the same time.... this game unfortunately just finds several ways to make you spend money.... (The list is Endless at how much money you gotta spend to play this game how you expect to). Apple Please Work On Eliminating or Reducing the Madness That Is “Pay To Win” & Now With Games Like This “Pay To Just Play Without Waiting All Day” it’s not fun to be digitally manipulated... Game developers are going to go down like bankers did back in the recession but not for fraud but Psychological Manipulation of the audience to convert them into a dependent paying customer...

  • By KIGHTj

    No in game support

    Two weekends in a row in game support refuses to help with an issue last week they had an issue in their purchasing that locked my Tunes account and suggested I restart my phone... I contacted iTunes and they corrected in ten minutes. This week their item which is supposed to keep you from losing training levels lowered all my gladiators to no training I sent a support ticket and they said we had to wait for the item to wear off... three days before they can fix my account. I’m in a clan war and there’s an event this weekend I can’t take part in because these guys won’t just fix their game. I’m going to be opening a ticket with iTunes to try and get all my spending refunded if they don’t at least try to make his right. They finally responded saying they have a small team but still don’t offer a solution... It’s funny the answered the original post in under two minutes but won’t answer again for I’ve 24 hours... they obviously don’t care about the game only taking what money they can get from their customers. I have asked iTunes for a refund on all purchases and am waiting on the paperwork.

  • By DaRealNewYorker

    Fun if you pay money

    This game was pretty fun for awhile. The AR was a breath of fresh compare to other games. Like others mention, the game loses it appeal when your HQ reaches about lvl 10 and your Gladiator reaches rank 3. At that point you will literally spend more gold healing your hero than you gain from a battle. Basically every battle you are coming out negative gold of your gladiators get hurt. The part where it shows how bad they are want your money is when you play the missions from the past area, after 3 times you won’t get any reward or chest, only exp for your hero to level up. This lvl up part requires you to spend more gold. Also you can’t heal hero’s and upgrade/train them at the same time which is stupid. The missions that I can gain rewards from are unbeatable for me. I don’t know how they calculate the battle levels but my highest hero’s is 960 and other 2 are 700. I’m now facing 3 gladiator that’s totals at about 3400. The slow builds are stupid too. Ex you need stone/iron to upgrade your Hq or necessary buildings, but you have a way to mine them until you are like 2 lvls higher. Going to delete the game in 3 days.

  • By PapiPanopti

    Completely Pay to Play

    This game is almost completely pay to play. Your Gladiators, no matter how strong are put up against Ai that is always way stronger and smarter than yours. You Earn Gold through matches but it is completely unbalanced because of the amount of Gold and time it takes to even heal your gladiators, making progress in the game painfully slow...and I Mean days upon days at a time. You may ended up playing 3 to 4 matches a day before you have to sit completely idle for hours and hours since you Need your gladiators to heal in order for you to earn a tiny bit of gold...which is then spent again on healing in-turn frustrating you to the point of using the tiny amount of crystals you obtain. This game has a lot of potential but currently it is more frustrating than fun. If you plan on throwing cash into the game just to slightly improve and then have to throw more real cash to Stay a float. By all means have fun. Otherwise...stay away until improvements are made. You’ve Been Warned...

  • By Cosmorider

    Play this game

    If you want a first experience on what a pay to win game looks like. You start off with. 2-3 star, which is decent because nobody gets a generic character, WRONG. Although you do get your very own gladiator it will always be male, why is that you ask? Because only the males gets the shield and sword. There is no other kind of weapon wield you can get unless you upgrade your “town hall” or whatever it’s called. You are also not allowed to build multiple of things at once, but you can get 2nd build for a monthly subscription, talk about greedy. This game isn’t all pay to win, but believe me, in a week you’ll get tired of this game and delete this. In the gladiator wars, which is basically like pvp. There is no chance for you to win against somebody who used their cash, they’re basically like a overlord compared to you. This game is a total disaster, and really sexist too. Download this if you feel like wasting your time. The only good thing about this game is it’s support service and AR.

  • By Harrington234

    Fun when it works -until level 3

    Update: Like some other reviewers the game was fun until level 3 and then is nearly unplayable. Fights are far too hard to win even for your best gladiators, making it nearly impossible to level your less experienced gladiators. They have a Christmas event going that is so overpowered that the first fight killed all of my gladiators without doing more than a few points of damage. Let me be clear, I have spent more money on this game than any other phone game I have played and this is still happening. Save your money and find something you’ll enjoy for more than a few weeks My original review is below This game is a lot of fun when it works. It takes a long time to load. It takes a long time to sync with the server when you switch screens to come back to it. If anything interrupts your game (like a low power warning) it will sync with the server again. If there is an update it will not let you play until you install it (so don’t expect to play while traveling unless you want to spend the data) and every time it does an update you will spend hours fighting with it to acknowledge the update was downloaded and installed (Also not letting you play). I really want to like this game and have spent money on it. When it works it is a lot of fun. I even considered their monthly subscription, but I can’t justify it for a game with these kinds of uptime problems

  • By LoganWolfsbane

    Money farmer

    Check out the other reviews - This one is a pretty basic "clock hostage" money farmer. It isn't pay-to-play in the strictest technical sense, but in terms of practicality yes, it is in fact pay-to-play. The developers vomit up impediment after impediment after impediment to make your progress absurdly slow -- and if you DO pay, it is only very marginally less slow and full of obstructions. And on top of all that, the VIP system, which in most other MMO games like this are simply purchased 30 days at a time, these guys do the subscription model, just to make it that much little bit harder to stop giving them money. These are the actions of folks who have no interest in providing a fun gaming experince that makes you WANT to support the devs. Rather, they do the bare minimum required to try to get people to throw some money at them, and play the numbers game. This one is not worth your time, and above all it is *NOT* worth giving them a single penny.

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