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Photo Roulette


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Photo Roulette is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Photo Roulette AS. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Photo Roulette AS, with the latest current version being 65.0.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 47415 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Photo Roulette App

How does it Work?

In Photo Roulette you compete with your friends to quickly guess whose photo is shown! Play with random photos from you and your friends' phones in this social and exciting Photo Roulette game! Feel the thrill before each picture and share the hilarious moments that occur with the pictures of your friends and family!

In Photo Roulette, you and your friends team up and engage in a highly social game on your phones. In each round of Photo Roulette a random photo is chosen from one players’ photo library and briefly showed to all of the players. The players compete in quickly guessing whose photo it is, receiving a score based on time and accuracy of their answer. After 15 pictures, the Photo Roulette champion is crowned!

Photo Roulette features:

- 3-10 players in a super fun and social PARTY GAME

- Try an awesome round of VIDEO Roulette!

- Plant a funny photo or show your photos again

- Get to know your friends and family through their photos

- Relive amazing moments with photos you had forgotten

- Highscore list after each round and game end

The photos are only displayed for 5 seconds, so your friends and family will only see them briefly. Feel the thrill before each picture and share the hilarious moments that occur with the pictures of your friends and family!

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Top Reviews

  • By Cool guy256

    Awesome but minor tweaks pretty please

    Its so fun. Soo fun. But i would love it if the videos are longer, if we can choose certain albums, and if we can choose games that last longer than 15 pictures or videos. Other than that your app is amazing and me and my friends cry when we play. Keep doing what you’re doing its amazing!

  • By bridgschmi

    Love this!

    I found this when I was bored and my friends and I played it for a very long time! It’s a really great way to have fun with friends even if they aren’t right next to you. Will definitely play this over and over again!

  • By I want it back😑

    A suggestion

    I purchased the video one to play with my friends and it’s fun but there should be a button that lets you watch the full video if you so choose I think that would make a great addition.

  • By tygrid

    Best game during my social distancing

    Super fun game! My friends and I play it for hours and have a blast!! Only concern are the occasional glitches and I do wish you could hand pick more pictures, but i think it’s super fun and worth the occasional ads!

  • By onceakatie

    Lack of photos to play with because

    I have a way less amount of photos then my friends while playing since most of my photos are backed up to google photos not to my phone. So since I can’t use those they know so quick after a few rounds which photos are mine so fast. It’s less fun when mine come up because after a few rounds they know mine. It would be so much more fun if I could conecta google photos to the app so I have so many more photos to play with.

  • By Saboratory

    Let us choose the photos.

    It’s fun at the beginning but after awhile the photos repeat. Also I went to a convention last year and took lots of photos there, when the app “asked are these photos okay” I tried my best to stop the convention photos by resetting until I realized there was too many of them. Unless I’m stupid and bad at finding things please at a way to change photos and to choose photos.

  • By Pat794971

    Great game but beware!

    Overall great game! Sometimes it glitches in random places but my only real complaint is I think the videos should be a bit longer. Although remember that it can and will select anything from your camera roll. So remember that picture of your ex girlfriend from 2 years ago? Well now your girlfriend who you’re playing the game with does!

  • By Deadzombies

    Picture selection

    Great fun, but wish you could go through and pic every single photo you want to be used. The random selection works but sometimes there’s at least one pic that you don’t want. Make it to where you can go select all of the pictures used individually

  • By Sarina Alequin

    Love it but suggestion

    I love this app and I’m addicted to it. I love playing with my friends. I wish it would switch up the videos and pictures it shows. It always shows the same videos of mine and repeats when I have a lot. Plz change up the videos and pictures it shows. ❤️

  • By Maddierocks🤗

    fun, but a few issues

    i really love this app and it’s a lot of fun to play with friends, but there are some problems. sometimes it glitches and freezes and i’m unable to play that round anymore with the rest of my friends, and the same thing happens to them. i’m also having an issue right now with upgrading to gold that’s really annoying. i’m trying to buy the $5 gold pack but every single time i click the button to buy it it just loads and loads and never stops. i let it load for about 30 minutes before i tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and reinstalling it, etc. if there’s any way to get around this so i can buy the pack PLEASE let me know!!

  • By kkff1567


    I like this game a lot I play it with my friends, cousins, etc. the only thing that I hate about this game is that the video roulette shouldn’t cost money because all you can do is view your friends photo and you can view the same photo over and over and that will just take the fun of this game and needs more updates because if you do buy the video roulette you will just see the same videos over and over and like I said it will just take the fun away but, thanks for reading my opinion

  • By Morra 7

    Fun game, but lots of bugs.

    Photo roulette is a really fun and entertaining game, but there are some major issues. I bought photo roulette gold for $4.99, and after I paid for it, I clicked on it again because it wouldn’t let me play video roulette and it showed the loading circle for at least five minutes. I’ve updated the game, restarted my phone and app and waited but it didn’t give me the gold pack. This is very upsetting and I hope that it gets fixed soon.

  • By King 777777

    Great game, but....

    This game is loads of fun. I have had a great time playing this game several times with friends. However, I have a problem with the point system. It rewards speed far more than having the actual correct answer. One can get all the guesses correct, but if someone pushes the button sooner, even when it’s the wrong guess, they will be the winner. Fix this bruh.

  • By AedenDestef.

    Fun app, just some issues with the store

    My friends and I have been using the app for a while and we want to upgrade to premium to use videos. I decided I’ll buy it for us but whenever I got to pull up the store nothing shows up. Tried deleting it and resetting my phone already so I’m thinking it’s a software issue. Plz fix

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