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Rolling Sky


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Rolling Sky is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited, with the latest current version being 3.6.2 which was officially released on 2021-05-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 70805 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Rolling Sky App

How does it Work?

Stunn scenes with amazing 3D effects; one-touch operation, easy to use!

Swipe left and right to control the ball. Follow the music, dodge the obstacles, and conquer the world!

Abundant game scenes for you to unlock: Mountains, Universe, Forest, Snowhill, Inferno...

Stay tuned for more surprises and bonuses!

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Top Reviews

  • By 👾🤟🏿🌎

    This game is a staple in mobile game history

    So I started to play this game in the first year of it’s existence, 2016. The first levels were a introduction to what we have this year. The original levels were perfectly balanced and even though the visuals didn’t look stunning, for unity’s sake and that this was in 2016, I am impressed with what you guys have made. Fast forward 3 years later and I am just dazzled with what has happened in a spam of a year and honestly I was happy that you guys have improved. Then we are at the present day. The levels are in collections and having (most of the time) a easier level every time you guys released a new and hard level, it could introduce beginners to a brand new theme without have to suffer a extremely hard level. I really hope you guys are working in the 5th anniversary because I think it’s right around the corner. Also I want to say that the sequel, is more like walking sky but I’ll get in that another time. You guys have made a game that will go down in mobile game history! It’s a shame that the sequel is bad but don’t get disappointed, it has its up and downs. Hope you guys are working a lot on this game and keep on the good work Cheetah Mobile!

  • By UniMiyah15🦄🦄🦄

    Love this game! Addictive!😀

    I’ve been playing this game for over three years and might I say Rolling Sky is so addictive and it gives me a challenge. I like how you make a harder and easier version of the levels. (Exp. :Reggae-harder, Mental Rave- easier... Neon-harder, Dazzle-easier) The overall aspect of the game is just so fun! The levels are very colorful and detailed, the music is catchy(love the music... a lot!) and different ball skins are cool, too especially if you get bored with the regular one. The Alan Walker theme is AWESOME (probably because I like Alan walker) and like I said a pretty great game, one of the best. A few minor things: I get lots of ads👎 and having to watch all those videos for little stuff like gaining only three hearts is a little excessive. There should also be a tutorial button in the settings or something so people know how to play. I had to learn on my own how to play and it took me like a month just to finish Massive and that was the easiest level(at the time when you didn’t have Cloud) but since this game so fun, I’m giving it five stars😉. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who likes a challenge!

  • By Tardis Schmardis

    Am I a developer of a game now?

    Alright, so this game is amazing and all, and I can see why there are ads. Everyone says that games are annoying because there are “too many ads”. Ads are fine with me, because I see why people require ads in their games, and what’s the point in complaining about it? Now, here comes the real bug: Alright, so I’m not too sure if this is just a glitch, but basically, I keep getting the same ad every time. However, after every other ad, some random screen pops up showing some random stuff, which I’m guessing is some sort of coding. I can’t edit it though, considering I’m not a developer of the game, I’m a player. There is an X button to get off the screen, but I just want to see if this is the game’s fault and see if you guys can do anything about it. Otherwise, I give this game a 5-star rating, because it is truly a great game. Thank you for your time in reading this review! I hope this weird glitch gets fixed, but honestly, I don’t even know if it’s a glitch. Rolling Sky is very addictive, and I can’t wait to see the next update!

  • By stary chan

    FUN,stop all the CHANGES!

    Hey,so I have been playing this game since I was like in second grade. But I start getting really good at the levels and really liking them. But I didn’t know you were going to take away the old levels, which I don’t really like because I can never play them again once I have master them I like the music, new levels and overall it’s really fun but it’s just too much change. so then I start getting really good at the levels really liking them, but then you take away the old levels which I don’t like, but then you add the new levels. I like the new levels and I like the music and the new levels and I like the game but I just like the old levels which are the good ones to me. And why I don’t really like it is because I can never play them again once I’ve mastered them I can’t even play them any more. :( So overall this game is a good game and it’s fun the levels are fun and I like the music in it but just please stop changing it because this game has gotten not as fun because in second grade it was so much better and it’s been three years so I’m in fifth grade now and I just don’t really like all the changes so thank you for your time

  • By iahekqjeualfosnekwpduaigxmelqw

    Too many ads >_>

    I remember when I was a kid I was always get on to play rolling sky. It was so much fun with all the music and hard levels. Now I am playing once again. When I played around 8 years old there weren’t many ads, but now there’s an ad every time I die in the game. It gets very annoying to the point I don’t even want to play anymore! Over all the game is so much fun. Just maybe remove some of the ads? Also why did you remove some levels? Now we have to buy something to play a level. I have read some other reviews sorta complaining about the same things I am, but what I’m weirded out by is this one review written by an 8 year old. It was basically about pennywise showing up on his/her screen saying things that they were doing. He/she said they think they were being watched. In all my years of playing this game I can confirm that never have I ever had that happen to me. It is possible that it actually did happen, but something tells me they were just searching for attention. I don’t get why an 8 year old is writing a review on here, but ok.. This is all I have to say here :) Thanks if you read this person/developer(s)

  • By Eli. Ts.

    Great Game, But More Money-Hungry Than Before.

    I’ve played Rolling Sky for awhile and I always made sure to download it whenever I got a new electronic device. I fell in love with the game because it was very addictive and it requires fast thinking skills. However, now I am beginning to lose love in the game. Do you know why? Because this game has obviously become way more money-hungry than before! First of all, there are way to many ads! Every time I die there’s an ad, and there are also ads for virtually ever click that I do, and for virtually every action that I do! Also, to remove the ads, you have to pay $3.99. 🤔 Wait a minute... Wasn’t that price lower before...? I suggest that you lower the price of ad removal to at least $2.99, and a little bit lower than that would be even better. I also thought that the price of unlimited balls was lower before, so please lower that price. And PLEASE make the frequency of ads back to what it was when Rolling Sky just came out! There are so many ads that at this point, over half of the gameplay on Rolling Sky is just watching ads! Other than that, this game is still good!

  • By MyOpinionCounts!:)

    Definitely Download!

    I started playing this when it came out. My friend and I played it on her iPod. As for me, I didn’t have a device to play it on. But I made it my first thing to do to download Rolling Sky when I got one-and I did! My absolute favorite level is Labyrinth. It’s one of the original levels, and I love it! The music, the challenge; literally EVERYTHING. I used to spend hours on this game. Then, it didn’t have as many ads as it does now. Like, trust me, there were BARELY any ads. Now there’s an ad almost every time I die, which is one of the only reasons I gave it four stars. But trust me, it’s worth downloading–even with the ads. The second reason is that you keep deleting the original levels!! Just why? They’re so good!! Please, just don’t. Labyrinth wasn’t there one time when I wanted to play, and so I stopped playing for a while. But, I’m glad it’s back, and now I can play again. Listen Cheetah Mobile, I know you need to make money and all (because it’s a free game,) but do you think you can slack back on the ads a little? Just a little bit? Thanks, it would be gladly appreciated. :)

  • By TylerPlaysFortnite237


    Hello, just your average 13 year old here. I came back to this game for a taste of nostalgia to see what has changed and well, a ton. This was legitimately my favorite game back then. I would play this all the time. I’m back here again, a while later to see that well... not so much is good anymore. It’s just not the same. And I get that some of the levels were removed. That’s disappointing. Also the fact that my favorite level, e-labyrinth, which I mastered and played all the time.m, randomly locked itself and it costed money to get it back. What the heck? I also wonder why. Just why. WHY does all of the new levels cost money? These levels used to be free! Even with the keys, i didn’t mind it. But now.. all of the levels cost money and it seems like you guys over at cheetah aren’t doing to swell. I also came back to this review section just to see a comment I was about to post about how much I loved this game years ago. I just wish.. the old rolling sky came back. I don’t like this game anymore because they ruined it in so many ways, and let down so many people, it’s ridiculous. I used to be a pro at the game until they added extremely hard levels I absolutely couldn’t beat. Somehow I did beat 3rd birthday and 4th birthday. Also one final thing, I noticed you guys haven’t updated in a while, and I see that well... the game must be coming to an end. And the other games too. And well, I just want to say... goodbye..

  • By Ben_Morlan

    Nearly Unplayable (new users - please read)

    With the amount of ads the game has, this game is close to unplayable. There are ads in nearly every conceivable point in the game, for when you crash, to simply going to a new level. Sometimes when I click off the ad, it sends me to the app store (since the ads often are of App Store games), and occasionally (not often), it makes me watch another ad right after that. These ads are usually 30 seconds long, and you can’t skip them. I first downloaded the game in 2016, the first year it came out. I played it a lot, and throughly enjoyed it. There were very little ads, and the interface was simple and easy to navigate and understand. Eventually though, I stopped playing the game, but got into it again recently. What struck me as the most annoying is the amount of ads and the completely changed interface. The changed interface doesn’t make it too easy for players like me to get back into the game, especially since it reset my progress, but i find the amount of ads it includes to be the most annoying. I understand the needs to put ads in the game, but this amount is extremely excessive. It starts to make the game less enjoyable and more frustrating than anything else. The game is really fun overall and I do recommend downloading it, but I do hope the amount of ads in the game is greatly reduced in future releases.

  • By Sarusan21

    What went wrong?

    How do you do, readers. This is from a 10-year old, and I would like to say this, like all the other people who wrote a review, what went wrong? This game for me, used to be the place that made me smile sometimes, and enjoy apps like this. Probably downloaded this on IOS, and this game was freakishly outstanding. 6-year old me would ask one of my parents if I could play on their phone just to get back to Rolling Sky. Few years later I decided to get a taste of nostalgia and I redownloaded Rolling Sky. As soon as it gets past the company name stuff, it immediately starts a level. I of course play it, and a few levels later, it takes me to the very first level that came out. And even though it explained the tutorial, it still explains! This is a good game, and most of the good levels from the older updates aren’t here with us anymore. And it really bothers me. Fans like those who wrote reviews have similar opinions, so for me, if you are reading this, editor or not, please know that the Rolling Sky you are playing, isn’t the same anymore, it doesn’t some of the original, like Labyrinth, which I don’t remember playing because it’s been so long since I’ve played. Once again, thank you for reading, if you did read. (Edited: I forgot to mention this one complaint, I have watched the same stupid advertisement more than three times!!! MORE THAN THREE TIMES!!!)

  • By Madeline Hatter MLB

    Why did they change it!?

    I have had this game pretty much since it came out. I loved the concept and the design. I would play Rolling Sky for hours. One of my favorite levels was Forest. Last year, they starting changing the layout of the game interface. I was like, oh, okay. But then they put sections and rated the difficulty of the levels. This made a lot of my friends and I feel bad when we couldn’t pass a level. Even so, I still really liked this game and continued to play. Then things really started to change. Way more levels were being added. First I liked this because I had played most of the levels already. But when more levels started coming out, I was really disappointed. They didn’t seem as good as the originals plus the artwork and detail in these new levels weren’t very good. Levels were also deleted! Originals like Forest and Labyrinth were deleted from the level choices. Why? They were really good levels with a ton of hard work put in to them. A year ago, I would have given this app five stars. Then, it was an amazing app with great graphics and a really nice concept. Now, it no longer the game that I loved so much and would spend hours playing. Now, I only play every once in awhile. I really hope that the old levels will be brought back and that the new levels are improved.

  • By GameingGirl1110

    Cool game. Small problems.

    This game is really fun. I've been playing for years! I really love the content this game adds. I love the amount of levels that you can choose from. I hate the fact that in some of the levels after the first group of levels, you have to get the level by watching an add temporally or permanently by paying. I hate having to do this and I like to play this game when the internet gets cut off or I'm somewhere without internet but the fact that I need internet to get the challenging levels is really annoying. And I won't be paying either. I also don't like how you need to have a specific amount of balls. It ruins the game and makes it so you don't wanna play it anymore. Please make it so you can have an infinite amount of balls without paying. I get that you need money but the amount of ads that pop up every time I die (which is often in the challenging levels) is CRAZY! I can't enjoy the game watching ads about weight loss, or other games, or gambling or all that stuff. It makes me hate the game. As a matter of fact, I quit the game for 5 months because of the amount of ads and eventually came back. This game is one of my favorites and the way it is acting is starting to make me loose my hopes on this game. Thanks for understanding. Please fix this! ❤️

  • By Charleegryl

    The Ads Ruin the Game

    Rolling Sky is a fun music game where the objective is to go through a challenging road, while avoiding obstacles that pop up, in your face, at the last second. Sounds fun, right? This game used to be fun and addictive; a true game that you could submerge yourself into. The catch? Ads. Long and horrible ads every waking minute. I had this game a long time ago, but I was annoyed by the ads, now, mind you, this was awhile back. The ads used to pop up every two rounds or so. It annoyed me, but it wasn’t that bad. Eventually, I deleted the game because I was tired of the ads. I had just recently downloaded this game again, but it has gotten worse. SO SO MUCH WORSE. Not only do you have to pay to play (literally, to play some levels, you have pay), but there are advertisements after every SINGLE action you do. Select a level? Ad. Finish a level? Ad. Lose a life? Ad. I dare you, reader, play this game. There are advertisements every where. I tried to give this game another chance. And to be honest, it’s a fun game. I don’t know why the developers allowed this many advertisements, but they need to dial it back a lot. The music, graphics, and mechanics of this game are AMAZING, but the ads ruin the game.

  • By Thecockecat

    I’m... disappointed, not gonna lie.

    This game was perfect. It had everything it needed to have. Ten levels, maybe eleven. Just the one, normal colored ball you could play with. This was back when I was in fourth, maybe fifth grade. My friends and I loved it. We’d play it all the time. There were the perfect amount of levels, you knew it wasn’t impossible to beat them all-there weren’t that many. When the candy level and monody were released, we played them until we passed them. Those were the times. But then everything was ruined. I think it started with the mass release of levels and the option to change how your character looked. I didn’t like that. A level being released once every month or two was awesome, it was exciting and made me want to keep playing. But when everything changed it really was not okay. The different set up, so many levels I couldn’t keep track of them all, and the puzzle pieces.. I miss the old rolling sky. I miss when I could swipe through the levels, all eleven of them... I miss when everything was simple. It just seems like you’re trying too hard at this point... it’s really sad. I used to love this game. I think you should go back to the old version. This one has gone too far out of control. It makes me sad.

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