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  • Last Updated: 2020-08-18
  • New version: 2.9.31
  • File size: 269.50 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter

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Farm Bubbles Bubble Shooter is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Narcade Teknoloji. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Narcade Teknoloji, with the latest current version being 2.9.31 which was officially released on 2020-08-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 17,586 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9097 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Bubble shooting is getting funnier and funnier with Farm Bubbles. Narcade, continuously, adds more amusing and interesting levels to this addictive and relaxing bubble shooter game. Aren't you tired of shooting bubbles that go down gradually? This farm themed bubble shooter game offers you different bubble shooter missions with puzzle levels and even physics based bubble shooter levels. We are adding more and more levels and missions to continue your farm adventure. There are farm animals waiting for you to be rescued. Throw bubbles to same color bubble group until you have the save chicks. In some levels, there are bubble spinner circles in the middle of which a farm animal like a cow is placed. The aim is to shoot the bubbles around the farm animal and rescue animal from the physics-based bubble traps. Besides, there are some bubble shooter levels in which you try to rescue cows and pigs stuck in bubbles. Farm Bubbles - Bubble Shooter is not only an addictive game but also a brain teaser puzzle game. You should shoot bubbles carefully because you have limited bubble in your hand. If you like, you can change the bubble on canon with the next bubble. Use power-ups like color ball and fire ball to destroy and crush bubbles. When you use all the moves and need more, there is +5 ball power-up that gives you the 5 extra moves to pop and blast more. Features: - More than 2000 LEVELS to pop bubbles more - HAND-MADE LEVEL DESIGN - Various cheerful characters to play with - Free aim feature - Two different color bubbles in the shooter to switch as you like - Cute animals like cow, sheep, pig waiting among bubbles to be rescued - Farm adventure through hundreds of bubble shooter levels - Power-ups like color ball, fire ball, and +5 balls - DIFFERENT MISSIONS: Collect 6 Chicks, Save the Farm Animals, Rescue the Animals on the bubble spinner - Special bubbles to drop all bubbles under its line - Facebook connection to play with your Facebook friends - Ask and send lives through Facebook. Follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Top Reviews

  • Bubble color problem

    By Marlene.J
    I like this game, but it has one major flaw that is going to cause me to delete it, sadly. When you are getting near the end of a level and, for example, there are just 3 remaining colored bubbles to pop, let’s say green, yellow & red... many times the only color bubbles they give you to shoot are blue & purple, or ones that don’t match. So there is no way you can finish the level. That’s just an example, but it is very frustrating when the game won’t give you the right color bubbles to shoot those that remain. Most bubble games are set up so the shooting bubbles will at least match some of the ones that remain. Not so in this game. And you can’t pop a yellow bubble with a red one. I’m deleting the game if they don’t fix this problem. And cannot recommend it.
  • Farm Bubble Shooter

    By Shasha 8
    Loved this game until now, “new bubbles” graphics are Terrible,Terrible,Terrible, takes away from cute farm animals... sloowww response time too. I’ve had this game on my ipad for a long time and it was my very favorite until now. The designers ruined something that was a lot of fun. Instead of looking unique it looks like all the other games and impossible to play and look at. Most of all the game lost its charm when bubbles are so obnoxious that it’s hard to enjoy the cuteness of farm animals. Won’t be playing unless the solid looking bubbles come back. I feel like it’s been a waste of my time and money because I have no desire to go up further levels with these stupid unappealing bubbles.

    By Bluskyz1979
    I am so happy that I got this app for myself to play this game for myself and I love it so much and it passes the time away and is so much fun too and it’s very easy to play so if I was you I would give this app a try because its so great of a game to play and it passes the time away and it is so much fun too !!!
  • Great Beginning!

    By Sillygirl73099
    So far so good! 😊 I am only at level 25 so a little premature to accurately rate, but I’m loving it so far! It’s a nice relaxing game and not way to much pressure to purchase anything to have to win levels. I’ve used a few boosters just to try them out because they don’t explain what some of the obstacles are and what they do but I haven’t died trying to figure them out either! I’m good with that so far! I assume as the levels progress I might be a little peeved but so far so good! 👍😊
  • Deception

    By Rory1963
    Too many bugs. I felt cheated by the game frequently. The direction indicator shows a good path but when the shot is released the bubble gets stopped well before its intended target. When I got close to achieving the goal with plenty of shots left, the needed color might not come up in 10 or 15 shots, literally. The ads pop up at odd times and the X that closes the ad can appear in any of the corners and send you to the App Store rather than closing the game. Frustrating game. More of a crap shoot than a game of skill.
  • fun until

    By Vorric
    I was really enjoying the game but now I just get irritated with it. At first it seemed like it was going to be a rare gem, a game where the developers didn’t stack the marbles against you; a game based in skill in getting the marbles to go where you want them to. But sadly it is no different than the others. The last three rounds required me to use stars to get help because all three gave me large numbers of marble colors I couldn’t use. The only reason I give it two stars is graphics are rather charming.
  • Glitches

    By sininn
    There are some glitches in this game that I’ve experienced throughout playing it. Really disappointed that some of my targets never make it and end up somewhere else even though the line shows my bubble is headed straight to that particular spot. It needs to be fixed or I will delete it since that’s the main pet peeve of mine. Other than that it’s fun.
  • Used to love this app...

    By susanzwho
    Then I got stuck so I deleted it. Decided to download app again. This time when I selected the no ads option, it said I had already purchased it. When I said okay to the restore for free, I was told I was all set. There are ads and ads and ads. Mostly for apps I already have or have tried and deleted. Very unhappy. I used to love playing the app, now I am thinking of deleting app again only permanently this time.
  • Farm Bubbles

    By teaching time
    This game is quick paced and fun! I played it sometime ago and quit because it was impossible to go beyond a certain level. It began as fun but quickly escalated to frustration. When I saw it once again and it’s fun! Thank you for changing it!
  • Unhappy again

    By xoxkermet
    Game is not working correctly. Won games and don’t get stars. I am at point where they want us to do games we have already done, but games aren’t working correctly..haha coronavirus, Very upsetting after being player over two years. Played game 3400 nine times won each one, and still only two stars. Something wrong. I am at 3896 and lots of my stars and finished games lost their stars😩

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