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  • Last Updated: 2020-08-24
  • New version: 1.0.68
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Word Relax!

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Word Relax! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by V Long Technology, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - V Long Technology, Inc., with the latest current version being 1.0.68 which was officially released on 2020-08-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 121,820 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.70235 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Dream Studio brings you a brand new word puzzle game Word Relax, which allows you to travel around the world within doors, enjoy word games, explore world attractions, and exercise your brain. Word Relax includes beautiful scenes of the world into a word puzzle game. Beautiful Landscape & Reality-based effects deliver an immersive feeling. Classic game rules - Newly designed Scrabble mode! A lot of levels, infinite mission, brain training! Become a word master! - Train your memory! This game mode can effectively train your memory. - Extra words system! Rewards are also ready even for non-target words! All of them are for more rewards. - Daily rewards! Daily login will be rewarded. - Daily Challenge! Challenge yourself and collect puzzles. - More game rules are coming soon! Charm of Word Relax - Challenge yourself at levels with varying degrees of difficulty! - No network limitation. You can play anytime, anywhere. - An abundance of levels to exercise your brain and enlarge your vocabulary. Word Relax is the best word puzzle game. Start your word world tour right now! We love to hear from our players! Contact us at: service@dreamstudiogroup.com

Top Reviews

  • So far so good

    By Humbly joe
    So I've played a ton of games that earn you money and have yet been able to cash out. I've been playing this game for a short while and so far it's quite and enjoyable game. I like playing word games and why not try to make some money. I haven't reached the cash out point yet but I have hit the point where I was making .50 to now I'm making less than that. And I was honestly expecting that. As far as the ads, you can skip them without any lash back. You don't lose anything. You simply watch the ad for a few seconds and skip it. Simple. None of these games are designed to make you rich otherwise they wouldn't do it. This is purely m drinking money. So while you are locked up in your house during covid 19 then give this a try. At the very least, it will broaden your vocabulary. Get smart people!

    By brenditalabonita
    I don't EVER write a review on games but the AUDACITY ID THIS GAME blows my mind. IDK WHO EVEN ON THEIR RIGHT MIND RATED THIS GAME ABLVE TWO STARS! It's a joke! I have yet to read a comment about someone actually getting their money they've earned . And if they did they were probably dead by the time they reached their "cash out" level since it LITERALLY TAKES AGES AND LIKE 50 LEVELS TO ONLY EARN 2 CENTS! I hope the creators are reading this and take notes on how to keep their audience instead of plainly scamming. If you're gonna scam at least do it by giving us SOME MONEY to keep us more reeled in.. And Although its such a basic game and tons out there just like this one and is good to exercise your brain and such, it's very annoying and misleading with the fact that it DOES NOT GIVE YOU AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY PROMOTE! I've played OVER 100 LEVELS AND STILL NOT ABLE TO "CASH OUT" ALL THE MONEY IVE EARNED. On top of that, after every single level there's an ad you must watch and it's the same ones, sorry Bingo Blitz Im not interested in your lies either..... It is a fun game to play which is why I rated it 2 stars but their ads are just over the top annoying and kill my mood and I exit out of them now and don't play the game much becaus of it. At first I woke ve recommended the game to someone but now because of this I wouldn't ever since it's just feels like I'm wasting my time and storage space...
  • Complete scam you won’t earn money

    By Mom-on-the-goooooo
    I decided to give this game a chance after seeing an ad with someone claiming they’ve won hundreds of dollars in a few weeks. So I download game and first thing I notice is you can’t cash out until you have at least $20. No big deal I figure. Then I start playing and by then end of the day I’ve got a few dollars in my “account”. Next day start playing and it’s becoming obvious that the amount of money they’re paying out is getting smaller and smaller each time, and also the number of levels you need to complete in order to get the next payout is getting larger and larger. Fast forward another week and I’ve got about $12 in my account so I’m still $8 away but at this point I’m having to complete 50+ levels just to earn .20 cents in my account. Fast forward another week and now I have $17 in my account and I’m having to complete 80+ levels to reach the next goal and add .15 cents to my account. It’s a complete scam and my best guess is it will take many months and over 1000 levels completed before you can reach the first $20 cash out requirement. The ads showing people winning $20, $30+ in one game or even one week are complete lies and false advertising. The creators of this game should be ashamed of themselves are held liable for dishonest advertising intentionally.
  • A Complete Scam

    By Saadap
    This game is being advertised as a legitimate way to earn some extra cash. Well let me just say, that is a complete lie and a scam. They reel you in at the very beginning with some reasonably generous amounts that put you up to around $14 in your balance. Well here is the catch, after that, you have to clear an absurd amount of levels to get a piddling amount added to your balance. And the laughable part is, you can’t cash it out until you reach $20. Well I am barely above $17 and have cleared close to 400 levels. Well guess what, I would have to clear 69 more levels to get the next absurd amount of around 20 cents more added to my balance. And then just add in the fact that you have to watch an annoying add after every single level. I am so through wasting my time on this. To whoever created this game, don’t advertise it as a way of making some extra money. That is a complete scam and a total misleading tactic to attract people to play this game. If it is intended to simply be another word jumble game, then advertise it as such, but try having some integrity and call it what it is. !!!
  • It’s Eh...

    By Cmcmfmfmfmfmfmdmynsksnjohha
    I see a lot of these ads for these obviously false advertising, and of course this app is no exception. I know you were recommended this game by an ad for it and got it for the money. Let me just say, though you CAN win money from this app, they have a pretty clever “””scam”””, I hesitate to say, going on here. You need $20 to cash out, or else the “money” you’ve “won” is completely worthless. Originally I thought that was kind of weird considering that all other apps similar to this one that I’ve seen have that for $10, but after playing it for a solid minute I figured out why. Basically, this game starts you off with “giving” “you” a lot of “money” for the quick little levels, but then in a few levels they start giving you like a dime despite them being more difficult and a big longer, albeit still easy and fast. So they make you do a LOT of tasks in order to actually be able to cash out. Not only that, but you need “energy points” or whatever they’re called to even PLAY the levels. You have to either buy them with coins even though they barely give you any, with real money, or watch ads, but even then the ads only give you 2 and the levels are so short. This levels of this app are also WAY too easy, which would be fine if you actually got a good amount of money. But instead it’s just boringly easy like spelling “BLOW” and “LAP”. So, it isn’t even fun to play. So this app is EH. You can win SOME money, but it’s kind of tedious and very boring
  • Let’s be objective about this

    By Brovis
    So I’m at level 101, and have ‘earned’ about $15, but I can see that it will take HUNDREDS (thousands?) of additional levels to actually reach the $20 payout. My guess is that NOBODY actually makes it there and that anybody claiming to have done so is full of it. Let’s be honest - why are you playing THIS specific game? After all, there are many other word puzzle games available in the App Store to choose from. Is it really because of how fun the word game is? Or is it because of the disingenuous ‘win money!’ ads that you saw? My guess is it’s the latter, as it was for me. So let’s be objective about this - if not for the ‘win money!’ hook, would you keep playing a game that is not unique, fries your battery, and absolutely bombards you with ads? This is supposed to be a rhetorical question people...final straw for me: started getting ads for too-good-to-be-true deals on XQWOO, which is a known scam site. It’s funny how scammers tend to congregate... Any fool that continues to play this receives what they deserve. There is no way that this app is really rated 4.7/5 stars; that also is likely a scam.
  • Word play

    By Kasi13
    The game is interesting but don’t play it if you expect to collect your $20 in a week or two even if you play 8 hours a day. In the beginning they hook you in by paying you after a few levels(puzzles) but when you reach the $17 level you find you have to play 64 levels to be rewarded .23. And then 79 more let’s for .22 cents my latest was 100 levels which I haven’t finished yet but I’m still in the $17 category. I have noticed that in the beginning it would say 100% completed that level. But the more levels you play the percentage goes down. I’m currently at the level where only 17.2% of the players completed this level. I figure by the time I get to $19 it will probably take 1000 levels to get a penny and I may never reach the $20 threshold to cash out. If I had known when I started what I know now I would never have downloaded this game. Who knows it may take me 3 months of constant playing to finally cash out. I’ll report back. So my opinion now is if you are playing it for the $20 don’t waste your time you can make $20 doing surveys at fusion cash a lot faster
  • Great game, just a question to everyone

    By Coco_Ruya
    Everyone is saying how much of a scam this game is and I just started playing today and I haven’t run into any ads and I’m at level 10 and I already got $11:50. I think the amount is fake cuz I have been playing less than 10 minutes and I see reviews saying y’all at level 50 and only around 20 cents. It’s actually a pretty fun game tho, I don’t really care otherwise about if I get money or not, I still find it fun mainly cuz this is a good brain workout and theirs no ads. To the ignorant people who fell for the ads, calm down please you should know u ain’t the only one on here for the same thing, what makes u believe the company is gonna give each and every player a $100? Ever heard of some things are too good to be true?
  • Nice... but you won’t get any cash, & incorrect quotes are annoying...

    By YvetteDel
    First off, don’t expect to make any real money playing this game. You need to collect $20 before they’ll pay out but as you advance in levels your payments become fewer and further between. I estimated based on several payment amounts and increments that I would have to complete a total of OVER 800 levels in order reach the payout mark of $20. No thanks... Also, developers: if you’re going to create a new section about quotes please do your homework first so you get the quotes right! For example your Forrest Hump quote is “Life was a box of chocolates...” Really?? No, it’s: “Life IS LIKE a box of chocolates...” The tiniest bit of research would greatly improve your credibility especially when dealing with direct quotes! I still play the game every once in a while, it’s beautiful and it’s a great brain workout :) But I’m a bit jaded by the inaccuracies.
  • Patience

    By Evie Panda
    I know the majority of you download this game for the money and think it is very slow and has many ads, but you guys also have to think that it’s not always about the money. Why do think this game is called Word Relax? This game is so that you can play a relaxing word game in your free time. It also adds in some cash you can win every once in a while. So just be grateful that it even gives you some money. Therefore, you can play for money, but just remember that it’s not about how much money you get, it’s about the fun or relaxation of the game.

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