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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-22
  • New version: 2.1.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Rhythm Hop 3D

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Rhythm Hop 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by KILA GAME LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - KILA GAME LIMITED, with the latest current version being 2.1.4 which was officially released on 2020-05-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 15,054 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5281 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

How to play: 1. Touch, hold, and drag to evade the obstacle. 2. Level design according to rhythm. 3. Single finger operation, easy to get started Game features: Top song updates 3D effect Single finger operation High quality music This is a game experience that music lovers can't miss! It's completely free! Privacy Policy:https://www.kilastudio.com/policy.html Terms of Service:https://www.kilastudio.com/service.html

Top Reviews

  • Hmm

    By wolfielove270
    So this game is awesome and I was addicted for a few months. And then it updated. With the new update came a bunch of songs I’ve never even heard of, and then got rid of all the well-known ones like Closer and Shape of You. So now it’s no fun since I liked playing all the songs I knew, but now with all the weird new songs like Million Miles and Shadows and such, it’s no fun. So if you could put back all the original songs, that would be great, because I never even got close to the last level before it updated. Also the ads. There are SO MANY and it’s ANNOYING and I’m the type of person who would rather do anything than watch ads all day instead of playing my game. Literally EVERY SINGLE TIME you die or something, there’s and ad. Wanna play the next level? Ad. Want to revive? Ad. Did you die? Guess what? Ad. Also sometimes it gets REALLY glitchy and then you die. So if you could PLEASE fix these, that would be GREAT. Thanks for reading, Wolfielove270
  • ADS!

    By Annabelknowsbest
    There are WAY to many ads that you have to wait for, you can’t skip them, and it’s frustrating!😡 Not to be rude, but it is just to much for me. Like any other game, this one has ads. But way to much. After every time you fail, which for beginners is common, it give you 2 ads you have to watch. It would be fine if after every other try you watch 1 ad, but not every time 2. I do not recommend this game to all of you because it has to many ads. A smaller problem is glitching. Glitches happen pretty often through out this game when coming back after an ad or when you are dragging your finger. AND you are not allowed to pick the song until you beat it. I would have been fine with the glitches and other minor things but the ad are just to much. No offense, just some non-positive constructive criticism and feedback. Your friend, Annabel 😬
  • Great game!

    By Halsey fangirl
    I love this game! Unlike other music this app does use the real song! Not some terrible cover of the song. I like how it’s challenging the song goes faster and faster each time. This also does use popular songs that I’ve heard on the radio. Unlike some other games that only have like two or three songs I’ve actually heard of. Overall I would definitely recommend this app to someone who is looking for a game to pass some time. I am exited to see if the developers make more games like this one.
  • They REMOVED the songs I passed!!

    By Smoothy24
    I eventually got over all the ads but trust me even making the in app purchase $2.99 doesn't even bring you close to diminishing the ads. As for any other issues, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to these games so I wanted to feel them all out and get down the entire row to get 3 stars on all the songs before going back to play my favorites. I liked that they added some songs but I found it strange that they added so many at once. I later learned that they removed a good chunk of the songs I passed with 3 stars which I think is terrible!!! They might as well make you go back to square one! We should still be able to go back and play our favorites. Bad form. 😡 This on top of the repeated ads may be enough to get me to delete the app.
  • Ehhh its OK 😐🙄

    By Beastmode_Sam
    This game is a fun challenging game, but the ADS. So, I have this program called “ screen time” and it limits the time on apps. It used to stop there but Apple made it say “one more minute” on the bar where you put the password or send a request. So obviously, everything was shut off, I hit one more minute on RhythmHop3D. I picked a song and just when it let me in to the song, an ad popped up. Sometimes the ad let’s you play the creators game. This didn’t. It wasted my time that’s what this did. So I hit the x and it took me to another screen and I had to wait for the x. I got in to the song and got about 5 seconds to play. Maybe it’s just me but we should get rid of the ads. Thank you so much for reading this review🤗
  • Random person lol

    By I can't think of one lol
    Ummm.... so I’ll be honest. I love the app and it is really addicting. When I first got it, there were all my favorite songs and it was awesome! I played it everyday and, I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop playing it. I have recently stoped playing it for a month and when I came back there was an update. And no offense, but I don’t like it. The songs are not real songs that you would hear on the radio and I don’t like that. I like to listen to the real songs that are popular, not songs that don’t even exist. Overall, the game is decent, but if you want a game with real songs, then I don’t recommend this app. Also, there is a TON of adds. That’s just my opinion, I hope you think about what I said. Bye!
  • Good game.

    By Zgusydpsyspyotaoayoysy
    Its’s honestly a great game but, it’s not a 5 star. I have to stop every once and awhile because I run out of ads to play new songs. I have beaten all but around 4 songs though so looking for new content. But, I’m hoping for some more fast paced songs like ‘On The Floor’ - Jennifer Lopez. That song really got me and is in my opinion the hardest song. For sure they’re are glitches to be fixed as i can break the game by going through the middle of all the long parts. Even though there are bigger rectangles I managed to break it. The face pace / nightcore is fun until you beat it around 4 times then the speed is the same. But so far so good. Looking for the future of more songs and harder ones aswell.
  • It’s all just too much

    By Crusty Weenus
    Ads. No one likes ads, not even the people who force you to watch them. But an ad literally every time you complete a level? It just doesn’t make any sense. Why punish someone for completing a level where you have to choose whether you want to watch an ad to keep playing or watch an ad to keep playing... The game itself is pretty fun but honestly it wears off quickly, there’s only so much you can do when there aren’t any other game modes. Another thing I hate is how every song is locked unless you watch an ad to play it. Picture something like this with guitar hero, would you want to watch an ad every time you fail or complete a song? All in all it’s a cheap scam to get your money, don’t suffer through hours of ads to enjoy something, just go play fortnite.
  • It’s not bad it’s not good it’s okay...

    By gamer_maiya
    I gave this game three stars because, whenever I played it it felt like I wasn’t even playing it. It felt like someone was playing it for me and I could just take my hand off and let it jump. It was weird..... but I just went along with it. Then whenever I went into endless mode it didn’t even feel like it was going really fast like it was in the add. And I wish there were more good songs in their.. like Kpop songs. Just saying like I could name one right now Blackpink kill this love. Or Bts boy with luv. Just saying. So yeah that’s why I gave this game three stars. And if you get this game don’t buy takeout adds it’s a waste of money. Okay yeah that’s I have to say.
  • Good game

    By callima567
    It’s a great game, I was looking for a music game that didn’t have strange voice overs on the music (talking about you, dancing road) and was still fun. This game has lots of songs to choose from, and some of my favorite songs are on here to. The ads are a bit excessive, but they don’t come in the middle of the game (unless you hit a wall, then you get the chance to revive by watching an ad), and you can play songs on the game by watching a video. So the game is fun overall. Edit: They removed most of the songs! They added in some others, yet still removed a lot of them. Counting stars, and Natural were a couple of my favorites, yet now they’re gone. This was a 4 star, now a two. Just great.

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