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  • Last Updated: 2020-12-15
  • New version: 1.7.0
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Tank Hero - The Fight Begins

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Tank Hero - The Fight Begins is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, with the latest current version being 1.7.0 which was officially released on 2020-12-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3,084 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.77173 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The tank war has begun, the enemies are gathered for an attack. All you can do now, is to use your special ability to defend against waves of enemy tanks, then find the opportunity for a counter attack. Remember, once you die, you will restart from the beginning. Features:
 -Simple Controls: Drag to run and release to attack. -Unlimited Upgrade: Upgrade your weapons and other equipment, or you won’t be able to fight against the stronger enemies. -Variety of Skills: More than 100 skills for you to choose from, use them to maximize your firepower. -Unique Talent: Randomly chosen talents, to give you a permanent boost. -Stronger Bosses: Conquer strong Bosses, each one is stronger than the last. This game is simple to play and extremely addictive. Downloading it will be the best decision you ever make. This game is free-to-play, but we offer in-app purchases for a richer gaming experience. The items you purchase will assist you in the most crucial moments during battle. We would love to hear your feedback, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us via our customer service email: tankhero2019@gmail.com Or follow our Facebook page to share your gaming experience with others at https://www.facebook.com/Tank-Hero-100730001388172/

Top Reviews

  • Good game, weird choices

    By Jacob r. Sutton
    The gameplay is definitely at a 5 star level but the decisions made by the devs are questionable. For anyone who has played Archero, this game is like that but better. The movement is smooth and fast, the abilities are nice, the equipment makes a difference and initially it’s easy to progress. The game is definitely difficult but it also is completely possible to move forward. Now for the problems. I have been playing for quite a while now and to progress I need to spend at least 29 million gold. For perspective, you get about 8-20k gold per run, maybe a total of 100k per day if you’re really lucky. You may be saying “ well it’s free to play, they have to make money” true but their pay for gold model is insane. Let’s say I’m at 0 gold. If I want the 29 million gold to upgrade my weapon by ONE level, I’d need to spend 1240 dollars (not including tax.). Let’s look how long it’ll take at a free to play pace. Let’s say I get super lucky and get 100k gold per day. With simple math that will take 290 days to upgrade my weapon ONE level. See the problem? I’m not saying they should remove pay to play features but at least make them more realistic. Until then this review will stay at 2 stars. Hope this helps you decide whether or not you want to waste your time with this game.
  • Very fun game, possibly rigged

    By Operationalist
    This game is tons of fun, but there are some questionable practices in design. (1) The final prize spinner in hard mode is clearly rigged. I have likely completed 100 hard mode courses, and not once have I received a top tier prize (ONLY ever receiving 20 gems, or a free resurrect). (2) A small handful of power ups (x2 shot, barrage, hp+, crit, attack speed) are actually useful. Most of the rest (and especially your tank’s special abilities) are virtually counterproductive, as they fail to raise your dps or survivability in any meaningful way. (3) The inability to use two sentinels at the same time is ridiculous. There is no point to invest resources into two of them, when only one can be active at a time. Delete the second slot, or make them both active at the same time. (4) most of the tanks are too slow to outrun the reg dog boss’ flamethrower attack. Assault and Striker are barely fast enough to do so, and you’ll still likely get hit just barely for massive damage. Reduce the dog boss’ hit box to give a better chance to players.
  • Every Hero should have a Tank!

    By jklmnfischer2020
    This game is a perfect blend between strategy, action, and destruction! When you start your journey, in a freaking TANK might I remind you, the game gently guides you through so you can feel the treads beneath your finger tips. As you progress you really don’t notice the difficulty raise, and i can say it has never gone past the point of being to hard to enjoy. This is also one of those game where you don’t have pay to win, but let me tell you, every Penney you spend would be worth it. A battle pass is only 4.99$ and it pays for it self in about 5 minutes. This is a game that anyone who has 10 minutes to spare on the ride home from school, on lunch break for 30 minutes, or even sitting at home on the couch playing for hours! It fits all of those situations perfectly. It gets 6 stars out of 5! Also Maggie from customer service is pretty awesome too, took time to answer my questions with very little wait time, very polite and i could tell right away she cares about her players, and thank goodness it wasn’t a robot! Give it a chance and let them make you a Tank Hero that no one would ever forget!
  • Archero Rip-off, worse than it appears

    By Carachi
    This game is a ripoff of Archero, clearly, but that’s the reason I play it. It actually does a good job of feeling like an interesting alternative at first, as all the different tanks have very different plays styles, and gameplay is smooth. Additionally you get timed chests all the time. Seems great right. Nope, as you play and progress it becomes obvious there is absolutely no progression without paying money. You cannot merge low level gear into Epic. Epics are only available from a chest you rarely get to open. There are two tiers above epic that require merging epics, and after 3 weeks of playing I only have 1 Legendary item (Ammo) and that item barely increased my power anyway. I am officially at a paywall and done. Beyond these fundamental faults, their advertising is super glitchy. I have crashed on more ads in this game than I can count, each time either losing progression or just wasting my own time for no reward. It probably deserves 1 star for its fault, but as I said, it was fun for a while, so it gets a 2nd star.
  • Fun

    By Papaabsurd
    Fun and challenging but it kind of feels like unless you’re willing to spend actual money for skills and power ups you can’t develop your tank unless you crate farm and redo previous challenges. You can’t recycle your old gear for money, you can only use it as one of the building blocks you add the game’s currency to in order to upgrade your weapons. It’s kind of frustrating when you hit a wall and you just have to keep ramming your head against it but it forces you to really consider what you’re spending your money on and develop your handling and enemy tell-watching so you don’t have to do that. But other than that, super fun concept: when you’re experienced it’s fun and the AI doesn’t seem too OP but if you’re not... But to wrap it up, fun weapons, cool enemies and good challenge, handles great and I hope it can remain as pleasantly engaging and fun until I beat it.

    By riahremedy
    I love this game, however I just bought a $3.99 pack and did not receive any of the rewards. Please fix this ASAP. Thank You. Update, I could not find receipt for previously mentioned purchase. Nor was there a charge on my card for it. Instead of taking my money without giving the rewards, I feel my connection may have been shaky causing the game to read as claimed yet no purchase ever really made. This being said I did it again today, so I can’t buy the daily pack until daily resets, that still needs fixing...

    By Speeddemon5150
    I am currently ranked number 7 with a top stage of 177 in the clone army event going on for another 2 days and 20 hours. I play this game every day and I love this game. It’s awesome. BUT I was playing this event about two or three days ago before I get the new update and before the update I was four shoting every minion and lasting about 2 mins in a boss fight. I was passing floors with some complication only because my tanks are low levels. But now that the new update came out the minions have a massive hp increase and now that I play I have to rely on my death low ability to kill any enemy. (Which by the way does not work on bosses AT ALL) this ability only gives me a 3% chance to instantly kill any minion, also these bosses that got 400,000 hp I’m basically dealing 1 damage every shot idk if this was a damage nerf for the tanks or a hp buff for the minions and bosses. I used to be able to get to floor 200 now I can’t get passed 177 because of this. What the heck did y’all do?
  • Hard mode

    By Meowzer monster
    This game is fine but I have problems with hard mode. 1. The level design. This bothers me because most of the ways the levels are designed guarantee for you to be hit especially since most of the levels are littered with those robots that deal splash damage. 2. The absurd about of damage. This is also bothersome because in hard mode, the enemies deal like half of your health with one attack. Then there are three bosses that insta kill you basically, but have to hit you one more time to kill you. I have 7000 max hp and got insta killed at a boss so I think the damage is to high. This last one is in general, 3. The bee things follow you too perfectly. They are basically impossible to escape if there are multiple in a room. I mean it’s ok to have enemies home at you, but not to perfectly to the point where you can’t escape. Take the room with 4 of those bees as an example, you are guaranteed to get hit at least once for 2000 damage.
  • Really good game no annoying ads

    By ardnevad
    Game is really good and it is fun and is a thinking game of where to move and knowing enemies of what they do and how to move. Ads are actually good they don’t pop at random but, for rewards they do and there not bad for the rewards. I don’t mind doing them and sitting through them. You don’t get interrupted by ads after finishing a level to go on to the next. The ads operate as; If you want to speed time up for chest 5 times a day, free spin after a spin on levels which are nothing but, coin and coins. If your speeding up time for challenge also but, that’s if you start it. Also if your trying to get 5 energy to keep playing. Money: I haven’t drop a down me on this game and I like because it finest give me the feeling of need to speed to level up but, the options is there.
  • Almost worth it

    By hiballerz
    The game is a clone of archero with subtle differences. I wanted to like the game play and do. However the constant network errors when trying to complete a stage or get bonus rewards or anything like that is just making it not worth my time. If it was a network issue on my side it would be different but since it plays that ad over and over withoit ever having a network error until time to pay out im pretty sure its on their end. Maybe one day when i get bored and try to play again they will have the issue fixed. But having completed stage 1 three times on hard to not get credit for it or the gold but lose the energy need to play it. Im over the game.

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