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  • New version: 1.15.1
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Disc Golf Rival

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Disc Golf Rival is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, with the latest current version being 1.15.1 which was officially released on 2020-12-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8,898 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.41313 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Want to play disc golf games without leaving your house? How about testing your skills battle with overseas rivals? Check out this game, the most fun online real-time multiplayer competitive disc golf game in the world! With gameplay tuned for authenticity and spectacular graphics and effects, our game will provide a totally immersive disc golf rival experience. Over 100 courses are waiting for you! Just DOWNLOAD now to start playing with people from all over the world! Easy to pick up and play - Detailed instructions for beginners! - Simply swipe your finger to make perfect shots! Explore your abilities and earn rewards - Diverse courses cater for different levels of players! - Gain rewards to upgrade your equipment! - Challenge yourself to unlock over 100 courses! Social media integration - Invite your Facebook friends to join you! - Accept daily gifts from your friends! - Upload and share your personal profile with other players! DOWNLOAD and BEGIN playing now! More surprises are waiting for you to discover!

Top Reviews

  • Ok, could be great

    By DWXJ
    So this game like many of these games is FTP up until you reach a certain # of games. For me it was around 300. I was winning 75% of my matches up to this point and the luck factor felt balanced. Since then I’m continually matched with players that have played 1000s of games to my 300 some. Needless to say it’s difficult to win when you are playing people who consistently have two or three levels of club on you. Needless to say the game wants you to spend money at this point and luck decisively seems to go against you about 75% of the time. I have spent some money on it because genuinely like the game but as with all of these if you don’t consistently spend to upgrade your discs then you’ll end up being frustrated being matched with OP players. I will say they are more generous with diamond and money than most of these types of games but it does really matter because the costs to upgrade seem to be exponential. Overall a good, it great game. I think a great solution would be to pair players of similar # of games played e.g. players that have played 1000 games or less, etc would even the field and actually encourage the player to want to spend more because the outcomes won’t seem so arbitrary.
  • Fun and addictive

    By Skypix
    It's got some flaws but the developers are constantly improving it and its a kick to play. And as you build skills you do better, and you are mostly paired against players with similar scores though abilities can wander within that as scores are not accurate reflections of skills. You can play lower challenge games repeatedly and build skills without advancing your score after a certain number of wins, so your"trophy" score is not so accurate an indicator of ability. I've beaten plenty of people with twice the championship scores as me. And lost to people who were just better though with lower scores and fewer games played. There are some cheats. But rare. One involves aiming at a spot on the water way off course, and the shot carries twice as far as it should. That's irritating because I don't know how to do it yet! But overall, it's a kick and the tournaments are a great way to really be challenged for a ton of games in a row. Great game! I'm 75. I don't play games, except this one and Tiny Wings. I like skill games.
  • Flaws are negligible

    By TheOriginalWhitey
    I love this game. It isn’t very realistic, but doesn’t need to be. In real disc golf you can’t score by hitting the post, the extreme rollers are exaggerated, there are no launchers in the real game, etc. It’s like eating at Olive Garden. You can’t call it authentic Italian because it isn’t, but if you like it, eat it. Two flaws I’ve seen. 1. It can be hacked. I was beaten by a dead shot. After it stopped rolling and lay dead it suddenly appeared in the basket and I lost. That was after wind should have carried it far from the basket and it did, but it took a miraculous roll, circled the basket and died. 2. The method of promoting is goofy. It should be based on percentage of par and wins. Instead it is based on the money winnings over a period. I want a chest to unlock so I am going to play until I get one. If I play 8 rounds to win a chest and lost the previous 7, I am doing poorly and should not be promoted because I got the chest. But I still love the game.
  • Not realistic, some flaws, but fun!

    By dapperdallas
    First off, the game play isn’t very realistic, but then again, what golf games are? I highly enjoy this game as a distraction while getting to the actual disc golf course might be more treacherous. Pros: 1) The physics of disc roll are pretty accurate. I like the tie in of different fades and curls along with the “experience” upgrades as you use a disc more. 2) There are a myriad of discs to expand your collection. We all know that is a favorite part of disc golf. I wish the discs could be purchased with in game money though. 3) Play is fairly glitch free. An occasional freeze has occurred, however, 4) Customer service and tech support is VERY quick to address issues. Server updates are pretty consistent. Cons: 1) Some of the launchers are ridiculous (highly unnatural) and provide edges early on, but the winds get out of hand at the upper levels. No one is playing disc in consistent 15 mph winds...which makes the launchers necessary to stay competitive. 2) The game can be hacked. I’ve seen discs jump from far off course to in the basket and have played against multiple dead-eye players at WAY lower levels than me who ace shoot outs and hit baskets with albatrosses regularly. Bots are even in disc golf apparently... 3) Courses are a bit repetitive. All that said, I have lost a lot of time on this game recently. It is a great distraction!
  • Good game and two suggestions

    By JarMD80
    This game is a lot of fun for someone up to this point who wasn’t into any kind of golf at all. I like how the game allows you to obtain different discs and launchers. It’s nice that a lot of others are playing so you get matched pretty quick. There are two things that I’d love to see. 1. Either there be no time limit for a shot or more time to make a shot. I’ve finally been able to get several discs and launchers with that said there have been a few matches where I found myself trying to figure out what angle or type of throw/disc I wanted and before I knew it the clock was ticking past 10 seconds. This causes me to rush my shot so I don’t give up my turn. I get it that nobody has all day to wait for someone else, however I don’t think it’s fair to make the players rush. 2. It would be nice if I could change launchers/discs if I have more then one for any shot during a match. I’ve noticed that you only get to change discs when you tee off after that you can’t change the disc your using. I’ve watched a little real world disc golf and just like real golf most of the players have at least two discs to use for any given shot. I hope these changes/improvements could be added to the game to increase the fun to those who play this game.
  • Alright game but doesn’t follow DiscGolf rules

    By Alexuk23
    This game was fun for about a week. It’s really a well developed game but my biggest complaint is that it counts if you hit the bottom pin of the hole (underneath the basket). This really takes away the fun of the game. I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks and have gotten to the point where probably 60-70% of the games are settled by an approach shot to the basket and the disc hits the bottom goal pin. That is not the rules of disc golf so when you lose a match to something like that it feels like a cheap loss. The rules of the game are to get the disc IN the basket or chains. Playing any other way is not fun imo. Also you can only do one on one matches for one hole. Would be a lot more fun and interesting if you could play a full 9 or 18 holes. Also would be more fun to be able to play with friends. In conclusion this game is fun for about a week. Lack of actual rules and ability to play more than one game type makes it very boring very fast.
  • Quite Fun - One Recommendation

    By e_bogan17
    Disc Golf Rivals is a unique take on an excellent sport. It is quite polished and in my limited time playing, I have greatly enjoyed my experience. Perhaps some users will become ambitious enough to try the sport out physically! 😜 However, I do have a recommendation. Disc Golf Rivals is essentially the disc golf version of Golf Clash. It shares many of the same characteristics. The one I would like to see the most is the introduction of some sort of “clan” feature. Playing with the same clan in Golf Clash has improved the experience for me and allowed for rival clans to compete with one another for points and positioning. I believe this feature would take Disc Golf Rivals to the next level! Regardless, the game is still quite fun and I look forward to future updates. Great job to everyone involved with creating it!
  • Rein Tech has done it again!

    By Ricky (Chardo) Bobby
    Right when I thought the end was near. I thought the constant desire to check my phone every couple of hours, for bonus chest time to upgrade my newly acquired toys was over in Golf Rivals, but Rein has saved me from the horrible feeling of having to find that one good go-to game again that everyone has in their phone. Right next to the 20 other games that you swear you will get around to try, but never even give a second glance since you downloaded. Disc Golf Rivals substitutes the golf clubs and balls, for a stack of frisbees, with new styles of play that you must master to stay on top of your game, and to stay ahead of the competition. I like that the game feels much like the very popular Golf Rivals, but with different strategies that come with their own set of frustrations that keep you playing to perfection. I can’t wait to unlock every possible Golf Disc, so I can wait to see what crazy shots/throws can be made. I am also very pleased that my #1fan has made it to these courses to cheer me on every time I get a “Perfect Shot!” Finally, keeping in mind the physical attributes of this wonderful new game, I can’t resist from ending me review with this slightly modified old school saying...Let the good times fly!!!
  • Revised review - several glitches

    By Pttony2
    Been playing this for about 6 weeks - so obviously I enjoy it. There are however several issues that keep the game from being great - and a few that just about have me ready to abandon the game all together. 1. One fix that would make a difference to game play: you should be able to choose from any disc in your bag for any shot. This is especially relevant when putting. In disc golf there are no “greens” that define that you must use a putter. If you land on the edge of the green in this game you are screwed. No putter can reasonably reach a semi-distant basket. You should be able to choose a short range disc instead. 2. Frequent crashes. The app crashes all the time causing me to lose at least 2-3 games a day. I make sure to close all apps when I play it. Prior to the last few updates I had no issues. But now it’s so unreliable it’s almost not worth playing.
  • Not Too Bad

    By Infamous Cure
    Fun game so far did have a problem trying to get back to the home screen in game, just would not come up. But then when I started a game my menu screen was on the field. And the buttons were active. Had to completely log out and jump back in the game. Luckily I still won. 5-9-20 Thank you to support for taking fast care of the issue before, I have not experienced the glitch since the. Very quickly addressed...awesome. I’m loving this game so far, I love disk golf and I live in Wyoming so sometimes it’s hard to play with the weather. Very fun game indeed. Their are two issues though that I have noticed. 1: I did spend on two small store packages. Said I would get a play chest some gems and disks. When I bought it gave me a gold chest instead, so I bought another deal after that, but this time it gave me a play chest. Little confused. 2: I’ve notice that when your countdown begins for your shot and you run it all the way down, it ends your turn on the 2 sec. I’ve seen it mess people up because of those couple extra seconds that you don’t receive. Other then that this game is fun, relaxing and just what the doctor ordered for this crazy 2020. Have fun everyone hope to see you out their.

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