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  • Last Updated: 2021-01-19
  • New version: 1.2.34
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Mergical-Fun Magic Merge Game

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Mergical-Fun Magic Merge Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, with the latest current version being 1.2.34 which was officially released on 2021-01-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 6,421 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.48824 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Welcome to the fantastic Mergical Island! This is a mysterious land full of magical fantasies. Here, you can explore the lost world, also to build and design the island based on your preference! A perfect merge and building game! Due to a spell casted by a wizard, all life forms on this island are in a resting state, the thick clouds blocked out what was once a prosper and beautiful city. With the power of music, you accidently arrived at this land, using your merge and puzzle solving skill you can awaken this land and restore it to its former self. l With your talent and effort, you can collect ancient tomes, extraordinary plants or flowers, artistic buildings(houses, fun park, mobile park, and etc) and elegant musical instruments. Meanwhile, there are some magical creatures such as cute cats, waiting to be awakened, once awake, they will become your best friends in rebuilding the island! Are you ready to build your dream home? Now is the best time to start! Special Features Character Design
 * Variety of character features. Merge to unlock up to 25 different types of characters, each type brings you a unique set of elements, which will make your island more prosper and colorful. Merge items to awaken the island * More than 800 types of items for you to interact and merge. * Place 3 identical pieces next to each other, and witness the amazing things come next. * Collect the magical and mysterious musical notes to help you restore this land. * Use the collected materials to redesign or upgrade your buildings. Variety of gameplay and quests * Use unique and elegant buildings to decorate your awesome island. * Fun and exciting level for a limitless exploration and gameplay. Download now, and design your new world! ----------------About subscription----------------- You can now use the following subscription plans (prices may vary by location): Regular 1-month subscription for $4.99 with a free 3-day trial Premium 1-month subscription for $12.99 with a free 3-day trial -Payment will be deducted from the iTunes account at the time of purchase confirmation. -The subscription will automatically renew at the end of the period unless it is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period in the account settings. -The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period, and the renewal fee will be determined. -After purchase, the subscription can be managed by the user, and automatic renewal can be turned off by going to the user's iTunes account settings. -During the active subscription period, the current subscription cannot be canceled. You can cancel the subscription through your iTunes account's subscription settings during the free trial period. This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid charges. Please visit for more information. -You can turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription through the iTunes account settings. However, you cannot cancel the current subscription during its active period. -When a user purchases a subscription, any unused items from the free trial period will be taken back. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Top Reviews

  • Customer service is horrid!!!!

    By Heather92185
    I love this game! However, I had an issue with the game malfunctioning and tried to contact support. Low and behold, no response at all. You would think they would at least tell you that it would be a minute because everyone is helping other customers. Nope, not even that! How the heck are we supposed to want to play your game if you won’t even help us out with the problems we are having with it? I’m sorry but I don’t want to play a broken 🤬 game!!!!!! Update: well support did respond 15 hours later! Now I’m trying to get ahold of support again and I can’t even send anything cause every time I try to initiate a complaint on the contact us the game crashes! Apparently support just really don’t want you bothering them with things that are wrong with the game. Isn’t that what support is supposed to be for!!!!! Update 2: this last time I needed help they helped fast and they finally got the support system working again so I updated their stars to 4
  • Its fun!

    By Adagonnn
    This is perfect when you just wanna relax and pass the time. I’ve invested in a lot of these types of games because I look at it almost like an arcade game but I have a limit of how much money I will spend. In all of the other merge games I’ve been able to unlock lands from the other worlds with a little over twenty dollars which is my limit that I give myself, but I was super excited to do the same with this game and one of the patches for sale would unlock once I had about 65 helpers. Well once I played the game enough for that many I realized that it was also going to make me pay to unlock, normally this wouldn’t bother me but then I saw that the price was $40 um.... no thanks! That’s waaaaay too much for one tiny patch of land! That’s even too much for all three of the lands put together so no I don’t think this game matches the same fairness as the merge games I’ve played.
  • Better than the others I have tried

    By hockey#123
    But there is definitely room for improvement I don’t like how much it limits your coins and the only way you can improve that is buying a safe that takes up your land space. I do like how you can sell stuff you don’t need and you can get coins for it and you don’t have to waste diamonds that you actually have to pay money for to get them. I also like how this game consistently introduces you into new things other games i have tried have not. Diamonds aren’t impossible to in get this game it does have a calendar that will give them to you certain on days of the month unfortunately it’s only like two days when that happens but I think this game is way better than merge dragons that you had to buy everything and was very pricey too and it never introduced you to anything new the further you got into the game where as this game does I encourage people to try it if you have been disappointed by other game like this
  • LOVE!

    By Goddess Athena
    I love this game! But there is plenty of room for improvement. I have some 300 or so workers but i only get some few to come out every little bit of time. They don’t stay out very long and then i have to wait another 15 minutes or whatever for ONE worker to come out for 5 or 6 moves! That is nothing! Also, i would like to be able to focus where the Aria flowers note balls go when i am trying to *heal* the gray lands. Overall, the game is lots of fun, but the workers need to be able to spend more time out working (especially the ones that look like they are adults lol). Also, please put more way to get diamonds into the game. Right now, the only way to get them that i have found is to buy them and your prices are WAYYYYY high, especially considering that you have treasure chests all over the game that paying diamonds are the only way to open them. I don’t have enough REAL money to be paying $10 every time i want to open one. Thanks!!
  • Slow Play but Fun

    By Scrapula
    This game is great if you want to play for a few minutes every couple of hours or so. Until you build up your home it will be very, very slow. The concept is the same as some other merge games, but you have dolls to merge into people instead of eggs to merge into creatures. You still merge plants, flowers, hills, etc. You build homes and coin vaults. Nothing new here, just a variation on the same theme as the other games. You catch the floating seeds to merge your plants. When you play a level, you earn a suitcase but can only open them every x number of hours. So, if you like to play levels, you can’t get a suitcase if your slots are full. That keeps you from playing too fast. I give it 4 stars because it’s just a variation of another game without offering any notable improvements.
  • Support assistance is lacking

    By carmelca89
    I recently had to upgrade from iPhone to Samsung and among other reasons was the fact that the iPhone was not connecting to networks properly in some apps ( including this game) I have a huge gameplay and a lot of purchases in this game but because of the network issue my game was not backing up to my Facebook account which I did not realize until I started moving all my data to the Samsung. So my gameplay is NOT connected to Facebook and I have been asking for alternative ways to move my data from the iPhone to the S20 via the game support in game and they just keep repeating the steps over and over asking for screenshots but not listening to me! Yes I realize that I should not spend money in a game but I did, a lot of money ( to me) and a HUGE amount of time PLEASE will you help me?!!!!!
  • Entertaining!

    By ETKirby29
    This games like all of the other merge games is entertaining! The only 2 problems that I have is not enough space; it takes a long time for the new parts of the island to uncover itself & then you run out of space to put some of the items that help you collect not only more money to buy the items that you need to move on in you game. The other thing that was good for me but has changed with the different updates was how many workers would come out to help you gather the items to either get you more money or more of the merge items that you would need in the game. Other than those 2 problems this game is very good & I think that I play it more than any of my other merge games that I have.
  • Hate the new update.

    By MEvans0815
    This was my favorite game until the recent update. Just like all the others, I can’t stand some of the changes. What was the point in changing it to this extent? The online rewards are gone, some of the secondary stuff that you could merge has changed to just coins (which isn’t horrible but what’s to motivate my progress in the game if I can’t progress?), and their “Help Center” is horrendously bad. There is little to no support and complaints aren’t responded to. I lost a few dolls and rewards a couple of months ago and they’ve never even responded. And maybe it’s just me but why in the heck would you have to use ALL lives for one single level? Where is the motivation to play your game?? I have to wait upwards of 3 hours to play a new level or sit through ads that either freeze my game or I have to hard reset just to continue? Why would one want to come back and keep playing a game that makes it so difficult for their players? Deleted.
  • Changed rating to a 2 star. Was a fun game not so anymore with the update.

    By Gizmo7702
    Edited my rating from a 3 to a 2. The newest update changed the game too much for the worse. Cheat that took 15 mins to open now take 3 hours. When you merge certain pieces they don’t level up you now get coins. You can’t purchase some dolls with coins like you could before now they take gems. No way to earn gems that I can see. Won’t be playing anymore. No longer fun. Takes to long to do anything. I like this game a lot. However there are a few kinks. When I watch videos to earn rewards I often have to watch 3-4 times before I earn the reward. I also don’t see a way to earn gems and most characters cost gems not coins to purchase. You need more characters to open up more land space. I am running out of land space as it is because it takes so many new characters to open up the next small plot of land.
  • So fun but glitches

    By Shelly300
    First off, this is one of my favorite games to play. I love the merging, the graphics are cute and I also like that you can pretty much continue to play without waiting for energy to renew. But...I often have to try multiple times to open the app, it occasionally crashes on me and forget contacting support- they don’t respond back. But even with the cons I still play multiple times a day and found it worth supporting by in-game features. I just assume those purchases go towards fixing minor issues 😁

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