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  • New version: 1.0.9
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Catching a Cheater

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Catching a Cheater is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by BABANGIDA LLC.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BABANGIDA LLC., with the latest current version being 1.0.9 which was officially released on 2020-07-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4,974 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.46823 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

●He is cheating on you● ~~the way to collect the evidence of affair.~~ Tap the item you think it’s proof of his affair. You will clear the game when you find four evidences. The manual not to be cheated on ①Don’t let him love someone. ②If he cheat on you, you should cheat on him. These are basic rules.

Top Reviews


    By wifivnrhdyska
    I like this game and it’s short simplicity, but my god the amount of ads are annoying. The game doesn’t take any internet connection, but if you turn off the internet you can play solely because then they can’t have ads. The ones I have pop up and instantly take me to a website browser- not just the AppStore like most. The game itself is a little finicky. Sometimes it asks you to look for a specific item, but the illustration doesn’t convey what exactly your looking for. For example, in one part is asked to look for something out of place in a suitcase for a mountain trip, (Spoiler) and the item was a swimsuit short that blended in with the rest of the clothes. (Spoiler ended) Sometimes the clues are really creative, but sometimes you have to guess them in order when you can blatantly see solid evidence. I like these games, but with all the interruptions and weird answers, it’s hard to get into it. Maybe add a feature where you can pay to remove the ads? Please?
  • Woulda, coulda, shoulda...

    By Mr. Nomo Adsaplease
    It seems like the game could have been fun and addicting if the ads were somewhat kept in line. The worse part isn’t even the insane amounts of ads every 10 to 15 seconds, and I mean EVERY 10 TO 15 SECONDS, but it’s the fact that the ads just quickly pop up constantly & it’s the type of ads that eliminate your ability to press anywhere on the entire screen for the full ad from start to finish. Once you do make the mistake of pressing somewhere on the screen bc you WILL make that mistake, it then immediately takes you to the time consuming app being advertised & now the journey becomes trying to get back to the original game!! I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me, this is all 100% exactly accurate!!! This game actually has a decent basis and seems like it could’ve been a decent or possibly even a fun game if not absolutely shredded with the massacre of killer ads!! STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU PREFER HAVING YOUR PHONE TAKEN OVER & CONTROLLED BY ADSof HITLER (Adolf
  • Too many ads

    By ShadowWolf7812
    I enjoy the game, but having ads pop up literally WHEN YOU EXIT THE LEVEL!! Isn’t very fun. On another note, like another person said, it should have more depth. You should be able to see the person your working with (or as), see the person (you) busting the cheater, etc. I would give it higher stars if only the developer added these features. Edit: ALSO having you have too look for certain tiny details that are easily explainable. Like the female targeted cigarettes in a level. Boom, easily explained. “ I was hanging out with a friend, she smokes, but doesn’t want her boyfriend (or parents) to know. Her boyfriend (or parent[s]) came around the corner and she put them in my pocket. I left with them and put them there to remember to give them back. “ I mean seriously, the girl under the bed? If I saw that *snaps fingers* he out of my life that fast. End rant.
  • Your game does have potential

    By Sexyshrooms
    I really do think your game has potential but I am not very happy about all the ads constantly popping up It becomes a hassle and becomes very annoying especially When the game constantly glitches and no matter how many times I press the exit the ad it refuses and there’s no timer When the ad should be over and when the ad is over it is still stuck with the icon saying please get this game Even though I don’t want to I press the exit button It won’t exit me out And even when I say I’m done it still does nothing But otherwise than that I do love the game the game does have potential It’s quite fun and it definitely teaches you something About how to See if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you But otherwise than that I love it your game does have potential
  • Too much ads

    By im super upset about this....
    I really enjoy this game so much but there is the only one thing people hate in this world of advertisement, ads. There are too much ads in the game. Because once you tap on something and it's wrong an ad will pop up. When you move onto the next scene and ad pops up. There is just way to many ads in the game and this may sound like it’s not that bad but really it goes frequently nonstop. I guess you can have ads but not to many though. If you could remove most of the ads then it would really make this game better. Overall this game is a good game it is really fun and kills time for me.
  • Fun but...

    By sid452
    I like the idea of the game. Aside from there being WAY TOO MANY ADS some of the clues are just awful. In one level I spent a good few minutes trying to figure out what was out of place and it was a swimsuit that you could barely tell was a swimsuit. I’m not bashing the artist of the game, but if a clue is that vague it gets irritating trying to find something. Also some clues don’t really lead to being a cheater. Like just because a guy has one button up shirt in his closet that doesn’t mean he is cheating. Most people have at least one nice shirt in case of emergency or events. I think the game Itself is fun, but until some clues get fixed and the ads stop popping up every few seconds, I can’t give it more than 3 stars.
  • Doesn't deserve five stars

    By _Mahed_Potatoes_
    The unnecessary amount Pop up adds that there were was unbelievable! I also every five or six minutes I would get one saying to give the game five stars, and then after I would click the No button, it would show an add. The adds would also send me to a browser site when the video/picture was done whether or not I clicked on the add or not. Another Thing is that everything is in a unnecessary order like if I found something it would say I was wrong even if it was obvious that it was something that a male wouldn't have. For example, in one there was a pregnancy test in the bathroom and the answer was a headband. If the game didn't have the five star rate me thing, special orderings, or that amount of pop up adds, then the game would have maybe a three(?).

    By The 1st reviwer
    Firstly, it’s an amazing game very fun and kind of challenging kind of like a detective game just about your cheating boy friend. The ads are what’s making this game get so many low rates I would get it if it was one ad here and there but that’s not how it is every time you press something such as retry or correct answer u get an ad about idle humans or some sort. I get it the more ads you put the more money you make but could you at least cut down on how many ads you put on your game for the sake of humanity .
  • The Clues

    By Gordon Ramsay Was Here
    I don’t wanna be like everyone else and complain about the ads, though they can get annoying at certain times. I don’t really like the fact that you have to go in order the clues are in, maybe if you could use the clues when you need a hint that’d be fine, but since some of the things are so painstakingly obvious and you can’t get to them until you get past the clue your on, is really annoying for me. Like on one of the levels where the woman was hiding under the bed and being reflected in the mirror, or when there’s a pregnancy test right on the bathroom counter, since they’re right there in the open, I can find them easily but then I have to wait until I get to that clue.
  • potential

    By Timid Sauce
    there are 172 levels which they don’t tell you but is what earned this game all 3 stars. i love playing things till completion so i can undownload it but yeah similar complaints to most with (1) WAY WAY too many ads (2) sometimes clues are way too subtle like there’s underwear or a kiss mark right there why do i care if she left her slippers here? also there’s so much chance for more story that they just kinda give up? if I’M the mistress i wanna keep playing till i call the wife and expose him! also i hate the nail file one it took me forever but otherwise cute lil thing

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