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  • Last Updated: 2020-02-16
  • New version: 1.0.72
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Stack Ball 3D

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Stack Ball 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Azur Interactive Games Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Azur Interactive Games Limited, with the latest current version being 1.0.72 which was officially released on 2020-02-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 414,750 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.71758 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Stack Ball is a 3d arcade game where players smash, bump and bounce through revolving helix platforms to reach the end. Sound easy? You wish!! Your ball smashes like a brick through colorful platforms that block its descent, but if you hit a black one, it's all over! Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall all over again. But even black platforms are no match for a fireball falling at full speed! Choose your strategy: speed up like a madman or stop and wait for your next chance to roll and jump. Other ball games wish they were this fun! Why Stack Ball rules: - Crazy fast speed - Fun gameplay - Bright vibrant graphics - Simple and easy to play - Great time killer

Top Reviews

  • Kinda fun game but not so good ads

    By HarryPotterFan#5972
    This game is kinda fun, never glitches out which is what got it 3 stars. However, really, really bad ads. This ad came up, it is for chapters interactive stories and chapters is 17+. This app is 4+. What if a 4 year old saw this?! There is a girl being dumped by her boyfriend. She walks on, crying. The boyfriend is then arrested for flirting with the Mafia boss’s girlfriend. The girl pretends she didn’t see anything. Ad she is walking away, she’s grabbed from behind!!!! A man takes her to a secret prison. The next scene shows the girl crying. The man comes in and she says please let me go. The man says he can’t because she saw what happened and caresses her face, and says she’s his captive now. The next option is try to escape. The girl tries to escape but is caught and the guy pins her to the wall. The protocol says to torture her, but he doesn’t. Then 2 more options come on the screen: go to a room with her or go down low. GROSS! It chooses take to room. Then a couple of drinks later the girl says she doesn’t love him and falls asleep. Two options come up: let her go or spread her legs. Totally gross! Spread her legs is chosen and the guy bends down and grabs her ankles. Thankfully here the screen goes dark. These ads are horrible even for 17+ people! Ok games but ads are insane!!
  • Even when you pay they trick you into ads

    By Traunt53
    I just paid for no ads so my son and I could enjoy this game without constant interruptions, but my son who is 5 constantly hits the ad options by accident if you die. Why is that there! I just paid you so we don’t have to deal with that and you make it so the first place your finger would land will hit that ad button by accident and then you have to sit there and watch a long ad EVEN AFTER WE PAID TO REMOVE ADS? Please give us our money back or change this aspect to your game. That’s just not cool and so sneaky. I mean come on. We have hundreds of games on our phone and this is the first time we have run into one that clearly tries to push people to accidentally click the ad every 20 seconds even if they paid you to not deal with ads. Really messed up guys. *Update: I read so many reviews complaining about ads, but they don’t want to pay to remove them. So a paying customer like me who actually forks over the money to remove ads STILL has to watch ads unless you don’t accidentally click the big fat CONTINUE button when you die? This is going down as the shadiest I’ve ever seen. Wow.
  • The Best Game

    By Camille Rose D.
    When I play this, for me it is satisfying and fun cause it’s easy and is undepressing, like most games I play they either are sad,scary,or boring, but this is unlike all the games I play. Normally, these kind of games are boring or hard, but this is fun, totally not boring, and a great game. If I am the one who made this game I would be proud of myself cause I’m pretty sure more than half of the world loves this game or will love this game, but so far it is the best game and I wouldn’t have it any other way🥰🤩if I was a reporter I would definitely give this game 5 stars but since I don’t need to be a reporter I gave it 5 stars. No one should hate this game cause this person who made it is awesome and is great at doing/making games. Sincerely, a 10 year old named Camille Rose D. P.S- I think it was amazing and a 5 star game. You are incredible
  • Amazing, but two things.

    By OliCat 💝
    Okay! I love this app! I’m almost on level 70. It’s very addictive. But, number 1, the vibration it makes when it bounces. Okay, I simply don’t like it. It has made me drop my phone about 1-5 times. Also it’s annoying. Number 2, ADS. Like, I read a lot of reviews and most of them have SOMETHING about ads, but I am going to say it too. The ADs gets annoying. I know you can pay money to remove them, but rarely kids’ parents give them money to buy something. You have to earn it. I do as well. Like, doing chores or getting good grades is only a few ways to earn money. But some kids’ parents don’t give them money for ANYTHING. And I am SURE a few kids whose parents are like that play this game, so they can not get ads removed, and it is probably annoying for them, too. Unless they like watching ads. I kinda do but it gets annoying after a while.
  • This is one of the greatest games I’ve played so far, but a few things should be changed/

    By Sky_fox2007
    As the title states, this is an awesome game. It is relaxing and also anger inducing. Basically, it’s almost everything a good game should be, with one exception. The unbearable amount of ads. Even though it sometimes goes away with airplane mode, then you cannot revive yourself. It’s very annoying somethings. I understand that games need monetization, but you have so many users that I think you don’t need as many ads. It can get annoying when you die and wanna get started again, but then a 30 second clickbait ad pops up and you have to sit through it. I hope you can fix that in the future. Otherwise, I recommend this game to just about everyone! It receives a 9.8/10 from me. :)
  • I love this game! Nothing bad to say.

    By ????? Game
    This game is amazing! I love how it’s simple yet not TOO simple. Some people make games that start too hard and just get harder. But this game was perfect! It starts easy for a few levels then gets a little bit harder through each level. Also, I LOVE that this game doesn’t have too many ads. And that when it does they’re usually pretty short. I have never seen a game before that doesn’t have a bajillion ads every three seconds and take five years to get through. It’s AWESOME! And two more things. 1: Whatever someone else says just remember my review and know that your game is amazing. 2: pls make more awesome games like this! Make More, you did great!
  • Not Fantastic...

    By I bet u aren’t reading this
    I have been playing this game offhandedly for a few years and I have noticed a few things 1. There is A LOT of ads. Every time you finish a level, it gives you these super long ads. And they are the SAME ADS!! I got a 5 minute ad 7 times over! I counted. And often, the ads are really hard to exit. For example, one ad a super small x button, and if you didn’t press it perfectly it shot you straight over to the app store. 2. Super glitchy. I personally have really good internet, yet Stack Ball always glitches! I have had to redo many levels because of that glitch. Please fix it! 3. It is made to challenge you. Yeah, that’s good! If you like a challenge, and you don’t mind glitchyness or ads, go ahead! Get it! I still have this game. But I don’t play it often, and I don’t play it to beat the game. That’s the only way you can do this without smashing your device.
  • Didn’t a already write a review?

    By the funmicster
    I wrote a review already! Haha 😂 so read it. The first one I wrote my name was the funmicster! So make sure to read and like it if your can. Also get it for yourself. It is a fun game. This is the 2nd review I sent 😆 and I did because it is one of the most funnest games I played in my opinion. Really trust me go see it for yourself write a review for yourself to! All you have to do is click the review button on the bottom left. You don’t even have to put in your email or whatever in the thing. Just click on it. That is all you have to do. The more people reading, this, the more people writing reviews and getting it! I have to go now because I am about to eat some grilled cheese but let me know what u think about this BYE!! Don’t forget to get this awesome game!!!!!
  • WAY too many ads

    By the cats meow😐
    TL;DR at the bottle This app is very fun and a nice quality. Over all I enjoy it very much. There’s only one problem, one HUGE problem. There is an ad after every level, not like a pop up, a legitimate 30 second ad, usually un-skippable. And another thing, this wouldn’t be the worst thing if you could just exit and go onto the next level ad free like with other games, but this app doesn’t allow you to progress unless you sit through the entire ad. It also makes you sit through a 30 second at if you fail (why don’t they ONLY play an ad if you press continue, then there’s an actual reason to or not to continue to level). Anyway, I like this app, but if you get annoyed by ads or don’t have time to waste, I wouldn’t recommend it. TL;DR: Fun game, but way too many ads during every part of the game.
  • Good game 👍🏻 ps:found a way to fix add problem!

    By Larala1313
    I think this game is really fun and cool! But.... I have noticed that the game has some bad reviews but it’s only cause there are “to many adds”. I agree there are a lot but that’s the way they get money from making a game cause they make games for a living and need money to live so remember that! but I have great news! A there is a way to get rid of adds! a I know it’s awesome! so all you have to do is turn your device to airplane mode! it makes all the adds go away like magic! I use this whenever I play like these minigame things! And it really helps! Anyways thanks for reading I know it was kinda long but you people need to know what to know! So get this app and have fun kids!

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