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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-30
  • New version: 1.6.33
  • File size: 222.92 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Clean Road

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Clean Road is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SayGames LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SayGames LTD, with the latest current version being 1.6.33 which was officially released on 2021-04-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 185,584 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5762 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Touch and drag to control the Snow Plow. Avoid obstacles and help the people to get out of their homes! Upgrade you vehicle to take on even the mightiest Snow storm.

Top Reviews

  • I don’t understand

    By Kevoh44
    Why is this number 1 on the free games list? Is the App Store ran by the people who make these games? Forget the fact that there’s a million ads. There’s no point to the game. Every car is the same they just look slightly different. There’s nothing to improve. The levels are short and way too easy. You’re forced to “uprgrade your car” after every level which means they add a new, slightly different looking car to your collection of slightly different looking cars and you keep playing the same short easy levels over and over again. Seriously I don’t want creators to take this personally because I’m sure you only made this to make money and you’ve probably succeeded and that’s great really, but my issue is with the App Store having this ranked number one. Which is the only reason I tried it out. And it’s the most unentertaining thing I’ve ever played. Somehow I’m shocked. I should’ve seen it coming. If you read this comment I’m not joking. There is absolutely no point to this game. It’s endless easy short levels with ads in between them. Ads you can’t skip. You have to watch all the way through
  • Repetitive, boring, too easy, and too many ads!

    By CountessofMonteCristo
    The game was fun at first - until I realized that every single level is exactly the same. It would be fun if there were different directions you could go, for instance if you could turn down multiple streets, but ... it’s just the player going down one singular street and doing the same action over and over again. Plus every level has hardly any change in difficulty or graphics. Also, the supposed point of the game is to free cars who are trapped in their driveways, but players can still pass the level even if you get one car out of nine cars trapped OR even if you get zero cars! You only lose if you crash????? Plus the upgrades for trucks are bulkier and actually make you crash more??? Like I thought maybe it would allow you to push through non-moveable I believe the only reason they have an option for upgrades if so players will click “free upgrade for watching an add” option. Also, the amount ads on this game is just insane! This whole app was created by individuals who are obviously just trying to get a quick buck.

    By JDUBB69
    I can’t even play a game without getting pestered with ads from other games! That is just sad! And this game makes you watch like a minute video and you have to do it or you won’t level up. All the cars look the same. All the levels are basically the same and super easy. All the levels you get like no coins. This is a game that is annoying. What 10 year old wants to watch stupid game videos all day? Not me! Okay, so if your a kid like me, we get apps to have fun. THIS GAME IS 12+!!!!!! And it’s contents are made for babies. I read the other comments and reviews but, I didn’t listen. I am going to delete this app. It actually deserves ZERO stars! So, if you wanna try this out, go for it! But mark my word, it is crap. So, thanks for reading!! Love, I Can’t Tell You or My Parents Will Kill Me 🐾🐲🐾🐲🐾🐲
  • Great game for like 2 minutes

    By SpiceToTheMax
    I really do love the game. It is simple and easy which is great. Similar to a lot of the other reviews, though, it gets to be very repetitive and a little boring. You can make advancements by earning coins and buying new cars, but the only differences in the cars are what they look like. Sometimes it lets you watch an ad to “upgrade” the car, but in reality it just changes the look of the car. There are no upgrades on speed or power or anything like that. Personally, I’m not really one to enjoy a repetitive game like this for too long, but for others it can be great. Stress-relieving or calming even. If the developers want to change it to appeal to people like me then fantastic, but I think it would be a good idea to stick to the simplicity. I can definitely see how this game could be very enjoyable or a great pastime.
  • Thank you note

    By Lahy
    Thank you so much for creating this game without this game I would never be this fun I am never going to let go of this game this game has been so much fun it is the best game when I’m on planes I don’t have time to do videos so what are you do is I play this game it is really fun I love it really I love it it is so much fun when I board I play this when I’m bored are usually just save my toys but now you have set a whole new game for me it is just the best so thank you very much for creating this game it is my world and this has been so much fun playing this game creating the game that you created it is so much fun to play I love it because it’s a little challenge which I love thank you sign by the player who loves this game🙂🙃
  • Constructive Criticism

    By cherriesncream
    Overall, it’s a very well put together and fun game. I enjoy playing it to help pass the time and/or when I’m bored. It’s has great themes, I enjoy how the levels are different styles. Such as the sand, grass, & snow. I also enjoy how complex the levels are and how the vehicles are different. However, I do have a few suggestions to improve the overall game play. In a few of the levels there are stone, ice, hay blocks. They’re extremely difficult to move and cause crashes and sometimes block the way, if this a random algorithm that places object randomly and the levels aren’t specifically designed, then I suggest improving the algorithm to refine this and make levels not as impossible. Another thing, my app seems to glitch and freeze sometimes causing me to have to close it out and restart. None of my other apps do this so I’m sure it’s an internal problem.
  • Harder levels

    By starbucks_lover1629
    You need to make your levels harder I just past level one and I know that the first 5 or 10 levels need to be easy but I had this game before and I got to level 60 and it was super easy you really need to make your levels harder or you will lose a player and that is why I gave you only 3 stars. I just really want levels that are harder and if you are going to make them harder than. I would put the age limit up to 5 or 6 but during quarantine I need a game that will challenge me so I don’t get bored I want it to be this game.i am not saying this game is not good I just want the levels to de harder😀😀😀😀
  • Great game, and a reply to another review

    By Kadey360
    First of all, This game is very fun and entertaining, but the thing is each level is really easy and the obstacles are able to be touched and so that makes the levels really easy. I suggest making obstacles like cars and bigger not able to be touched or moves by the plower. The reply to the reveiw is by kevoh44. He/she said that after every level that you had to upgrade your car. This is not true. If you wait a few seconds, you are able to skip to the next level without upgrading your car. Also, I played to game for a couple of levels and not one ad popped up. I don’t know if kevoh44 wrote the review before an update came out or he/she was just telling a fib. Either way, the game is not as bad as kevoh44 said it is.
  • Wow

    By pickle belle
    I have to say I love this game. I always play it when I have had a stressful day. It’s calming. I have lots of games like this but I have to say this one is the best. And I also love that after you complete a level they offer to watch an ad for a new truck. But there is one flaw I want to point out. One flaw is that I think the levels increase to quickly because they make them harder each time so you can fail. At first I thought it was just me but I told all my friends and family about the app and after a week the all said they had the same problem, but other then that I think it’s a great game. It helps me with stress because school is kinda hard for me so I go home and play this game. Ok bye now.
  • This game is literally my life

    By Peppercooper
    I have had this problem all winter, the roads had been filled with snow and I had to shovel it out to go to work because there is no plow who is willing to come save me. And that is why I bought this game when I saw the ad, it reminded me of what had been happening for the last SIX MONTHS. So it is fun to pretend that I am the plow that is willing to save every body and be the nice one. It’s a great game and very satisfying. (I’m actually pretty good at it!)

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