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Escape Room: Mystery Word

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Escape Room: Mystery Word is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by 89Trillion. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - 89Trillion, with the latest current version being 1.5.6 which was officially released on 2021-03-31. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 55,354 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.85923 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The most innovative ever escape game with puzzle experience, You must not miss it! Locked up in a strange room, you need constantly observe, think, guess, inference, until escape. Features: • Simple, easy rules, type the correct word to win a game! • ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users! • NEW word gameplay, good news for word gamer! • No time limit, adjust your pace at any level • Play offline! No wifi required • When you are stuck, three kinds of hints will help you • 300+ levels without repeat, be a master of training brain! • Kill time-no pressure no push! • Suitable for both kids and adults to train logic skills. Are you ready for the thrilling experience with lots of drama and adventures? DOWNLOAD now to begin your escape adventure! We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips via

Top Reviews

  • Fun first levels, then annoying and stupid levels

    By FreightTrain96
    The first levels were fun and great for just starting, but as you got farther into the game, they started to get frustrating. For example there was a level with a pic of a G with lights beaming out of it. I saw it and thought, “well, that looks like a sun with a G inside it! So maybe gsun?” We’ll that didn’t work or make sense, so of course it was wrong. The answer ended up being gray, as G ray as in rays of light. This is not the only puzzle that did that. I called it one thing and the game called it another. One more example of this is a riddle where there was a desk with broken legs and a globe on it. The question was, “what will happen in the next second?”. I thought, well if the globe falls it will brake, or crash, or fall. So I tried all of those and none worked. The answer was quake. As it will quake when it hits the ground. That caused me a lot of trouble as quake did not make sense to me. So I watched a ton of adds to find the answer as I did for many of the puzzles. Last and final problem, some of them aren’t even riddles. They are puns. Like the puzzle, what animal has the largest breasts? I used a hint for this and it said that the largest bra size is Z. So I though Z bra - Zebra. And that is not a riddle, that is a pun. If hints are helpful and answers are not super easy, but not not making sense I will consider re downloading.
  • Good Start, What Happened

    By Write4u2mydear
    *contains spoilers/answers for certain levels* The game starts out really fun. The puzzles are tricky and entertaining. But after a certain point, the levels become boring, tedious, and frankly, annoying. The annoying part for me is the way hints are handled. Each level, you get a little bit of information to point you in the right direction of the answer. For example, one level had four framed photographs of heads on the wall; the answer was “forehead.” Cool. But there was one level where the information they gave you was five cards with the letter M printed on each card. I ended up buying a hint and that costs gold which you can buy with real money or get by watching an ad. The hint that they gave me (that costed gold) was “All of the cards say M.” No, really? The answer to that level ended up being Mall and I get that the clue was saying “them all->’m all->mall” but a lot of the time, the hints are not helpful. Plus, some of the levels are ridiculously easy which I understand they probably use to balance out the challenge but that’s why people download the app: it’s a puzzle game therefore it is going to be challenging. Heck, the App Store display page says only 5% can beat this game. People expect a challenge. In summary, the game started out fun but I’m getting annoyed more than enjoying myself when I play.
  • Starts out fun gets real dumb.

    By WiLlY B. 250
    Well the game starts out fun trying to figure out the puzzles and what word(s) they represent that you can type in the keypad but once you hit level 59 and up the puzzles are just like having to find the shortest word in some picture or find the differences in two pictures and the password has nothing to do with them. And all the hints tend to say is “combine the two words to make the password”. I’m on level 104 and there’s a cake on a desk and a picture of a bat on the wall. The word was Batten. Sure it has bag in the word but what does the word have to do with a bat and a cake. It’s just getting ridiculous how dumb these puzzles are. And the sucky thing is is you still want to play so you keep dealing with it. I wish they’d add better hints or would’ve stopped making puzzles or made better puzzles
  • Pro and Cons (easy fix)

    By Ranger 175th
    So here is my review of the game. It’s not a bad game as some of the puzzles are cleaver however some of them are a tad bit of a stretch and almost impossible to solve under an normal realm. Now if you plan is to just go about guessing 4,5,6 and 7 letter words until you solve it then fine but if you are trying to come up with words that actually relate to the puzzle then good luck. My biggest gripe is that when solving the puzzle even if you have the letter guessed right the clue still gives you the same letter and charges you a penalty rather than just give you the next letter, this is an easy fix and should be addressed rather quickly. All in all the game is fun (for the most part) but too difficult for the average person looking for some simple entertainment
  • Fun!!! Not that hard...

    By FruitPopMomma
    I really can’t comprehend why some people are claiming that it’s impossible to get some of these answers. 30 levels in, none of them are really difficult at all. They have a nice little brain teaser and make you think, but if this is really THAT challenging, maybe you just...aren’t exactly rocket scientist material, to put it kindly. This a fun game that actually makes you use your brain a bit. Sadly, people aren’t accustomed to having to do that anymore and leave bad reviews simply because they aren’t the the brightest crayons in the box. Actually, reading theses reviews explains a lot about our political landscape...
  • Level 21 has a bug! Not any more!!!!

    By Swherlihy
    Picture is already huge when loaded and won’t shrink so I can type in the answer. Deleted game and re-downloading. Will write another review if that fixes it. Update: redownloaded and still doesn’t work. I really want to explore the game more but this level no matter what I do (restart phone, delete app, update phone) still level won’t work. New Update: Still waiting for an update from developer to see if its fixed. Honestly very interested in playing the game more. Update they fixed it!!!!!
  • False advertisement

    By Ratgar138
    Downloaded this game after seeing an add. In said add you had to solve various puzzles per room, including opening safes to find a key to unlock the keypad to the door. I beat the entire game and you rarely click on anything more than one picture, book, or scrap of paper. Also, I solved quite a few of the puzzles without understanding how they had anything to do with the clues given. Another review mentioned inappropriate adds. I agree. My wife was very confused by what I was doing when she saw my screen while a random add played of a girl sexy dancing in basically underwear. Add was for a chat room type app. Why? All and all it’s a boring game. I beat it hopping that eventually the levels would become more engaging like advertised. After 240 level and three days it did not.
  • Fun then Stupid

    By Brandistew99
    The game started fun but then got so stupid. I quit and uninstalled it once the answers started making no sense. You’re forced to watch videos to earn coins in order to guess the word. The hints are basically useless so you have to use the bomb and or the lightbulb help buttons. Again, making you watch videos to earn coins to use them. The explanations they give to explain the answer once you’ve “guessed” the answer correctly isn’t provided on all levels so you have know way of knowing how in the heck they came up with the answer. Plus, it’s not even offered on all levels. I think this game is only created to be deceiving to look fun but it’s all about getting you to watch the videos. Done with it and uninstalled it. Waste of time and worthless.
  • More frustrating than addicting

    By KnickKnackNike
    I think this could be fun but sometimes it's near impossible to understand what you are looking at without clicking on the hint (which is actually a fairly helpful function most of the time....except for the time it just told me what specific item the generic illustration was depicting). Also, the answer button isn't worth it at all. If 40 coins gets me an overall decently helpful clue for the whole word then 60 shouldn't tell me only one letter at a time since half the time I need it, I can already guess the first 3 letters, put those in, and only pay 60 coins for the game to tell me the letter I guessed was right. I'd rather get a "these letters are right and those aren't" function for 60 or so. I ended up deleting the game after I got to 50...
  • Its okay if you don’t have a different game to play

    By i love pules
    There are a few things about this game that make it less enjoyable. The hint button is more useful than the answer button, and to pass a level you basically just write a one-word punchline to a cheesy joke. Some of the jokes, like the one for level 6(I think), are slightly more mature, and younger players might not be able to answer. The graphics are low quality and not enjoyable to look at. Honestly Candy Crush would be a better way to spend your time than this. Would not suggest. There are also grammatical errors in the answers and hints that make it difficult to play the game or get the correct answer. The app wouldn’t be too fun anyway, even without these issues. The adds are also questionable. I would suggest finding a better game to play.

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