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  • Last Updated: 2020-04-18
  • New version: 1.2.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Quiz for Roblox Robux

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Quiz for Roblox Robux is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by FortyFour Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - FortyFour Games, with the latest current version being 1.2.3 which was officially released on 2020-04-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 39,150 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.19451 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Quiz for Roblox Robux is the Hardcore Trivia for Roblox Fans! Test your knowledge against your friends in this amazing quiz app with always up-to-date questions for everything related to the Roblox universe! Features: - Classic arcade mode - Always up to date - Gamecenter - Haptic feedback - and much more Do you have your own questions you'd like to submit to our next update? Send them through our social platforms and help us to make this the best Roblox Quiz out there! Note: This is an unofficial, fan made Roblox Trivia App and has NO affiliation with Roblox Corporation™

Top Reviews

  • This is a scam

    By srvunicor
    So I played it and it gave a lot of questions and I answered and when u get 1 wrong u have to do it all over again this should not be a game and all of these questions I feel like nobody knows these questions because I don’t know them eather. It wasted all of my time. ALL OF IT. I am so mad. I wish I never got this game. A lot of other games are like this to pls don’t play this game or any other games that deal with robux don’t because it’s just a BIG HUGE SCAM. I will never play this game again like I could play other games. Mostly there is like infinity questions. Like who does this. Well this person that made it. Everyone if u guys are reading this DONT download it. It will just waste your time to. Because some people want to buy robux and they have nothing and people are like I will get this game DONT GET IT. And if u did it. And the person that made this game has to change it. I looked at the reviews and I think that everyone else wants this ROBUX GAME to stop and never be a game. Now before u get this game read this. This game is not GOOD IT BAD. And sometimes when kids play this they could learn how to be a scammer. So this GAME SHOULD STOP RIGHT NOW AND THEN. I give this NEGATIVE 0. I found other fun games then this one so pls play a different game because yes just play a different game if u do not want to get scammed. And that was all and this is true look at all the other reviews just look at them.
  • Stupid, Absolutely Stupid

    By Lamorena624
    Ok, the thing only you can ever do in this app, is just trivia, trivia, trivia! Ever since I downloaded Roblox on my MacBook and found out that you need Robux to buy some stuff in games, I’ve been trying my best to look for a top-rated app or website to get free Robux. Nada! So then I found this app and I decided to solve some trivias and see if I had Robux in my Roblox Account, and there was nothing there. So then I tried to look for a chest or something in the Roblox quiz app, nope! No Robux. Then, I finally noticed that this app is just a scam and there is no ACTUAL Robux to earn! So this app is pretty much a waste of everyone’s time. It’s garbage. So if anyone ever tries to find a good way to get free Robux, be cautious. Never know if the application or website is just a scam. I also hope the creators of this game put ACTUAL Robux to collect. There are so many Roblox players out there with 0 Robux, including me. FYI, my friends and siblings play Roblox, and of course they put the same review in this app.
  • Awful and Extremely Dumb

    By youipow
    This is a literal scam, every time you get a question wrong, it plays a stupid ad, and it doesn’t even give you any robux, its like one of these scam games that make you download their game to get popularity, It so stupid for them to put a app and name it “Free Robux”, It is such a scam, Its just a endless trivia quiz and it gives you no Robux, Like those ROBLOX games that lie about giving you free robux and end up hacking your roblox account, There is nothing free in life, In those free robux websites, you have to install apps or complete offers to get free robux, which is extremely boring, to only get Robux, you have to pay for Robux, which is stupid, people disguise their scams to free robux applications for users from all around the world to fall into their trap, they grant access to your ROBLOX account if you enter your password to your account into their fake Roblox sign in form document, so they can enter the password to your account and easily ruin everything in your account.
  • There is no free robux in anything it’s just a scam.

    By hjesus saul
    Don’t believe youtuber’s that say go to a free website scam I want to give this zero stars but it made me make it he so I deleted it to know who’s a click baiter don’t pay attention to clickbait arrows it’s fake and people who are trying to go in peoples account and searching up it’s fake because they made it up and used on of the passwords from that list and don’t trust people who say “the more you watch the live stream the more robux you get” and youtubers are not dieing it’s fake because they only do it for views to make more video and if you like their video they get money so do not trust scams like asking for emails and passwords this is a scam game and I never won robux or tix scams should not exist somebody likes it but never said they got robux so it may be a bot so don’t trust people that’s a leasson.
  • Terrible

    By ray cray girl
    This app is terrible because it will only keep on asking you questions and won’t give eny body robux so its lieing so never ever get this game or your hopes and dreams of free robux are gone and don’t say you’ll fix it because I have like three game that said that and it lied I’m still waiting for them to fix it and it is still the same every year I’ve waited like let’s say ummm 2 years or more so don’t scam ppl that’s mean and other kids might have been so excited to get free robux and you just smashed there hopes and that is mean so if your gunna do that thing again and don’t do it it is mean and no one will like you if you do that so pls delete this game who ever got it it is a scam I know I sound mean dut I’m trying to be as nice as I can today 2020 thurs may 28 ps. I hope you don’t down load this game.
  • Uh,this is nothing but a scam....

    By -odd person-
    Yes,I did download this to my iPad and I did the questions and all of the other things it wants me to do and I made it to the end and it took FOREVER, being a ROBLOX player myself I’d just say to buy robux instead of downloading apps to get robux and you’re wondering what my reason is to never do apps like these for robux well, they can hack your ROBLOX account anywhere anytime as well like a horrible b-day party once you log in to ROBLOX you’ll see your account removed from ROBLOX and if you refresh the page or log back in over and over again and it still won’t work it must have been hacked ofc. Please if you don’t have money or not enough money for your own robux just go poor, at least you can trick people into thinking your a noob at a game but your really a pro >:3.
  • Scammie scam scam pls read

    By cat lovesyu
    So I was hoping for more robux but this is a scam. I found another app I’ll tell you the name it’s not a scam robux for roblox Calc. I got more robux from that. But all this is really is a quiz. With unnecessary questions. Anyways, I want to give this zero stars but It made me get one.🤬😡😡🥵🤬😡 and once, it did the same questions over over in a row!!!!! It does the same thing . And this game always asks me to do fort nite same thing and I was like NOOOO I’m only 9 and fort nite is frickin robux?!?! No it’s not what in saying, is every time (this doesn’t make you a master) you go in the game it says your a roblox master or something no. And the fort nite thingy migig. This game is scary to me, for example it lies and it’s scaring me so I deleted it. I feel like this games broken. Please take this advice: this game is a scam so expect the unexpected.
  • Terrible

    By RockstarGirl123333
    Ok, I play roblox like, every day after school. And just today I spent 4 or 5 dolors getting robux, and I thought, wouldn’t it be better if I could get robux for FREE? Well unfortunately as far as I know, it is impossible. But earlier today I didn’t know that. So I went to the App Store and looked up “Apps for Free Robux”. Well this app popped up and I was so excited! I went on the app just to find it was all a LIE! I got a lot of the questions right, so I go on Roblox and I still have the same amount of Robux. So of course I thought maybe I had to do something to make it load through to make it give me my robux. Well there was NOTHING. Obviously I was mad. I really do hate it when apps like this just LIE! I hope you read this so you know that you SHOULD NOT get this app. It was a waste of my time.
  • Extremely stupid

    By Dragem Dragon
    I mean, the quiz is kinda ok, but I just don’t see what it’s for. They don’t even give “free robux” that I saw, which is probably good since if it did, it would be a complete scam. But it still is. Also If you get one wrong, it plays an advertisement that you cannot even close out of. That happened to me many times so then when another ad came up, I just closed out of the app and reopened it again. Not to mention it will ask the same questions over and over which make it even more boring. None of it works. Plus I think they got the question about the Roblox Studio wrong because it said that I got it wrong. Then played another ad of course. I suggest you don’t get this since it just wasted my Time. So there. -Me
  • Read this!

    By Tin Can, a dime a dozen.
    Alright so I like playing roblox, of course I do, it’s a game of fun and joy. But games like these are SCAMS, don’t get them! They’ll scam you out of your password, and hack your roblox account, please people be aware of this! I don’t recommend games like this! I’ll tell you right now, there is absolutely no way to get FREE robux unless you are given money by groups, giveaways, roblox gift cards, but these games? No way! Don’t be fooled please! Especially if you spent money on roblox! Get your mom or dad to buy robux for you, and if they don’t, OK, if people bully you for being “poor” and a “noob” I highly suggest to IGNORE THEM! Don’t let them bring you down! Please! Don’t download this game, it’s a shammy scam, if you download this delete it, there’s no way for free robux. 👋 bye.

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