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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-24
  • New version: 5.4.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

IQ Test: The Intelligence Quiz

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IQ Test: The Intelligence Quiz is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Paul Stelzer. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Paul Stelzer, with the latest current version being 5.4.0 which was officially released on 2021-03-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3,041 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.41171 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

- IQ Test completely in English and free to play (more languages coming soon) - WIth Multiplayer Party Mode and quiz elements - Scientifically developed by students of the University of Rostock (Germany) - With excercise mode: Play all quiz tasks with solutions and explanations again - Compare your result with friends - Many more great functions for the IQ Test are still planned --------------------------------------------------------------- Why should you take part of this IQ Test? --------------------------------------------------------------- Influenced by WAIS-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Test for Adults) and research by students of the University of Rostock, the IQ Test includes the following tasks: - Perceptive reasoning - Processing speed - working memory - speech understanding - Number understanding These categories are queried in the IQ Test in various categories, including sample groups, dice test, remember pictures, number series, matrix test, estimate, order numbers and more! Start your IQ Test now and compare with your friends! The first quiz has around 100 tasks, so take some time and start your IQ Test today! The test is free, but you can get extra features with our statistics or explanations package. --------------------------------------------------------------- What is an IQ Test? --------------------------------------------------------------- An IQ test is used to show how "intelligent" you are in relation to other people. But what is intelligence? This is not a defined term and so intelligence is just what an IQ test measures. Therefore, different IQ tests can not be compared, just the same test, and it simply tells you if you have solved the tasks better (over IQ 100) or worse (under IQ 100) than the average. So do not take the IQ that seriously, just test how you cut off compared to others!

Top Reviews

  • Absolutely Positively THE WORST...

    By Dr Zhiivago
    I didn’t believe others when they told me it’s a waste of time & effort. First & foremost; someone forgot to check all the grammatical errors ; there are plenty as if the developer don’t care about the aspect of teaching people the proper way to develop a sentence!!!! Additionally; you are asked lots of questions and to know the correct answer you must PAY the developer a fee to get to know the answer and why it’s the correct answer. This is messed up..I am NOT saying the developer doesn’t deserve to be reimbursed for his work ; all I am saying; he is going the wrong way about getting paid. You practically can go thru lots of questions without knowing the answers and you play play play & at the end ...The developer tells you : “ you conquered this segment of the test”...Another great deficiency in this game; it’s NOT MADE FOR ALL...Certain people with certain disabilities would be unable to play the games & THATS NOT FAIR...Additionally; I highly recommend developer to hire a third party to go over the grammatical errors. Many subscribers criticize the game and the developer ignores replying to their constructive criticism which truly shows he doesn’t care about what his subscribers think and recommend, an acknowledgement with an explanation from the developer to subscribers will go a long way in building a resilient relationship base with players. I AM OUT AND I AM DELETING THIS APP RIGHT NOW...
  • Awful

    By SGXeska
    I say this app is awful because poses as an IQ test. It would be better presented and defined as something similar to the old DS game, Brain Age. There are too many grammatical errors and the application doesn’t specific the formatting it wants written answers in. I question the authenticity of the app as it is unpolished. It also has so many purchase options that it makes you wonder what is really being sold. I give it 1-star because it tries to present itself as an IQ test which can be a little dangerous to some people’s mental health. When making something to present as a measure of intelligence, one must meet the highest standards possible to ensure both accuracy and accessibility. This app accomplishes neither. It should rebrand as an intelligence building app that relies on its own unique measurement of intelligence. Having taking multiple real IQ tests, I can that this is really a best effort to imitate and profit. Edit: this app has more “bells and whistles” than most other unofficial/incredible IQ tests which lends to the risk factor since having features and a relatively clean UI can build more trust with user regardless of the quality of the content provided.
  • Hard to use on iphone8 ios 13.1.3

    By Oddenforcer
    During a question it’s fine in vertical orientation but a large portion of the content is out of the viewport when held horizontally. In between questions there is a large blank banner occluding most of the content (both orientations). In between categories I’m unable to hit the button to proceed to the next category. I was able to get it to appear by closing the app and reopening, but if I scrolled down past the button I could not scroll back up to make it visible again. Update: I got through the whole test, however there were many parts where I was unable to see the question due to what I said above- but it’s not as bad as I initially thought. Maybe 15 to 20% of the questions were unanswerable without guessing because the question was completely or partially hidden. When I was stuck in between categories, resetting the app was usually enough for me to get to the next category. I’d give more stars if the UI wasn’t so buggy.
  • Waste of time

    By Shaquanito
    There was a particular question in which there were squares. There was supposedly "7 articles in each box" the first had 7 dots. Fair enough. The next had 3 triangles and 1 dot. The next had 1 triangle and 5 dots. The dots equal 1 and the triangles equal 2. Now riddle me this. How is anyone supposed to know the rule to the question without any prior reasoning when triangles have 3 sides? You're not given the information of there being 7 articles in EACH box until you have answered the question. Instead of going based on any true patterns they say things such as the first two were dark blue and the third was light blue so the fourth must be light blue when all of the squares have a different number of dots. I just see a total disregard for true numerical patterns. This is coming from someone, while not being a "genius", who was able to comprehend mathematics at an 11th grade level in the 7th grade.
  • English errors in questions and explanations are sometimes too vague

    By 2joel87
    You should seriously get a 3rd party to scrutinize the quality and accuracy of the content. Many of the English instructions have wrong spelling or grammatical errors, showing that whoever put this app together has skipped a step that would make this app a whole lot more convenient for English speakers. Side from that, the questions are fairly challenging, yet the explanations are way too simplified, whereby one does not actually learn to improve for the next time they encounter a similar question. Basically, there is room for improvement, but the app has potential.
  • Poorly translated for Native English speakers.

    By Shutsubotsu
    The some of the questions have incomplete sentences, such as “Tim Invites for his party.” Then it asks how many people will be at his party if every third friend invites three friends... well, I can’t answer the question because The first sentence is incomplete. Tim invites who to the party? The next issue with these questions is answer format. It will ask you to list letters or numbers. DdI they want it comma separated, spaces or no spaces? Commas and spaces? I don’t know how it will parse the answer which can result in an answer that is correct but since format is not given, it will be labeled as wrong. Also, misspellings are scattered through out. It could be intentional but it may not be. One question writes out the number, lets say four thousand and twenty two. Then it asks if the number written in reverse would be two thousend ( note the ‘E’ in the word thousand? ) and whatever. If the misspelling was intentional, I got this right, but if not, and the correct answer was yes, then I would get it wrong since the word is spelt wrong thinking it was being tricky. Not a very good app and not worth the money.
  • Not for me

    By Judd2501
    There’s no shame in my game, like many, I am on the Autistic Spectrum and have some developmental issues. I enjoy taking IQ tests and also use them as a way to push myself. I thought an IQ app would be an easy way to engage myself during down time. I looked around and settled on this one, it was not for me. Though the developers did their best to explain the exercises, I did not fully understand all of them, the timer made me a bit anxious and I found it hard to visualize patterns on my iPhone due to screen size (major drawback for me since my strength is visual+kinesthetic). I guess I will keep looking for a practice book and taking IQ tests online.
  • I tested it.

    By hiyahihiyaho
    By the title you most likely already know what this is going to be about and to be realistic with you I am surprised I tried to get all of them wrong once and did than I tried to get 36 specifically incorrect answers out of 96 and I did I am about to do a third test which is when I actually try than I will compare and contrast my findings to a real iq test and a fake one also I don’t know why but auto correct is messing some of the sentences in this paragraph up.
  • Worth your time

    By Alexi Brandell
    I had always wondered what my IQ was but didn’t have any money. I found this app and decided to try it. It was quite wonderful. It is still in a beta form, but I see the potential for this app. I would highly suggest downloading it if you have an hour or so to take the test. You can take the test multiple times, for free.
  • Wow

    By Alexmirov
    Questions are straightforward and exactly explaining what you need to do you have to make sure that you read exclamation and you better look at examples what you need to do next, Overall I really like that and I will do it again definitely

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