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  • New version: 2.17.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Bible Verse Collect

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Bible Verse Collect is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by iDailybread Co., Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - iDailybread Co., Limited, with the latest current version being 2.17.1 which was officially released on 2021-04-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 166,118 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.65381 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Bible Word Story is a brand new word game that starts as an easy word game, but gets challenging as solving puzzle games and collecting Bible stories. It's time to solve Bible puzzles and collect God's words with friends and family NOW! The game features: A bible word unscrambler game contains Bible word games and Bible Stories Numerous word connect puzzles that challenge brain Colorful illustrations and interactive contents of Bible Stories Educational Bible games for both adults and children A Bible game contains word games and Bible Stories - Creative and incredible gameplay of word games - Find illustration fragments in word puzzles to complete Bible Stories - Interact with the touch-activated pictures to explore Bible Verses Numerous word connect puzzles - Simply swipe letters to find words and get rewards - Become a word search master - Exercise brain with challenging puzzle games - All levels are free to play Colorful illustrations and interactive contents of Bible Stories - Countless colorful Bible Story illustrations: Noah’s Ark, the Birth of Jesus, resurrection of Jesus and so on - Collect missed fragments to activate static Bible images - All pictures are animated and interactive - Save Bible illustrations and share with friends Educational Bible Games for both adults and children - Remember more Bible Verses while playing word games - Bring God into life FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! If you have any question, let us know your thoughts via Visit our website:

Top Reviews

  • First time trying a game like this

    By ROX.C.
    I very much like the option of being able to skip the ads...I had no idea it was playing amazing grace (because I was playing it on mute) until I read the previous review so I added the extra 5th star. I have never played a game like this..I’ve always stayed away from these sort of games. But because it was a Christian game I thought...perfect! Now I can read versus from the Bible in a fun way. As I started playing..I was a bit confused because the simple words in the beginning were so short and some didn’t make any sense to me, like “an on do..” then I saw that those letters were added to the verse. When I saw the words added, I thought I had to solve the rest of the verse (kind of like “wheel of fortune”...ha and I quickly tried to read it as it was, which was incomplete and then it disappeared to makeup other simple words that were again added to the verse. So finally all the letters fill in the verse and I did like the challenge afterwards.
  • Very Enjoyable BUT...

    By Jill Hurley
    I like this game a lot, and I spend a lot of time playing it. However, words that are commonly known often go into the extra jar while words I’ve never heard of (and I have a degree in Literature) end up being some of the answers. Also, it’s important to know two things: All verses are in the King James Version (probably because there are no copyright issues with KJV), and words are often accepted in British form, rather than American form (such as centre instead of center). Some words may be acceptable for one round and not acceptable for another. The most annoying thing, though, is that an ad often covers the bottom of the screen when doing one of the multiple choice games so you cannot see the fourth option. Also, you will suddenly have finished all of the levels of the daily side games (that can be accessed via the clipboard on the home screen) without realizing it. I don’t like that at all, as that was my favorite part of the app. I’ll continue to play this game, but it needs an update. Note 1: The correct answer to the question about on which day did Jesus heal the man in Bethesda is not even one of the choices. This event occurred on the Sabbath and can be read about in John 5, but Sunday is not one of the multiple choices given. Note 2: “ETC” is NOT a word! It’s an abbreviation for “et cetera.”
  • Fun but definitely pay to not have ads

    By SA Review Incognito
    The ads are ridiculous!!! Once in a while I elect to have ads to get more coins, but frequently the ad won’t X out when you click the X (this is intentionally “broken” as it will allow you to play the game in the ad and download it, but not X out of it and get your coins) so you have to end the whole session and don’t get coins and there doesn’t seem to be any way to contact anyone to get the coins you should have gotten for wasting those precious 30+ seconds of your life for the stupid ads. This has happened most if not all of the times I have elected for ads to get extra coins. This is basically a lie and is very deceptive and as this is a Bible app, I am very disappointed and even a bit angry that the coins I should have gotten (which at this point is over 500 by my calculations) for watching these ridiculous ads and wasting precious seconds of my life are not awarded even after I kept my end of the bargain by sacrificing my time and attention to watch!!! There are many game apps out there and although I love this one is bible based, the scriptures they use are all from the Old Testament and most that I’ve read don’t really seem to be relevant and meaningful to what I’m dealing with in my life. I would recommend trying to find a more relevant bible game app that doesn’t have ads that rip you off and don’t award the deserved coins they promise.
  • Great game, word cookies, but to learn the Bible!

    By Rob Levi
    Really good app honestly. It’s like word cookies which I actually really enjoyed playing. The game helps you to casually build your vocabulary, as well as train your mind to see more information more quickly and more effectively. But what makes this one do much more special the word cookies is that, it does not compromise the first clear benefit, but it adds a greater substance as you learn the Bible at the same time. I only wish it worked you through the whole Bible, and not just a few passengers per book. That would be excellent. Maybe in a future version. Keep it up guys, you’re doing gods work. Find people where they’re at. Playing phone games.
  • Bible Word

    By Adeeperimage
    This is a fantastic premise for a game. It flows great with music for me. However, the jar... The star jar, for extra words shows up way to late. A few levels of a lacklustre dictionary gets a bit grating in a short amount of time. The trivia is a great balance for that seemingly trivial issue... But for me it added character to the work. Okay the meat and potatoes are the WORDS... 7-3 s, l, o, i, d, were the options my answer idols. No star even? That's not solid? This one caused me to pause the gameplay because idols are spoken of in the Bible on several occasions. I almost want to blow the dust off of mine... I won't beat the Bible with chaps and verses because it isn't that deep... But man does it have the potential to be. I feel like these types of words definitely have a place in the star jar. This game has potential, and my opinion is... the words that are actually in the Bible should be represented and acknowledged even of only with a star. I think I will hang around for a few updates and see what happens with this rough gem.
  • Bit of a disappointment

    By mkk1950
    I love word games, and when I saw this game was bible related, I was elated. It is a fun game and the scriptures are a plus...also the background music. But I’m disappointed in the ability of finding words. So far, no plurals are accepted so the number of bonus words is limited. Also, many valid words that I find say ‘bonus word already found’, which isn’t true, but I may have found that word 10 games before! The spin option after completing a game almost NEVER gives any number other than a zero in the first slot. I’ve also noticed, for example, that if the words to find don’t include any three-letter words in that particular round, you cannot find ANY three-letter bonus words. So I’m sort of frustrated with this game. I play another word game called Wordscapes, which accepts ALL valid words including plurals. I wish this game did the same. Otherwise, it’s a good game but it’s just not holding my interest very well! I hope y’all can improve upon it.
  • Not as expected

    By contemplater
    The game starts out with adds and in between each little segment you do there is another add, so six segments you get six adds. Then they ask you to pay a fee to get rid of the adds. You do not even have enough time to see if you enjoy the game or not and have to watch tons of adds and the only way out of it is to pay. I pay if I like it not if I’m annoyed into it. This is an app about learning the Bible but to me it seems as though the makers want it to profit them more than you. The profit of the makers should come from their maker and those who would like to donate or just have money to pay. Your trust should be in the most high not trying to profit off of his word. Your profit should be in your good deeds. You give freely and he gives freely... unless you don’t trust him. I was annoyed with the adds and had to uninstall the game. I just believe all need money but our provider is the most high not in our own interesting ways of collecting it for our own profit. Something like this should be available weather you can pay or not.
  • Uninstalling

    By Concerned mom and wife
    Initially I thought this was fun and thought it would be more Bible oriented with the words to be guessed. Multiple levels do not accept common words but the missing words are often words that are either made up or an unidentified language. There has also been a few inappropriate words for a Bible app and an inappropriate ad about making choices where it you have to choose how you would react if you walked in on your spouse in bed with someone else. The most frustrating thing however is attempting to enter a word several times only for it to be repeatedly rejected. When I’ve exhausted all possible options I finally breakdown and use coins to purchase clues until I get it right and li and behold, it was a word I had already tried several times! A game is supposed to be fun, not frustrating so I am deleting.
  • Great game

    By Samsay2
    I fell in love with this game because I loved the integration of the Bible and scripture to the game. This is literally the only game I know that has it so when I saw it, it was a must download. Extra brownie points for having Amazing Grace playing as background music. I also liked the “4 pics one word” challenges. It was such a wonderful game. It would have been 5 stars, but unfortunately, after around level 20 or so, the game stops giving scripture verses and stops offering challenges. That is very disappointing since that was the main reason I fell in love with the game. Of the game changes to remain constant with everything, I would have shared this game with all my friends. But I’m not going to give you a horrible rating because like I said, there is no other games for Christians out there.
  • Love it but...

    By 1mabeliever
    I love this app. It’s beautiful and relaxing, a nice getaway when the pressure of life is mounting(so I play 24/7! No I’m kidding)! The only complaint I have and the reason for the four stars is because I was hoping for much more bible trivia and not so much “word cookie.” I also would like to be given the opportunity to fill in the Bible verses on my own rather than have it filled in for me with the little word game that I’m sorry to say is just boring and geared more toward my 7 year old. Please let us have some more multiple choice bible trivia. I know I can get trivia from other apps but I love everything else about your game so I don’t want another app. You have a faithful customer in me, but please give me feedback concerning any changes you think you could make. Thank you!

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