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  • Last Updated: 2020-12-30
  • New version: 2.8.7
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Word Crossy - A crossword game

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Word Crossy - A crossword game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - REIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, with the latest current version being 2.8.7 which was officially released on 2020-12-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 187,414 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.51783 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Don’t miss out on the game that’s already been downloaded by over 18 million players! Train your Brain and Sharpen your Mind! Word Crossy is a relaxing Word game where you connect letters together to form words on a crossword-style board. Learn while you play! With over 4,600 levels and thousands of words ranging from simple to complex, Word Crossy will help you become a true Word Master. Daily Challenges and Super Tournaments allow you test yourself against even greater challenges while earning fantastic rewards! No Time Limits, No Pressure. Gameplay occurs at a leisurely pace - without any time limits or pressure - making it a great way to comfortably pass time. Spell out words amidst beautiful backgrounds and tranquil tunes to bring serenity to your spare time. An enjoyable blend of Word Find and Crossword-style games Innovative gameplay modes, appealing visuals, a variety of gameplay features, 4,600+ challenging levels, and much more. Features: 1080p HD Visuals: High resolutions graphics provide an exquisite visual experience Super Tournaments: Compete against other players every weekend. Higher rankings earn greater rewards! 4,600+ Levels: An endless array of levels that are suitable for every level of player. Built-in Dictionary: Learn new words and expand your vocabulary while you play! Daily Challenge: Complete levels to earn Stars which can then be exchanged for Mind Stones. Butterfly Mode: Catch butterflies and become a Word Master! New Visual Design: Constantly optimized UI and gameplay provide users with a better gameplay experience. ___________ Word Crossy’s Second Anniversary is Coming Soon! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and a heartfelt thank you to all our players! We are simply amazed by the incredible outpouring of support we have received over the last two years. In the future, Word Crossy will be adding additional levels, missions, rewards, and excitement, so please look forward to it! Word Crossy is Free to Play - come try the game that’s already been downloaded over 18M times. ----------------About Subscriptions---------------- - Premium Membership costs $7.99 per week and provides exclusive rewards and instant boosts for 7 days. Try it now with the 3-day Free Trial! - Your iTunes Account will be charged at the time of purchase. - Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the subscription period unless turned off in Account Settings at least 24 hours before the current period ends. - Renewals will be charged to your iTunes Account within the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. - Auto-renewal can be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchasing a subscription. - Subscriptions cannot be cancelled while they are still active. - Subscriptions can be cancelled during the Free Trial period via the Subscription Settings in your iTunes account. This must be done at least 24 hours before the subscription period ends to avoid being charged. Please visit https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039 for more information. - You may turn off the auto-renewal of your subscription via your iTunes Account Settings. However, you are not able to cancel the current subscription while it is active. - Any remaining portions of the Free Trial are lost when a subscription is purchased. Privacy Policy - https://sites.google.com/view/wordcrossypp Terms of Use - https://sites.google.com/view/wordcrossytms

Top Reviews

  • Mysterious Scoring

    By BWKWJreader
    It’s okay...a way to pass time. Can’t figure out the scoring. Some reviews criticize the “bonus” word because it’s mandatory that you find it before moving on. I don’t think it’s a bonus word, per se. Finding that word does “pay” out in “game coins” that allow you to buy hints. That’s their only purpose or use, as far as I can tell. And, yes, you do have to find it before moving on. The whole game could use some clearly written -out COMPLETE instructions and information on scoring, in case that affects someone’s methods of word guessing. The only thing remotely like directions is masked as the first several stupid-easy “levels” when a pop-up indicates how to run your finger along the letters to make the words, and that for help you can touch two icons: one to mix-up the letters and one to get hints. It doesn’t mention that the hints “cost” those “game coins” mentioned earlier. I think putting in wrong guesses may adversely affect the score. Don’t really know. Sometimes a correct word is worth 1 point and sometimes it seems to be worth 2. No explanation on scores. But that’s okay with me. I don’t pay attention to the score. By the way, I accidentally bumped one of the “buy this offers” and my screen went black. It wouldn’t go on or go back (I waited quite a while). I even left the game and reopened but it still went to a black screen. I had to remove the app and re install it, but it started over with the first level. :-(
  • Not a fan of the latest updates

    By Lady_MCM
    Have played this game for years and have enjoyed the challenge of learning new words and completing the puzzle. The rewards came quickly which encouraged me to keep playing. The latest updates delay the rewards to the point the game has become boring. Instead of 25 points after accruing 30 words not in the puzzle, you must wait 18 LEVELS to gain 25 points. Not worth the time it takes. Also, those extra words? You no longer receive points for legitimate words not in the puzzle unless it is on some arbitrary list related to that specific level. A word that is not accepted on level 2435, for example, is acceptable on level 2436. It makes no sense and provides no help in vocabulary building. One thing that has not been fixed is the 50% off hints for one hour which only worked 1/2 the time and never on the daily rewards. It is possible that they moved the letters in the play location - where you choose the letters - closer together so if you just barely sweep by a letter while lining out a word, that letter is chosen, your word is misspelled and you lose the run on the 12 or 40 word count rewards. All of these issues are problems, but the biggest issues for me are the arbitrary rejection of legitimate words not included in the puzzle and having to play through 18 LEVELS for a measly 25 points. Not worth the time and effort and BORING. That’s my two cents.
  • Just got better

    By Laurence72
    Ok, so I’m currently lvl 586 and haven’t written a review for this game until today. They just added a dictionary button on the screen to define mysterious words that you may have guessed on or maybe use it as a refresher to keep your mind sharp. I’m so glad they added it, it even does words In the pool that are legit but don’t make it on the board. Thank you for not being an ad dependable app. Also, the changing background is awesome after playing so many levels at a time. I have two permanent games on my phone for over two years and this is one of them. Thank you devs for not overthinking it. The only I don’t like is the crappy wheel of fortune thing for a bonus. Can you change it up a little or improve upon it? I suggest being able to win a point a puzzle to be able to spin in more than once, make the speed a bit more realistic on the wheel or pick from cards and get a bonus.
  • Crashes, lost progress, strange scoring....

    By AngelPixel
    Game started getting stuck loading at 1% then freezes and crashes. Can't even open it half the time... Repetitive words, made up words, ads after every single level...made the mistake of paying to remove them because at first the game is really fun and addictive. But once you get to higher levels and like ten in a row have the same words repeated just kinda makes it annoying after a while. Anyways there is a lot of potential to be a good game it just needs some fine tuning. The reward system needs work as well. It is very confusing right now, what are the flowers for? The gold rewards seem kind of skimpy as well. Also you lose your bonus streak even if you enter in a legit word and sometimes that legit word gets you the bonus.....I can understand losing your bonus for entering in something that is just gobbledegook but why not extra points for real words? Annnnnd then you can go to the next level and enter in that SAME word from that last puzzle and it accepts it?! So convoluted. Also after the game stopped opening I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that would resolve the issue. I was also logged into Facebook at the time might I add. When I reinstalled the game and logged back in I had lost all my progress....what's the point of logging in when all it does is show me what my friends scores are. Also there doesn't seem to be game center support either... Wish I could get a refund.
  • Preferred the previous update

    By Nice child
    This update I do not like. It’s like the reversed in progress because normally updates are better but this one is like they went back like 10 steps. I can say I have noticed less ads. The music was so relaxing and now it’s a little more upbeat. The music is a large portion as to why played the game and now I really don’t care for it. They had spa like music, but like I said it’s a little more upbeat than usual. The app is so extra now. I like cut to the paste and now it does extra stuff when you found a word, they changed the whole layout, as I said I preferred the other layout way better- like the overall layout. At the end of the game when you could easily press X they make you wait for the flower to fully circle around and it is frustrating. Basically I played the game for relaxing purposes and now it doesn’t even do that anymore because they put in special effects which delays time has annoyed me. I don’t care for the path level up hung either. At one point you could just slide and it had relaxing picture of different elements and of course they took that away! I play less now.
  • Good Start, Needs Improvement

    By Emannick
    Overall I enjoy the game, but there are a few sore spots that need to be addressed; primarily with the words that it accepts/ does not accept. Depending on the level, the same word will or will not be accepted as an answer. If its acceptable on one level I should be able to input it on another level, even if its only as a bonus word. The issue gets compounded when putting in a word that is not accepted breaks your combo! How can I know ahead of time that the word wont work for that level and avoid losing the points? I frequently guess correctly spelled english words that simply aren’t allowed on that level and then later its a required word, where is the consistency? Why can I put in ‘Mauls’ but not ‘Maul’ in the same level? Just update the word banks and make any words that are real, but not required for the level, as bonus words so it wont break my combo score. Also, it would be nice if we could check what bonus words we’ve already gotten for the level. So like I said, fun but needs some work to be less frustrating
  • Juvenile exclusions of legitimate words

    By Nytrip11
    I’m giving this a three stars because I have played this game for quite some time and achieved more than 2000 levels. However I have contacted the developer many times over their inconsistencies with legitimate words. I think they cater to a British on the defense rather than an American due to the slang that is included. They have some anatomical words, but not others. But they consider the word “god” an offensive word, but not goddess or godless. “Queer” is also considered an offensive word which I find extremely ridiculous, but slang such as “guv” From the British word governor is included. I could go on and on. “Hip” is not a word but “hips” is, “hoe” is not a word but “hoed” is considered legitimate. I think you get the picture. Also, it sometimes doesn’t recognize when you correctly connected a word, so you have to do it multiple times before it responds. Anyways I’m going to find a new game. If the developer had responded to me in any kind of coherent way I might have considered staying a customer. With the plethora of ads this game has, I’m sure I can find another to occupy my time.
  • Inconsistent

    By SilkofGravel
    So I agree that it is a way to pass the time. Some major improvements can be made. You get high scores by not guessing incorrect words. The issue with this: sometimes a word that is absolutely, definitely a word will not get credited, so then points are lost...but it’s a real word (e.g. “let”). Sometimes words that are in one puzzle (in the actual puzzle) don’t get credited as a real word in the next puzzle. So while you HAVE to guess, “ire,” in order to complete one puzzle, you need to make sure you avoid it in another puzzle. It’d be one thing if points were deducted just because there isn’t a spot for the word...but when you guess a legit word that isn’t part of the puzzle, it sometimes recognizes that you’ve discovered a word that isn’t used in the actual puzzle, and you still get points for that word with no deduction. Sometimes it will deduct points when I didn’t even get a chance to spell a word. Sometimes my finger hits the wrong starting letter, so I have to remove my finger from that letter. It seems that considers that a wrong spelling. I think that’s too much. And I agree with the bonus word issue. It’s not a “bonus” if it’s required. 🙄
  • 💜 LOVE this game, never had any issues! 💙

    By E~Jo
    Love this game.. I’ve never downloaded a game to my phone and actually kept it.. I always get tired of them and trash them, then continue my search for that “perfect game” that fits me.. However, I downloaded this game over a year ago and still have and love it! 🥰It’s very easy to maneuver the map, very simple and easy to play, yet there’s enough of a challenge in finding words, that it’s not boring. I also love how, after you find a work, you can touch the word in the puzzle and it will give you the definition for that word! (Because there are several words that I find and think “no way that’s a word!” haha) I’ve never had any issues with losing coins unnecessarily, game crashing, etc! I’ve also won every-single-tournament I’ve played, which are worth 1,000 coins each time you win 1st place! 😍 DOWNLOAD this game; if you enjoy word puzzles, you will NOT be disappointed!!!!
  • Somewhat challenging

    By apple annoying
    Enjoy playing, hate the ads. Yes I know I can pay to eliminate. That’s not happening. Some are half minute long...really annoying. But the biggest annoyance just occurred: an ad completely in Spanish. Almost deleted game because of it! Update: Been playing for some time; am at level 6000+. As of yesterday, game loads & then goes to home page. Have tried half dozen times, rebooted iPad,etc, same result. Reluctantly, am deleting. May load in future but am done with it now. Tried on different iPad. Still problematic. Did complete reset on both pads, thinking problems may be hardware. Same issues. These things have just been past couple days. Has there been an update? Appears so. Note letters are smaller. Plus ads have become intolerable, especially when playing in tournaments. Going to have to dump them from phone & 2 iPads. P.S. reduced to 1 star. More update. Reloaded on older pad after deleting & doing a reset (at level 5000+). Very, very slow for a few games. Now it has gone back to problem that caused deletion, game loads (takes forever) all the way to game start, then dumps me back to home page over and over. What's the deal?

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