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Acrylic Nails!


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Acrylic Nails! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Crazy Labs. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Crazy Labs, with the latest current version being 1.5.1 which was officially released on 2021-06-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 236201 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Acrylic Nails! App

How does it Work?

Congrats you have your own nail salon!

Time to give some hands an acrylic DIY makeover - drill, lengthen, shape, and polish some gorgeous nails.

It’s up to you to makeover nails with art and give your clients the ultimate nail spa experience. Think you’re done? Nah, we’re talking nail art to the next level you can choose from all kinds of prints and paints to polish your clients’ nails.

So what are you waiting for? You have a line out the door of your nail spa of clients waiting for some super nail makeovers!

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Top Reviews

  • By white goldilocks

    Let me tell the details…

    Ok, I personally think this s a good game. But, I feel like it is best to know the game and then think about the answer. So, when you first open this game, you are creating a nail. You can choose between different shapes, powders, and stencils. You could also choose if you want stencils, marble, (which you mix paints) or accessories. After you chose what you want, you do that on the nail. Then, the person that you did leaves. After that, you keep making different nails, and every time you move on to another nail, there is only one order that the client makes. After you make the first nail, mostly everything is locked though. But, the higher levels you make, the more you unlock, and every nail you do, you earn game coins.(money) For me, I am already on day (or level) 33, and I unlocked everything. I am addicted and play it in the car a lot. This game does not require internet, so you could turn it off to turn off adds. The name might sound strange, like it’s different, but it is actually addicting!

  • By Mrs. Jenna

    AMAZING 😉 but some flaws!

    Let me get started by saying this game is awesome!!!😉😊😀 But like any game, sooner or later there is the flaws... 😑 But if you want to have a game with major ASMR, you should get this one, no, YOU NEED to get this one! 😃 First of all, there is the games creepy and freaky characters! Their faces are not normal and many people have left reviews on this subject already. Second of all, there is too many ads! Every time I finish a clients hand, there is an ad! I know that I can turn off my WiFi but I really want to get the extra stuff that needs ads... Third of all, I know I just reported ads, but this is for a MAJOR reason! These ads are super inappropriate for younger children who might download this game! Fourth of all, there isn’t enough colors to put on the nail polish 💅! Please try and fix that! I’m already on level 7 and I have only been playing 3 days!!! I would be super glad if the developers could fix these small flaws but other than that, you guys did an amazing job programming and editing this game developers and editors!!! 😊 😆 😃

  • By GIRLwithTHEFlow123

    Nice but a few problem

    Ok, this app is the BOOM! But there a few problems. First, when you are done with a nail, it will ask you if you want to use an ad for an offer. But when I press no thanks, it gives me an ad anyway! Second, the people are super creepy! Know wonder they want makeovers! Please use better graphics for a better experience! Third, I want more nail colors. Unlike a few other apps, it only has like, 10 colors, and the user might not like it LIKE ME! Fourth, I know I already put this topic in, but the colors are to girly! I mean, I know it might be a random pick, but some girls like colors like green. So please put in more colors and not just in one category. Also, I might not get this correct, but aren’t you supposed to make this a realistic reality, like other simulator apps? Because this app is not really realistic according to my problems. Other than all that, this app is simply the best!

  • By assoowkskskqkks

    GrEaT bUt ReAd hOw GoOd tHe ApP iS

    Okay, so I was joking when I said to see how good the app is because some people hate it. So this review is gonna be very long like the others, but if I’m NOT wasting your name please read this! Okay sooo the first thing is it said it was made by a asmr maker, but I can barely even hear the nail polish smear😩so it needs more ya know sound? But also i wanna name the nails I do and I wanna save it so it can be an original nail thing. Also I have some other issues😔 it has a couple crash issues, but idk if it’s just me or if like.. it really has crash issues. But for the other part of the game it’s GREAT! I would really love if you go paid or if you got payed as long as you do it. And yeah! I’m very impressed!🥰😋😊I would appreciate if the owner replied also! Great value tho great game great basically everything I didn’t have issues with! Thank you for reading this! - Ashley😏😩

  • By Bloomjadestarlexiwolf

    This isn’t a bad game

    This game is fairly not a bad game. It has some flaws to it and needs some things to be fixed and addressed though. The reason I would not give it 5 stars is due to the poor art quality and unsettling amount of advertisements. The reason I don’t like the art quality is because the game have horrible quality in computer animating and walking animations, and even slight movements the characters make when talking. I just wish this game had more effort put into it, it’s a nice game, it really is, but it could use a lot of improvements in art style and animation. The ads in this game are very irritating and I hope that in any future updates, the developer could cut down the ads so the beakers can enjoy their game. For instance, I will be painting a nails or applying the acrylic powder and then I’m ready to apply the polish, and there comes an ad. Could I at least finish the hand before you hit me with all these ads??? Listen, I get that you want to make your money and advertisements is usually what most games would go to for support on money problems. But you also have to care that people that will play your game will get frustrated with all the advertisements you’re adding to your game! Please! Make some improvements and make this app better! This app is capable of many things as long as the creators try to make their app good. Thank you for reading if you did and if you’re the developer then please improve your game so more people will want to play it.

  • By mmc12345678

    There’s good & bad to this…

    So, overall it’s a wonderful game! But like to any game, there’s pros & cons! I’ll start off with the pros to the game! So, the first one is…I love how each client has their own perspective so we can follow along on what they want. Next, is…there’s a lot of cool colors, stencils, patterns, and shapes! Final pro i have, is…that you get the choice (most of the time) for colors, sizes, shapes, etc! the con area. Again, don’t take this personally because it’s just my opinion. So, as the first con I have to address is…there are way beyond needed ads. If you want a different color, or shape you have to go through an ad. Which gets annoying because there are a lot of ads in the game. After that, say you messed up on a nail (slightly) the client will have an immediate harsh response like, “gross” or “Terrible” when you worked hard on it, even on your first try! Last but certainly not least, is there aren’t a huge variety of colors without an ad, so I suggest maybe adding more colors without an ad! Again, this is just an opinion…but I hope you take the cons into action & keep the pros going! Overall great game!

  • By AwesomeA67❤️

    This is a great app! Just a few things..

    This game is so realistic and fun to play, but there a few things that bother me. One of the things is, sometimes people ask for The WEIRDEST nails, and I’m like “You, want me, to do that!?” So yea.. Another’s the fact the people are soo CREEPY. I was just playing and well, there was a lady who came in my store, and her hair looked like a bush. Seriously. The color was GREEN, and her hair was in a straight-up AFRO. Also, there was a lady with neon hair and a bright green shirt, and it was kinda creepy. One OTHER thing, when they come up to ur salon desk thing, they smile soo creepily. Anyway,it is kinda weird y’all did that. Just please make better GRAPHICS!! One thing I like is that all the girls have different skin tones, so yea. One lady looked like pennywise. I’m so sorry, just plz make better graphics! I love this game and it’s soo fun! One other thing, is that when you’re painting the person’s nails, when you’re like 1 centimeter almost done, it just grows the nail for you. Also, on a certain level you can’t file the nail anymore. 😣😩 But anyway, thx for the great game! So please add my suggestions!!! :)

  • By Rgegdhxjsjsb

    Great! But could be better.

    I just wanna say I really love this game. It’s really fun, and you get to make super pretty nails! But i do have a few issues with it. For starters, I don’t like how many adds there are. Every time you complete a step you get an add, and it just makes the game worse. Also, to do marble nails or decorations, also to do nails for a vip client, you have to watch an add. It just seems like an awful lot of adds. Second, the graphics. Now I know that a lot of people have commented on this, so I won’t go to into it. But i just wanna say the people are really creepy, and they have to update the graphics. And finally, I think they should include male customers. Now I don’t wanna assume gender, but if I took a logical guess I’d say that all the customers were girls. And the game does a really good job of including lot’s of different races! But I just think that boy’s can get there nails done to. Overall it’s a great game, and I really love it! And it would be even better If you tried to work out these little flaws!😎

  • By Jason5222

    Asmr Nails! But..Bad

    I have download this game just for fun, but when you get on there’s always bad things..! First of all, too many ads whenever I am done with a person ads comes on and long and longer! Second of all, characters are freaky creepy and some dresses way to weird! Third of all, to my thinking I would NEVER EVER play this game! Nails are kinda boring and just for asmr! That’s all! But of course you should maybe download it if you don’t agree with me! The game is fun and boring as the same time! One more! Ever time I have to click a ad it force me to watch one, like I don’t have a decision! Even if I do turn on airplane mode! TERRIBLE!! People should never download this! But as I did say you could download it for fun!😊 Really fun! But things are just bad and some weirder than EVER!👎🏻 I voted 1 star! TERRIBLE! But not to be rude! Download for fun! You should definitely vote any ratings you want!😊☺️Creator I don’t know why it’s weird! But you can fix a lot! A lot are missing out on the bad places!👎🏻

  • By Meddo~Chan/Fiona M.

    Hear me out here

    This is a decent game, but there is definitely room for improvement. What irks me the most is the art quality. When the customers are walking up to/away from you, the art is just awful. Not the worst I’ve seen but getting there. Honestly, if you gave me the right tools I think even I could make a better model than that. The making of the nail is pretty good tho. Second, there is... the stencils. The shapes don’t even make sense most of the time. Also I think the color options need improving, and if you could chose a nail polish after clicking a different one that would be great. I wish that there was more customization sometimes, as I’ve seen some pretty cool nail art I wish I could recreate. I also wish that maybe customers would come back or invite their friends and stuff like that. Also, the VIPs always look stupid. You can tell that their design was randomly generated. It’s like someone puked clashing patterns onto their clothes/hair/accessories. I also wish that customers might want more elaborate things (I.e. this or that, this nail shape and this nail color, etc.) I also wish that male characters would occasionally show up, maybe some friends wanted matching nails, things like that. Thanks for reading my entire review, and I hope you listen to what I have to say and maybe make some updates.

  • By eather§… Mercury…


    This game is kind of good I mean I don’t like how it freezes and I think it could use some things and I think it should be like roblox this game where you can move your own character around and you could style it if you wanna pick out rings do the nails pick out some clothes put some bracelets on it pick up some hair and you could do a contest for you do you nails and like they can have like a little dorm room where you can sleep in it and I think that would be great because I think more people will get the game because it’s like a game or you could sleep and eat and when you’re designing the furniture I think they should have like coffee maker and a couch and a coffee table with books I mean I mean it’s good Game but I could use some things in it I agree with everybody who said that it is a good game but it freezes and it’s kind of bad although I like it it is kind of bad because I just freezes and that’s what I hate and whenever it freezes I have to get out clear in my stuff then I get back in the game and a new girl comes and I’m just really really madThen I do her nails and if I do my nails it’s like freezes again and I’m just like OK I’m done game again and I like works for like maybe two girls then it stops and then I have to get back in although I like it it’s really bad and that’s all I wanted to say

  • By Hello Ma'am/ Sir

    Please Read...

    So I got this app and INSTANTLY deleted it. I wasn’t even on it for five minutes. I hated it. I was generous and gave it two starts because I liked the idea of it. The first thing that aggravated me was when you finish your nail you can get double the points, only if you watch the add. I personally don’t like adds, therefore I clicked no thanks. Even when you click no thanks it still gives you an add. I thought I just clicked the wrong thing, so I tried it again. After I did three nails, I was done. Also, I kept getting the same add and it was super inappropriate. THERE WERE GIRLS WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF! I don’t know if this was the games fault or not, but I got an earful from both of my parents. Another thing is that I wanted to decorate one nail and have the rest one color. Well, the game doesn’t work like that. And, you can only put one thing on the nail. That’s pretty irritating. Though, I do like where the developers were trying to go with this app, but it needs a lot of fixes. I read these reviews and saw more bad ones than good ones, but I’m not the one to instantly judge the app. I downloaded it, tried it out, and hated it. I in courage you to try out the app first, but it wasn’t my “cup of tea”. Thank you for reading this. If you can, please fix some of these things. Maybe I’ll try it out when things are fixed. Have a blessed day.


    It’s the ads for me. (MUST READ)

    So when I first started the game I was like okay this might really be a game that is high qualified and processed better than other games but when I got it the first nail I was like why??! I said no thanks because when your done with a nail you have to go thru this thing where it says extra points I said no thanks and a ad came anyways! I know you want to make money but that’s not the way to do it what i need is more qualified put more detail into it don’t make us watch ads even when we said no thanks it is annoying in my opinion plus I gave this a chance just to see how bad it really was cus I’m seeing reviews with 2 or 1 stars and A LOT of them so it could not be that bad well wrong it was terrible. Absolutely terrible graphics into this put more effort into this cus this app shows laziness that you tried then gave up! And other than that if non of these things your trying to do stop trying to spy on people this app is not worth trying and I mean it it’s worse than the other apps I get and they have a ad after each thing I do but this is a game that no body should give a 5, 4, review it should not even get any stars at all!!!!! I’m not trying to be rude but this is my opinion plus did a child make this😦😬 have a good day and I hope you read this.

  • By caplicomax

    Talk about poor quality

    As I played the issues with this game became glaringly obvious. After you do basically anything, you get an ad. So I turned on airplane mode, not a big deal. Then I noticed odd design choices. The I guess ‘shop’ you own is just a box with randomly decided items you earn and can’t choose between. You spent all your game money on this wall? Great! It looks like garbage and doesn’t match anything in the shop. The physics for objects were also odd. When painting on the acrylic, you can be two thirds of the way done and suddenly the game decides it’s finished. When buffing a nail, the pieces that fall down just sort of float along with the buffer at the bottom of the screen. The edge nail type has a weird line down the middle of it no matter what you do. Some of the items you can add don’t look like the picture you selected. In order to get a different color item you like, you have to watch the entirety of an ad to receive it. This isn’t a big deal to me so I tapped the thing to let me. I was greeted with a screen of a foot with a dozen pimples in it, all being slowly popped with a blood effect on them. Fantastic. In conclusion, go find a different app. This isn’t it.

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