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Pictawords - Crossword Puzzle


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Pictawords - Crossword Puzzle is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by FunCraft, Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - FunCraft, Inc, with the latest current version being 1.7.7782 which was officially released on 2021-07-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1186 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Pictawords - Crossword Puzzle App

How does it Work?

Pictawords is a totally new type of crossword game where two players play the puzzle together. Some clues are pictures for extra fun! :)

Pictawords is a turn-based game where two players complete the crossword puzzle together and compete for the highest score. It’s a new take on crossword puzzles too - Scandinavian style! - with clues inside the squares and some clues are pictures.

· Each player receives 5 letters at the start of each turn - then you have 60 seconds to place those tiles.

· You get points for placing letters correctly, completing words, playing all 5 letters, and fun bonus points tiles.

· Think carefully about playing certain letters though - as maybe it’s better to save that crucial letter for later!

Pictawords is a unique twist on word games, and fans of crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and Words with Friends - should find themselves at home - and LOVING this new way to play!

Play with friend, random opponents, or the Pictawords friendly teacher, Sophie, for immediate games.

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Top Reviews

  • By garden wizzard

    Love this game

    I really enjoy playing this game. It is a fun and challenge thinking game. The Only issue I see is I have a bunch of opened games that the other player hasn’t taken their turn in weeks and the game just sits there waiting for them to take their turn. Is there anyway you can put a timer of a few days and if no play made then end the game. I cannot start a new game due to this. Also let us delete old games. Thanks! Wanna keep playing.

  • By memerami

    Loved this game/ Love this game

    I want to give 5 stars because This is by far one of my favorite games. It was fine until just now I cannot open the game. It gives me an error message. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and restarted my phone and nothing has fixed it. Please fix it so I can play again. Within a few hours of posting this my issue was fixed!! Thank you. Im happy again. 5 stars!

  • By The Empress 4eva

    I like this game!

    So I play a lot of word games and usually they’re all pretty similar. But this game totally stands out. Really fun new style of crossword. I’ve been playing with my sister across the country and I got her hooked too. Such a fun way to stay in touch! I love the hints that stretch my brain. Love that I can play it for a short time pick and go. Definitely try it if you’re a word or crossword game fan.

  • By shwang3

    There’s a bug

    Love the game but there’s a huge bug. When playing with “other players” aka bots, they stop playing if you ever leave the game screen even just leaving for a second and coming back. They never finish the game and is left unfinished indefinitely. When you send a message in the chatroom to the “other player” aka bot, they appear to come back online and the sign says they are “thinking” but they never make a move and eventually they go back to being offline. If this was fixed I would give 5 stars!

  • By A fan forevermore

    Like game but flaws

    I have been playing this game only a couple of months but there should be a way to remove completed games once you have finished it. Also if a player does not play after so many days then the game should resign them in lieu of us having to resign a game to be able to continue playing. I like playing people I don’t know because you can meet new friends this way but if they are losing the game just sat there for days and days. Please create an update for this Like a challenge

  • By brittneyjay

    One flaw

    I really enjoy this game. The clues and puzzles are always changing so it never gets stale. The players are very friendly. The biggest flaw is there not being a force quit/lose when a player doesn’t play you for weeks. If players don’t take their turn you games stays open and you can only have so many open games at once. The only way to close the game is to resign and that would effect your personal stats, so if all your games stay open you can get stuck not playing the game at all.

  • By RRD83

    Good game...when bots cooperate!

    I moved to Pictawords after a pretty dull experience with a similar game. It’s a huge improvement over its competition! However, I have two “bot” games that have been stuck for 8 days. The bot stated the game and sent a friendly chat which is normal. After several rounds the bot stopped playing. When I went to the chat hoping to nudge them back to life, they appeared to come back online to take their turn. Sadly, this was a false alarm and the bot went back to their dormant state. There is no way for me to delete the game without forfeiting, which I don’t want to do. I emailed the developers with no response, and their recent update didn’t resolve the issue. However, the game is amazing otherwise and I enjoy playing against others who actually play within a decent timeframe!

  • By KF6DBS

    Good enough to try, not good enough to buy

    I played this game for a while. It’s ok. I like the general concept and it does a good job notifying me when it’s my turn. My biggest issue is with the scoring. The game awards too many points for completing words compared to placing tiles. This causes the strategy, particularly mid-game, to shift from trying to place all your tiles to placing only tiles that will make it less likely for your opponent to score a ton of points on their next turn. There is also really nothing to “win” except in game currency to purchase boosts (which are not explained in the minimal help files).

  • By Arlahna

    The game itself is fun, but...

    I hardly get to play. I start new matches and the system matches me with people who won’t freaking play! I think it’s matching me with people who’ve downloaded the game, play once, and then never pick it up again. The matches just sit there until they time out. It’s very frustrating. I’ve noticed that whenever it matches me with someone who doesn’t have an actual icon, those are the ones who don’t play. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of those. Makes me seriously consider uninstalling.

  • By nevadawill

    Great Game But...

    This is a great game. The only issue I have is trying to play real people. Right now I have a full roster of what are probably game generated players.... “DaringWalrus,” “SmartLion,” “SpicyTiger,” “ActiveGiraffe,” - see the connection... Since the roster is full, I can’t challenge anyone unless I want to pay the upgrade... only to fill wilt more lazy animals that won’t play their turn. Should have the ability to delete games where players have not played in 25 hours or so. I like the game enough to consider paying BUT, I’m not going to be forced to do so!

  • By Blammage

    Missing key gameplay

    This is a novel idea, but falls down in execution. First, there is no single player mode. Most people who enjoy works games like myself, enjoy the relaxing, non-competitive nature of notate of these types of games. To at insult to injury, they actually force you to accept a multi-player game the first time someone invites you to play. There is no ability to decline. It darkens the screen and only allows you to either accept the match, or close out the game completely. Second, the game is timed even when you are in the tutorial. This adds a great deal of stress to the experience of playing (and not the good kind either). There is no option that I could find to play an un-timed match. They could have even offered an asynchronous option for multiplayer, but no dice. Finally, the clues are truly awful. I play a lot of crossword type games (both with pictures and without), so I’m used to deciding the clues. The ones here are so random and obscure as to be entirely obtuse. It takes the fun right out of playing. Aside from these issues, there were many other small annoyances. For example, it wouldn’t let me use my first name and last TWO upper case initials of my last name. This all added up to frustration, rather than fun. I suggest you keep looking for a better option.

  • By aqwejfosl

    Love it, but Glitchy

    It will work for a couple of rounds and then start glitching. It will say I took my turn and got points for a turn I never took. The board stays the same. The other player never goes and then the game sits there because it says “waiting for the other player” to take their turn. I end up having to resign the game and hope it will work the next time and it never does. I turned notifications off thinking maybe it had something to do with the notifications. I also tried not to exit the game board if I see the Other person is playing but nothing has worked. Please fix this because the game is great. I finally uninstalled it because I have 20 games I can’t finish!

  • By LewisFrey3

    Was good but now disappointing

    Here’s my observations after playing for around 6 months. 1. I don’t think the random people that request to join are actual people playing. They always comment something generic, will play immediately after you play your turn. But on occasionally, it seems like it is a real person and they will ghost for days causing you to resign to get them off your list. 2. The ads are non stop after practically every turn. The game wants 100/year to get full version? Devs, looking to get rich? Bring this to 20 lifetime and you’d probably get a lot more subscribers. 3. My final annoyance happened since around June 20, 2021. I tend to pay Trainer Sophie over and over because she’s the same as playing the random bots and there are no ads. It’s a great way to work out the mind in the mornings and evenings. They post couple of days, after just a game or two, the game says I’m out of free plays for the day and to watch a video to get more. Come on devs. All in all, the game was fun, but on to find something new.

  • By Karen - Nc

    Just resign

    This game allows a max of 20 active games at one time. It also lets players ignore their turn until their opponent resigns just to be able to keep playing and THAT is the real game here - trying to find people who will continue to play after they get bored or realize they’ve met their match. They win via wait. I waited 72 hours since I was unable to start a new game with anyone because all 20 had me waiting and just resigned from everyone cause I hadn’t been able to play outside of practice since the 1st few minutes I started playing. What’s reasonable time to take a turn? A day? A week? I’d be ok with that, anything really. They should call this game “Just Resign” cause you’ll play for a few minutes and wait until u “Just Resign” so u can keep playing.

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