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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-16
  • New version: 1.8.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

X2 Blocks – Merge Numbers 2048


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X2 Blocks – Merge Numbers 2048 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Inspired Square FZE. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Inspired Square FZE, with the latest current version being 1.8.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 16807 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the X2 Blocks – Merge Numbers 2048 App

How does it Work?

X2 Blocks is SUPER addictive puzzle game with Minimalistic & Elegantly designed approach, which lets you think out of the box and sharpen your mind.

The Goal is to drag and shoot the block to create or unlock new numbered blocks. The challenge increases gradually with large numbered blocks. e.g 1024 -> 2048 -> 4096 and so on till Infinity.

You get to enjoy this amazing new puzzle game while improving your memory, concentration levels and reflexes at the same time.

Not like other 2048 games, it is a new type of brain training puzzle which entrain you for hours and relieve the stress with more fun.


- Free to Play

- Minimalistic & elegant design

- Smooth & simple controls

- Easy to learn hard to master

- Automatic save game

- Global Leader Boards

- No time limits.

- No wifi connection required

- Haptic feedback

- Exercise your brain and relieve stress

- Enjoy with your firnds & family !

- Privacy Settings to keep your game Data Protected and Safe.


- You will feel the addiction specially when making combo by crushing multiple color bricks in a row and discover new higher number.

- If you ever love to play drop,tiles match,stack,fills,sort,smash,merge,mine,shooter,breaker,hero,defend,x,bubble,up,em,clash,rescue,idle or 3d games then you will definitely love this.








Send us your suggestions and feedback as we are always looking to add new levels and features!


- http://www.inspiredsquare.com/games/privacy_policy.html


- http://www.inspiredsquare.com/games/terms_service.html


-This is an auto-renewable subscription. A subscription is valid for 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year, depending on the subscription type selected.

- Subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

- Subscriptions can be managed by the player and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the player's Account Settings after purchase.

- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

- Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan.

The more you play, more fun it becomes and you just cannot stop playing it. If you already played games which have Blocks, Tetris, Sudoku, Brick, Numbers, Math, Color Matching, Match3 or any types of merge games then it is Guaranteed that you will love this title.

So what are you waiting for? Download X2 Blocks for Free and PLAY Now!



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    X2 blocks game

    I love game ,but what do I have to do to win? Thank you.

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    Top Reviews

    • By a;slkdjf;lasdkjf

      SO much fun!! HIGHLY recommend!!

      It’s just challenging enough to keep you engaged but not too difficult to be frustrating. They recently added a lot of new cool options that make the game even more fun to play to strategize getting an even higher score, plus daily “diamond” gifts. There are ads that you can watch to earn “diamonds” (the currency to buy the helper toys). I would say about 80% of the ads have a sound-off option which is great if you like to listen to music while you play, like I do! Their customer service is also INCREDIBLE!! There was an ad that snuck in that was freezing the game, and when I brought it to their attention they wrote back immediately and were warm and personable. I play a LOT of puzzle games and this is the only one that I play every day and don’t get bored with!

    • By SilverShaneth

      Happily surprised

      I have enjoyed playing this game for quite a while now. I have even bought gems occasionally, when I have the funds, to show my appreciation to the devs (like in a couple of other apps I use regularly). Now, a day or two ago, I started having issues with a particular ad, not letting me get the bonus gems promised. I reached out through Support in the app, and got a prompt response. I kind of felt my issue wasn’t really addressed, so I replied. Again, a prompt response came and the ad in question has is been removed. **I am impressed** Countless apps I have played where the devs are non responsive and (seemingly, at least) uncaring about their users. Not here. This makes me feel like my money, when I can spend it, is spent well. Keep up the good work!

    • By kid of a mom

      Love it

      I love this game so much I barely just started playing it today and it’s just so fun I mean it tells you when ads are coming and I has like kind of like very little ads which is good and it’s a little complicated but I still like it because it’s a pretty fun he’s like my type of game and I really like it this game deserves five stars because it doesn’t have that many ads which is good but most games have like dozens of ads and he like has this is a really good game and I really like it and I have earned a bunch of points sound like diamonds I don’t we call them and yeah I would like it have a nice day whoever is reading this

    • By Jeemz69

      Great game...but *update*

      I’ll start by saying that I really like this game. However, I’m having problems with ads just popping up and going straight to the App Store. This happens frequently and usually multiple times within seconds. I understand the “ad breaks” but these random ones are driving me crazy. These are the only reasons I give a three star rating because this game is great in spite of this. Thanks ***edit*** Shortly after writing this review, the problem seems to have been corrected. I appreciate the attention given to this. I have since changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars. Thanks again, great game

    • By jigsawnut

      Problem with the ads

      This is a great game - well designed and fun to play, but when the developers take on ads that are designed to stall the game, it’s beyond frustrating. I downloaded the game tonight, played for a few hours and then got stuck in an ad for fantasy sports, and there was no way to get back to the game. I decided to let it run, and I timed it for more than 10 minutes before I finally gave up and quit the game entirely. Fix the ads problem, and I’ll try again. If it continues, I’ll be moving on. Too bad if I have to give this game up. I really enjoyed the little bit of play I had.

    • By mensasnem

      It’s Just Fun

      There’s really no point to this game. It’s just fun. You can play as long as you like. At some point, you’ll run out of moves. When that happens, you can either start over or obtain gems. You have two choices for obtaining gems: buy them or watch ads. Well, you don’t have to actually watch the ads; you just have to let them play. The ads in this game are for real products and services: cars, insurance, credit cards, etc. You might really want to watch some of the ads. And except for the occasional ad break, you don’t have to watch ads every time you do something in the game. Although the game is pointless, there are strategies for gaining points faster. The better your strategy, the fewer gems you need, the fewer ads you have to watch. It may be pointless but it isn’t mindless. There’s also a leaderboard, so you can watch your progress against every one else.

    • By Jgc27


      This game is so addicting. I had an almost identical “dropping numbers & merge” app for a few weeks but the ads drove me insane. I grabbed this one instead and love it! The game saves where you left off if you have to put it down, and the ads are minimal. The undo button is great and I really like that you aren’t forced into making a split second decision based on time. It would however be fun to have that option for a “quick play” type of game. The way it is now, it’s more strategy than beat the clock. Definitely keeping this app!

    • By jjroundtree

      Interrupting gameplay

      I’d rank it a 5 star but have to give it a one. I can be playing and it will go to the App Store. Go back to game and back to the App Store. It’s like this back and forth about a dozen times then it will stop for a bit then start up again. It’s a fun game. I like it but the weird thing of it going to the App Store has me to the point of deleting this.

    • By Nerys Ghemor

      Fun little number game even with the ads

      This is a really fun little game to relax with...you have to concentrate enough to remember your powers of 2 and to avoid blocks accidentally going where you don’t intend, but there is no time pressure or irritating hard-sell tactics to break your zen. As far as the ads go, unless you choose to go for additional prizes, you don’t even have to watch the full ad; you can skip after 5 seconds, which is quite reasonable in my opinion. The only thing I encountered that deducts a star is that I had a period of a few days to a week where it refused to connect for ads to get your daily prizes or multiply your reward. This was true whether on my WiFi or LTE and my other games were able to pull their ads just fine, so I am assuming it was server-side rather than client side. Fortunately I waited it out and didn’t delete, and everything came back online as good as ever. :-) (Sorry devs, due to the transient nature of the problem I won’t be able to replicate it/get screenshots for you.) Anyway, if you can be patient with the ads, this is a solid recommend. :-)

    • By The Roshar

      My Two Cents

      Before I complain I want to make clear that I like this game a lot, it’s very much like 2048 but different enough that it feels like a stand alone game. Despite this the main issue I have is the ads. Specifically speaking random pop ups that take you straight to the App Store, and when you try to go back it will often take you to the same place multiple times, I understand ad breaks and all but I feel that it should be an ad that you can easily exit out of. Similarly I’ve noticed issues with some ads where you can’t exit out and it sits on a still image. This is especially annoying when you watch an ad for gems or to continue with the current game and having to exit out of the game and not get the reward. The last thing I’ve noticed (particularly with garden/homescapes ads) is where you can’t exit out of the ad until it’s practically ended, and I should note that this occurs a lot during ad breaks. Despite all of this I still feel it’s a good game. I’m only leaving three stars because of the ad issues, it seems the dev team actually care and read reviews (which is better than a lot of mobile games) so hopefully they will see this and be able to fix these issues

    • By Sajujama

      Great game but took away the daily bonus

      So I started playing this game when they still had a star daily bonus. For some reason they took that ability away so you can only earn stars if you watch ads or meet a daily challenge...sometimes that challenge requires you to USE stars (like use flip two times) which can cost you 450 stars but only give you 100 stars in return. It seems a bit one sided. Perhaps the goal is to get you to spend money to buy stars? I like the game but the fact that you have to jump through hoops just to earn stars that would help you progress in the fame is frustrating.

    • By lauwersp

      Totally changed my mind

      I wrote a bad review before, but what I didn’t realize is this isn’t a number game, this is an AD REVIEW game... BUT... to break up the endless ads, the app makers threw in a clever number game that you get to periodically play. Don’t worry... the endless ads are still there whenever you want them. Pause for a minute to talk to someone? BAM! Ad ready and waiting with your first tap back on the screen. Take a phone call? BAM! A fresh ad is right there when you return. Switch to another app and then right back? BAM! Right back to AdVille. Of course there are plenty of ads along the way... sometime more than one per minute. If you love ads... and who doesn’t... THIS is the game for you. As far as the number game, it’s fun but don’t worry... it won’t get much in the way of the ads.

    • By Caeco75

      I’d give 5 stars but....

      The game is pretty decent for late night can’t sleep. My issue is the random add breaks. When I’m in a zone, scoring high and with only one row of blocks with each being over 2048, I don’t want to stop even for 10 seconds lol. And I’m still trying to find where I can pay to remove adds. At least wait until a player is done or has sat on the game without moving for 3-5min before you play a add. If they’re stuck that long they probably need a break. Dropped a star because of the reply this morning lol. 10min of play and I watched 25 add lol no lie. This should fit with scamming games but those don’t even force you to watch a add after every third move. Who needs to be alerted stopping the game to show you scored a huge block.....people can see with their own eyes.

    • By jajibaji

      Too many ads & in app purchases do not work

      I really enjoyed this game but it has recently been updated with way too many disruptive ads. Ads come up if you pause the game, if you go out of the game & go back in you get ads, if you swipe to read a text (without leaving the game) you get an ad, and you get random ads in the middle of the game. Having optional videos to earn gems are good enough to encourage your players to watch ads. There’s no need to have added all the disruptive ads. The worse part is I have been trying to purchase the ad free version and it won’t work. I’ve reached out to the developers and they haven’t been able to help. So frustrating! Unless the developers can fix these key issues I’m not sure if I’ll be playing anymore.

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