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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-28
  • New version: 21.0728.00
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend


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Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by BitMango, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BitMango, Inc., with the latest current version being 21.0728.00 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 48807 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend App

How does it Work?

Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend is a highly addictive bubble shooter game loved by millions!

This bubble shooter will eliminate your boredom in no time! You’ll spend hours of fun popping same-colored bubbles! Just shoot all the colorful bubbles to clear the board and win coins! Use epic boosters to burst all the bubbles and solve the tricky puzzles!

Blast your way to victory in this explosive bubble pop game!

Are you ready to pop some bubbles?


• Aim carefully and tap to shoot!

• Match 3 or more bubbles to make them pop!

• Use less shots to score higher and earn 3 stars.

• Create powerful boosters to pop more bubbles!


• Match 20+ bubbles to create a BOMB.

• Make 7 combos to create a BEAM SHOT.


• Hundreds of fun & unique levels!

• Easy to learn, difficult to master!

• No WiFi needed. Play offline! Play games anytime, anywhere!

• Play games everyday to get special rewards!

• Accurate bubble shooter with guiding line!


• Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.

• Free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and coins.

Privacy Policy



• contactus@bitmango.com

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• https://www.facebook.com/BitMangoGames

Play our new bubble pop game and write your own puzzle legend!

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Top Reviews

  • By Coinnut

    Fun, but...

    I’d been having fun with this game until around level 300 when it became very glitchy. It crashed and froze up many times before it simply wouldn’t open anymore. I tried everything to fix this and finally hades to delete it. I don’t “live” on my phone as some do and it took me weeks to get to get to the point at which this game stopped working on my iPhone XS. I’m going to reinstall it and see what happens. I paid to have the ads removed before and wish I didn’t have to do so again. We’ll see what happens this time. If the same thing occurs my next review will be more harsh, and if it doesn’t, it’ll be more favorable. Either way, I don’t like having to pay to have the ads removed for a 2nd time. (Perhaps this is by design?????) Update: It seems this game has been updated, and I’ve lost absolutely nothing! Of the very few games I play to pass some time, this is my favorite. Well done gang, and thank you!!

  • By guhgjjhhbbvhhfgh

    Go ahead please do you want me to come get your stuff done ✅ was a way of t

    Bob he cmon Biggs was a great one of your friends and I think we were all about it haha 😆 is the season for a year to get this app and the best of all this game I have had it was a little better and Sheehan’s has to not only be one ☝️ is a good day hv has a good night everyone is so happy 😀 was a good even better game than I did and the last one I QWERTY was a good day and I got the chance I was just going to take you back I just got to the tying up and I just want you guys back I just want to get to see the new house I don’t want you guys going on my truck and I don’t know if it’s just me and I don’t want to get it and I’m not going to get to it because I’m going to go to bed I just got to work so I’m

  • By lardass555

    Bubble pop bubble game

    Pretty good game. Except I can’t understand why when I get a power up for the very first time these arrows keeps pointing at it as if they want to try make me use it now. Very irritating! Maybe I want to save it for when I really need it! These kind of games can get pretty tuff. Like holding colors back you need to win. That’s unnerving! Well here I am again in a different time. I see that I’ve down loaded you before. I noticed something I didn’t pay attention to before, the very thing that attracted me to your game. It’s the fact you lied and made out it was a puzzle design bubble pop. Well this time I noticed little by little the design is leaving the scene. If you wouldn’t crook me with lies maybe I would give a good review! Oh and the arrows, the introduction doesn’t stay on the board long enough to read it. Which prompts me to push on it to see if it will tell me again, then I’m forced to use it. Sorry deleting again. Maybe one day I will find a bubble pop that will be right.

  • By Dewdropmas

    It would be more fun with more distinctive colors

    The game is fun until the colors become indistinguishable from one another and so you make mistakes simply because you cannot see the shades of red or blue that are different. Also sometimes the aiming dots tell you that you have a clear shot to where you want to go but when you release the ball, it stops short of the target. I suspect with some levels there is a prescribed way to win & anything else fails. I have reached level 122 and find the game isn’t fun anymore. They could improve it by using colors that are not alike, by allowing user to choose what level of difficulty they want to play which may mean increasing the allotment of shooter balls for a particular level or it may mean changing the layout pattern at the start of the game. Even occasionally tossing in a pattern that is a little easier would help. Often a whole string of shooter balls are in a color that cannot be used. Also commercials for other games are required to play through before the game allow you to continue. It is BORING to watch the same commercial a gazillion times. The indistinct colors bother me the most. After that, the plethora of commercials. Games should be fun. Thus one starts out that way but isn’t fun later on.

  • By CNTme

    Good game with some basic flaws

    I absolutely love this game. It’s addictive and challenging, and it’s just fun! There are a few flaws that keep me from rating it higher. First, there is no colorblind setting. Especially in night mode, red/orange and green/blue are virtually indistinguishable. It turns fun into frustration. Second, you have the opportunity to watch ads for coins. I’ve been able to do this exactly one because “Ads aren’t available right now. Try again in a minute,” and half an hour later there are still no ads. Third, the frequency of non-voluntary ads is horribly inconsistent. At some points in the day, there’s one every time you do anything, even just click into another app for a second. The ads are not only long, but several of them allow you to close them just to open the second part of the ad. Other times there are no ads at all. It makes no sense—why not evenly space the ads so that there are some all the time, but not enough to make you quit playing? If the point is to force you to go ad-free, why have times when the game IS ad-free? It’s such a shame for such a good game, because too many ads don’t make we want to pay for ad-free. They make me want to quit playing.

  • By SureAgainAgain

    Great game with big issues

    I absolutely love this game! It's the perfect amount of challenging, and completing the levels gives a great sense of accomplishment! But the colors are so close together. Especially between pink and red, you can barely tell the difference. Maybe adding a light purple or might be beneficial. The ads are also super annoying. Everytime you fail a level, there's an ad. Everytime you leave the app, there's an ad. Everytime I answer a text from my notifications while playing a level, there's an ad. It feels like I'm just watching ads instead of playing the game. I understand having ads after failing or finishing a level, but every other instance seems so excessive. The home screen is also so cluttered that I can't click any of the levels on the sides without dragging the level path to the very bottom of the screen. I think it might be easier if the icons were smaller or they were consolidated into settings/folders. I've been playing this game non-stop, and I absolutely love playing it. The game itself deserves five stars, but the close colors, ads, and home screen bring it down to three or lower.

  • By PM871

    Good overall

    I do really like this game. I don’t even take issue with the ads like so many others because I have seen FAR worse. But what is frustrating is when I can’t use either available color and for like 10 or 12 wasted shots I still don’t get any color I can use. In fact, I just played a game where all I needed was 1 blue bubble for a final winning shot. I had 14 bubbles left and I lost because it never gave me blue one! The game could use a bit of tweaking. Edit: I received a response from the developer asking which level I am struggling with. What I wrote above is not specific to a level. It happens on many levels. I am currently on level 102 and I have had the issue with not getting the right colors for many shots in a row for probably 50% of the levels at some point before finishing them. The one mentioned with 14 shots is unusual, but that was a while ago now and I can’t be sure at this point exactly which level that was. But being blocked to any other colors by, say, many blues and reds, but only getting pink, green, and orange to shoot for 5 or 6 shots in a row is quite common.

  • By MR2🚗

    Just A Couple of Problems

    There is constantly an ad banner across the bottom of the screen which is no problem until it suddenly, without being prompted, expands into a full-screen ad, covering the game I’m in the middle of. I saw similar comment from weeks ago from another user but it appears the programmers see no reason to address this issue. Also, if there are five different colors on the board and you are in a position of needing two of those five colors to clear some bubbles to advance, mathematic odds are 2 in 5 you’ll get one of those colors. But this, just like all the other bubble shooter games, is fixed. I’d like to think the color selection is completely random, but after playing dozens of levels, it’s obvious it’s not. On multiple occasions, when in the situation described above, I will have 9 or 10 consecutive bubbles of the three colors I don’t need. Again, this has happened multiple times. I’m not a statistician, but I’m guessing the mathematical possibilities of that happening are pretty slim. The fix is on. Otherwise, this is a fun game and is a relaxing way to pass the time.

  • By Sarah fri

    Update ruined the game

    I never put reviews in, but this needs a review. I got this game back in January. I loved the game even with all the ads. For awhile the ads drove me nuts, but I got used to it. You recently put in an update where you can’t finish a level without buying coins. I thought this was a free game? I tried to email, but everywhere I look your giving the same response. I used to work in retail, but your not addressing the problem. We’re all not happy with not being able to even finish a level. The response should be we’re addressing the problem and will have it fixed by the next update to ensure that we’re actually fixing problems. If you want to buy it put in a settings category that way you can play for free and still have a choice to buy it. Listen to your customers we’re the ones playing the game. I will delete this soon if you won’t update the problems. I can’t play a game where I have to restart the level 10 time just to finish it. Please fix the problem to ensure customer satisfaction!!

  • By Mr.黑熊

    Ruined by commercials

    Yet another game that should be fun, but which is ruined by being constantly interrupted by lengthy commercials that can’t be stopped until they’re finished running. Add to that continual attempt to sell you items within the game, and it’s just an unrelated barrage of greed, spoiling and otherwise perfectly good game. Unless you want to wait for 30-second commercials to stop running every time you finish a level (something that takes less than a minute in the early stages), don’t waste your time on this one. Plus, the developer was stupid enough to use nearly identical colors for his bubbles that make it almost impossible to distinguish one color from another, in a game where doing so is essential. For instance, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the aqua-green bubbles and the light blue bubbles, but you are forced to do so all the time, once you reach around level 50. Likewise, there is are dark pink and red bubbles that are also very difficult to tell apart. There’s no excuse for this. It would’ve been easy to come up with basic colors that that clearly stand out from each other. As is, it’s ridiculously frustrating and confusing once the game enters that stage of indistinguishable colors. The vast majority of users will simply stop playing it, rather than putting up with such nonsense.

  • By DLG52

    This game has potential but big disappointment

    I panned this game last month in a review (see below) and after deleting it was surprised to get a reply via Apple Store from Bitmango. The reply told me that I could set colorblind mode through settings in order to distinguish between indistinguishable colors (like red and deep pink) and asked me to communicate through the in-game communication. After weeks of delay I decided to try it again and downloaded the game again. I went into settings and could find NO color blind mode nor did I find anywhere in-game to communicate. It just might be that I’m too ignorant because I don’t play games on my phone. In any event, Bitmango, this note is for you: try making your game easy to figure out with colors that are categorically different, settings that can be read rather than having indecipherable abbreviations and that have genuine options for players actually to be able to modify! I gave your game another try and have deleted it again— I will avoid all Bitmango games. Not worth the frustration!!! Original review: This could be a really fun game but for one absolutely angry trick: too many games combine red & pink bubbles that can’t be distinguished. The game also restricts options for shooting to two bubbles: problem is the options don’t always match what’s available- unless you have the fancy bubbles that burst bubbles regardless of color: but surprise, after a few free ones you have to buy them.

  • By KK :>]

    Purchases Not Honored

    I have been using this app for several months. On May 2 I purchased the No Ads option which is now reverted back to having to watch an ad after each game. Last night I purchased the 500 coins which also was not honored. I’ve now paid over $6 for purchases I did not receive. When going to App Store and using the contact link, I am told not to respond to the link they provided but to contact through an option within the game. The emails are the do not reply type of emails. I have searched and searched and cannot find any way to contact through the game itself. In fact when going back into the game I am forced to start at level one instead of the 200s where I left off. There is no way to return to previous level without going through all levels again. There are very distracting ads scrolling across the bottom of the screen while playing game in addition to the annoying ads that I paid not to see after each level. I don’t understand why the makers of this game have chosen this path but I’d like my $ reimbursed for No Ads and the 500 coin purchase. Buyer Beware! I would like to add that there is a standard no reply email that states they no longer use that address. I attached photos of purchases as requested but just keep getting the same no response emails.

  • By THADudEND

    Buggy and gave my phone a virus

    Do not download this app, it is a scam. I saw an ad for this game and it included a mini game. I pressed the screen to play the mini game and it lead me to the AppStore. I figured that since they tricked me I should just go ahead and download the app. After I played for about 5 minutes the game started stuttering and my phone started heating up. I had nothing else running and my brightness was all the way down. I checked my battery health and it had dropped from 97%, to 73%. I am not talking about battery life, I am talking about the efficiency of my battery. After every recharge your battery becomes less efficient and overtime the maximum charging potential decreases. But this app had actually damaged the physical battery in my phone in just a matter of minutes. I quickly deleted the app but when the icon started jittering the x button to remove it didn’t appear. I called Apple support and they said that there was nothing they could do about it except send me a replacement phone. But I ended up losing all of my data because my backup included this app. Do not download this app if you have photos you don’t want to lose. I had my only picture of me and my dead grandfather on my phone and now it is gone forever. Do not download this app.

  • By Double-dipper

    Designed to make you lose.

    Let’s be honest. This is not a game of skill. True, some skill is involved, but only in so far as they allow you to use your own skill. The problem is that no skill comes into play when the color of bubble is already selected for you. You have no control over what color is handed to you. And when you lose a game, it literally is not your fault. The game is designed to make you a loser by denying you the colors needed to win. If you could choose your own color, it would be a great game. But, alas, the designer has chosen to make this a frustrating and insulting venture into the depths of random futility. So take my advice NOW! Don’t waste your time on this game. UPDATE: Since I first wrote the above paragraph, no changes have been made to address the issues I had outlined above. Furthermore, you can see for yourself that the above issues are true. Just try to win a game with less than 10 marbles where they give you the colors you need. For example, one green marble will wipe out everything, but they make sure you do not get a green marble. The programming put into this app to accomplish that goal is obvious.

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