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Happy Color™ – Coloring Games


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Happy Color™ – Coloring Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by X-Flow. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - X-Flow, with the latest current version being 1.7.6 which was officially released on 2021-07-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1943244 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Happy Color™ – Coloring Games App

How does it Work?


Color your favorite pictures and discover the new DISNEY category!

Happy Color™ is a color by number game for adults. There are so many breathtaking and inspiring pictures to color!

All 15000 of them are free. In our coloring book we have more than 15 categories, such as:

- Animals. Just find the cutest buddy you want to color;

- Places. Find pictures of the real places and unique buildings beautifully painted in our coloring book;

- Hobbies like sports, music, board games, puzzles and other coloring pages;

- Flowers. The most beautiful and exotic flowers are already painted.

And this is only a small part of the pictures we have in Happy Color. Open the game and you will find people, mosaic, mandala, horoscopes, fantasy, art and many more pictures.

Coloring has never been so easy, all pictures are marked by numbers. Open your color by number book and rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring. Paint and share your favorite adult coloring pages with friends and family, let everyone see your fantastic coloring pages!

Color your life with our adult coloring book Happy Color!

We are constantly working to make our coloring book better, please, share your feedbacks: support@x-flow.app

Join our Facebook community and enjoy more pics every day:https://mobile.facebook.com/happycolorbynumber/

Happy Color has a lot of unique pictures hand drawn by professional artists, as well as pics of famous characters, comics, cartoons etc. owned by well-known studios.

Marvel (© 2021 MARVEL)


Warner Bros (© 2021 WBEI)

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Top Reviews

  • By HavenSpeedFingers

    Good enough to wish for!

    This game is the most best coloring game I’ve ever seen and this also is one of my favorite games and as the title says, Good enough to wish for. So yes, It’s true because when I didn’t have my own phone I had my dads iPad with all my progress stored in it and sometimes my dad rarely threatened me to delete all the games I have and then when I got the phone he did, He deleted every game on the iPad and the worse part was I didn’t even do anything wrong, he just deleted it for more space to work. So later on I decided that he already deleted all my progress so I got the app in my phone. It really is good enough to wish for and if you see this review, Please download the app because there are endless rows of drawings you can color and they have been making more and more updates and it keeps getting better and better and they make a lot every day! And you can even go in other rows like marvel, Disney, Tattoo, people and places and like 20 more! Top best color by number in the App Store please get. And also if you the creator see’s this then I have a idea💡 There are hundred thousands of coloring pages, What if you make a search? Might not be a good idea because you will have to name all of them but maybe do something like it. Thank you for reading this review. it means a lot. And please get this game and don’t forget to rate it a 10/10 Like I do.

  • By cakelover418

    Best app ever !!!!!

    I love this game . It is really cool that you added the blend feature to some pictures . There are so many different pictures and categories to choose from . It is so relaxing. I also love how you add new pictures everyday . That way the fun never stops ! I love the people . There are girls and boys and some pictures even have both ! There are a bunch of different styles in each category . Also there are awards you can get ! You can get an award for coloring 50 flower pictures or color 5 pictures a day . They also give you free hints . That way if you don’t know where to color , it tells you ! You will eventually run out if hints , but you can just watch an ad . Also sometimes they will offer you 2 hints , if you watch one ad ! It is very relaxing . It calms me down and clears my mind . I am always stressed all the time . Whenever I am stressed I play this game and it immediately calms me down . The pictures are so colorful and beautiful ! And every single time it is close to a holiday, they release a bunch of pictures ! I recommend this app if you are stressed and love to color . It makes sense why they called it happy color . When I color on this app it does make me happy ! You should definitely get it ! It is completely free ! The developer did an amazing job ! I hope you read this and enjoy this game as much as I did. # BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By AMC517

    Best color app EVER!!

    Absolutely, hands down, this is the best coloring app I have ever downloaded! Like others, I was completely shocked at how it was completely free without having to purchase certain pictures or colors like other “free” apps. At first I was a bit frustrated when the update changed the color spaces to a checkered grid. I wanted so bad for it to go back to solid gray. But I understood it was a bit difficult to see when the picture had a shade of gray in it and it would be hard to tell. Now there is an option to change it to either solid gray or checkered or white. I would like to see the app be able to turn to a landscape mode when tilting the device. Also, I would like to have an unfinished/completed tab in my feed. Sometimes I forget I started a picture and as I finish others it gets pushed further down and when I’m off WiFi on my app I usually look for those to continue and have a hard time finding them. Lastly, I think we should have an option to have the app synced over multiple devices so a picture I finished coloring on my iPad is also completed when I’m on my phone, but can be turned off for people who have children sharing an iPad and they mostly use the iPad while adults color on the iPhone or whatever. Just a thought. Thanks for creating an awesome and keeping it fun yet simple!

  • By Wolfwarrior girl

    Beautiful and Relaxing 😌

    First off: I absolutely love this app. It has a large variety of images, beautiful and vibrant colors that blend extremely well together, and is very relaxing. New pictures from random categories come in daily and with more than 20 categories to choose from I’m never bored. I have become addicted to this app and I use it when ever I have a moment to spare Second: I was actually shocked to find that this was completely free! Most coloring apps I’ve used before this make you pay for the full set/additional colors, extra pictures or hints. It was a pleasant surprise to find that there are virtually no in-app purchases except for the 4.99 removal of adds, which I find more than fair. Finally: I find the new update helpful in finding colors, as it was difficult to find the un-colored spots if the picture had gray spaces. Another feature I love is that when a color has finished it moves to the back and out of the way. However I have seen quite a few reviews wanting a choice and while I do enjoy the new checkered pattern I think it would be more fair if we had a choice in how these spaces show up- gray OR checkered. I would also like to see a landscape version implemented in the future. I hope that the developers do consider these as options in the settings in a future update.

  • By Jay5444texas

    Do not like the recent upgrade

    Very unhappy with the recent upgrade. Makes it more difficult to see the areas for each color/number. The edges are blocked out. Hard to tell. This has been my absolute favorite puzzle to play. The previous update was definitely an improvement when you made the gray for the color/numbers more of a pattern so you could see, but this new one took the improvement and made it worse. I would like to see this improvement removed. UPDATE: it appears the number of the pictures that do not have defined edges for a specific color have decreased but as I stated, it would be nice to have none like this. All color spaces to have a defined edge. This would make the game more pleasurable. UPDATE: I just noticed that the pictures that are BLEND (which I do not like) now have a label on the picture selection page that says BLEND. Great idea! This allows me to avoid those rather than start the picture and then realize it is Blend. Thank you so much! Based on this change, I upgraded the rating to 5 stars. I am also very impressed that you are responding to many of the comments. Shows that someone is listening. This is such a great program (I bought it to get rid of ads). It is very relaxing, which people need in today’s world. Thank you for your creativity.

  • By byob71

    Update to: Glitch/Freezing

    Update: I got the new phone and I have had no problems using this app. I am thrilled! I’ve changed my rating to 5 stars. First...I absolutely love/loved this app. It has a variety of images, nice colors, very relaxing and my go-to whenever I have a free moment. HOWEVER, the last couple of weeks have been frustrating when trying to use the app. My phone freezes during certain adds. I have to keep rebooting my phone. It got so bad that my phone stayed on a rebooting loop for an entire day. I can’t say for sure, that it is this app’s fault, but it only happens when I am playing this one. I love the app so much that I downloaded it to another person’s phone so that I could play it (just in case the problem was on my end) but that phone started to glitch too (freezing, pixelated images, ads getting stuck and the game crashing). I decided to delete it from their phone to avoid the same problem I had. Again, I can’t say, for sure, that it is this app causing the problem, but I haven’t had any issues since I deleted the app from my phone, a few days ago. I’m getting a new phone next week and will try it again. If I find out that the problem was on my end, I will update my review to be fair to the developer(s) and anyone considering this app.

  • By Jerryaumen87

    Great app and a couple ideas.

    I love this app. At first when I saw it I was thinking “who would color on a tablet. That’s layiness.” Lol. But I have surprisingly found it fun, addicting, and enjoyable. I can’t wait for the daily coloring and I love the Facebook events. But a couple things I’d love to see. And I know you guys have gotten a ton of suggestions so I’m normally not one to do this. But I’d love to see a favorites tab where you can mark your favorites. You have a my feed but it put every single picture you’ve colored on there. I’d love to see a tab where you could separate your favorites. Also, I think you guys could go big with it by adding other categories. I saw someone mentioned video games (Nintendo, sega, etc), also maybe a religious category as a possibility, movies (Disney, etc), sports (especially baseball). But I know a couple of those some legal stuff may come into effect but I like a few of the categories but would like to see more. Animals is my favorite but I’d like to see more variety of animals, it seems like it’s a lot of the same type of animals, maybe do a pets category too to include dogs/cats. I know it just came out a couple months ago so may take time but just a few suggestions. This is a start for me, I know I got a tad carried away. Lol

  • By nursejenny05

    Relaxing game!

    This is a stress free way to pass the time, with a HUGE assortment of pictures to color with varying degrees of difficulty. I’ve done some that take about a minute with very few colors, as few as 5-7, and some that I keep having to go back to and take me a few hours to a day or so to finish and have 150 colors! The app itself is free but you can pay like $8 and it gives you unlimited hints for areas of color you can’t find, and I think a few other things I can’t remember. Plus you get new daily pictures each day and bonus pictures through their news page and for completing achievements. My suggestion to the developers: if there is a way you can sort the pictures to separate the ones you’ve done from the ones you havent, that would make this even better. I’ve made it my personal challenge to complete every picture in each category but it’s annoying that I have to scroll scroll scroll to find the ones I haven’t done in categories I’ve done a lot of (like interiors, Disney, etc) also the daily calendar ones would be great to have a drop box to collapse them by month. I want to complete the past ones but I have to scrolllllll allllll the way down to get through the ones I’ve done already. Thanks!

  • By JemmyGrove

    LOVE this app! Can I report adds that abuse the banner space?

    I love this app. It is totally zen, just what I want. The library of pictures available to color is enormous, with a great deal of variety. I have been playing the free version with adds, and for the most part I haven’t been bothered by the adds. They are frequent, but the app allows you to skip them after 5 or 6 seconds — very reasonable for an add-funded experience. I would love an option somewhere to report an add that is abusing its place. One has come up recently where the touch space of the add banner seems to partially overlap the color selection bar, so every time I choose a color I am taken to the app store, usually for a different app each time than the one advertised. I have been playing this color app for two months, and while I have occasionally tapped an add by mistake while choosing a color, it has never been this frequent, to the point where it takes me out of the game several times in the space of a minute. I have no opposition to the adds that support the game — I appreciate the need for add revenue to make possible my enjoyment of a great app — but an add that so disrupts the game as to make it unplayable may drive away people who otherwise enjoy the app.

  • By Jaclyn Smyth

    Amazing Aesthetic Fun

    Happy Color provides variety, rewards for frequent users such as daily pictures & rare selections. The colors are vibrant and there are pictures that are easy and fast and stress free for when you need that as well as challenging, time consuming , and intriguing ones for when your brain needs that exercise. Happy coloring... My only two critiques are : 1)there should be a search button and perhaps titles to the pictures because sometimes I see one I want to color but I have to come back to it and next thing you know I've forgotten the category ( b/c some can fit in multiple categories) and I'm scrolling and scrolling for minutes and minutes ... A search bar and titles would would eliminate that 2) the artist who did Cancers 'S horoscope and used a LOBSTER is not accurate ... I'm a crab as per the constellation that resembles a 69 sideways because those are the curves of a CRAB'S claws ... NOT a lobster . I understand that some astrological references use a lobster but it's inaccurate and I do appreciate that there were multiple horoscope pictures for my month and sign but my favorite ones are the mosaic ones and all year I was looking forward to doing my crab just to open a lobster ... Sad face... But I still I've y'all

  • By Katie_44460


    I absolutely love this app, it has everything I’ve been looking for in a coloring app and they are constantly developing new ideas and pictures. I couldn’t be happier with the app as a whole. When I first downloaded it my phone would get extremely over heated to the extent that I thought it might blow up a couple times. This situation at least on my end has improved immensely. There is always a mass of new pictures to color every time I open the app and it’s kind of nice to not always see the same thing. I’ve had this app for quite a while and every time I’ve had an issue the developers fix it pretty quickly. I’m hoping that the situation I’m in will eventually be fixed but it’s happened on and off a couple times now, and it’s beginning to frustrate me. I work from the bottom of a category up (don’t ask me why, that’s just the way I chose 😹). However on a couple occasions I will open a picture that I assume is one of the first of the app. It will load the ad and play through it. Once I click the x for the ad it cuts to a white screen and will not load the picture or show (loading...) just a white screen that I then have to close the app and reload. It’s happened a couple times for a couple pictures, so I end up with uncolored pictures in a category because they won’t load. I am someone who likes to see %100 before I move on and it’s driving me mad to see white in a mass of rainbow. Thanks for everything that this app had done this far‼️

  • By alyssaac719

    Great but Needs Improvement

    Overall I love this app. I use it every day and it’s been very great at calming me down and getting me back to a place where I can focus. However ever since the achievements started, I have concerns. My main concern is that I had already completed some categories and the achievements do not back track already completed pictures in the categories. Initially this did not bother me, HOWEVER I had already completed the fashion category and since the use of the achievements, only 4 new fashion pictures have been released. I have reached gold in all of the category achievements (except in Mosaic, Food, and Messages but those I completed previously and new pictures comes out for these categories still so it doesn’t bother me too much) yet I can’t make any strives towards completing that achievement for completing 30 fashion pictures since it doesn’t go back and count all the ones I previously did. Then you have the replay achievement, however it doesn’t count towards the category achievement, only the replay achievement. So it doesn’t count if I go back and re-color some fashion pics towards the 30 fashion pics category, only the replay achievement. It’s just not soothing when I look at my achievements and see gold all down the line yet I haven’t even past the first step for the Fashion Category Achievement since there has only been 4 new pictures since the achievements have started. Other than that, I love the app.

  • By NasDalton

    Used to Love This App

    I used to love this app. However, when Apple updated their privacy standards, Happy Color felt the need to push a disclaimer before the Apple approval that basically said, “we need you to approve this because we need your information to keep this app free.” My interpretation of that pop-up is that they ARE selling my private information I order to not charge me money for the app. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but Happy Color is the only app I have on my phone that chose to put a disclaimer before the privacy approval update. I think it’s weird. This is just an app for coloring pictures. It got me through tue first half of the pandemic, and I have been excited to use it frequently again for an upcoming life change. After seeing that pop-up (after which I just closed the app, while trying to make sense of what I had just read), I decided I’d rather just delete the app and use a real coloring book than stare at my scree. I used to love getting fun themed pictures, like Scooby, Marvel, Disney, etc., while trying to keep up with the daily pictures, but something about that message just felt off. Why in the world would a coloring app NEED my personal information? It shouldn’t. I don’t purchase anything, and I’m content with the free content, because there is so much of it. It’s made me suspicious that they have sold my information already. That’s not okay with me.

  • By UrbanMotif

    Pretty Good Game Buuuutt...

    So overall, happy color is a good game. The pictures are beautiful and despite other reviews saying so, it actually doesn’t force feed you Disney pictures. There aren’t too many adds, and the pictures are long enough to feel like there’s even less. But there are a few things I’d request, and one that makes the game literally unplayable. 1) There should be an option to put pictures you want to start, but can’t yet into a “complete later” folder. 2) The app takes up too much space on your phone. Even when it’s offloaded, it still takes up a lot of space. And finally, 3) So this is the glitch that has made the game unplayable for me. I was working on a level and it was going completely normally until when I finished it, it didn’t bring me to an end screen where it shows a time lapse of your completion. It just stayed at the level allowing me to still move the screen around but with no other options. I closed out the game and found that it showed I had only half completed the level. Huh, that was a strange glitch, but the thing is when I opened up the level, it crashed the game and when I try to load it again, it stays on the main screen and the crashes. I don’t want to delete the app because I’ve done a lot of work on it so now it’s just sitting there doing nothing and taking up space. Please fix this I really want to continue playing your game.

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