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Game of Sultans - Royal Pets


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Game of Sultans - Royal Pets is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Mechanist. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Mechanist, with the latest current version being 3.2.03 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 22998 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Game of Sultans - Royal Pets App

How does it Work?


Please accept our invitation to join the 3rd anniversary of Game of Sultans!

It’s the golden age of the glorious Ottoman Empire, and you’re in charge! As the Sultan or Sultanah, you can fight in incredible battles, experience thrilling love stories with your consorts, nurture your heirs, and guide your Empire to new heights. Relax at the end of a long day of ruling by heading to the new Court Pet Pen, where you can keep your favorite pets!


[Interact with your Pets]

The gates of the Court Pet Pen have finally been unlocked! Inside, you can keep your loyalist, bravest, most adorable companions! Train them to help you hunt, let them explore your Empire and return with gifts for you, or simply relax and play with your furry friends.

[3rd Anniversary]

For the third anniversary, we’ve prepared lots of events to celebrate the occasion! Help us make a giant birthday cake to unlock surprise rewards, relive your high points as the ruler of the Empire, and collect the exquisite anniversary Costumes and Skins for Viziers, Companions… and yourself!

[Romantic Harem Life]

Travel throughout the Ottoman Empire, meet talented people and gorgeous companions from all over the world, and win their hearts. Write your romantic love story in the stars! Spend your time with the best and brightest of the age!

[Raise Your Heirs]

A strong empire requires strong heirs. Guide yours to greatness, then build lasting alliances through worthy marriages.

[Serendipity Salon]

It’s the talk of the Empire – a new arrival is re-introducing the ancient art of nail decoration! During the Serendipity Salon special event, give all your companions a manicure and make their nails a work of art. They’ll reward you with astonishing gifts!


You can enjoy Game of Sultans without spending a cent – complete Daily Quests to earn VIP experience and level up your game! With new events coming out all the time, regular updates, and a thriving community, it’s time you take your place as the world’s greatest Sultan or Sultanah. Download Game of Sultans today and begin ruling your empire!




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Top Reviews

  • By MimiH85

    New players on only servers

    I am so frustrated by the fact that Developers are opening up new servers for new players, but not adding new players to existing servers. I have been playing on American Server 8 since that server started. I am a VIP6, almost a 7, and have watched the server basically die. Transferring to a new server would solve this problem, BUT if you do move to a new server, you start all over again. Yep, all over again. I would be a VIP0 and a newbie, despite the hours I have played this game and hundreds I have willing spent. The bullying on the servers drives players away, many players who paid loads of money to play like I have, and yet crickets from the devs. I love this game, it’s fun to play. My union people are awesome and I don’t mind spending money off and on, what I am annoyed with is a problem people have been actively complaining about for well over a year now, and nothing! Royal Affairs is a similar game, and it’s just as fun. I started it a week ago and am rapidly moving up the rankings ladder because I know how to play it. I find myself playing that game more than GOS because I’m sick of the drama in the Local chat, and I’m tired of reporting the same people only to have them not be blocked. I’m also tired of the second and third accounts being the only “new” players. Fix the problem! Especially since it’s the most popular suggestion in the Discord group!

  • By GC_1982

    Have fun and make great friends 😍!

    This is not just another “Empire building game” this game is actually fun and engaging. I started playing this game after finding something else because my current game was boring me. I won’t lie, there is so much to do and learn in this game that it may feel a bit daunting and confusing at first, but give it a bit of time, you’ll get it! Once you’ve unlocked the union hall and join an union your union mates will help you grow. The game has a wonderful in-game translator which will help you communicate with players from all over the world which are in your server or even during the cross-server chats and others. I have made wonderful friends and have even found a couple of veterans, as myself, and we have connected via there. I am in server A-519 and these are some of the nicest, most competitive, and respectful people I have met in a game - which makes the competitions and events amongst us even more fun! The game may be pricey for some, however, do not let that deter you as spending money is absolutely not a major hinderance! The game developers are very generous with gems and other items - you can grow and have fun without paying, though paying may help you grow faster. Give it a chance, you’ll love it!

  • By Collage girl21

    Fun addicting game!!!!

    This game is really fun to play and is very addicting, there’s on feature of the game that I feel has more potential to grow it would like to see more added to it is the Haram feature, it would be nice if there were more child types then what is offered so that your not getting the same children over and over again make it to where each consort has their own gene pool, it would also be fun if the consorts could have twins and triplets every now and then as well as well as being able to do more with your married children add a feature so they can have children and you can raise them to receive their own grown up title like like prince or princess/lord or lady depending on where the heirs are in line for the throne and hey also can receive junior/ senior levels you could build your own royal family and have a family tree that would be really fun to do it would love to see the Haram feature grow more into that a bit of customization for the heirs and consorts would be nice to and maybe add more consorts to the game as well that would be fun other then that the rest of the game is fun just would like to see the Haram feature grow more so you can build a royal family

  • By chris78305

    Fun and addictive game

    The game is very addictive. At first you do good without having to spend any $$ but after awhile if you want to get an higher VIP then you’ll break down and spend but be careful because that is addictive as well. You will join a union and make friends. Wether you stick to your union for friends is up to you but I’ve branched out all over the place. There are fun mini games. Again if you want to win over your server you will have to spend cash. It’s as simple as that. I’ve had to rein it in and only buy little things along the way and I do pretty well. Most of the time between top 20. But in beginning you get stuff so quickly your on all the time. But once you’re at a higher level it also takes more time and well I see it as a plus. It means I can take a break and play my other fav game. So like any game pros and cons. You can play this game with out spending a dime and do okay. It depends on you. I’d try it but oh course I’m partial I already play and even made it up to deputy leader or 2nd in command you could say. But no matter your choice it really is a fun and strategic game! You can’t lose!

  • By ChrysteneK

    Has a little bit of everything

    The graphics are really good. If ur looking for a social game, this would be perfect for you. A lot of people chat and there’s a couple different chat rooms. You can work individually or if you join a Union you get to work as a team and individually in some events which gives you better rewards. They have a lot of mini games and competitions to do. You can play on multiple servers. There are a few thing that I don’t like. I think every game ur going to find pros and cons. One of them is that if you don’t buy anything it takes way longer to get to a higher VIP status. VIP status’s make it easier to do certain daily tasks. Also, if you do buy things a lot of the times you don’t really get a bang for ur buck. If you aren’t consistently leveling ur viziers or ur sultan up you won’t place 1st. This game caters more for those who rank really high across the board. I play on a few servers and certain servers have people that have been playing for a long time so they have really high levels. So if I play in the events that they have in different servers and my points are the same in each server I will place differently in each server. So, you want to try and find. A newer server to begin in. If you pick an old server chances are ur going to use more items to place higher. All in all I really do like the game. I have been playing for almost a year and am still very addicted.

  • By Pure Love and Truth

    After a one year test drive.

    Hello gamers, it's me, Lilith. If you want a multifaceted, socially connected game that allows you to strategize in myriad ways, ally with others for phenomenal boosts, and get rewarded for simply being there, then I strongly recommend this game. You literally get bonuses for simply signing in. I have played this game for a year now, and have found that it is emotionally satisfying by means of the genuine connections that you can make, and intellectually satisfying by means of solving problems through logic and reason/standard deviations. This game literally rewards you for simply playing, and I recommend daily visits, as rewards refresh each day. Money required? No. Being a business, it is expected that the developers urge you to pay SOMETHING, but success in this game doesn't rely solely on your wallet; it instead depends on your appeal to others and your ability to adapt to new challenges. In short, GoS is a great way to have intellectually stimulating fun while establishing meaningful connections with actual...human...beings. The downsides to this game are: You are limited to 100 characters per post, so you can't be long-winded, and should you be one who enjoys playful words, you are likely to find yourself very annoyed at their censorship of words that even REMOTELY resemble vulgarity. All things considered, I give GoS an 8 of 10 score.

  • By crc123455677888

    Good game

    For the most part the game is good. It is fun and has a lot of different mini games to keep things interesting. There are a lot of good prizes for the mini games. You are competing against dozens of not hundreds of players during the mini games, and sometimes get to participate in teams. My one big complaint is that you loose progress and supplies at the end of the mini games. This wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t for the fact that if you want to get the really good prizes, you have to spend money, and having to spend money multiple times in an attempt to out-perform and out-spend your opponents doesn’t set well with me. Because of this, I’ve limited the amount of money I’ll spend, not spending any money on mini games that are competitive, as I know it would be a waste of money as I’m not in a financial position where I can throw dozens or even hundreds of dollars each time I want to complete. Because of this system, the players who can spend lots of money tend to monopolize the good prizes, which limits the competitiveness of the game. I think that it would be a good idea to allow players to recycle resources. I’ve talked to others who also agree that they would be willing to spend more money on the game if it were a long term investment instead of losing all progress in the game.

  • By AMCGYsikhvaruli

    Great Concept But Needs Work

    I've had this game for a day and I'm already addicted. I love the concept of the game, however there are a few things that can be improved. It would be cool if the heirs were more personalized. I suggest that each heir has it's own set of traits and that they can actually grow up to be a playable character in the future. Also, I've seen a lot of fellow players' heirs and it seems like there are only a few skins available. I would like it if each consort has different looking kids. Speaking about consorts, I think we should be able to do more with them and have them be more of a playable character. Also, I dislike the masquerade system. I rarely get to talk to girls; it's always the same guys. Plus, you can't even get anything out of them. I believe the game gives you gold, but it would be cool if I can develop a relationship with all the people I meet. Lastly, the battle system is a bit boring and needs some work. Maybe implementing a system where players can use different strategies would make it more interesting. Although this game needs work, and I have only touched on a few things that need to be fixed, I still really like the concept of the game and I believe Game of Sultans has a lot of potential.

  • By torye12

    Needs some changes

    It’s a really fun, addictive game that offers in-app purchases, but you can 100% be successful without them, which is so rare. Of course, you do get better perks when you pay, but that’s understand and expected. You still have just as much chance as those who do buy to raise the ranks — you’ll just move slower. The in-game ads are option and they reward you for them, the community chat and unions are a great touch, and it’s all around an excellent game. My one major grip which is why this got 4 instead of 5 stars is the XP. From start to finish, you get the same 5 XP points from battles. The battles get increasingly difficult in terms of how many there are and how many soldiers you need to complete one section of the campaign, but the XP stays at 5. When you level up your sultan, the amount of XP you need triples, which is fine in itself, but not only do I need to wait longer to get the soldiers I need in order to just complete one campaign, it’s going to take me 2x that to level up my sultan again. That’s a recipe for making people who drop $5 here or there (or nothing) to make them lose interest. I’d advise that being altered in future updates.

  • By Game_Reviewer.

    Quality, deceptive, and frustrating.

    While I completely understand the need for VIP and covering expenses, the time it takes for things to load like children aging or leveling up consorts, or normal XP of the Sultan is ridiculous. The ads did mention making choices which hasn’t happened once in the two months of me owning this app. I like the theme but it is missing what it advertised. People in chats are sexually horrific and there is no set block for people who are in appropriate or monitor. There are kids 14-17 who know about things yes, but should they be exposed to the continual graphic sexual speech when they are trying to play a game? I don’t think that’s acceptable. They should have a monitor of sorts. Yes they block out words but there are ways around it. Yes you can block them but not everyone does and why should we have to block someone because they are being the inconvenience. Many of the elitist players are rude about their position in the game. They think they can bully other players. If maybe they monitored the chat every once in awhile they would know. And from what I know doesn’t Apple not like the kind of hate represented often in the chat. I shouldn’t have to stick up for myself and others constantly. With the sexual content in the chat either ban it or change the age level requirement. I do like many parts to the game. But some of the main parts need addressing in how they are managed.

  • By WarriorAML

    Worst Game that I have played in years.

    This game has so many issues that I am not sure where to start. But, I will give it a try. First, I just started to play it because it had so many ads on my Sims game. When it downloaded it took for ever to get on my iPad, did not have very good instructions, and so many ads it was overwhelming. Second, it pushes you to buy, buy, buy. I was only looking at some items and all of a sudden I purchased it, Twice! I did not even want it the first time. So, I thought ok I better play this game because I am in it for $2. Sultan game is cultural incorrect in every way(like only white man was Sultan and he does very little), very narrow in game play but try’s to make you think there is so much to do. So, I got to the part where some areas opened up. Do NOT do the chat area or UNIONS! You have to give an application for the unions. Some unions are 300 applications full. The chats do not help you because they are to busy showing off there Harems. I many listened for hours so I could try to learn how to play. NO help really. Be careful especially if you are a woman, gay, or minority. Major cyber bullying. It does not look like anyone is doing anything about it and you can bully or say anything you want about anyone, anything, or what you believe about any culture. I could not get the conversation ever to leave the bottom of my game. Four days I had to read this when I went on. It was awful. I will never play this game or any game they make!

  • By Musicismypassion1523

    Greedy Developers!!!!

    I started playing this game end of June/beginning of July and really took a liking to it. I joined a union, made some friends and spent way to much money to try to grow my power and it was worth it, till it wasn’t. Servers are dying because there is no new blood coming in since all new players get dropped into a brand new server. Ridiculous if you ask me. Mini games stopped being fun because you have to spend sooooooo much money to even reap the rewards. Special characters are impossible to win when you compete against other servers and the money they are willing to spend. You can’t win War is Supremacy without spending money. Want to be top dog in Brawl, spend money. Some of the mini games the added like daggers, the Halloween bubble shooter and the jigsaw puzzle were fun and enjoyable. Power Fund and Intimacy Fund are nice if you have the money to reap all the rewards. Lately I feel like the developers have become so money hungry that they have lost sight of providing a great game to play. I really wish they would issue my money back because being a VIP 6 just isn’t worth it. My heart is torn between playing and not playing because of how much time and money I have invested in this game. I would still recommend this game to friend and family but I would tell them to not spend on a dime on it and I do not plan to spend anymore money on this game. Such a disappointing factor ruining a fun game.

  • By wells fargo hates the people

    Power rush missing before war

    Why not have a power rush this time around? Was a report of badges not being used and number of badges dispersed into the server indicating lower purchases for power rush? You guys already put a Low probability on level 5 and 6 military stars! People hoarded those badges and pearls and etc from previous purchases in the mini games. My union members and I spent so much money on this game. In 1 month I spent 970 dollars in this game. My union member is VIP 7 and one is VIP 5. We stay focused on this game because our union although high ranking in this server is still weak. We spend hours on this game during work and after work. We don’t get any sleep cause we are playing. It’s unfair to your users. I even spent my time validating after the update and found out you guys censored “lol”. The data you gather from us helps increase user satisfaction. I’m sure you guys monitor chat too. People aren’t going to buy because this game is made to discourage players cause basically you have to throw money at everything to win. Thank you for ruining Labor Day weekend of lonely/dejected people who play your game. You need to put a monitor for people who say they want to harm themselves too. Cause I’ve seen people who say things that they want to harm themselves. But instead you take away power rush. Great job guys! Best developers ever! It doesn’t matter anyway because your support doesn’t respond to anything.

  • By .....don't get this app

    Cyber Bullying

    I don’t normally write bad reviews about an app, and this isn’t a bad review about the games aesthetic or mechanics, that in itself would get 5 stars from me, I really enjoy the game. It’s more or so about the lack of support by the developers about players breaking terms of use. For awhile now the server I’m on has the same group of people always causing issues, starting drama disrespecting other players. Last night one of these players threatened another player. A moderator was on and didn’t even mute this player, and they had no repercussions. Yes I’m aware of the block button, but that doesn’t help. It affects the tone of the whole server I can’t block 1/4 of the server. This has been going on for months and it has been brought to GoS’s attention numerous times from people on our server, and nothing gets done about it. It makes the game unenjoyable to play when every time you go into local chat it’s always something, and people going at it. Which they don’t even allow us to switch servers without resetting our whole progress so we can’t even get away from it. I’m vip 7 I don’t want to lose all that money and time spent building my account to have to start back at 0. But if things don’t change soon, and they don’t do anything about it. I will leave and take my money elsewhere to another app, and quite a few on my server feel exact the same way.

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