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  • Last Updated: 2021-05-24
  • New version: 2.18.24
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

MeWe Network

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MeWe Network is an iPhone and Android Social Networking App, made by Sgrouples, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Sgrouples, Inc., with the latest current version being 2.18.24 which was officially released on 2021-05-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 271,908 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.42361 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

MeWe is the uplifting next-gen social network with awesome social features and No BS. No Ads, No Targeting, No Newsfeed manipulation. MeWe has exciting, easy-to-use features for authentic connecting with friends, family, and common interest groups, including: dedicated newsfeeds for close friends versus all contacts; private and open groups; fan and business pages; great chat features for both 1:1 and group chats; disappearing content; fun custom camera with cool tricks and GIF creation; live voice and live video for around the world connections; next-gen voice messaging; personal social cloud; custom member profiles for every group; and more. MeWe members enjoy total control over what they share along with full ownership of their content and data. The next-gen social networking platform has no facial recognition, and no newsfeed or content manipulation common on other social media platforms. MeWe members see every post, chat, comment, etc., made by individuals, pages and groups they are connected with, in true timeline order. MeWe members own their data and enjoy the protection of MeWe’s Privacy Bill Of Rights. MeWe is advised by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, and MeWe's founder, Mark Weinstein, is a world renowned privacy advocate. Premium sticker packs are available in the MeWe Store. Copyright JoyPixels Inc. 2019. Privacy policy: Terms of use:

Top Reviews

  • Great idea but difficult to use

    By The Aussie Hobbit
    I’ve started a group with a friend but am pulling out my hair trying to get the mechanics to work. Would be members are supposed to answer one of four questions we posted as a condition precedent to being accepted. I m to have the power to say yea or nay. So far, I’ve not seen a single answer and can find no instructions as to how I can find them and make this feature work. Needless to say, getting new members has been very difficult. I’m also extremely frustrated with the photo upload feature that works only part time for me. I have thousands of photos stored in various folders on my IPad. I need to be able to access them to illustrate my MeWe posts posts EASILY, but MeWe won’t let me get to them in any file other than some MeWe photo storage file called “recent.” Only on rare and inconsistent occasions has MeWe allowed me to choose the file from my iPad photo app from which I wish to upload a photo, attach it to a comment, and do so. The only written help I’m finding published by MeWe on this problem simply does not work! I signed up for a premium membership for which you will begin to charge me. But if I can’t get help/fixes for these two problems I will not be sticking with you for much longer - notwithstanding how much I’ve grown to detest Facebook for its growing content censorship and management’s political viewpoint.
  • Finally chronological order news feed unlike FB who picks what you see first

    By Inthegarden
    I signed up for MeWe about a week ago. I have family and friends whom I want to invite but I want to know everything about this site before I add others. I love the way the news feed stays in chronological order. You have a choice to have the latest posts on top or the most recent comments on a post on top. Facebook won’t even show you some of your friends posts so I miss important post on Facebook. The privacy is so welcome! You do have to activate a setting if you don’t want strangers asking to be your friends. I wish this was automatic. I think they were group members from a travel group I joined. But I do not want strangers for friends. I was tempted to leave the group but after I found the setting to restrict non contacts it stopped the stranger invites. I still want to know how to start a private group. I want to set up a family group. We have one on Facebook but people are leaving Facebook like crazy and I want to have a new platform ready where they don’t have to worry about privacy, security and unencrypted passwords. You can see more settings on a browser the you can on the app. The font is definitely too small.
  • So grateful for an alternative

    By Conpenn
    I want to delete my Facebook account but I have so many former students as friends that I am reluctant to delete it and, thus, lose my renewed connection to them. Yet, I deplore the censorship employed there. I go there infrequently, and when I do, I go to my groups and rely on my husband to scroll through the Newsfeed so as to alert me to “nice” and/or informative posts by those I care about so that I may comment if I desire. I’m new to MeWe, hearing about this social media option on Parler before Parler was taken down by the powers that be. 😡 I appreciate that there are groups existing here that resemble my Facebook groups. Being a retired US History teacher with an endorsement in World History, means that I’m naturally interested in all-things historical, especially since the “cancel culture” that reigns supreme, may, indeed, rewrite the past per their “approved” narrative. Being able to participate in WWI, Tudor, Confederate/Southern history, The American West, etc. with history majors and others who possess a genuine affection for learning about times past, is so very interesting to me. Thank you, MeWe. I sure hope you don’t get shut down by Big Tech...for I fear that you don’t have the resources to repel the assault. 😔
  • Bland and now greedy

    By Natimus the Robot guy
    So let me get this off my chest here...MeWe isn’t really that great of a social media platform. It tries to act more like a business website, connecting people through phone numbers and such. And really it just seems a little bland. Many topics that are brought here are too typical and one sided. On top of that nobody really uses it, so of course there’s gonna be a lack of content(this is just personal experience by the way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if anybody was having the same problem). And now the most recent update ruined what it was trying to really be. Apparently the entire first year it had been out it was in its “beta” phase, where practically everything was free. Publishing pages were free. Now, they want your money. I’m sorry, but it shouldn’t take a year for a beta phase. What really is happening is MeWe is getting greedy. They’re now realizing that nobody is using their platform because of how boring and lackluster it is. There’s really nothing exciting about it anymore. Honestly I thought this would he a suitable replacement for Google Plus. Now, it’s just as bad. I’ll give it three stars just because I want to be nice and I did have fun when MeWe first came out. But with each and every update it just got more bland. Really I should give it one or two stars. Will be deleting after I post this.
  • Good and getting better

    By Poffroad
    Like many others I left that other site because I was tired of what was going on there. This has been a great alternative and has really grown on me in the last few weeks. It’s different, and just like anything new it takes some getting used to. Let’s be honest, when you left my space it took a while to get used to the next social media platform. This is no different, but after a week or so it’s becoming quite comfortable. I come at a bit of a disadvantage, I was only on one social media platform, I did not use any of the others. That being said, I can’t compare mewe to the others. What I have found on MeWe is that I’m only seeing the things that I want to see, not what others filter or choose for me. There are no ads, which is a huge plus. I was getting very tired of all the ads. Its been easy to add friends and family, and we were easily able to create a private group for everyone to share, it’s kind of like us all having our own private timeline. I’m sure the site will evolve over time, and I look forward to seeing it grow.
  • A movement the world needs. #not4sale

    By The Truth. Period.
    There is plenty of content if you join a group or two. I love that I get to control what I see instead of an algorithm. I love that I am not the product, their service is. Social media censorship has become blatant, far beyond them being able to just blame it on the algorithm or pretending it is just crazy right wing extremists. It is full of people that value freedom. But watch, other social sites and articles will try to brand WeMe as extremist. How do they make money without ads? The same way Netflix does without ads... they charge a small fee. The fees WeMe charge are hardly anything and is worth it to have control. Take back your freedom. Their #not4sale movement should be more of a focus than it is. I think it is brilliant and they should facilitate people doing that hand signal over their eyes on Facebook and Instagram. I set my profile as that. This software is just a Facebook alternative, it is a movement. A movement we all should believe in. Apple should promote this app and the #not4sale movement in any way they can to weaken the power of Facebook.
  • Great FB alternative...not entirely free

    By Slishie89
    This app is definitely a great alternative to the politically biased editor app called Facebook. You keep your right privacy and you can easily connect with friends and groups of your choosing. It’s super easy to navigate, and so far I haven’t had any issues using the app. The only downside is that it’s not entirely free. In order to get many of the same features that you get with Facebook you have to subscribe for $4.99/mo. To create any kind of professional/business page you have to pay an extra $1.99/mo. It’s nothing that’ll break the bank but it’s still money out of our pockets, and that $7/mo starts to really add up. $7 for a year comes out to $84 😱 That’s money that could go towards groceries, or supplies for the home. Especially when people can barely afford to put food on the table because of these stupid lockdowns, it’s hard to justify paying for these features and that’s why for many people Facebook is still, even with all its crooked ways, the best social media option.
  • Needs some improvement but give it time.

    By JPoff1224
    I have been with Mewe for a while now. I can say this. I left FB after they really started cracking down with censoring and fact checking everything. When I joined Mewe it did take a while to use. Lots of trial and error to get use to it. I can honestly say using Mewe on my computer is a lot easier and better to navigate then on my phone. Something I hope with time Mewe will improve on. There are other changes I hope Mewe improves as well. For instance the users. It should be easier to search for friends by name, location, work place, school, etc. And users really need to apply a profile picture. Also Mewe needs to filter through all the profiles that aren’t being used. When I search for someone with a common name you have to weed through 100s of people with no location listed. Sorry but these profiles need to go. That would help filter things better. TIME I know is the key. Mewe offers a suggestion tab. So please use this. Give them ideas on what could help improve this platform and to make it more user friendly. And hopefully more people will join.
  • This app is awful for blind and visually impaired folks.

    By commanderlumpy
    This app is terrible for blind and visually impaired users. First of all, all I get when I get into the app after I’ve signed in is the news feed. At the bottom of the app where it has the tabs I tap on more. Then it just shows me that it has sales upgrade journal and a few other things. But there is not an option to post or anything like that. Furthermore, when I get into the groups or something like that it is hard to find a group. Whoever developed this app needs to take a class on how to make it user friendly to the blind and visually impaired. Oh, one more thing. I signed up for premium service. It looks as though at least from a wine person‘s perspective the app does not realize that I signed up for premium service. When I double tap on chat it just tells me a search for a name but it doesn’t give me the option to video chat or anything like that. And when I try to chat with the robot it does things that I don’t know what it’s doing on the screen like a meme or something like that. Sorry folks but your app is absolutely awful for a blind and visually impaired person. Apparently, you need to take some classes and how to make this better. Or just redo the whole entire app.
  • Things to change

    By jb15545
    I don’t like that when I allowed my contacts to be accessible I didn’t get to choose which contacts. It literally sent out an invite to everybody in my phone including my ex-husband. I should have an option to choose which people not just everybody. I also think that when I delete a friend request that that person should not be informed or be able to send me another one. I’ve had the same person send me a friend request eight or 10 times. I don’t want to be with friends with everybody that was in my phone contact list. The app itself is easy to move around and navigate. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to have an app like this other than Facebook. Oh and as I said here trying to create a nickname to finish this review every single one of them I come up with is taken including random numbers so I’m having a hard time even submitting this review

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