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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-07
  • New version: 2.70.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Farfetch: Fall Fashion

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Farfetch: Fall Fashion is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Farfetch. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Farfetch, with the latest current version being 2.70.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 70,076 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.88542 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Discover and shop the brands you love at Farfetch. Pick your new fall clothing and accessories from over 100,000 designer pieces, and you won’t need to shop anywhere else for the new season. Come on in. Need a reason to download Farfetch? Have 3: • Visual search - see it, snap it, shop it. Just take a photo of what you’re looking for, upload it and we’ll find it. • Positively conscious & pre-owned pieces - made with love and made to last • A personalised feed - our latest pieces and your favorite designers in one place, completely tailored to you. Find new designer brands • Shop labels like Molly Goddard, BODE and Legres • Browse designer clothing, shoes and accessories on the go • Discover Rave Review, Bondi Born and Vanina the latest brands to stay ahead of the game Fall Styles for Women, Men & Kids • Discover new season clothing, footwear and accessories Shop labels like Golden Goose, Prada Saint Laurent and more • Coats, jackets and boots: find designer clothing for colder days • Browse the latest trends wherever you are Shop sustainable fashion • Find positively conscious jewelry, bags & shoes • Discover the latest pieces from sustainable labels • Browse Ganni, Stella McCartney & Veja In a rush? Get pieces delivered with F90 - our same-day service if you’re in one of the world’s major cities. Farfetch ships to over 190 countries and offers a free pick-up service for returns. If you have any questions, head to https://www.farfetch.com/contact-us/#helpContact-ContactUs

Top Reviews

  • I should have believed all the bad reviews

    By Belcuore
    Wanted to buy about $5,000 in a pair of shoes and a purse. But reading the very bad reviews, I decided to just give it a try buying just the shoes. Well, two days later, got a basic email that my order has been canceled and shall receive a refund soon. No choices, no alternatives. Replied with a complaint and received a condescending and still robotic email saying that I was supposed to list my shipping country as Puerto Rico and not the US. Meaning, if you live in Puerto Rico forget buying here. It will force you to read their website in Mexican Spanish (I’m not joking) with no option for English or just regular Spanish. Then it will treat your purchases as if you were in a foreign country where you have to pay customs, duties, etc. even if the merchandise comes from another state (NY, where the shoes would come from). Then when you pay, your address is invalid because your credit card company uses the regular American format to validate your shipping address and PR is part of the US, not a country. I emailed the company to clarify that the address is right and that I couldn’t navigate their website in “Mexican Spanish” and more importantly, the credit card wouldn’t validate the purchase with PR as a country. Bad website and worse customer service. They have dumb robots doing the work of people and adults. Not worth it!
  • Pretty great app!

    By horseygal4eva
    Been using Farfetch for around a year now, and it’s become my new go-to. A couple minor adjustments and it would be perfect! I do wish there was a filter for sizing. Sometimes the “refine,” category will allow you to filter by size, but usually you have to click around on a ton of items to see if your size is available. Another improvement would be to allow a bigger wishlist, because 100 items definitely is NOT big enough!😂 If I see something I really want to save for later, I have to add it to my cart and let it sit there, or remove something from my full wishlist if I want to save it there. Their customer service is fantastic, and are in contact quickly every time if you have questions or concerns. Tracking information is always added for orders, and they ship surprisingly fast. Over all, I really enjoy Farfetch!
  • Horrendous order support team and broken promise

    By Dang I hate crashes yea
    Farfetch does not stand by its customer promise of great service... or even good service for that matter. I’ve never experienced such overwhelming incompetence from an order support team. I noticed that my order contained an unapproved surcharge, so I contacted support via email and phone and requested an order cancelation. They then waited until the item shipped the next day before responding that they would look into it. I called in and talked to a clueless guy who first told me that the order could not be canceled because it had already shipped, but he promised to help and asked me to call him back in two business days if I hadn’t heard from him. Then, Farfetch proceeded to overcharged me, in the wrong currency. I contacted them on the second business day, and then they refused to fix the charge unless I returned the order and then re-purchased it. With PayPal’s exchange rates, I wouldn’t even receive a full refund! Massive, rude, insulting waste of time and energy. At these prices, I’m absolutely furious. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
  • Terrible shipping and return policy

    By WHKavanaugh
    Do not waste your time with this website. All items I’ve ever received from orders through Farfetch have been with DHL. There is no DHL office anywhere near me, so it takes forever to receive any item. The products they are selling are not exclusive to them, and I could purchase them elsewhere and receive them much faster. Honestly, I could fly to Italy and buy the Gucci jacket and get home before my order would arrive from Farfetch. And do not expect any special treatment or packaging for that matter. In addition, I recently tried to return a pair of Golden Goose sneakers that were a few days outside of the return policy, and they refused! Rafaela in customer service was unwilling to offer any compromise or understanding. Apparently she did not look at my purchase history before considering. There are so many other sites selling luxury goods that appreciate my business. Deleted this app and shopping elsewhere. I reccomend the OUTNET and Moda Operandi.
  • Horrible !

    By pheonixxxxxxxx
    This is not my first time purchasing an item from farfetch , but I’ve had an absolutely horrible experience with my last order , I got an email and text from the courier company a day before my package was delivered asking if I wanted to waive the signature before delivery option which I declined , I have a secure package box in my apartment complex with I pay monthly for to guarantee the safety of my mails and packages .They went ahead and claimed they delivered my shoe (which I saved hard for to wear on graduation ) outside, at the door without any signature . I received a notification that evening that my package was delivered I got home later that night to no package in my box or at the door as they claimed , two weeks of waiting for them to complete their investigations after my complaint , farfetch is giving me excuses about not being able to refund my hard earned $1000 . I’ve requested for the issue to be escalated and no one is getting back to me as promised !!!!!
  • Do not buy from this website

    By Rabengro18282882
    I ordered a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes, I’m a currently a gold member and I tried to return my shoes with a label that FARFETCH emailed me. Long story short they lost the shoes and are asking me for evidence that I returned the shoes “can you please send us a video of you giving a package to DHL”. Mind you I called them before processing the return so that everything was properly handled. I never in my life experience such bad customer service and it’s such a shame I have to write this review because I really loved buying from them. Advice from me to new buyers record yourself returning items and keep it for your records just in case. I lost 700$ with this app and their customer service it’s just ridiculous, same conversation on repeat. It’s been over 4 months and here I am trying to see if I can get my refund but they’re not helping. It is not my fault they screwed up somewhere in their supply chain and now I have to pay the consequences of their mistakes.
  • They just cancel my order

    By Mooshokhachikyan
    So usually im not leaving review or comment if its a bad application or company im still positive and giving them 5 star but this one is totally different story So i put my order like a week ago before Christmas with hope its gonna arrive exact day for Christmas. Anyway i put the order i got email we’ve got your order okey after 3 days they sending me email and saying we just hot your cancel and refund your money ( I didn’t cancel anything: its okey let me put another order so now that item is expensive or my size sold out . And im looking my statement so they charge me they refund me and after 2 days they charge me again : so now i have to call bank and do 3 way phone call to get my money back : thats the whole story thank you
  • Needs improvement, nice styles though

    By Lisa20003000
    There is too much to look through, I don’t know if I am missing the filter feature for size but it’s annoying to click on so many products to find they don’t have your size. When scrolling through there are items that I previously viewed (Products are repeating). Instead of having to keep scrolling to see new products, the app should separate it by pages so I can chose the page. Number. Needs to better organize the app. It’s frustrating to have to go through 80,000 products while most of the items are not your size.
  • Questionable Customer Service

    By onewhogotaway92
    I recently purchased an Off-White belt from them and it has a decent size stain on it. (Why they wouldn’t check before shipping, I don’t know). I called customer service to see if they offered a damage discount because I did like the belt and would be okay with not returning it if I could get a small % back. The customer service agent had a could not be bothered attitude and kept telling me they didn’t offer damage discounts, which is bizarre. They offered to email the store directly to see what could be done. She then quickly hung up on me before I could ask another question. I’ll update my review if they’re actually helpful, but a pretty sour experience to have when you’ve just paid $200 on a belt.
  • Disaster of a company

    By Pickles Bickles
    Farfetch is the perfect example of a company which raising funding by bluster and hype and turning a “profit” with their insanely bad customer service. Whoever is heading that department is probably an incompetent yes man who has no idea what they’re doing and doesn’t care about the impact. Their customer service team is disempowered, useless, scripted, and their hands are completely tied. They’ve been holding onto about $5,000 of orders which they charged weeks ago, but haven’t shipped. It’s ridiculous to get it resolved. If this is how they treat their high spend customers - it says a lot about how ineffective they are as a corporation l. It will catch up to them. People don’t understand that Farfetch as an aggregator, they’re a glorified search engine working off of commission.

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