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Subway® is an iPhone and Android Food & Drink App, made by SUBWAY Restaurants. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUBWAY Restaurants, with the latest current version being 29.1.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 590,494 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.80793 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Hungry? Eating fresh just got a whole lot better with the new Subway app. ● Customize Your Way: Like extra cheese? Us too. Build your own Footlong just like you do in the restaurant. Swap your condiments, pick your toppings, or toast your bread — the opportunities are endless. ● Find Rewards: Join MyWay and earn every time you order. You’ll get access to exclusive deals, promos, and member-only rewards. Saving is easier than ever. ● Rapid Re-Order: Find your favorites in a snap. Get your last order in a single tap, right from the dashboard. ● Get Fresh Fast: Choose Pick Up, Curbside, or delivery. What are you waiting for?

Top Reviews

  • Not great...

    By csfrost1986
    Especially compared to the competition (places like Taco Bell, Sonic, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks, which all have excellent apps), I find this app to be buggy and inconvenient. Adding toppings and sauces to subs is more cumbersome than it should be and I usually experience a lag when trying to remove toppings. The options online often don’t match up with the store. Salt apparently isn’t an option using the app, although pepper is? Maybe the issues lie with my local Subway’s inventory, but I also can’t select chip options that I know they have in store. There’s no way to specify what kind of fountain drink you want if you add it as a stand-alone item (can only specify if it’s part of a meal). As a result, I have to use the special request section to correct my order since it isn’t accurate and even then I just end up having to grab everything myself when I get to the store. Also, ‘Make it a meal?’ shows up for subs but not for personal pizzas, even though every Subway I’ve ever gone to offers up the option of making my pizza a meal. Had to try adding my credit card about 4 times before it finally saved it (even though I didn’t change any info from the first attempt to the last... it was just being buggy). Buggy and slow when trying to remove items from the cart. Finally, it’s probably human error somewhere in the process, but the tracker often won’t register that I’ve picked up my order, so I’ll see a reminder on the app homepage saying I have an order ready.
  • Absolute Garbage

    By MJSinNEW
    Placed an order at 5:20pm on the app for pickup at the Menominee, MI Subway. Completed the transaction and it told me it would be ready for pickup at 8:20pm. Three hours?!!! Called the store 20 minutes later to see if was really going to take that long. They haven’t gotten the order! She said it usually takes 15 minutes for the store to receive it. So they should have already gotten it. She said once they received the order that they would have it ready in 15-20 minutes. I called back in 25 minutes and they still hadn’t received the order! She asked me to give her my order over the phone and they would make it right away. I went to the store 20 minutes later and showed the woman my phone with the order details which show date, time, order number, store number, location, items ordered, amount paid, method of payment. Everything to prove it’s legit. I appreciate the employees willingness to resolve things, but the app is COMPLETE GARBAGE!!! The store had no way to look up my order, no way to cancel the order, and no familiarity with the app itself. They made my verbal order with one error, by forgetting to put bacon on my steak & bacon sub, which is a little frustrating. The app far outweighed the missing bacon in terms of visceral frustration. And on the Subway website under the Contact Us section, you don’t have an option to choose app problems or feedback. I’d rate the app zero stars if that was an option.
  • Absolute waste of time of an app

    By Liam Allen
    The app in itself is pretty good save the fact that it’s not crystal clear how to apply the deals to an existing order. However that’s not the reason why I’m writing to you. I just downloaded the subway app about a week ago, and I have used it four times so far. The first THREE orders had missing items and not just simple items I mean like the missing guacamole in the turkey bacon GUAC wrap. 🤦‍♂️ luckily we live in walking distance so I just walk back to fix the order. Now the fourth time is the kicker and it is pretty much the sole reason why I will never ever use your subway app again. I dialed in the order and it gives me the ready time of approx. 15 minutes. Totally fine. I show up at the approx. time and it’s one person who just showed up to their shift for that night and has no idea where my order is. He spots the ticket order on the counter and is confused why no one has taken care of it since it’s been 15-20 minutes since that ticket order has been ordered and PAID through your app. Apparently your (probably way underpaid minimum waged) prior shift employee grabbed the ticket, set it on the counter, and clocked out without even communicating to the next shift employee about it. I’m giving your app a one star not because your app is insufficient but because you failed to realize that you expect your franchise to employ competent persons to execute orders that is generally meticulous in nature.
  • Simply doesn’t work!

    By Anita245
    I would give a 0 star rating if I could. The app wouldn’t was not working at all about 1 month ago while visiting one of my local Subways to pick up a sandwich at the end of a long day! The clerk/server ringing up my purchase did his best to scan the App to apply/redeem my points to no avail. As I happen to carry the card that came before the App with me as well, he tried to swipe the card (which has always worked before) and the end results was a total lockout of my account with the message to contact Subway. I had to make the purchase without my points! I did contact Subway the next day and after several minutes, the customer service rep found the solution to my problem. Problem solved; hardly! Two weeks later, I went to buy three sandwiches at one of my local Subway locations. This time out, the App just kept spinning and spinning as if it was prepping to open. It never did! Thank goodness my old card worked this time out. A couple of days after, I tried to open the App at home just to see what would happen. It opened up without a hiccup. Gee Subway, I need the App to work when I am actually interested in ordering food, NOT when I am just sitting at home not interested in eating your food that day. I expect to have a helpful, functioning App at the time of purchase instead of a message to contact you guys, or to simply not have the App open at the moment of truth! Frustrating!!!!
  • Where’s the Rewards

    By Ronwilt
    The app is convenient when it works. I say that because so often I go through the pains of buying online and I get to the end and get an error. This happens frequently. I resubmit, start over , etc. same stupid error message. And there is no one to call and ask for assistance. I keep the app current on my iPhone. The next day it may or may not work again. I also think going through the menu is slow and clumsy. I also try to get my order straight in advance so when I am ready and I hit the purchase button I know it will be fresh. This is typically the time I am hurried and do not want to step through the menu. But I still want Subway Fresh, right. But today something changed and when I went back to my order to submit payment it appeared to be missing. So I ordered all over again and then noticed I had two subs in the queue. So I had to figure out how to cancel one of them. My order changed slightly and I couldn’t tell which one I was canceling. So what is my reward for continuing to use the app and buy from Subway. There is none. No rewards for buying your subs 3-4 days a week. No extra discounts. No buy 4 get the 5th free. Nada. And I don’t expect anyone will respond to my input. So Surprise me, Subway.
  • Subway support helped solve accessibility issue with VoiceOver! Might have been iOS version issue.

    By Brl.Dots
    THANKS to Subway phone tech support, we figured out what the issue might have been. I'm running iOS version 12.4.1 on my iPhone. I was impressed when the support person with whom I spoke actually knew how to turn on VoiceOver, and try the app using it with his phone. He was running iOS 13.3, and I heard the app working as it should, getting past the first screen. He also had a coworker try it with iOS 13.3 on an older phone. So, we arrived at the solution that I would update my iPod Touch, and see if I can get past the first screen with it. When I tried that the next day, sure enough, it did work! And now, for whatever reason, it's again working on my phone at iOS 12.4.1, too, when the other day, I could double tap until the cows come home, and it wouldn't go anywhere past the initial screen. MANY THANKS Subway tech support! You've restored some of my faith in app developers and tech support people who actually have an interest in app accessibility! THANK YOU AGAIN! The original review text from a few days ago is below, but I consider this issue definitively resolved for the time being! Tina E. ORIGINAL REVIEW TEXT, which no longer applies: How can I redeem my rewards, when I can’t even get past the first screen? Please, please fix this before January 31, 2020! If not, I have no way to use my four dollars reward that expires by then.! Thank you most kindly for your attention!
  • A beginner

    By Keely Maltby
    I just signed up and it was pretty painless. I’m typically very frustrated by the time I’m finished unless I Chuck my Phone out the window before I’m done. The application/ sign up process was easy. Ordering sandwiches was a step by step process and the pictures make it easy to follow. I forgot to order my choice of cheese but in the checkout yiu have one last chance to add or subtract items. Also the locations chapter was easy to follow and subway allows Apple Maps so I’m not forced to download another map app I don’t necessarily want, thanks for that consideration. To summarize; my lengthy review; signing up is breeze just read the instructions & follow the steps. If you’re not on your own turf Locating a store is a cinch if you know where you are. If you don’t know where you are it’s likely you need more than a sandwich. I found this app to be problem free. Besides there really isn’t a Cadillac problem that can’t be fixed with a stomach full of Subway is there? Slow your roll (wheat , Italian, or artisan lol couldn’t help it ) slow your roll you’ll be unwrapping that delicious 12 inches of Yummy in no time. Cant eat the whole thing? Wrap in some plastic and BAM! Lunch tomorrow cuz its stays fresh even overnight. You’re welcome, k&g Henson Murrieta Ca
  • Wish I could rate a zero

    By Akominiarek
    I ordered and picked up an order though this app on 7/23 and didn’t seem to have any issues. Two hours later, the store called me to tel me that my order needed to be picked up! I had already done so! Much to my chagrin, there was a different order - two sandwiches instead of the three I ordered. I thought it would be simple and the store would cancel the order - NOPE!!! The manager said they didn’t get any money for the sandwiches and they could not stop the pending charges or reverse them so I would have to submit an online request for reimbursement because I used this app - but wait it gets better - I submitted my request that day and waited patiently for a response, but on the eighth day I called corporate. Corporate told me that they would do anything for me either and I had to take the time to dispute the charge with my own bank:/! I was told this subway is a franchise and therefore not part of the subway corporation?!?!?! Best part is I’m the only on that is out of luck - the franchise and the corporation still have my money!!!! The lack of support and customer service has been appalling. I have now spent my time disputing this charge with my bank. Subway you have really dropped the ball on something that could have been so easy to correct ON YOUR END! BEWARE OF USING THIS APP! Shame on your practices Subway.
  • Good app for the most part

    By Shadows14
    I am unable to order from any of the Subways around me using this app. I can only use it for the subway by my brother’s house. Also every time I order extra sauce it comes as light sauce. I originally thought this was a worker error, but it happened for months on end. I finally switched to ordering the regular amount of sauce and I get way more sauce now(still not heavy unfortunately.) I have also had several instances of ordering the buffalo chicken sub, but buffalo sauce is not an option so it came as plain chicken even though I paid more for buffalo. Despite my complaints Subway is absolutely delicious and it’s awesome to order through your phone instead of in store. I would order far more often if the Subways by my house were compatible(I can’t understand why they aren’t). I also once had an order that never made it to the restaurant which caused a series of inconveniences that ended with me spending over an hour in the store and eventually ordering manually. The inexperienced worker was very understanding about it despite how slow he was and slammed the restaurant was. He tried to call the manager for help who did not answer. Why the manager left a new kid all alone for a rush was beyond me.
  • App is defective

    By every nickname is taken! gosh
    Today I placed an online order for a what’s considered a spicy Italian sandwich and I’m aware that it takes up to 24 hours to load you points but something wasn’t right. Hours after getting my sandwich I went in the app and it read,” it wasn’t able to add my points”, so I checked my email to make sure it confirmed that I purchased it. In which they sent my confirmation, but the app continued to say an error occurred while trying to retrieve points. So I clicked the scan icon to see if anything would happen, and once I clicked it. Actually every time I clicked the icon the subway app would disappear, and it would go to my home page. So I checked my WiFi to see if that was the problem which it wasn’t, and then I logged out. Once I did that it, the app said its performing maintenance on their registration process. That’s just makes me upset because I don’t know if this maintenance is going to cancel the points I already have and on top of that I never got my points from the order I just purchased. There is no history of my purchase on the app (before logging out) because there was an error. So if I could be helped out I would really appreciate it. Also on top of that this was my first time using your mobile order, so this experience makes me skeptical of ever using it again.

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