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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-03
  • New version: 2.7.3
  • File size: 218.33 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Lomotif: Edit Video. Add Music

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Lomotif: Edit Video. Add Music is an iPhone and Android Photo & Video App, made by Lomotif Private Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lomotif Private Limited, with the latest current version being 2.7.3 which was officially released on 2021-03-03. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 298,513 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.63495 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

#1 Video Editor for Making Awesome Edits with over 50 Million Users Worldwide! ***** Create Videos with Music & Slideshows with UNLIMITED Clips, connect with other Lomotif users to grow your following, and share to Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok! Join the Community and grow your Lomotif followers! ◾ Get inspired by other user Lomotifs and get great music recommendations ◾ Find & Follow Friends ◾ Save and protect your Lomotifs in the cloud when you sign up! ◾ NEW: Create Channels to build a new group of followers to connect on your favorite topics! Make instant edits ◾ NEW: Create and control Boomerang-style video edits with simple swipes! ◾ ADD ANY SONG to your videos ◾ Search and add tons of GIFs ◾ Create Slideshows with an UNLIMITED mix of Photos and Video clips ◾ Crop, trim, cut, duplicate and delete clips easily ◾ Easy Controls: Pinch to Zoom / Crop, Drag and Drop to Reorder ◾ Export Your Video in Portrait (Vertical), Square, or Landscape (Horizontal) ◾ Make a montage instantly with photos and videos from your Snaps, Instagram Stories, and Tiktok memories! Add your favorite songs ◾ Search from millions of charting topping songs by your favorite artists ◾ Check out our “trending” genres for updated music recommendations ◾ Get recommendations from our custom playlists to make the perfect video ◾ New songs added daily! Extra Features ◾ Add Titles (Meme Titles to get more views and likes on Instagram’s Explore page) ◾ Add Animated Stickers from blinking hearts to birthday greetings ◾ Filters and Flash Effects ◾ Search and add GIFs to your movies, flips Make Movies with Friends ◾ Search, Discover and Use Scenes/GIFs ◾ Bookmark Your Favorite Scenes and Effects ◾ Share your Camera Roll - Upload your Own Clips for your Friends to Use Got the basics? Don’t miss out these Advanced Options that users love! ◾ Select “in/out” points if you’d like to finetune your edit ◾ Adjust music so you can sync it to the beat ◾ Slide the timer so you can make superfast cuts! ◾ Add flash effects ◾ Add Meme Titles to get more views on Instagram’s Explore page

Top Reviews

  • The only thing

    By Khloe murphy
    The only way to make a new phone is that I don’t know what I want to say but I cannot is a new day for me and my friends to the moon and the day of my we all know that you have been in love and I love the new moon and a lot your new and the pup up u to me and my dad and my mom and her sister used it for a couple of weeks I don’t think I could get a ride home or I just don’t know what I can to get to go get her to go get some food I have a good night I will talk with her tomorrow I will be home soon and I’ll talk later I’ll be home soon love mom I’ll see if you guys have a chance o see what they have and how you doing thanks so I can see what you mean and I’ll talk about you tomorrow night I’ll be home in a little while I will see if I have time for a ride tomorrow or Thursday or Saturday morning I can go get some lunch tomorrow night and then I’ll come get some stuff
  • This App Is Awesome But One Tip For The Makers

    By 19ninetyfive
    Honestly, this app is key to videos for anything for business or popularity. Adding music to your videos is honestly a hassle these days with copyright. This app allows you to do it without having that hassle. That’s HUGE. I would like to think there is a payed version of this app but I haven’t looked. The only few changes I would like the make to this app, and advice to the creators, from a customer, would be to have the full song listed and we can pick what part of the song we want. Don’t get me wrong, WOW, this app has every song out there. BUT to make it even greater, the GOAT (even though it kind of is the goat already imo) y’all should add the full song and let us pick which part we like best. Overall, this app is a must. I hope the creators see this message so they can tell me why we can’t pick the part of our song. Keep killing it though. Looked through hundreds of apps and never found this until someone suggested. Need more advertisement. Best free app out there. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Love this app butttt

    By itsyagirllll
    Don’t get me wrong this app is awesome! I just have one issue. Every time I try to use this app it always freezes up and kicks me off or all my pics and videos goes to a black screen and the song or the video I’m trying to create won’t play back to me so I always have to start over or save my progress then click on it again. It happens every few pics I move around or videos, it gets annoying. I was trying to make a video/slideshow for my sister and her husbands wedding and it took me two days. Luckily , her wedding was a few weeks away but what if it was that same day? It took me two days because of the stopping and making me start over. Plus on the second day of me trying to make it, the app kicked me off and I lost all my progress I was soooo frustrated. I never used to have these problems and I know it’s not my phone because my phone is brand new and it works with every other app. Please try to fix this or see what’s wrong. Thank you!
  • A few changes perhaps??

    By AnyaTheOnion
    Ok so, yes I love the app. You can pick photos and videos and add music to it all. But there are some things that maybe could be changed. The speed of how long the photos and videos go for; should be given more longer times so than when you add a lot of videos and photos you can see the photos and videos instead of seeing glimpses of them. It’s quite annoying for me when I make a really long Lomotif and I can’t have a good solid five seconds of a video. And I also do not like when u watch it and it speeds up randomly. Like keep it on the same pace! Also there should be a way to have the images and videos transition, other than it looking like your swiping photos after photos and videos after videos like when ur looking through your photo albums. Anyway I really like the app but if this could be read by the creator and stuff that’d be great👍🏻. Have a nice day.
  • It changed

    By shylsgdydyd
    When I first got on Lomotif I loved it and I before Lomotif I was on Flipagram and my videos was always to slow but on Lomotif I just love how fast it goes however their has been MANY updates on here and after like the 5th update ...when I pick all my videos and pictures which is probably up to about 139 in total I have to sit and wait for it to all be processed and I would like to atleast know how long I have to wait for it to be all done and plus I used to have more pictures and videos then this and it wouldn’t do this ...it’ll take only a minute u need to either put a timer to inform us how many minutes we have till we can get the video or just make it go faster and one more thing ...I can’t even see my old ones either ....I have to wait for them to process now too so PLEASE fix this thanks .
  • Disappointed

    By Faith Mcdougald
    I've heard so many great revies about this app, but using it myself has been an awful headache. I don't like the fact that the pictures have to be cropped before hand to make them align on the app. More importantly I was kicked off the app over 5 times after getting really close to finishing due to simply moving a video in the slideshow. I tried many times and each time the app froze, and closed then once reopening I had to restart and choose each photo again with no trace of the work I had just put in, once again bouncing around my camera roll to coordinate the different pictures and then crop it to fit the screen. Also when cropping each individual photo the music replayed that moment in the song repeatedly and even restarted the video from the beginning by the slightest wrong tap. I do not see myself using this app again due to how tedious & frustrating it has been on the first attempt to make one simple collage. Please fix these issues, TIA.
  • Lomotif

    By kaley castillo
    I use this app for every edit I make, it’s a great way to make a quick easy slideshow or video and it’s a great way to show off the memories you make with friends and family. It’s a good app to use to save storage on your phone because instead of having 300 pictures you can have 150 videos! It’s so much fun to make and share the edits especially when you know what your doing. It takes practice at first but after a while you know what your doing and it’s super easy and simple. I love this app so much because you can make any edit you think of, there’s so many song choices and you can ever upload your slide show to other apps to share it on! This app is great and I encourage everyone to try it out! I
  • Glitching is aggravating on here

    By Ava cr
    The glitching is really bad and all your work you do is gone so if you have a lot of pictures and I mean a lot and your almost done it will freeze up but the music is still playing even if you turn of your phone and if will erase all your work and if you exit it out it will delete everything I had to restart 2 times and I’m so done with it they really need to update this app cause at first it’s all good and smooth rolling but when you do a lot of changes to your slide show it glitches and if you stay on the app when it glitches it will kick you out and erase all the work you did so you have the choice to restart or delete the app and ima delete the app if changes aren’t made because I am so tired of this glitching and if this app isn’t made for a lot of pictures then put a limit of how many pictures can we put in. So if you get this app then get ready for glitches and disappointment.

    By wildmichies
    This app is something else!! I love how it’s so easy to combine videos and pick a song, however it continuously SHUTS DOWN after you’ve spent FOREVER trying to make the perfect compilation of videos by tediously picking throughout your camera roll, and cropping, and organizing exactly how you want it. Just when you feel like it’s almost perfect and add some finishing last touches , the app GLITCHES AND FREEZES AND SHUTS DOWN, NOT SAVING ANY OF YOUR PREVIOUS PROGRESS FORCING YOU TO RESTART ALL OVER AGAIN. I am so tired and angry of this , it needs to be fixed. So many hours and excitement gone to waste because of that! Maybe also letting compilations be longer than 30 seconds, and allow us to choose which section of a song we want in our videos instead of a set 15 seconds of a random part of the song and you can’t make it play at a different time. This app could def use some work and a lot of improvement
  • I do not recommend ! (Worth the read)

    By Makaylaaa.c
    Honestly don’t even download this. Countless times I’ve tried making a video and it’s froze up and lost all my progress. Another issue I’ve had is with sizing, the app let’s you pick the size of the video, like whether you want portrait or widescreens. On portrait it gives the option where you can take a sideways (widescreen picture) and zoom out and it will show the whole picture in the portrait slide show setting. There’s been several times i choose the sizing I wanted repeatedly and it would ignore my choice and choose the size by itself. I would have to get off the app and get back on it later when the sizing would finally work. Honestly if your needing the app to make a slideshow for someone’s birthday or for an anniversary on the day of or last minute then don’t choose this app because there’s been plenty times I couldn’t get the app to work in time for me to post a slideshow on someone’s birthday. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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