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Newsmax TV & Web

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Newsmax TV & Web is an iPhone and Android News App, made by Newsmax Media, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Newsmax Media, Inc., with the latest current version being 3.1.1 which was officially released on 2021-05-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4,895 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.81982 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Newsmax TV is a “news powerhouse” -- says Forbes. It is America’s new cable news channel in 70 million homes – now FREE via your iPhone app. No fees, and no paywall -- get breaking news in politics, world events, finance and health. Watch Newsmax TV 24/7 live from our studios in New York, Washington, and around the globe. See hit shows with Greg Kelly, Sean Spicer, Chris Salcedo, Nancy Brinker and more! Watch Newsmax TV anytime, anywhere in the world! The app also includes easy access to, the popular news website Americans turn to for Real News for Real People.

Top Reviews

  • Rude dismissal of Mike Lindell on your 2PM central news report!

    By Progressive Attitude
    Mike Lindell was brought on for an interview regarding his “twit” acct being canceled. Mike tried in vain to explain that why both his personal and corporate accounts were canceled because of his view on election fraud but your male host talked over Mike for at least 20 straight seconds and finally asked producer to disconnect the call! This utter disregard of Mr. Lindell’s first ammendment rights by your network means you have put yourselves in a class with the rest of the progressive fake news organizations in our country and have left me with bitter disappointment in your network. I was initially so excited to have found what I believed was a truely conservative and honest news service only to see that you are not. Any news organization that censors its guests will also censor the information it airs which renders your organization totally untrustworthy! If your policy does not allow a guest to even mention election fraud, then you have fallen victim of the progressive left’s agenda to destroy any opposition to their cause for fear of litigation or intimidation. I am praying for your misguided management!
  • Fake news that divides

    By Jivestik
    If you’re looking for news that supports divisive ideas you already believe in, then this is the greatest news in the history of news. The tag line for Newsmax should be “News that demonizes Democrats”. After watching Marjorie...Greene regurgitate everything from the past 4 years, from bashing BLM protests, to claiming everybody else is corrupt, even accusing Biden for something already disproven. If you want to feel more angry and hateful about an imaginary enemy, Newsmax gives you the fuel that will corrode your soul. This is the type of news that has divided this country, no investigative journalism, just people mouth farting illegitimate & hateful beliefs. Then, to have a poser Dr. claim that wearing masks provides a “modest benefit” towards preventing coronavirus is another example of their biased news. Newsmax has made it very obvious that those who keeping making accusations of ‘fake news’ & ‘corruption’ are the same people supporting those. This type of news can not be mainstream because it’s not news, it’s commentary, much of which has no factual evidence.
  • New watcher

    By DugHrt
    As much as I hate to admit it. I have just recently heard of NewsMax. I’ve never really watched the main stream news. Can’t stand it. I stopped watching a long time ago when my dad retired from the military. Growing up with the AFN (Armed Forces Network) for news while we were over seas and then coming back to the states and hearing the “news” and how much they don’t talk about or cover up or keep facts from the people... it blew my mind and was extremely concerning and disappointing. But now that I have found NewsMax I can’t get enough of it. I watch / listen all the time. Thank you all at NewsMax for stepping up and giving us actual news. One small request... can you make the app have the ability to still operate with sound only while the phone is closed? I have to work hands free a lot and love to listen while I work but want the ability to be able to turn the Home Screen off so I don’t have to have the screen on just to listen. Keep up the good work!!!!
  • If so meeting is newsworthy NewsMax does just that.

    By Eliana562
    Quoting Brian Tracy: he spoke about not to read newspapers from cover to cover on Sunday mornings back in the 1990’s...He mentioned that; “If it is newsworthy someone would keep you informed.” NewsMax does just that. We watch what fake news say, often they regurgitate the same words by the AP and later we find out it is fake news. I stopped watching CNN ON ELECTION Day 2008 and stopped watching Fox on Election Day 2020. Local news is only about the weather I am not going to feel offended and angry watching lies. May God open the eyes and ears of the population!
  • True colors exposed...

    By Gneebnee
    The treatment Mike Lindell received on your program was disgusting. He was asked about being cancelled and apparently his answer was unacceptable to you. This is a man giving everything to make sure our voting system is held to the highest standards and protected, which is beyond being a Trump issue. Case in point, look at Myanmar. Nobody on either side believes there isn’t voter fraud. The extent is what we have yet to truly know, but that is no reason to treat him the way you did. You simply could have stated that his information is alleged and, at this point, unfounded but you chose disgust and disrespect instead. I don’t think you truly understand how done and tired we are with the hypocrisy we’ve endured for four plus years, and now done with you. Sadly just a want to be Fox News now.
  • Developers!

    By Wasteofmytime 187654321
    Content is creat, but the app is lacking. What I experienced: I got a notification stating Trump called someone to discuss... so I click on it, takes me to a page that asks me who my cable provider is. Not necessary because I have the app. I input my email and nothing happens. I closed and clicked on the app instead, but article is nowhere to be found. If it’s important enough to have a push notification, wouldn’t it be on the app? What I like: l like the conservative content, I love being able to watch news on my phone at work, please never lose that. But the app needs someone to click on the push notification to make sure it does what you intend to do.
  • Still horrible

    By Sb7866
    I was exited to see this app finally receiving an update. Navigation in the previous versions was horrible. Going back to the main newsfeed after reading a story would require you to begins scrolling from the top again. Very frustrating. Imagine my excitement when I saw UI update. The new version is actually worse than the old. Now it takes more navigation to get to the news AND when you’re done with a story you go back to the main page instead of the news feed which highlights all their shows not news. I had stopped using this app and actually forgotten it was on my phone. I guess I will again and wait another year to see what the next one does. It’s a shame because I actually like there content.
  • Great news that educates the public!!

    By Nik_Lock
    All the MSM including Fox have gotten so far away from real news that educates the public and has become a major contributor to the decline in today’s society and how people treat each other. All the MSM have become agenda-driven and more like the Enquirer gossip column seeking the salacious stories that garner the computer and phone clicks. So refreshing to see a media group with Newsmax that has real news stories that educate the public. If you care about real news and want to know what is truly going on in the world, I strongly suggest Newsmax.
  • Honest Fact Based

    By Arizona Patriot
    A great News organization that doesn’t hide its conservative. Just started watching their programs and I am amazed how articulate they are with the facts. The reason the liberals hate any conservative programs is because it points to the facts which are undeniable and reveals who the radicals really are. The liberal media even lie about their radical leftist ideology all the time. This is why the the liberal media is dying out with extremely poor ratings. Keep it up and ever surrender to the radical and hateful ideology. In the end, God will judge all for their choices. God Bless........
  • They censor too ;(

    By Dbrady3
    I was so excited to find a news channel that seemed “ real “. Sadly, this channel is no different the the rest of the lame stream media . The “ My pillow “ guy, Mike was being interviewed for one of the segments and he tried to discuss the voter fraud , but as soon as he started to talk about it, the newscaster started to rudely talk very loudly right over him , telling him not to talk about it because the “election had been decided “. Mike tried to finish his sentence and that newscaster got louder and louder , and would not let Mike be heard, then shut him down completely !! I was shocked that this type of censorship is now taking place on a channel that was supposed to be “ different” ! I am finished 100% with News Max!! Absolutely shameful how this poor man was treated !!

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