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  • Last Updated: 2020-07-20
  • New version: 5.3.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Creative Cloud is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by Adobe Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Adobe Inc., with the latest current version being 5.3.1 which was officially released on 2020-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 34,461 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.78341 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Take Creative Cloud with you to manage your files, install fonts, view tutorials, and discover apps on the go. It's all on your device, wherever you are. ACCESS YOUR FILES Download, share and preview your work saved in Creative Cloud. View Photoshop docs, Lightroom photos, Libraries, cloud documents, PDFs, XD prototypes, and mobile creations, even offline. Upload files to Creative Cloud in-app and from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Apple’s File app. Create new libraries from your camera roll and Adobe Stock. ALL ADOBE FONTS ON IOS Browse, install, and create with Adobe Fonts, now on mobile. Access 1,300 fonts for free, 17,000 fonts with your Creative Cloud plan. Find missing fonts in documents. Install on mobile to activate fonts on all your devices. LEARN MORE Watch engaging tutorials about your favorite apps, learn new skills, tips, and tricks. Track your progress and pick up where you left off on the web. 2GB OF STORAGE Free, basic Creative Cloud membership includes 2GB of complimentary storage for file syncing and sharing. ADOBE APPS Discover new Adobe mobile apps. Find and launch apps you’ve already installed. COLLABORATE Share designs and comments with your team. Get instant notification of their feedback. Optional in-app purchases Access over 17,000 Adobe Fonts with a subscription to Adobe Spark or Adobe Premiere Rush, which may be part of your active Creative Cloud subscription or available as standalone apps for US$9.99/month. Add an additional 20GB of Creative Cloud file storage for US$1.99/month. Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Setting any time after purchase. THE FINE PRINT You must be at least 13 years old and agree to Adobe's terms and privacy policy: Do Not Sell My Information:

Top Reviews

  • Very impressed with all adobe apps in one place

    By Good phone app
    I’ve always very much loved all of the Adobe Lightroom and photoshop and most all of the Adobe apps. I love the photo editing apps and I’m learning more about the other apps that are on creative cloud that I haven’t had the chance to use yet. This creative cloud app is so good and it has so many different apps and features that I just may sign up for the monthly fee to have accessibility to the extra features. All of the apps are so wonderful. And I am not one to pay a monthly subscription but for this one I think I will and it will be so worth it. So like I said I am very, very impressed and thank you for creating this app that has all the other apps included! It makes it easy fun and I just love to create. Thank you.
  • A Pain

    By NavWombat
    I ran into bugs logging into my second adobe account, where it would just crash but probably the most consistently issue is when adding psds to the cloud and they will not show up unless you physically refresh it. It also doesn’t work well with iOS’s UX well, dragging psds off the iPads folders or images from photos won’t work as well as directly saving psds to CC from other apps like Procreate errors out. Trying to do you thing in batches, for instance selecting then duplicating, deleting, or exporting only leads to a pop-up that says unable to complete. (This has always been a issue with creative cloud on the web as well, simple things like deleting multiple files at once is impossible.) when clicking on a file, all of the options on the bottom bar provided when clicking on a file lead to error messages except for leaving a comment. I would think a much more practical option would be to open in a relevant app. There’s a lot of confusion and redundancy between what’s in creative cloud, and cloud of documents, offline which could really be more simplified with an icon on the thumbnail or streamlined. A good reference point the way you can simply drag and drop files to organize and create folders in other apps like procreate and affinity designer. Adobe is still really lacking on the mobile side but this is literally a file management app with management issues. Please consider improving on these points Adobe, I feel like my two stars are being gracious.
  • improved a lot, needs better file sort functions

    By capncuddles420
    im a subscriber. when i go into my files, i really want to see the folders in the same order that they appear on my computer. for some reason your sort option places folders starting with an underscore at the END of the list, unlike all desktop file managers that put them at the TOP. that single change would make the CC app way more functional for me. having a dedicated page in the CC app for browsing fresco/draw files in a straightforward, file-manager-integrated way would also be hugely helpful and is a critical feature missing from all implementations of creative cloud. please fix this. having to turn on my ipad to access a fresco drawing that i JUST want to open in photoshop without modifications is annoying. i get that fresco files have to export to PSD, but at least all users to browse the fresco app directories from CC and quick export to PSD or PNG from there. all that said, CC app has come a long way and i appreciate the work. i dont know what my life would be without adobe
  • SUPER frustrating for organization enthusiasts!

    By SwordInTheLight
    So I started using a few Adobe products (Draw, Capture, Photoshop Mix) a while ago and thought this would be a good way to keep all of my stuff in one app. I could not have been more wrong. Yes, everything I have made I can find in the app, but it takes me a very long time to find it all. There are a bunch of different categories like “libraries” and “files” and “assets” in it and it’s just impossible to keep track of where everything is being saved. Can you please just make everything save in one place so I can find it all quickly??? This is also a big problem when I’m trying to get to my stuff through Apple’s Files app (which is where I ALWAYS go to to find everything). Whenever I create something in Draw or Photoshop Mix, it’s saved in the category “Mobile Creations” but the only things that show up in the Files app are docs in the category “Files,” which literally nothing is saved to. I would really like it for everything to be saved in one category and everything to show up in Apple’s Files app, because then I could give Creative Cloud 5 stars.
  • Great but problematic.

    By MBublitz
    I like the fact that I have access to my libraries and files, but one of the main things I really needed was to take the photoshop images I work on on my desktop and export them to my camera roll on my phone—which this does, but poorly. Well, to be more specific, it does it great the first time you export it to the camera roll, but it doesn’t matter how many times I seem to edit the document on the computer, whenever I try exporting the image again, it invariably exports the very first version I’ve ever exported of the file. (Even though it’s showing me the new version of the file.) As a work around I have to screenshot it instead if I want the current version. (Im using the Quick Export and going to Save Image.) I’d have given 5 stars otherwise. Oh, and I also tried opening in Photoshop Express thinking I could then save the image from there, but it just sits forever on the importing screen and never actually imports. I have to eventually close the program to stop it.
  • Pathetic and Frustrating

    By Fat ralla
    I suggest doing the sensible thing and avoid trying to use this on an iPad. I tried it for using with adobe sketch and it’s impossible to use. I was amazed that I had to manually sync from my desktop because that wasn’t automatic like with Dropbox or google drive. Once I was able to sync to iPad I had to make the file available offline for use, so that is another step, which makes sense, but after that, if you don’t open the file with an internet connection in adobe sketch then that file that was supposedly available offline is actually not available at all. The worst is that if you make a change to a file on creative cloud it is impossible for it to update. It just won’t do it, it keeps the first version of the file you synced to. But if you remove that file from your iPad it will erase the updated one from your cloud. So while it CAN’T update it CAN delete your cloud files. Just get dropbox or google drive and avoid it. We will all keep using adobe products but when it comes to iPads they just won’t work well with each other.
  • Great app that could be better

    By aberrantartist
    There is so much potential that this app has, it just needs to reach a little higher. The layout is nice overall and the ability to collaborate is incredible. What I have found cumbersome recently is that in order to delete or move any thin or have to go one by one. And even on Adobe apps that do allow you to select multiple items it is a bit cumbersome. Why can’t there be a long press action to select multiple documents and then do what you need to do with them? This is the easiest and best way to select documents in my opinion. Take Google photos on mobile for example. They did a great job! Similarly, there is no way that I see to delete an asset from a library. You either have to delete the whole library or archive the single asset and then go into the archive to delete. Not the best solution. Overall I love it and hope to be able to learn how to do it better, but these things must be fixed!
  • So disappointed in Adobe!

    By Crazypaw
    ‘Thanks for being a loyal customer for 10 years. Let me just kick you in the rear on your way out.’ I’ve used their products for 10 years, and had a creative cloud membership for 3 years. I canceled my membership last week, because I never use it at home anymore. They charged me a $200 cancellation fee straight from my bank account without any warning. When trying to contact them it takes hours, and I’ve been hung up on multiple times. It’s been worse than an Uber customer service experience. They finally told me they would refund in 5 days. When that didn’t happen, I contacted them again and they told me another 5-7 days. I doubt I’ll ever get my $200 back without getting my bank involved. Never thought of Adobe as one of those sketchy companies with no morales and horrible customer service, but at the end of the day seems they’re no better than any other corporation. I’m done with them, and all the other companies just out to take your money and offer 0 accountability and integrity.
  • So fast!

    By Freelancer 4373
    I was shocked at how instantly the files I work on synched after downloading the mobile app. Plus is allows you to sign in on phone and still have two devices (like a lap top and a desktop) signed in if you are working on multiple projects etc. The fact that I can quickly check something and snap a screen shot and send to partners while plowing through the other devices on work in Adobe programs is a huge multitasking savior! It’s also great on-the-go for showing or sharing files if you are away from working and need to keep things moving. It’s better than other clouds because it’s Adobe work related so it keeps it focused instead of transferring stuff from another cloud. Love the mobile app.
  • Great app but doesn’t update

    By Dearliarloveme
    I love all Adobe applications. I have been using their suites since ..... forever. I find their cloud service useful but recently I have had to utilize Apple’s cloud in order to accurately update my files. I am constantly on the move, making many changes to work that is tedious and time consuming. When working on my macOS desktop the file saves but doesn’t update to the iOS software. I have found myself having to delete the app constantly in order to view my updated files. Is there a work around for this that I’m missing? An update to this feature would be greatly appreciated or a work around to understanding why this isn’t working as it should? Also, sometimes it duplicates the file in creative suite which causes me to get confused which file I should continue to work on from my iOS? Software is software and bugs happen. I’m sure this will get fixed at some point but I am currently finding this to be bothersome since I am working on a massive project. Thanks for all your hard work at Adobe bringing us great products. I look forward to future updates and features that continue to make your products worth our hard earned money and ability to showcase our creativity.

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