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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-10
  • New version: 9.34.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Flipp - Weekly Shopping

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Flipp - Weekly Shopping is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Flipp Corporation. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Flipp Corporation, with the latest current version being 9.34.4 which was officially released on 2020-11-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 76,134 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.66474 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The New Black Friday is now! Master the New Black Friday with thousands of weekly ad circulars on Flipp. Flipp lets you browse Black Friday and year-round deals from over 2000 stores including Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens and more. Save money on electronics, groceries, and even household essentials. Download the Flipp app for free and see what’s on sale this week at stores near you. Here’s what our users love about Flipp: -LOCAL DEALS, ALWAYS UP TO DATE No need to wait for paper ads to arrive in the mail. With Flipp, your weekly ads arrive on time, on the app. Flipp uses your location to find deals from stores near you — so you’re always getting relevant and dependable information. -WIDE VARIETY OF CONTENT In addition to weekly grocery deals, Flipp finds you deals on pharmacy, home & garden, electronics, pet supplies, and more. -QUICKLY SEARCH FOR WHAT YOU NEED Flipp’s powerful search feature quickly scans all available weekly ads to tell you where you can get the items you need on sale. You can also search for stores to find a retailer’s weekly ad right when you need it. -KEEP TRACK OF DEALS WITH WATCH LIST Watch List is the easiest way to track the deals you want. Add groceries, brands, or even big-ticket items to your Watch List and let Flipp get to work to find you the best deals. -SAVE DEALS BY CLIPPING See a deal you like? Simply clip the deal to your shopping list, and come back to it later when you need it. -ADD FAVORITES Add stores to your favorites to access your frequent weekly ads from one convenient tab. -STAY ORGANIZED WITH YOUR SHOPPING LIST We always have our phones on hand these days, so why not use the in-app shopping list to keep track of items you need? The Flipp shopping list will scan all available weekly ads, and find you offers for the items on your list. -SEE WHAT’S TRENDING Never miss out on a hot deal. Check out the Deals tab to see the top trending deals in your area. -SAVE WITH FRIENDS Find something on Flipp that’s too good to keep to yourself? Share deals and coupons with friends and family. You can also share your shopping list with your shopping partner to keep track of the items you need, together. -ALL YOUR LOYALTY CARDS IN ONE PLACE Never miss out on your loyalty points and rewards. Add your store loyalty cards to your Flipp app to quickly access your cards during checkout. -LOAD DIGITAL COUPONS Conveniently browse coupons by store, and load coupons to your loyalty cards to save big. Flipp will tell you about available coupon matchups that can be combined with in-store offers to maximize your savings. Download the Flipp app now to start saving on your weekly shopping! Have any questions or suggestions? Contact us at flipp.force.com

Top Reviews

  • Great App until Update

    By edfiles
    I’ve use the app for 6 months and it’s been great. One of the last updates introduced an annoying feature at the bottom of the ad page you choose, a continuous scrolling to “ discover more deals near you,” that resembles any blue colored page you are looking at, so it seems like part of the same ad. The feature is unnecessary because the home page has his info beautifully arranged. It’s annoying because 1) you no longer quickly scroll to the final page, 2) Blue adds blend into it, creating confusion, and 3) there seems to option to “opt out” of seeing it. The app is awesome, and has a wonderful home page and interface, it need to offer the user an choice, but since the app is an awesome “free” service, and overall has lots of controls and works pretty good, I must give it high marks. Thanks, Ed
  • Great app! Improve shopping list please.

    By Man who can't be moved
    I LOVE this app! I’ve told all my friends and family about it. Super helpful and has revolutionized my weekly grocery shopping routine. Please, please, please add Wegman’s to the roundup! The one thing I’d like to see improved is the personal shopping list. I love that I can tap on adds to put those items in my list, and I especially love that anything I put on my list manually is automatically linked to all my local grocery store adds that have that item on special—and I can share the list with other household members regardless of whether they’re on iPhone or Droid. It’s wonderful! But I’ve been using AnyList for my grocery shopping for a few years and I really like the customizable settings of that app. Like being able to assign my own categories and quantities to items and rearrange those categories however I prefer and add notes for each item and pictures. If you could make your shopping list able to do THAT you would make AnyList obsolete! Thanks!
  • Even better than what I wanted!!!

    By Survivingcollegestudent
    I’m a college student who just moved off campus and now I’m looking at weekly ads on paper. I also have ADHD and I struggle to find my backpack keys and wallet almost every other hour, so keeping track of shopping lists and ads are difficult. I also almost always end up spending over an hour grocery shopping when I went in with a plan to only get 3 things...but then I lose my shopping list and then misplace my basket somewhere in the store and yeah you get the idea. Well this app is a game changer! I can circle the things I want in the app and then I have my planned items on my phone, I get reminders when those offers are about to expire, and on top of that I can add my cards for each store to the app. Life is still disorganized but it’s one less thing to lose when I’m at the store!
  • Yaaaaasss!

    By AlyAych
    This app keeps me as organized as one can get, when they are the most disorganized of humans. The shopping list portion is my most used, although, the fact that I can browse and clip grocery ad’s simultaneously is a win! The only thing I’d wish to change is when I add items to my shopping list, I’d like to be able to drag and drop the item into the category I choose, rather than the app choosing the food category for me. ie. If I write “Wheat English Muffins” it goes into the “Other” category instead of “Bakery.” When more than one individual shops in this house, it pays to be specific, and it also helps if everything could stay in its own category to make shopping simple for all. I have lived without this feature and can continue to do so, but it never hurts to throw it out there. Overall, great app!
  • Flipp is the best way to find special deals

    By Alykarjo
    I’ve been using Flipp for about 3 years now and it really is the best way to find special deals for items in my shopping list. I make the list right in Flipp, and as I add each item, if it’s on sale in one or more stores in my area, a tag pops right up and shows me where, and how much the item is on sale for. There are 5 grocery stores within a five mile radius of my home, so I can easily shop for the best prices without having to carry a flyer for each store around with me. They’re all on Flipp! I can click on items I want to buy in each store’s online/Flipp flyer and even find coupons for some items. Flipp really makes my life and shopping a lot easier.
  • To Flipp or Not To Flip...

    By Tjusgorjus2
    WOW! What can I say? I have flipped for Flipp. This app is awesome! I moved to the south from the west coast. Trying to save money is difficult here, because by the time you receive the different store ads, in the mail, it's probably ended or the items are out of stock😳. So, without being equipped with all the ads I had to go online constantly to find what was on sale. Then I stumbled upon this app. I love that all I have to do is type in (correctly) the items I'm looking for and I will find it, if on sale near me. I especially love the fact that you can circle items so you don't forget what items are on sale that you want to buy and the option of using the shopping list feature. I haven't used it yet, but I'm confident it will be just as user friendly. The ONLY caveat is you MUST spell the item correctly. For those of us who occasionally misspell words like (i.e. bananas or Hagaan Daz) the app says it "no results found". So, don't fret if it says an item is not on sale anywhere because it may be, just check your spelling. Additionally, there are stores that are not on here that are major chain stores. I’m not sure how a store is added, but I hope that changes soon. Again, this app is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save money. I hope this app only improves.
  • 2 STARS: Problems with recent update

    By starshinenight44
    I have loved using this app for some time and told many how great the app is. The recent update has made this app difficult and even impossible to use. Not being able to use this app in landscape view (on an iPad) is annoying and difficult. But today I'm looking at grocery ads, and I'm unable to select/mark 95% of the items that interest me. After trying to select other things in the ad, the majority of the ad cannot be used to make selections so to make a shopping list. This removes a significant functionality of this app. I see in a note to another reviewer that the landscape view mode was removed in preparation for a new viewing/browsing change. I will keep an open mind bc this has been a good app, but it will have to be an incredible change to make the portrait mode worthwhile on my iPad. And this assumes that the problems with selecting items in the ads is fixed. Please fix the selection problem asap. Thank you.
  • Missing Stores & Unable to Clip/Delete Coupons

    By OBX Mimi
    I would actually give it 3.5 stars (4 is too much as I am frustrated at the moment) but do not have that option. Loved this app to begin with...now I find it slacking more often than not. Also, requested stores be added then after months it was, only to not being there a few short weeks later!?!? At times stating the store is not in my area...which is not true! Other times, receiving the message that it there are no flyers when I was presently look at it! Consistently unable to “Clip” coupons to some stores. Incredibly frustrating when these are stores which I shop the most. Despite those issues, I constantly refer family, friends & strangers (in stores) to download the Flipp app! I am grateful for the developer as I have been able to save some money whether with the coupons or rebates, which is ALWAYS a plus! 😊
  • One Problem

    By toothtown
    For the most part, Flipp is great. I just wish there was a way to filter out stores that are farther away than I’m willing to travel. What do I care if some store I’ve never heard of is having a super great sale if I have to travel 30 miles just to get there? I don’t. Or let me permanently filter out specific stores that I know I won’t go to (you can temporarily do this with specific grocery items, but the setting doesn’t stick). The additional adds listed when I’m trying to find the best deal on pork ribs just adds clutter and confusion and makes this an overall less efficient and less enjoyable experience. I hope you guys can add a distance filter or similar function. It would make a world of difference. (Again, really enjoy the app otherwise. Thanks for making my shopping easier! 🥰)
  • Excellent App

    By DiamondsDarling
    This is an excellent app to have with you all the time, on your cell phone! When you are out and need to get some items or do your weekly shopping, where else can you cruise to see all your grocery sales! Much easier than carrying around all of those papers with you. It has like every grocery store and if you don’t see the one you want just ask for it and they add it! They have all of the department store adds also. So don’t worry if your mate has thrown them away again on you, just go to this app. Can you tell I like it?? They should pay me for this review but down load it and see at Christmas who has the best see on prime roast angus cut! They also show Sam’s and Costco adds! Five stars!!

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