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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-19
  • New version: 5.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.13 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

iFax: Send Fax App Pro Faxing

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iFax: Send Fax App Pro Faxing is an iPhone and Android Business App, made by Crowded Road. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Crowded Road, with the latest current version being 5.3 which was officially released on 2020-10-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 0 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 0 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The world's most popular fax app, designed for effortless, lightning-fast faxing. Download now to get free faxing for 7 days! "EXCEPTIONAL" -PCWorld "iFAX IS A TOOL THAT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" -J. Brandon, Macworld ● PDF and Document Integration - import from mail, upload or download from the web: PDF, TIFF, JPG and other documents supported. ● Unlimited Inbound Faxing - get your own iFax number in the toll-free (US Only), Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel & Turkey. Start receiving faxes directly to your iPad and/or iPhone - powered by Apple Push notifications! (Read further for subscription details & pricing) ● Push-Notification & Email Fax confirmations - real-time messages sent to the app with fax notifications and status updates. ● Document Scanner technology - Attach image/pdf from Finder, crop and adjust brightness, sharpness etc to optimize images for faxing. Using these tools to brighten backgrounds and darken text/foregrounds. (Darker photos will not appear clearly in a fax.) ● Professional, customizable cover page template. You can even insert your company logo, add a note and sign your signature on the cover page! ● Secure & private faxing using HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-grade fax technology. PRICING & SUBSCRIPTIONS ● Sending Faxes Subscribe to send unlimited faxes or purchase credits to fax at heavily discounted prices! The cost per fax is determined by the number of pages and destination. The outgoing fax subscription lets you to send as many faxes as you like faxes from the iFax app. Send unlimited faxes
. Title of subscriptions will be “outbound subscription”
. ● Receiving Faxes Incoming fax subscriptions provide a personal fax number associated with your account and the ability to receive incoming faxes
. Subscription prices based on selected region and duration, prices start from $17.99 (USD)
. Subscription duration options include 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year
. Title of subscriptions will be “an incoming fax number”
. An inbound fax number will remain active as long as the subscription is active. Once deactivated, any faxes received to given number may not be accessible
 OTHER SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS Free trial offers are only available once per subscription per user.
 Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
. Initial payments are charged to a user's iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase Charges for renewal occur within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
 Subscriptions can be managed by the user and auto-renewal turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable
. Fair Use Policy - iFax reserves the right to limit any or all of the above services based on what it deems to be abusive practices, unusually high usage or what iFax deems as ‘Fair Use’.
 For more details, please visit our Terms Of Use (https://www.ifaxapp.com/terms/?utm_source=store&utm_medium=macos) and Privacy Policy (https://www.ifaxapp.com/privacy?utm_source=store&utm_medium=macos)

Top Reviews

  • “Free for 7-Days” Not So Free

    By Darth_Trader
    Not very impressed - the app provides no ability to include your own Fax cover pages (can’t use our company’s fax templates) - you have to use theirs. Additionally, the “Unlimited Free for 7-days” promotion isn’t exactly true. I tried sending a 9-page fax for my first use of the system, and got an error message saying I had exceeded the “Fair Use” clause, and either needed to buy additional credits, or wait until next month to try it again. Really?! The App-based user experience is poor - the interface is small, and as others have stated, the “Add Credits” screen does not make sense. You are shown a set of circles with numbers inside, and a summary of the cost per page. No explanation that the numbers in the circle are pre-paid credits - with a corresponding breakdown of the cost-per-page at the different pre-paid price points. Eventually you figure it out - A ha! I get it. If I only buy 85 credits, it will cost me $2.99, which equates to $0.22/page. The more credits you buy, the cheaper they are per-page. Visual cues would have been helpful. Now that I have paid for my “free” fax, I am cancelling the account and deleting the app. It’s a great idea - just wish they would have taken it all the way across the finish line.
  • Works Like A Charm, Send and Forget

    By AL Newshound
    I seldom send faxes and without an app, sending one would be a huge pain. This app allows me to create/scan/annotate a document with no muss, no fuss, just prepare a cover sheet, drag the file you want to send to the attachments area, review your fax and when satisfied, hit send and forget about it. In a minute or two, it’ll confirm both the sending and the receiving. Easy, simple, fast. I got this app a couple of years back and it’s worked so well for me I haven’t tried or even looked at any other apps. I should say that I’ve never received a fax, nor do I ever expect to, and I am a very, very occasional user, maybe five faxes in a year. High-volume or business users might have a different outlook, but I don’t think this app is intended for those users anyway. There might have been fancier apps that have come along - more bells and whistles perhaps - but I don’t think there’s a simpler, more satisfying app to use for that occasional fax.
  • Sent Fax To Wrong Number

    By TractorJoe
    I have used this app successfully several times. It was always easy to use and fair price. However, today, while faxing a LOAN application to the bank, I received a phone call from a person asking me why I am repeatedly trying to send them my personal information (SSN, bank account numbers, etc...). They told me their fax number, which was not what was entered in ifax. This is an aggregious error and someone now has my most personal information to access my financial accounts, my social, signature, and much, much more. This is a horrible experience. I immediately contacted support of course, which is only available via email. I got a very generic response of "we understand you are having problems sending a fax. what error are you getting". Clearly nobody read my message. Awful and I should consider legal options.
  • Stay away! Subcription doesn’t work-requests additional fees

    By Na Na Na NAAA
    I have bought the monthly service for “unlimited” faxing for $4.99 twice, once in February and then again in May. The subscrition I bought in February did not renew and I signed up again so that I could send two faxes. After sending a 13 page fax, I could not send my second fax, unless I bought more credits. When I asked customer support whether I really had “unlimited” faxing with my $4.99 monthly subscription I got the following reply, “It seems that you were trying to send too many pages during a short time period and so your account was flagged. Unfortunately, this does not constitute fair or acceptable use when trialing a service.” They never acknowledged my question about my subscription-nor how to reset my account. So buyer beware-this app does not work as advertised!
  • How to Cancel?

    By SarahSellsRVA
    I downloaded this app specifically for ONE customer who has no access to email (yes, really). It worked fine. However, I’ve been paying $4.99 a month since then and have LOTS of fax credits I don’t need. How can I stop the revolving charges?
  • Doesn't really work well

    By Wolf.Gilbert
    When you first use this, the 7 days free trail makes you sign up for an auto renew at $25 per month! For someone like me that uses a fax once in a blue moon, just not worth it...would be fine signing up for a bucket of credits that renews every time it emptys, but not every month whether I use it or not. As soon as I tried it, it crashed. Second attempt was "sending" forever - I cancelled it after 15 minutes. 3rd attempt succeeded instantly??? Unlikely given how faxes work. There's no confirmation slip from the receiving fax, so now I have no idea if it was sent or not. Cancelled my subscription and will find an alternative. This might work for some, but I can't imagine anyone's ok with not really knowing if a fax was sent or not.
  • DO NOT TRY!! Predeatory and deceptive cancellation policy

    By Mad in Santa Rosa
    I did the Free Trial for 3 days and it worked great. Then decided I didn't need it and went to cancel. The council links in the app looks simple so I did them. My subscription wasn't canceled it was downgraded to a lower one when I open the app to check what it happened. From that point I tried to cancel again and it has the same result. At one point I was directed to the Apple Music App where I found the original subscription and a second one still active. I canceled both and re-launched a iFax. It shows my original subscription still active. Predatory deceptive and straight up dishonest is my opinion of this company at this point. I have five days left to get my subscription canceled and will try everything else that I can come up with. Do not try this app.
  • stay far away from this app!

    By EddySFSU
    I wish I could give this application 0 stars based on not only the poor user interface but also the deceptive and intentionally predatory tactics used by the app developer to lure people in with a “free 7 day trial” and with no clear or easily identifiable way to discontinue the service after you’ve signed up for the trial. I emplore anyone reading this review to avoid having to pay a $300 charge because their service team failed to respond to my request to cancel the service within the 7 day free trial period. By the way, feel free to check it out for yourself and see how truly “easy” it is to cancel the service, hint: you have to go through several emails and loopholes to even make contact with someone who can cancel the service for you.
  • Ban this scam app from the store

    By Marduk of Esagila
    Here's how to unsubscribe from iFax in 11 easy steps: (1) Find the option to unsubscribe within iFax, follow a few prompts. (2) Once you think you've unsubscribed, the app will inform you that, actually, you can't unsubscribe within the app; at best you can only convert down to a $10/month plan. To fully unsubscribe, you'll have to log into the iFax website. (3) Log into the iFax website. Find the deeply buried unsubscribe option after at least a few minutes of fishing around. (4) Demand repeatedly to unsubscribe. Only once you've confirmed that you really want to unsubscribe a third or fourth time, the website will inform you that, actually, you have to use iTunes to unsubscribe. (5) Open iTunes. Discover that there is no longer an option to unsubscribe within iTunes. ---Now here's how to actually do it--- (6) Open system preferences (7) Select Apple ID, and log in if necessary (8) Select "Media and Purchases" from the lower left column (9) Select the "Manage..." button next to "Subscriptions" (10) Find iFax in your list of subscriptions, and select "Edit" on the right hand side. (11) Unsubscribe for real now.
  • This is a great app but they scam you with subscriptions

    By Vican
    I think the app works great, but I must say they just seem to continuously make you pay and pay and pay. I have decided to go with e-fax instead.. This app everytime you go to use it asks for more money even though you paid for unlimited services? I donno maybe Im just a simple man looking for a simple company that honors the 1st time you download and use it, I just cancelled 3 subscriptions each sucking me for $24 p/month and I had no idea till going into my apple subscriptions and verifying why they were taking so much money every other week! Apple should flag these guys when they see you have multiple subscriptions to the same service, just saying.. none the less beware.

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